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The more you watch it, the worse it gets.

Grace (Texas)

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The first time I saw Dawn Treader, it was at a pre-screening in November. I loved it. I laughed. I cried. I sat on the edge of my seat. I bit my lip nervously. I cheered. It was amazing.

The second time I saw it was at the midnight showing - it was almost just as magical, except the 3D was an absolute fail. Some parts were cool, but because the film wasn't designed to be in 3D, the effects didn't really add much. I heard the green mist was cool, but it wasn't. It just made the screen look a little deeper, and didn't contribute to the overall feeling of the film at all.

The third time I saw it was roughly 12 hours later on opening day. Honestly, the more you watch this movie, the worse it gets.

You start to see the flaws the more you watch it, and each time just convinces me that the green mist should notbe there. I justified it earlier because I wanted to like the film (and it even makes sense with the Silver Chair in mind) but I've come to hate the film because of it - it simply was a poor choice of a way to drive the plot - and to top that it was poorly animated.

Recently I watched all three Narnia movies at once with some friends, and it was so very clear that LWW surpassed them both in quality and storyline. When you see all 3 movies back to back, the low budget Dawn Treader had really comes out.

The cinematography, also, was horrendous. I know it's set on sea, but the shaky camera even when on land was too much and made me feel rather sick - especially when I watched it in 3D. Why couldn't they just put the camera on a dolly or tripod??

The cheesy lines, rushed plot, green mist, and poorly driven storyline just doesn't fit in a Narnia film.

However, I /am/ glad they made it - despite all it's flaws. I think the acting was great, the casting was great, and the sets and costumes were amazing. It looked like narnia, and it looked like Dawn Treader. The characters were well developed and true to their character in the book. The island changes were understandable.

The ending, I must say, was absolutely phenomenal. Even with all the times I have watched, critiqued, complained, and hated on this film, I will always always always love the ending. The perfectly captured the heart of Narnia, Aslan, and the children. It stayed true to the book, and wasn't cheesy at all. (unlike the rest of the film.)

So my conclusion? Watch it once if you like Narnia. Watch it twice if you need a new movie to watch. Watch it three times if you're a Narnia nerd. But keep in mind that the more you watch it, the more flaws you will find - and the less magical it becomes.

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