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Take me to Narnia

Lucy (Tennessee)

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From the opening scene to the last, I was spellbound. A restroom
break was not an option, nor was popcorn. I grew up with Mr. Tumnus,
the Beavers and the kings and queens of Narnia. It has been such a
joy to see my imagination come to life in these beautiful interpreted
movies. As a Christian, the lines, so perfectly executed by 'Prince Caspian,'
"I do not think my father would be very proud if I gave up what he died
for.", reminded me that, although life can be challenging, one must press
on and not only towards heaven, but to "never give up' what our founding
fathers gave all for. Gooseflesh and watery eyes were my companions
throughout as I heard C. S. Lewis' words brought to the screen.
How pleased he would be !

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