Skandar Keynes Recommends NarniaWeb

Woodmaid (one of our NarniaWebbers) recently sent Skandar Keynes a letter and he responded with a standard form letter and a signed picture. We have a copy of the letter and the signed photograph. In the letter, Keynes writes:

Dear *Name*,

Thanks for your letter! I am glad you liked the film and Edmund.

Here’s a signed photo for you.

You might like to know that I’ll have my own website sometime in March.
In the meantime, you can look for news about the sequel,
Prince Caspian on

Thanks for your special interest in Narnia. It mean a lot to me
bye for now!


Letter from Skandar

Letter from Skandar

Signed Picture of Edmund and the White Witch

Signed Picture of Edmund and the White Witch

If you would like to write your own letter to Skandar, you may address your letter to:

Skandar Keynes
c/o Hamilton Hodell
5th Floor
66-68 Margaret Street
London, W1W 8SR
United Kingdom

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