Cleveland Point Filming to Begin this Thursday

The BaysideBulletin is reporting this morning that things are ready to roll at Cleveland Point for the production and filming begins there this Thursday.

DIRECTORS are set to call ‘action!’ down at Cleveland Point on Thursday, with filming for the next Narnia instalment at the purpose-built tank at MovieWorld wrapping up last week.

Spokesperson for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Ernie Malik, said everything was in place to get under way at Cleveland later this week.

“You’ll have to excuse the pun, but we’re sailing along smooth seas at the moment, and everything is going to plan,” he said.

“If the weather is really bad at any point during filming in Cleveland, we have a covered set at another location that we can film at, but otherwise we’ll just leave it to the director to work with whatever weather conditions come our way.”

You can read the full article at BaysideBulletin’s website here.

For those of you planning to attend, don’t forget that the grandstands have been removed and you’ll need to bring some form of seating. Send us a spy report and tell us about your experience!

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  1. que padre que si eaeaea verdad que si bye

  2. martin the warrior says:

    #2 awesome i ccant wait to see the first clip of filming

  3. haley says:

    good there finaly going to do it

  4. J. G. Heck says:

    getter done