Filming at The Spit Begins Tomorrow?

We’ve received a report from NarniaWeb spy CaspianX saying that the Wharf set is now complete and filming will begin there tomorrow! He writes “The Spit set is complete! Filming begins TOMORROW! There is going to be security all around the perimeter of the set so it is going to be impossible to really see anything (except for the Dawn Treader). On the side of the set nearest to the rowboats that were repoted on, there is a rowboat by itself. It is elaborately made and has the same style swirls on the side as the Dawn Treader has. In this boat were two propellers. These will be stuck on the bottom of the boat. If anyone remembers or knows, this same technique was used in Prince Caspian when the four children and Trumpkin were in the Telmarine rowboat. All the tents and vans etc. are set up, and I do believe that I saw Douglas Gresham there today!”

Previous reports stated that filming would last there for about three days. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is sailing right along!

2 Responses

  1. J. G. Heck says:

    I hope it goes wheal.

  2. J. G. Heck says:

    i meant well