Ramandu’s Daughter Cast!

Posted August 25, 2009 9:04 am by wisewoman

Aslan’s Country is reporting that the role of Ramandu’s Daughter has been cast. An Australian actress named Laura Brent will be playing the Star’s Daughter! You can see a picture of Ms. Brent here, and read the Aslan’s Country story here.

From NarniaWeb’s Character Profile for Ramandu’s Daughter:

“On the island at the beginning of the World’s End, Ramandu’s Daughter greets the Narnians as they stand trying to understand the mysteries of Aslan’s Table and determine whether or not the food is safe to eat. Reepicheep is the first to honor her with a toast after she tells the company the story of the three sleeping Narnian lords. She then introduces them to her father, who in turn explains the quest they must fulfill to awake the sleeping lords. When Caspian bids her farewell, he mentions that he hopes to see her again. They eventually marry after Caspian returns from the World’s End.”

Welcome to Narnia, Ms. Brent!

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