Trumpkin NOT in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

In May of 2008, I went to New York City for the Prince Caspian press junket. While I was there, one of the actors I was lucky enough to interview was Peter Dinklage (Trumpkin). At the time of the interview, he confirmed that he had just signed on for a role in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. During the same week, Vincent Grass (Dr. Cornelius) stated that he too was in talks to be in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

When the production confirmed that IMDb was incorrect about Vincent Grass having a role in the upcoming movie, we decided to inquire about Peter Dinklage as well (mainly because there has been no mention of him whatsoever in recent news). It turns out that Trumpkin has also been cut out of the script and will no longer be in the film.

There were many mixed emotions about Trumpkin being in the third film — many people loved him in Prince Caspian and really wanted to see him again in Dawn Treader. But no matter which opinion people have, Trumpkin has a very important (albeit small) role in The Silver Chair that would be compromised by his appearence in Dawn Treader. I think most fans will find that this is good news, and we all look forward to seeing him in The Silver Chair again when that movie is made.

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  1. J. G. Heck says:

    i think it will be fine. he is not in the book