Dawn Treader Filming Report from Michael

Filming aboard the Dawn Treader ~ MichaelNarniaWeb spy Michael sent us a copy of his report from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader filming complete with a lot of pictures. It turns out there are a lot more creatures aboard the ship than just one minotaur and Reepicheep.

Cleveland Point 6:15 am, shooting beginning at 7:30am

The sunrise breaks through the clouds lighting up the Dawn Treader swaying side to side and back and forth going through its morning mechanical exercise. There had been rain over night and two major cranes shifted off the sight that had been used for the fly over shoots.
The access staircase is moved into position and film crew begin to climb the stair structure in single file to board the Dawn Treader. The ship towers over a sea of portable camouflage tents.

A group of experts meet on the deck and point towards the direction of the sun, wind and boats and nod. They disband and an announcer sound checks in a mono tone voice says, “Good morning”. He continues to announce key decision and warns when the DT will be moved into a new position.

All the equipment begins to morph back into a controlled state by an army of crew. About 20 Narnian sailors enter the site as the Dawn Treader is moved into position for the first shoot “Shot 64:8”. A giant crane raises a huge blue screen blocking the view. An hour later the screen is lowered and the Dawn Treader is rotated 180 degrees so that the decorative dragon head is pointing out to sea. It is an awesome display as this monster of a ship is moved skilfully through the array of portable tents and cranes.

Shooting has been said to continue until the end of September at this site. It’s worth a look and take a camera.

Huge thanks to Michael for sending in your pictures and report!

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  1. Narniamiss says:


  2. Narniamiss says:

    Do you think the book is boring?

  3. Hermitess of Narnia says:

    I agree about the hooves slipping too much. If they want more animals they should have squirrels(these would be especially good at climbing the sails), hawks and eagles (what about have birds that really talk instead of regular parrots), and big cats. A minotaur might be good at rowing and appealing to teenage guys but it is not practical to have them on board since they eat so much and the Dawn Treader is a sailing ship.

  4. skandargirl_95 says:

    as long as the movie is awesome when it comes out,I'm fine with them being in the movie

  5. Mal says:

    Come on, so there's new Narnian creatures? What's so bad about that? Improvising is almost always good in these films.

    On a different subject, it's cool to see S. Rangi again. "Sweet as, man." 🙂

  6. loverforBen says:

    WOW!! These are great pics!

  7. J. G. Heck says:

    the report makes me want to be part of the cast very badly.

  8. Mal says:

    Yeah, Narnia should include it's creatures. Instead of being strange, it should be natural.

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