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  1. Joseph Hutson says:


  2. Kelley says:

    Personally I don't see that we have anything to lose. PC was pretty far off-base, so surely it can't get much worse (except I like the VDT book better than PC).

    Something I remember one of the producers saying when LWW came out was that they can't get it exactly right because everyone's picture of characters, scenes, etc. is different. It will never be as good as your imagination. So the minor, non-vital things (Caspian's beard, what EXACTLY the Dawn Treader looks like) might not look like what we imagine but a lot more like what someone else imagines.

    As y'all said, we don't know this crew like we knew Adamson & Co., so I think we just have to wait (as hard as that is for those of us who have waited for this for years) and see how it turns out.
    The purple sail (and the shole ship, for that matter) is so encouraging that I'm choosing not to be pessimistic. Of course, that leaves room for being shattered if it turns out to be like PC. 🙂

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  4. I says:

    What about Deathwater Island??
    Do you think there could be a fight between Edmund and Caspian for the gold?

  5. Mark Friedrich says:

    Hi My name is Mark Friedrich and I'am new at this.
    Here is what I think about Ben Barns and Narnia. Like the LLW and PC I kind of expected that both of the movies were different from the books And When it comes of Caspian having beard shows me that they are preparing of Caspian having a beard in Silver Chair.

  6. Mark Friedrich says:

    Yes Very cool

  7. Jason says:

    I heard the other day that Ben Barnes got injured on set with a busted lip because he and Skandhar(Edmond)were sword fighting and Skandhar during a scene. Everyone is okay but I believe there will be a sword fight between them. Also, it has been a while since I last read Dawn Treader but I remeber a sword fight vetween them. I can't remeber the island they were on, I think is was the gold island becasue I remeber Caspian and Edmond statred fussing about who was the 'real' king of Narnia. The fight ends before anyone gets hurt but they realize the danger of the isle.

  8. Rilian says:

    Well, we've seen the video, so we know they'll be fighting. The question is, "What about?" I guess that'll have to wait for the next podcast! =)

  9. Narnia Pinoy says:

    You will never be happy in the movie, I pitty you guys esp GP hahahaha! I love everything about Narnia, and they know what they are doing. have faith or produce your own narnia movie! ^^

  10. I says:

    Probably, but I also think they might have decided to give him a beard because it could be an indecater of his kingliness. I mean, in PC, he honestly looked like a prince. Now the beard adds a more kingly look.

  11. I says:

    I think it said in the report that the cameraman watching them film said they thought it was just a spar. For fun. idk…..

  12. Mark Friedrich says:

    I disagree, I think that Silver chair makes him more kingly. not VOD

  13. liz says:

    i think as long as they dont have someone else do caspain just caz bens growing a beard and stuff, thats what guys do right?

  14. CelticPotterNarnianFan says:

    Great podcast.

  15. Mark Friedrich says:

    I love those podcasts too.

  16. The Scribbler says:

    I love these podcasts! Thanks so much for taking the time to make them. I think that the ship looks great, the only thing I didn't like about it was it looked like it had a halter or a rein on it. I wanted the DT to have a really free almost wild look. In spite of that, I still love the ship, and its a really small detail I can get over. Caspian's beard looks a little silly to me, but since they sort of ruined MY picture of Caspian, I don't care too much either way. I feel much more confident about this film than PC. The casting choices have been great so far, and the overall look seems more magical and wondrous. I'm a little disappointed that they couldn't break away from the "creatures of Narnia" angle (minotaurs, fauns, satyrs) because Narnia is mostly talking animals, and this was the time for Reep to represent them and make them shine. Overall, I'm looking forward to viewing the film, but my expectations are very low to keep me sane mostly!

    BTW- Happy belated birthday to Glumpuddle and Rilian, listen to the song "Let that be Enough" by Switchfoot!


  17. glumPuddle says:

    PC was ALWAYS going to be a problem. Even before LWW came out, there was a sense of dread about PC. We always knew it was going to be very problematic to adapt. It would be silly to write off the rest o the series because of PC. I'm really surprised it turned out as well as it did to be honest.

  18. narnian resident says:

    they never did fight in the book. they almost did when they were on Deathwater, and it says they began to argue over who is higher in position, and it says "caspian's hand strayed to his sword hilt" or something like that. but lucy stopped them, complaining how boys always did that, fight over rank and such. then they all see aslan and that causes them to forget what they were just arguing about. i do wonder if they really will have them fight in the movie to make some action and conflict between caspian and the pevensies, just like in PC how peter and him had such a conflict.

  19. Kelley says:

    Very true! I just think we have everything to gain by this one!

  20. Fire Fairy says:

    glumPuddle, you crack me up sometimes. I completely understand your devotion to the book, but I think you should also understand the difficulty in translating a book into a movie (especially when the author is no longer around to clarify whether it's relevant or not). Being a potential author myself, I understand a lot about what it would take to translate from book to movie. Sometimes an author actually wants things to be different in the movie than the book…unfortunately we don't have the author around, so you could be completely right. I just have to say, I love your passion and loyalty to the original story…they totally should have had you help making the movie.

  21. Lucy Took says:

    *Steps Forward*

    Yup,I'm the one fan that saw Caspian with the beard. Yes,more in SC than VDT,but I saw it.

    I also saw Lucy with brown hair. Most pictures portray her that way,though I will admit that it is cannon for her to be blond(It took me awhile to catch that though….)

    But,though I still like the beard,I like it less than when it first came out. I liked it not only because I liked the beard,but because it made him look like Aragorn. Now that I think about it,this might not be a good thing….

  22. Lirenel says:

    I think what's interesting about listening to these podcasts is that so many people seem to have "images" of the characters in their mind. I grew up with Narnia. I've read LOTR forever. I read voraciously, all the time.

    I've *never* had mental images of characters. They've always been voices, not images. My mental characters are pretty much faceless, their features ambiguous. So I find complaints about the "look" of adapted characters as strange. As long as the "voice" is good enough, I'm fine. Maybe I'm the only one who is like this, but I find myself irritated when people complain about characters' looks (at least, if they complain excessively) because, to me, looks are completely a non-issue.

    Also, in medieval times, on which Narnia is based, you'd have teenagers with beards. It *all* depends on culture; if you don't see a lot of 16 year olds with beards, that's because that's your culture. You can't impose your culture on Narnia, especially since it's a fantasy.

  23. Narniamiss says:

    Good for you on your imagination being open, then! As for me, I still have trouble with the beard. For one, because it just looks GOOFY on him. And two, I never pictured Caspian having a beard. But I can't be picky, because I can't do anything about it. I suppose I will get used to it.

  24. Lucy Took says:

    Oh,and I read LotR about a week before I saw the movies for the first time,and I will /never/ compleatly accept Elijah Wood as Frodo. The rest I can,but I have a mental picture of Frodo,and It's still there.

  25. Princess Arya says:

    No one will probably see this because of course I was just looking around on Narniaweb and saw this a month later. I can't help but mention that when I first read Lotr, my copy of 'Fellowship' featured Elijah Wood on the front cover. So I just always had a picture in my mind that that was what Frodo looked like. Then I saw him in the movie and just about freaked out!