Filming Wraps at Cleveland Point

Even though filming wrapped at Cleveland Point last week, BaysideBulletin has one final report on it. It turns out the production didn’t quite manage to escape the dust storm after all…

TWO days of filming at a ‘closed set’ in Cleveland were built into the Narnia schedule in case of bad weather, but nobody imagined it would be a record-breaking dust storm that caused cast and crew to abandon ship.

A set was built inside a vacant Cleveland warehouse as part of the filming of third Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which has been based at Cleveland Point this month.

The cast began two days of filming on Tuesday in the warehouse, which fortuitously meant they filmed inside throughout Wednesday’s dusty and windy weather.

On Thursday, the cast returned for their final day of filming – after the ship had to be cleaned from mast to deck.

Work to dismantle the 125 tonne ship and reassemble it on set at MovieWorld on the Gold Coast began on Friday and is expected to take about two weeks.

You can read the full story at BaysideBulletin’s website here.

And as a final note, I know there are some of you keeping very close track of the filming locations for this movie. If you are one of them, there is a picture and address given for the warehouse they filmed in for two days.

UPDATE: ‘JadisstarkillR’ sent us a link to a video that was shot on the last day of shooting at Cleveland Point. It reportadly takes place after the MLG jumps off the ship. Both Caspian and Edmund appear to comfort Lucy after Gael and Rhince jump. Why would Lucy need to be comforted?

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  1. narniafan4ever says:

    ugh… that wasn't even a groaner…. 😀

  2. Mark Friedrich says:


  3. Lucille Brown says:

    How about putting her in a museum? I am sure all of us would love to go see her.

  4. Long Live King Skandar says:

    Maybe they added the part of the MLG because it shows how much Edmund's character has matured and how Caspian's already is through the way they comfort Lucy and deal with whatever's going on. It would contrast with Eustace's obnoxiousness 🙂 and add to Edmund's and Caspian's heroic-like reputations.

  5. Mark Friedrich says:

    Make sense.
    I mean with Peter not with them in Narnia who will Lucy talk to other than Aslan.

  6. Thanks Embrace I can see the whole mars thing, but I thought it looked more like one of those movies whwre the world ends or an alein invasion or a scary ghost story movie, but as it went along I thought it looked like one of those movies where the teens are trying to warn veryone about the world endin then all theese monsters come out of the fog type thing.

  7. BenBarnesGal says:

    They put in the newspaper that the storm was BEAUTIFUL AND SCARY. HOW IS A STORM BEAUTIFUL?

  8. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    ah, yes, a dust storm at sea. That would be kind of funny except that if you're at sea, you're kinda stuck.

  9. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    on the other hand, they'll look different from the older LWW people

  10. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    Wow. You guys are hilarious!