Lucy’s Reaction to MLG Going Overboard

A few days ago, Tamara posted a video showing the Mysterious Little Girl (Gael) and Rhince  jumping off the ship. It started all kinds of speculation and discussion about who the girl was, and why she was jumping off the ship.

Now, this video might give us some another clue. It shows Lucy and Edmund’s reaction:

Before the calling action, Jeff Okabayashi seems to say “They just jumped in the water, and they’re swimming out to their mom.” It’s hard to read Lucy’s expression, but Edmund puts his arm around her. Any theories on why? Post them here.

126 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    There was not a little girl going overboard in the book! There were mermen and mermaids swimming in the clear water in or near Aslan's country. why add the girl??

  2. narniafan4ever says:

    That is precisely the question. Why is Gael in the movie?!? But we shall see. She is definitely NOT a sea-person. That is for certain. 🙂

  3. Em says:


  4. Narnia Is My Life says:

    Yeah the director did say that But who is she i don't remember any Gael in the book?

  5. Magestic Peter Knight says:

    I bet that she is the mermaid that lucy "became friends with" just by looking at her. But very, very mysterious.

  6. Magestic Peter Knight says:

    She wouldn't be Jill. If she is, how would they open The Silver Chair?