More Dawn Treader Pictures, Ben and Skandar Sword Fight

NarniaWeb spy Tamara went to take another look at the Dawn Treader, and returned with more photos and another report on what she saw being filmed:

Sword Fighting ~TamaraI went AGAIN to the set and got some more photos. Had a bit of a fiasco with leaving my memory card at home but I was able to run off and buy another card! Phew!

They were filming a sword fighting scene but it looked like a playful fight because all the Narnian crew were egging them on and cheering and clapping at the end.

There was this one time when Ben and Skander were looking out over the side of the ship and waved to all the people watching (I like to think he was waving at just me 😛 haha)

They had a break for about half an hour and I managed to see Skander literally 2 metres away, he smiled at me and my friend and we smiled back. I couldn’t think of anything to say anyway!!

Ben was walking around as well, close to the fence and waved to this other girl who lost it and almost fell on the ground hyperventilating!! It was pretty funny.

UPDATE: A video of the fight has appeared on YouTube, and a HD option is available!

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  1. WarriorQueen says:

    Brilliant! The swords are amazing as are the costumes and the ship! Now all there is to worry about is whether or not they're getting the story right. I'm glad it just looks like a friendly skirmish instead of a real and intense one. The only time in the book that Caspian and Edmund have a serious disagreement is at Goldwater. It would be ridiculous and senseless to transfer that all the way through the story. We already saw enough rivalry and arrogance in Prince Caspian. Things are looking good here though.
    You're so fortunate to be there watching them shoot, Tamara. Thanks so much for the reports and photos! You're doing an awesome job!

  2. Narnia&The_North says:

    Wow, thanks for all of the great pics, Tamara! Everyone looks great! I was surprised how different Georgie looked from the side… maybe it's the angle and the zoom. It's going to be so cool to see how all of this comes together. 🙂

  3. King Skandar the Just says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I can NOT wait!!!
    I love Caspian's clothes on Lu!!!
    GO SKANDAR!!!!!!! I'm happy that he gets to do more sword fighting!!!

  4. King Skandar the Just says:

    oh and Thanks Tamara! keep sending pics!

  5. TumnusTheBrave says:

    That last picture didnt even look like goergie

  6. King Skandar the Just says:

    I totally agree with you! I WOULD SO LOVE TO BE THERE RIGHT NOW!!!

  7. Starlily says:

    Haha, in the third picture Ben has a funny expression. And in the fourth one I think he looks a bit like Orlando Bloom 🙂 Is that really Georgie in the last picture? She looks good in her clothes, and so grown up! I really hope the duel is just a friendly one. I wonder what purpose it will serve in the movie? All these pictures are so exciting! Keep it up!

  8. Kathryn Lockmiller says:

    Totally awesome!

  9. cuppycakesrach says:

    OH my gosh … you should have heard me … I was litterally screaming and jumping up and down when i saw these pictures lol ask my sister ….. AAAAHHH!!!! this is sooooo exciting!!!

  10. TumnusTheBrave says:

    i think that its just a play fight or a joke or something but you can kinda tell its not a real fight because you can see edmund smiling in the middle of it in the eighth pic
    keep send pics Tamara

  11. fey traka says:

    oh my god ben is so hot in this movie.. i cant wait to see!!!

  12. JadistarkilleR says:

    @Feather~Light~Heart, thats why i said "sparring", means that its playful/ practice swordfighting. its not supposed to be a bitter rival thing going on between Edmund and Caspian, at least not in that scene. it will be similar to what happened between Edmund and Trumpkin in PC where they sparred on the shore.

  13. StoryGirl says:

    To Narniamiss: I have one because I have a wordpress acount and blog. Other than that, I have no idea.

  14. Silver the Wanderer says:

    Some girl almost fell over hyperventilating?! Hahahaha that's funny 😛 Thanks so much Tamara – the pics are awesome! And I'm glad that this seems to be a friendly duel instead of an unwanted rivalry. I'm good with that.

  15. Laura Elizabeth says:

    Nice pictures, Tamara. But Caspian looks like a pirate. Lucy looks way older, but then, she is fourteen in real life, instead of being about twelve. But it looks like it will probably be a nice movie.

  16. glumPuddle says:

    Ahhhh, it looks like Caspian is using Peter's sword! The filmmakers just don't understand the concept of "reverence." Caspian would treat the sword like an ancient precious artifact. He would either lock it away somewhere safe, or proudly display it.

  17. Lucy Helen Ycul says:

    I like the pictures and the video. First movie footage. YEAH!

  18. Christina says:

    Wow! Ben looks really different. I can barely recognize him. I love it though! Seems like everyone's having a good time…

  19. aslan's child says:

    finally we get to see skandar.he looks so cute i want to see georgie up close.i can wait to get more pictues sail on dawn treader!!!is finally happening, ive been waiting for this movie since i read the book!!!

  20. JadistarkilleR says:

    or, since that sword has tasted battle many times, Caspian will keep using it the way the previous King– Peter– had used it. its obviously not gonna rust, if it can stand 1000 years and still stay sharp and battle worthy, whats 3 years? or a lifetime?

    i understand the reverence that should be given, but in a way the true Narnian monarchy is relatively very young (young because it had to be restarted again after Telmarine rule), so you can take it as Caspian continuing Peter's work to reinvigorate the kingdom, which is what he's doing by traveling to the different isles.

  21. JadistarkilleR says:

    that video was an excellent addition thanks! look at those moves on Edmund! w00T! 😀

  22. kissinkate says:

    Finally we see Skandie!! I wonder how he celebrated his 18th birthday?…hmmmmm…

  23. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    Hey, yeah, it DOES look like Rhindon. But I don't think that Caspian should feel like he should USE it. Like, I mean… it belonged to the high king. That's like asking whoever-was-the-last-king-of-England to wield King Arthur's sword (even though King Arthur is fictional). It just… doesn't seem to fit, you know?

  24. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    Well, yeah. Visitors from our world are strengthened when they have contact with Narnian air. I don't suppose Narnians (or others of that world) really get that gift. And besides, if Ed can beat a famous swordsdwarf like Trumpkin, he can whoop Caspian ANY day!

  25. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    Haha, Arwen. That's funny. In the books, at any rate, Legolas does NOT use a sword at any time that I'm aware of. (Can't say that about the movies 'cause I've only seen one so far.) So perhaps it'd be a LITTLE (and only a LITTLE) more correct to say "Caspian is the new Aragorn", even though I'm not sure I'd ever compare Ben Barnes to my favourite LotR character…. ; P

  26. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    I totally agree with you, glumPuddle. It's not like Caspian had Lucy's cordial (or Susan's horn) hangin' off his belt (though the horn might have been handy on a sea voyage to the end of the world…); it was part of the royal treasury.
    And Caspian should know about reverance. He loved the stories of Old Narnia and fought for the Old Narnians. Makes sense that he SHOULD leave Rhindon alone, no?

  27. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    Hurrah! First spoiler footage!! (Didn't I say that I love spoilers??)

    But by the Lion's mane, what is WITH everybody fawning over Skandar? He's human like anybody else. And instead of drooling over him (even though he is a good – no, wait, EXCELLENT – actor), it would do him much more good if we PRAY for him (and the other people involved in this too). Salvation is much more needed than fame and recognition.

    (And I commend Ruthie for boldly putting "God bless" on this list of comments. Much appreciated!)

  28. Alsan's my homeboy says:

    ohh my goodness when I saw the head line I started freaking out! Even if they are playing around it will be so amazing! they are both so hot! I prefer Skandar over ben but they are still both very good looking!

  29. Alsan's my homeboy says:

    I don't think Skandar is looks chubbier if anything it is the fact that they had to zoom in a lot to see the scene at at that level of zooming the quality of the picture won't be very good and the camera seems to put weight on to anyone for some odd reason so honestly I don't think he gained any weight

  30. Alsan's my homeboy says:

    I would seriously probably die or pass out if skandar smiled at me lol just saying

  31. tenthofthatname says:

    Judging from the handguard and what appears to be a gold tone in the center of the blade (in photo IMG_0866), it definitely looks like Rhindon. I have to disagree with the idea of reverence. Peter passed Rhindon down to Caspian, it seems more insulting to let his sword collect dust than to use it. Using it to chop firewood is a bad idea, but using it to spar with Edmund is wonderful.

  32. Fire Fairy says:

    Actually, Laura Elizabeth, Lucy is ten in VDT and Edmund is twelve.

  33. tenthofthatname says:

    Skandar moves like the wind! Check out that spin at 0:14, I love it.

  34. Fire Fairy says:

    Although, might I point out, Caspian DOES take Lucy's cordial with him on the Dawn Treader, as a token of luck. Perhaps he does the same with Rhindon, but uses it as well? I don't know.

  35. Fire Fairy says:

    I agree with you, tenthofthatname. I think, that since Peter gave Rhindon to Caspian, it would be more respectful to actually use it rather than keep it as an ancient artifact. Especially since Peter gave it to Caspian, sort of in a way to say, "you're the king now, so take as good of care of this country as you would this sword". Perhaps Rhindon becomes a sort of symbol of Kingship or something? Maybe they'll end up passing it on from King to King, all the way down to Trinian. That'd be kind of cool.

  36. Fire Fairy says:

    Thank you for your sensible words. I, too, think a lot of people are overreacting. I mean, I think he's cute and all, but like anyone else, it's merely an infatuation. What's the point of fawning and fainting over someone you'll likely never meet? And, even if you did meet him, I don't think he'd think much of you as an actual person if you started hyperventilating or something. But, then again, I'm just weird like that…

  37. narnian resident says:

    wow! they all look so different and older! skander! he looks like a man more than a boy now! and georgie! she looks 16 or something! ben, he looks totally different with all his changes! im guessing that scene's just for a fun scene but i think its cool. ya know you do notice in the book that caspian and edmund have almost the same thing that caspian and peter had: a sort of conflict with position and such, and now that caspian's king, it might be stranger too for them. but i like this idea, afterall a movie needs its enlightenments. sounds like a cool thing for them to do since they came back to narnia.

  38. narnian4life says:

    O M Gosh I love it!!! Can't wait to see more! Awesome X100000000000

  39. Arwen says:

    I always kinda liked the Caspian-Aragorn comparison. You know, "the return of the true king" and such. (You could say C. kinda "returns" in Prince Caspian.) 😉

  40. Arwen says:

    I totally agree!

  41. So cool! Skander looks way different!

  42. Narnia Lover says:

    ALSOME!!! MORE PICS OF SKANDAR!!! I can't wait! Sail on VDT!!!

  43. loverforBen says:

    Oh that is funny!!

  44. Weapon Master says:

    It was a pretty cool scene. If you look carefully at one of the images, it seems that Caspian is fighting with Rhindon (Peter's sword) because the blade and guard look very similar. I guess this is a follow-up to the end of the last movie, where Peter gave Caspian his sword.

  45. Omg This is Awsome! I wonder if this is the fight they do at deathwater(goldwater) Island or if they just put it in for something else. Any ways this is Awsome! I want to see the movie, more "hint clips", and this video again right away!!!

  46. P.s Thank you Tamara. without this my day would be incomplete.

  47. Silver the Wanderer says:

    I always thought the idea of Rhindon becoming a sort of symbol of kingship was a neat idea, and I was secretly hoping that Caspian would use it in VDT. I understand the whole reverance thing, but if Rhindon was passed along from king to king, it would be an interesting way to tie all the movies together.

  48. Silver the Wanderer says:

    THANK YOU!!! 😛

  49. always narnian says:

    YUCK! Ben needs a new haircut! And clothes! YAY! It's finally SKANDAR! Who we have wanted to see! Wow, and Georgie looks so much older! I am disappointed at how things are looking so far!

  50. always narnian says:

    Go SKANDAR! Yay… =D =D =D I am glad they're not really in a 'fight'. =D =D =D Go ED!

  51. always narnian says:

    Yes I think that's weird.

  52. edmund rox says:

    YAY! Finally they have got pics of Skandar!!! He is the BEST! Which I know Always agrees with me! HEHE! Can't wait to see him in this movie!

  53. edmund rox says:

    I love your icon. I am too!

  54. Narniamiss says:

    Hmm.. Ok, thanks!

  55. ExtremeFan says:

    heyy georgie looks taller now! or is it jus the picture? anywayy so kool to see skander in action!! and ben ofcourse.

  56. ExtremeFan says:

    i'm sure the movie will be a lot better than wat we're seein rite now. give it some time.

  57. Reep13 says:

    that was amazing video. I hope we see more of skandar soon!!!!!!!!!

  58. Shi of Narnia says:

    Yay finally, it's Edmund! Are they just practicing their sword-fighting skills or what? I hope this movie is good…

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