Photos: Georgie Henley on the Dawn Treader

Posted September 19, 2009 10:30 pm by Glumpuddle

Georgie with SwordDozens of pictures and videos have been posted online over the past few weeks, but Georgie Henley has been noticeably missing from them for the most part. Now, we finally have some clear shots of her on board the Dawn Treader, and she sure has grown up. Be sure to read the blog entry as well:

View the photos here (Notice the cordial at her side)

Lucy on the Dawn Treader

These photos may start more discussion about the actors’ ages. In the book, Lucy is a year older than Eustace (10, 9), but Georgie Henley is actually two and a half years younger than Will Poulter (15, 16.5). This does not necessarily mean the filmmakers have changed it so that Eustace is older. Filmmakers typically cast actors based on how old they appear, not necessarily how old they actually are.

Thanks to Lady Γ‰owyn.

UPDATE: Thanks to Tamara, we have two new pictures of Georgie in which she is wearing a different costume, and what looks like a sword (not a dagger) on her belt!

Georgie with Sword


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  • Mapthestars says:

    yeah, Georgie for me passes for being a year older in comparison to Will. but she does seem so much older then when in Caspian; not that I don’t like that. wow. and she has, what appears to me, to be Caspian’s clothes on too! πŸ™‚

  • MP_in_narnia says:

    Wow! Georgie certainly has grown up!
    Hmmm…I wonder what in the world this scene could be? By the description before the photos, it makes me feel a bit wary. Could it be that Eustace (as a dragon) has "picked up" Edmund and carried him off? Or maybe he just fell in the water…
    And those are definitely crossbows that the crew are holding…

    • Aravis(narniafan#1) says:

      I also wonder! Hmmm… But I don’t recall Eustace picking up Edmund in the book. Oh well! The pics of Georgie are AWESOME!!! What happened to our sweet, adorable, little Georgie? She’s GORGEOUS!

      • WillmoseleySkandarcrush! says:

        If Edmund fell over in the water, that’d be a laugh! But there is a sailor with an arrow on string. Perhaps the sea serpent hit Edmund. Even if it’s in the daylight and the atack of the serpent is probably dark, they might film it in daylight and add special affects of darkness to make it look nightish.

      • RevelinginWonder says:

        I think Willmoselyskandarcrush may have been on the right track. Perhaps Ed was knocked off by the sea serpent, and *something* comes to his rescue… whether it’s a flying creature… or a flying person (That being Ed. πŸ™‚ Seems to me like it will be a rather exciting scene, and I can’t wait to see it! πŸ™‚

    • Aravis Tarkheena says:

      I think it would most likley be Eustace because in the blog it said she is also looking up and in the book it said that Eustace wanted to get revenge on Edmund and caspian , but he decided no to. And if you remember in the other clips the Eustace dragon attack all fo the crew was on the ship so mabey they were all gatered on the boat in a hurry for more protcetion or to get more crew and weponry to help attack and Eustace picked up edmund to put him on the ground and try to tell him he was eustace by spelling it out on the sand like he did in the book. And if you read the bok fully you got to remember Eustace wanted to talk to edmund about he being changed back to human and about Aslan so I just think that sceen coul be about that Eustace trusting Edmund.

    • NarnianPrincess says:

      Could it be when they are at the island where dreams come true? she could be calling to edmund on a lower deck, and looking up scared of something… just a thought.
      i don’t think they would make Edmund fall into the water; rather unheroic for Edmund’s character πŸ™‚

    • narnian resident says:

      why on earth would edmund fall in the water for any reason?

  • Lucille Brown says:

    So cool! But does this mean she won’t get a dress in this movie? Please have these pictures not mean that! She’s got to have a dress for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, at least one Narnian Dress.

    • Narniamiss says:

      That wouldn’t be accurate to the book at all. I know what you mean, though. I love those Narnia dresses, too!

      • Aslan's Meadow says:

        Thy most likely would if they film Caspian’s wedding (which would be cool)

      • NaiadWaker says:

        But if they film the wedding scene, Georgie still wouldn’t have a Narnian dress because the kids wouldn’t be there anymore!

      • Lucy says:

        Who will get married?

      • Princess Arya says:

        Lucy — Caspian and Ramandu’s daughter would. Did you read VDT?

      • Lucy says:

        But I will in a few days,nice really nice name! πŸ™‚

      • decarus says:

        Lucy did get new clothes after they visited the Lone Islands. She received new things there. They could easily have her in a new dress. It just depends on how they want to play it. I sort of like the idea of her dressing like the crew, but i would also be alright with her having a change at some point.

        It all depends on whether or not they keep the islands in the same order.

      • Lucille Brown says:

        Narniamiss, um….wouldn’t she get a dress when she got shoes on the island where governor Gumpas was. I mean I don’t think it exactly says it but wouldn’t it make sense.

    • dw4 says:

      actually i think georgie looks fabulous in those getups. she’s wearing them well. and i won’t mind if she wears them through the whole movie. remember elizabeth in pirates of the carribean. soon enough a narnian gown would get rather tiring, i think.

  • Prince Norin says:

    Even if Eustace as a dragon had picked up Edmund, I don’t think that it would necessarily ruin the storyline at all… we have to allow for some changes as long as they aren’t major and don’t compromise the story (remember the waterfall scene in LWW?). It would make sense that if Eustace discovered he was a dragon his first reaction would be to exert his power and anger…

    And, technically, they would be sticking closer to the book if Lucy didn’t have a Narnian dress.

    • glumPuddle says:

      It’s one thing to just say “Lucy wore Caspian’s clothes” in a book. It’s another thing to be constantly reminded of it, which is what could happen in a movie since they’d have to visualize it.

      In the HP books, Harry’s scar is right in the center of his forehead. In the movie, that would be distracting, so they moved it to the right side of his forehead. It was a change that was made in the interest of being faithful to the book. Because, in the book, the scar is not a distraction. Same idea here with Lucy’s clothes.

      • Mark Sommer says:

        Excellent point, glumPuddle. Most of the time Harry’s scar is hidden in the movies.

      • Prince Norin says:

        Though, so far, Isis seems to have done the costuming so well as not to make the clothes look ridiculous on Lucy (like they did in the BBC version). Personally, I think that it has been tastefully done (if, indeed, she does not end up having any Narnian dresses, though it would make sense if she picked some up at Narrowhaven) that I do not find it personally distracting. Though they are techinically "boys" clothes, they seem to have been costumed in a way to still give Lucy her great feminine quality.

    • Lillyput90 says:

      Technically, Lucy only borrows Caspian’s clothes while her own are being washed and dried. She also buys a lot of "Lovely New Things" in Narrowhaven before the Dawntreader leaves port there. So I’m beginning to wonder about how much is being made of "Lucy borrowing Caspian’s clothes". Georgie is certainly looking older though, my theory is that maybe the screenplay writers decided that a dress or even blouse with skirt, would be quite impractical on board a ship.

      • Fire Fairy says:

        Very good points, glumPuddle and Lillyput90. I think it would be very reasonable for Lucy to wear Caspian’s clothing on the ship. However, they do stay in Narrowhaven for two weeks, so perhaps she’ll get to wear a dress then.

        I wish I could see the pictures! My computer won’t let me on the site, and they’re not in the picture gallery!

      • Starlily says:

        Maybe Lucy will wear practical boy clothes while on the ship, or while adventuring, but on special occasions (visiting Coriakin or Ramandu) she’ll wear a dress. I do hope they give her a couple dresses so I won’t get bored with the boy clothes (even if they look pretty good on her) I hope they give her a lovely gown towards the end, so she can look all beautiful and queenly πŸ™‚

      • WillmoseleySkandarcrush! says:

        Maybe when her own clothes dry off she’ll out them on again. Or just stay in Caspian’s clothes. Who cares?! I’m just excited 4 Georgie pics! And This might be when the serpent attacks (like aravis(narniafan#1) said up there)!

      • Princess Arya says:

        I think it would be nice if Lucy could have a dress for the end of the world, you know, when she meets Aslan. But the interesting thing about VDT is that it’s a new style from PC and LWW; they’re on a ship rather than in Narnia. So to have her in new clothes the whole movie is a nice new thing to happen.

        If I recall right, she gets girls’ clothes in Narrowhaven, so I always thought she had dresses and such after that. Before that was when she had to wear Caspian’s clothes…. Although I really don’t think this should be too big of a deal.

      • Last King of Narnia says:

        Right on Lillyput90. Just what I was thinking. In the sense of adventure and exploration I don’t think they will have Lucy wear a dress for any long amount of time if at all. I would also mention that Georgie is turning into quite the beutiful young lady.
        ~Further up and Further in~

  • Lucy the Valiant says:

    OMG!! Georgie Henley is my favorite actress!! She has grown up so much!! They always style her hair in the movies to make her look younger then she really is. She is only 9 days older then me!

  • Nikajo says:

    I still don’t know if I agree with the costumes.

  • MonkeySaru says:

    Gah. Great, this is awesome and all, but SKANDAR. Can we get some clear shots of him please? I just wanna know that he even exists and was cast for this movie. xDD

  • 7chronicles says:

    Once again I’m reminded how perfect Georgie is as Lucy!!!! She has grown more then I thought! I think she could definitely look older then Will. And I love her clothes!!!!!!! I’m sure she doesn’t wear Caspian’s clothes for the whole voyage. Once she gets to Narrowhaven I’m sure she buys things like in the book. But I do hope they have her use some of Caspian’s clothes at first, it would be great to have some book to screen moments like that!!!!

  • Starlight and Snowflake says:

    Georgie is such an very great actress can’t wait yill it shows i hope this movie is beyond my imagination that every person can relate to.

  • Always a Narian Queen says:

    This is amazing! She sure has grown a lot since the first movie! But it is cool to see more photo’s!

  • Starlily says:

    Wow, Georgie/Lucy looks good! And she looks like she’s having a great time aboard the Dawn Treader, as I always imagined from the book. I personally think she could pass as a year older than Eustace, especially if she acts more mature in some ways. But in the book, I remember reading in Eustace’s diary entries about him saying "a kid like Lucy doesn’t realize the danger" which makes me wonder if she really is supposed to be older than him. Does it actually say in the book that she’s older? Eustace seems to think she’s younger. But that might be just his snobby nature πŸ™‚

    • Sammie says:

      "But that might be just his snobby nature"

      I’m with you here; I believe it’s just Eustace being snotty. It’s strongly implied that Eustace is younger at the end of "VDT" because Ed and Lucy are told they are too old to return, but Eustace is not. Also, in "LB," Tirian describes Jill and Eustace as "younger still" than Peter, Ed, and Lucy.

      Eustace may be akin to an "unreliable narrator," at least in his journal accounts; he thinks far too highly of himself at this particular juncture for us to take him words completely at face value. (I’m not saying everything is wrong, just that we have to separate the facts from his bias.)

      This is also why I have no problem with the film having Will Poulter swinging an oar. While Eustace says he’s a pacifist, it appears he isn’t a very good one. He says he hates fighting but clearly picks one with Reep, and his policy of non-violence doesn’t seem to extend to his collection of dead bugs on pins (though whether or not he’s the one to kill them – still). Moreover, Ed and Lucy clearly do not back him up on the pacifism claim. Given, Ed may think Eustace deserves whatever thrashing he gets and is silent for that reason (though I believe Ed to be of higher character than that), but even the kind Lucy doesn’t back Eustace up and say, "Oh, yes, Eustace hates violence."

      What Eustace is at this point is a cowardly bully – he can be quite violent with those he believes he can defeat, and when he cannot, he comes up with a lousy excuse (hence Lewis’ description of him as someone who couldn’t stand up to Lucy or Ed in a fight but knew there were lots of ways to make a guest miserable in your own home).

      • Erin says:

        an interesting thought- are they talking about physical age or spiritual age when they say younger/older in those examples you mentioned?

      • Starlily says:

        Sammie, thanks for reminding me of those references to Eustace’s age. I think that Lucy should be presented as more mature than Eustace, but still keep her childlike faith, which is really more important than her real age. And yes, if Eustace was a true pacifist, he wouldn’t always be picking fights with people. Still, when he becomes nicer in the book, it’s neat to see his better traits of character (I noticed at a few points in the book he seems interested in science and botany) come to the surface.
        Anyway, yeah, I could discuss things like this all day, but I’ll shut up now πŸ™‚

      • Aravis Tarkheena says:

        About Eustaces journal. I think they will at least film part of it like how they do in movies when they show a map or something they get a clear shot of it so the aduince can see and read it then someone calls for eustace and they show him and he puts away his journal. Like that or they can have something in the bonus features that shows eustaces journal.

      • daughter of the King says:

        Erin, I thought it had to do with the level of maturity, and spiritual growth too. Edmund and Lucy are younger in VDT than Peter and Susan are in PC when they can’t come back.

      • spottedmask says:

        Mabye they mean they have not learned as much as lucy and ed

    • daughter of the King says:

      Yes, Lucy is older than Eustace, however, in the chapter where Edmund wakes up and finds Eustace after he’s un-dragoned, Edmund first just sees a shadow, and it is described as being too small to be Caspian, and too big to be Lucy. So, Lucy is older, but smaller. Actually, she was described as being small in LWW too.

  • daughter of the King says:

    Nice pictures. Can’t figure out what scene it is though.

  • lucyrocks17 says:

    Great she looks amazing

  • Narniamiss says:

    There is a man and little girl that you can clearly see in the last picture. I’m dying to know who they are, but I can assume they might be father and daughter by the way he has his arm around her. Any ideas?

    • Starlily says:

      Oh, wow! I didn’t even notice that before! Who is this mystery girl? Is she going to be there for the whole voyage? And another thing: if Lucy is shouting for Edmund and staring at a flying creature, does that mean Eustace the dragon is carrying Edmund around? So many questions and so few answers! I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

    • icarus says:

      Head to the forum for more information and discussion on that if your interested πŸ™‚

  • Erin says:

    so looks so great! it’s lovely to see some picture of her on set again! πŸ™‚ as far as the age thing goes- i think she definitely looks older than eustace has in the pictures we’ve seen from him- actually, i’m surprised to learn that the actor is actually older than him. and as far as georgie potentially looking "too" old for the book age- 1. it doesn’t really effect the *story* at all. if lucy and edmund actually returned 2 years later instead of 1, everything that makes the story good is still the same. 2. it looks like she’s sporting a middle part, like in the 1st movie- a classic move to make her look younger. a side part usually ages you up, and a middle part usually takes off some years.

  • ASLAN'S CHILD says:

    she looks so grown up and beatiful.but i like her hair flowing down her back better like in prince caspian and wow shes groen up. i miss the cute,adoreable little georgie!!!but im sure she’ll deliver that same innocent look of lucy’s!!!

  • narniaismylife says:

    Georgie Rocks

  • Lucy says:

    Oh my god, I am so glad they finally put so much Lucy pics! πŸ™‚

    • Eden says:

      Finally, alot of pics of Georgie! Oohh, I can’t wait to see this scene in the movie… It sounds very interesting! I wonder what happened to Ed… πŸ™

      Hopefully we’ll get more pics soon! XD I’m such a picture hog… LOL

  • BradenWoodburn says:

    About tim we see Georgie!
    I think she has to be my favorite character in the book.
    Mainly because she is the youngest and sees and feels this more than the others.
    She is very sweet too, just like Georgie herself hah.
    Looks great!

  • Shi of Narnia says:

    Oh cool! I love her outfit! =)

  • BenBarnesGal says:

    WHOA! It’s hard to think that really is Georgie. Shes grown up so much. AW…. well everyone is growing up.

  • King Skandar the Just says:

    The Georgie pics are awesome! I think she looks good in Caspian’s Clothes!

  • Princess Arya says:

    Thank you so much for the pictures! It’s finally Lucy!

  • ernesto torres chΓ‘vez says:

    estas chido todo sisisisisisisisisi y quiero que eustace se combierte el ragon y quiero ver el trailer de ese video que se conbierta eustace en ragon por favor

  • Aravis Tarkheena says:

    Now I see comments about how they imagined eustace and lucy, but I see no one talking about this anywhere (and it dosn’t have to be in this update paritculary it can be anywhere) is something htat puzzled me when reading the book. Now I liked Narnia because of the movies and not the books(which I’m ashamed of) and it says 1 year passes in our world 1300 years go by in Narnia and I’m pretty sure it mentions that in the book to , but I’m not sure.any ways it says 1 year passes in our world in VDT and 3 years pass in Narnia. How does that work out? I always imagined it a couple of months in our world when reading the book. so that confuzzles me.

  • spottedmask says:

    OMBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She is so pretty in Caspians clothes. My sis is doing something for Hallowene (i know that is not spelled right but im to lazy to see how to spell it) and she is going all out on it.She all ready has it planed!!:0):0):0)

  • yeswelovenarnia says:

    Wow Lucy looks awesome!!!! Really nice in Caspian’s clothes!!!

  • yeswelovenarnia says:

    Boy she looks hot!!! πŸ™‚

    • Aravis Tarkheena says:

      Umm… 00 I figured most of the people here were girls by
      – by their user names, and I sort of got that Image when I read the comments stuck in my head. but I need to fuigure boys are on here too so I need to be more imgaginative. (and read the user name first) ^^

  • glumPuddle says:

    Typically, I would be disappointed with how old Georgie looks. But now I’m relieved, because she’ll probably look older than Will Poulter, which is important.

  • Ramandu's Daughter says:

    Does any one know if they got another cordial? Because I saw Lucy’s cordial in the Narnia Exhibition, and isn’t that still going on?

  • fnafa4ever says:

    omg creepy moment. In those pictures she looked like a cross between me and my cousin. I never thought either of us had any resemblance to Georgie, but after seeing those pictures I’m starting to think differently. She definitely looks older in this movie than any of the others, she’s starting to look more like a young adult rather than a little girl. I think she’ll look older than Will. (I’m still having to remind myself that this is the new Will, not the old one… its very confusing.)

  • Ranger of Llangolenn says:

    Where are the Skandar pics?! I WANT SKANDAR PICTURES!

  • Mirima Rosetrader says:

    OMG she is getting so pretty! Man it seems like yesterday she was that cute little eight year old! Now look at her! It makes me want to cry. *sniff* :'( πŸ™‚ Awesome pics of her. I think Will looks younger so I think they will keep him younger. Thanks so much for the great pictures of Lucy! On to Skandar! We need better pics of him! πŸ˜€

  • MassiveGeorgieHenleyFan says:

    OMG!! FINALLY GEORGIE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the movie!

  • Lucy says:

    Does anyone know were the place is were there are the characters ages?

  • Aslan's my homeboy says:

    wow Georgie has grown up so much! She is gorgeous! I wonder why she is calling out Ed’s name? Can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  • Laura Elizabeth says:

    Nice pictures…but not the clearest. I hope they aren’t changing the storyline too much. And I hope Lucy won’t wear boy clothes the whole time.

  • Weapon Master says:

    Great! I love that they are keeping her cordial and dagger. She does look good in her costumes so far. I know that she gets a lot of new things in Narrowhaven, but I agree that a long skirt would be impractical on a ship, so I’ll have to wait for more photos before I decide.

    • narnian resident says:

      i think she looks amazing, like a female pirate. not that thats what Lucy is, but her outfit is perfect on a ship. afterall she wore caspian’s clothes, thats why they look so big too.

  • Shy Galadriel says:

    aw! she looks so big! She’s grown so much!!! I can’t wait to see her in VDT, she MADE Prince Caspian.

  • true-narnian_queen says:

    This movie is so going to ROCK!!!!all the pics i have seen are AWSOME Keep them coming!!! GO NARNIA!!!

  • Aravis Tarkheena says:

    I’ve been on a ship and its way windy and if they want to have the illousion that they are on a movig ship pant would be more pratical.

  • narnian resident says:

    just what i wished! now we need some videos. wow georgie is 15!!! i thought she was 14, and i thought i had figured out that she was actually younger than me! i just dont understand how she got older than me! wow no wonder she looks so old! im telling you her appearance says she 16 or older! crazy!!!

    • Zoe says:

      Georgie is 14. Narnia Web staff messed up. If you notice, they say that she’s 2 1/2 years younger than Poulter, but Poulter is listed as 16.5, which is only 1 1/2 year older.

      • A_Narnian_Ship says:

        Yeah, she was born july 9th 1995… she still looks way older than she did in PC. I’m not quite sure what I think.. it kinda paves the way for an older Jill because she is about the same age as Lucy…hmm i think i’m just thinking outloud:)!!!

      • daughter of the King says:

        A Narnian Ship, Jill is younger than Lucy.

  • narnian resident says:

    that other little girl was mentioned before being seen on the set. what on earth could she be there for? i dont recall any other girls on the ship. and perhaps Lucy is yelling at Edmund to try to tell him something, because i dont think he could be taken off or something.

  • Anonymous Narnian says:

    I like how much Georgie’s grown here. Given, she doesn’t look 10 by any stretch of the imagination, but (as GP said) she looks older than Will, and that’s the material point. It’s good to see that she still has the cordial with her. I was expecting them to get rid of it, since it plays such a small (but good) part in the book. I hope they’ll keep Eustace’s seasick scene!

  • pselpevensie says:

    Georgie really isn’t the girl she was in LWW. she’s really grown up.
    Nice shot of her.

  • Narnia Lover says:

    Georgie looks so much older now!!! I love the way she looks! πŸ˜€ SAIL ON VDT!!!

  • CelticPotterNarnianFan says:

    I think she looks like she came out from the book. πŸ™‚

  • RevelinginWonder says:

    I must say that after seeing all the post, it seems that there are lots of possibilities. It would seem rather unheroic of Edmund to fall in the water now that I think about it.
    And I would like to see Skandar pics… I am sure they will come soon! I wish I was there with my camera. How exciting that would be! πŸ™‚

  • fnafa4ever says:

    Loving the sword. Please tell me she gets to use it.

  • Lucy Helen Ycul says:

    I’m excited that Lucy gets a sword besides her dagger. πŸ™‚ YEAH!

  • glumPuddle says:

    I dunno about the sword. It makes me nervous, just because we’re already concerned about them adding action sequences.

    Surely she’ll get to use it, right? I mean, if it was just for decoration, why wouldn’t they just let her keep the dagger?

    • Anonymous Narnian says:

      Cheer up, GP, maybe they’ll fight some pirates and merpeople underwater or something. πŸ˜‰ I know you’d love that to pieces. As MonkeySaru said, she’s Lucy the Valiant. Of course she’s going to be wearing a sword. So there are no real battles in the book, she could be wearing it "just in case." I know I would.

  • Lady of the Green Kirtle says:

    Personally, I hope they do eventually put her in a dress (or at least SOMETHING a little more feminine) those male cloths look so unflattering on her. As much as I hate to say it, she looks a little like a boy in some of those pictures

  • Princess Arya says:

    A sword? Lucy? She never even used her dagger…although, of course, that’s referencing the books. Of course anything could be different on a ship (like her clothes), but the sword is totally new…. Just I hope she isn’t made into an Eowyn replica!

  • Prince Norin says:

    Okay, so the new costume looks a little more boyish, but not too much… and the sword: if you remember, Lucy is said to have a bow at the ready when they enter the dark island… so Lucy can fight. But, I admit, I am nervous about the sword. It’s not a bow and arrow.

  • 7chronicles says:

    I like the sword, I bet Georgie likes it a lot! The sword looks like it’s dwarf crafted. I wonder if Trumpkin gave her his sword. if Lucy, Edmund and Eustace end up joining the voyage as they leave Cair Paravel instead, he may give it to her.

  • Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    I think Georgie looks great in that costume. She’s certainly grown up a lot since LWW and even PC. Lady of the Green Kirtle, not everything has to be dresses. The sword looks good. I’m very happy with the costuming so far.

  • The Narniad says:

    She doesn’t look older than Skandar! I AM SO HAPPY THERE ARE FINALLY PICTURES OF HER!! She’s been avoiding the camera, and it’s been frustrating me. I think it would be ACE if she got to use a sword, and gets to take part in all the action! She looks amazing, and December 2010 can’t come fast enough!!!

  • Guamnarniafreak says:

    Awesome.I’m a year older than her but I know she’s
    much taller than me.
    But don’t you think Skander and Georgie are
    probably the same height.They’ve certainly
    grown a lot.

  • Riklionheart says:

    OMG. Lucy has a sword run for your lives.

  • daughter of the King says:

    A sword? This could get interesting…….And I still don’t see this little girl that everyone keeps talking about, where is she?

    • Starlily says:

      Look at the last picture. The man has his arm around the little girl. And look at the "12 new pictures" news story. The little girl is standing to the left of Lucy, in the sixth picture. Hope that helps.

  • Mark Friedrich says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Georgie Having a sword? something’s wrong here.

    • Roguewolf says:

      I thought she typically uses the bow & arrows?

      • nathan cool dude says:

        i thought you were typically gay

      • Aravia(narniafan#1) says:

        Yea, I thought so too. And maybe the reason she’s calling for Edmund is because he fell overboard or got hit by the serpent or something… And I’m glad she’s wearing Caspain’s clothes. But I hope she has a narnian dres when she leaves. Because this is her last time in Narnia!

      • HappyGiant says:

        Nathan, please stop saying those sort of things. thanks!
        btw, georgie looks awesome, can’t waiut to see more pics of her!

      • SavedByGrace says:

        Hey, Nathan, please don’t say things like that; it’s not nice.

        I really don’t know what to think about Georgie; in one picture she looks older, and then in the next she looks younger. And, I am not too wild about the sword. A dagger would be better, I think.

      • Roguewolf says:

        Nathan, that was really uncalled for! I am talking about a movie! And btw, I am intitled to have my own oppinion, am I not?

      • Roguewolf says:

        Yes, her dagger would be excellent!

      • Kris says:

        She looks a bit uncomfortable with the sword. Perhaps she’s holding it for someone or someone says, "get me my sword" or something and she grabs it for them. Just a thought. Lucy with a sword would be prettt akward!

      • princess Arya says:

        I agree with MonkeySaru about ‘Lucy the Valiant’ and not ‘Lucy the Gentle’. But remember, Lucy is very brave. That she should be unarmed on this voyage, would be to underestimate her. And I think it would be right too when it comes to the Dufflepuds attacking(?) them.

      • narniafan4ever says:

        Well, Lucy has a bow when they prepare to fight the Dufflepuds. So, I hope they give her Susan’s bow….that would be neat.
        Also, Nathan…Please stop those rude remarks and comments. This website is for commenting on the stories and updates….nothing more. Plus, it can put a bad name on this website as well. I think we need to continue praying for him, everyone. πŸ™‚

    • Baraslan says:

      Well, in the book, Caspian offers her some clothes after she comes aboard. Maybe it’s just part of the ensemble of clothing he gives her. It doesn’t mean she’s suddenly going ‘Xena, Warrior Princess’ or anything. It *is* a perilous voyage. I don’t see why Caspian wouldn’t give her something to *defend* herself with – which is different than her charging into the fight.

      • MonkeySaru says:

        Guys, she’s "Queen Lucy the Valiant", not "Queen Lucy the Gentle". πŸ˜‰ This is why I’m absolutely fine with her having a sword in this one rather than Susan going all warrior in the other one. It’s just the way they pulled it off that bugged me. She was too hot-shot about it, not really defending for her country. :/ Anyway. It would be awesome to see Georgie get in some fighting action in this one. Not the kind that will demean her character, but the kind that will show that she’s a 20+ year old Queen and not a thirteen year old or however old she is now.

      • StoryGirl says:

        I’m totally with you MonkeySaru. πŸ™‚ Go Lucy!

      • Aslan's Meadow says:

        I think it’s a great idea….Lucy having a sword.

      • nathan cool dude says:

        narnia is awsome it is ba like BA BR

      • Mark Friedrich says:

        But remember she dose have a dagger to protect her self.

  • Mark Friedrich says:

    By the way, Georgie looks great.

      • Mark Friedrich says:

        I Just ment she looks great.

      • HappyGiant says:

        NathanCD, we’d rather you refrain from calling anyone that.
        Yeah, she does look awesome! She looks so much older.

      • Griffle says:

        Strike two…

        This isn’t really the type of site you should be using that kind of language. Think hard about what you’re saying. Oh, why do I bother, I’ve already read the rest of your comments… sigh…

      • Jill Pole says:

        Please STOP Nathan! G-d doesn’t like that!
        Anyway, sorry guys. I think that Georgie is a beautiful child of G-d. I’m sooooo happy for her! Her oufit is sublime! I bet she’ll be great! Thanks Georgie! =)

      • narniafan4ever says:

        Agreed. She is a beautiful girl created by God. πŸ™‚ So are all the other people of the world. πŸ™‚

    • ImaNarnian says:

      I just got to say this. Sorry if I embarrassed you, Mark. But when u said she looks great, the 1rst thing that popped into my head was: AW!!! Young Love. Do u have a crush on her? Just wondering…

      • HappyGiant says:

        People say someone is great and not have a crush on them! It happens all the time.

      • Jill Pole says:

        Someone can be a friend of an opposite gender(you better watch to whom you’re addressing there, Mark could really be a friend of Georgie, so everyone needs respect) and still not have a crush or whatever on them. It’s inmature to say that. I don’t mean to seem bossy, you guys are great . . .as long as you dopn’t use foul language . . .please Nathan! I’m sorry.

      • narniafan4ever says:


  • Lutra's Pearl says:

    If you remember she is the on that was the fighter in th horse and his boy. And this is after that so it would make scence. Keep the story of Aslan alive!

    • Mark Friedrich says:

      She was in the Horse and his Boy. However she wasn’t supposed to fight in VOD.

      • HappyGiant says:

        Now that you mention it, there are no fighting w/ wepons in VotDT at all! But I’m ok with a battle, as long as it isn’t like fledged out war (which it actually might be, considering what Ben barnes said about ‘pitched battles’.

      • SavedByGrace says:

        Ther aren’t any minators mentioned in the book, either.

  • Mirima Rosetrader says:

    I love swords! Who says girls can’t have swords? SWORDS ROCK!!!! I like this idea! I never could picture her with a bow in the book. Go Lucy and the sword!

    • Mark Friedrich says:

      the Problem with a sword is it doesn’t fit in with the series of books. I don’t know about you, But I like to have things just the way they are, mainly straight from the books.

      • Jill Pole says:

        Thank you! I realllly want them to stick to the book. Well . . .I guess that is sort of hard to do if you’re making the movie. Her sword is cool, though I wonder what she’ll do with it . . .We’ll have to wait and see! =)

    • Lucy&Reepicheep says:

      I agree with you Mirima, swords are awesome, and I think it would be good for her to have a sword, Go Lu,

      • Reepicheep says:

        I can say that I agree with both of you I Love swords they rock!!!!! But I would like the movie to stay like the book.
        TVDT Was My favorite book so far(I havent read all of them…yet) And I wouldnt like it if they made the movie way, way differently….it would make me quite sad!!!!!but GO NARNIA AND THE NORTH(And ASLAN!!!:):):):)

      • Reepicheep3 says:

        I am actally Reepicheep3 not just Reepicheep I cant belive I spelt my name rong that is just sad so for all of your info my name is Reepicheep3!!!!

  • Narniamiss says:

    No one is saying "girls can’t have swords," but it isn’t accurate to the book at all. I do like the idea, but I’m wondering why she would need one.

    • Lirenel says:

      Just because she has a sword doesn’t mean she’ll use it. But Lucy *was* the "warrior-woman", so to speak, not Susan.

      So I would have no problem with her wearing or using a sword. Actually, it makes me happy because I was thinking people had forgotten "Queen Lucy the Valiant".

      • Princess Arya says:

        Exactly! It seems to me like Lucy and Susan’s personalities were swapped. Although I know Susan was the one who got the bow from Father Christmas, according to HHB she didn’t often use it.

  • Boke_Wyrm says:

    That’s a cool jacket, it appears to be under the red vest or jerkin that we’ve seen them wearing. I sure hope it breathes OK. Didn’t Ms. Henley have a sword in the rowboat shots a few weeks ago? If this is the same sword, it is one cool piece of hardware.

  • skandyfan says:

    In my opinion it is perfect! I just canΒ΄t imagine Lucy with a bow, cause sheΒ΄s not like Susan. I would say sheΒ΄s braver. So I think itΒ΄s pretty cool that she gets one in VOD!

  • Roguewolf says:

    Man, this is really starting to get off track! Why does she need a sword? There’s no real battles and I think bows & arrows are neat! Why is it so hard to imagine her as an archer? It doesn’t make her any less brave!

    • HappyGiant says:

      I just can’t imagine Lucy with a bow, maybe you can, and that’s good, I guess. Thing is, I’m actually sort of happy she has a sword because I was afraid Lucy might seem to much like Susan.

      • Roguewolf says:

        I understand, completely. It’s just seems like one thing after another is being change (some for the better) and I just wonder, "where will this all lead"? I just don’t want them to change the plot too much! Sure, it’s just a movie, not the end of the world, but I really love the book. Do you understand what I mean?

  • Beth says:

    Remember, Lucy was who actually wanted to fight in LWW. "I think I could be brave enough." It makes much more sense for her to be carrying a sword here.

    • Roguewolf says:

      Ah, yes! But do you remember what Father Christmas said? "Battles are nasty affairs with girls involved" (paraphasing). Mind you, that’s what the author believes, not me.

  • Caspian says:

    Not that girls can’t use swords, but Lucy having one is a little un-canonical. I believe she preferred the dagger. And bow. πŸ˜‰ Hopefully she won’t have to use it (with Inigo Montoya, the NinjaJedi Kind…er, Edmund, and Useless C.S. to protect her, she should be as safe as if Reep was the one with the big sharp pointy object. ;D)

    • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

      haha. You’re funny, Caspian. "Inigo Montoya" and "Useless C.S.". πŸ˜€ Only, "U.C.S." won’t be doing any protecting… until later (wow, just realized how /funny/ that sounds! Eustace /protecting/ in VDT!). ;P

      • HappyGiant says:

        Eustace protecting in VotDT is sort of funny… ;). But then, what kid whose name sounds like Useless will protect anyone?
        haha, Inigo Montaya and NingaJedi… πŸ˜€

  • Xenithar says:

    She’s grown quite a lot since LWW. And what’s wrong about having a sword? It seems plenty sensible to me to carry one on a long and dangerous voyage :p

  • Last King of Narnia says:

    It appears to look like a Dwarven sword from the hilt design. In the name of adventure and exploration I guess I really don’t mind Lucy having a sword…But PLEASE do not turn her into a Miss Rambo who goes on unstoppable rampages(Ahem Susan the "Gentle"). Don’t misunderstand me, a woman having a weapon is NOT bad but useing it to become someone she(or he) is not destroys them.
    ~Further up and Further in~

  • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    Sweetness! But I have to say: I think she should have a bow and arrows rather than a sword. (After all, that’s the way it was in VDT.) She looks great! Yay Lu!

  • Jackie Lewis says:

    Is it just me (am I being hopeful) or does that sword look somewhat like Rhindon? Peter did give it to Caspian, but it would be too big for Lucy, right? Someone say something logical against this theory.

    • Aslan's Meadow says:

      Alright, here’s some logic agianst it….We’ve already seen pics of Caspian with..which be Rhindon.
      (ok, not the most convincing)

      • Princess Arya says:

        Logic! Why don’t they teach logic in these schools? lol jk
        But unfortunately since I haven’t taken any logic classes either, I can only use common sense here:
        It doesn’t look too much like Rhindon to me, because all I could see was the hilt. And if we know Peter gave the sword to Caspian, I don’t think Lucy would have it. (After all, πŸ˜‰ it was Peter’s gift from Father Christmas. I don’t think Lucy would use it. That would probably cause a problem with fans!!!)

      • Fire Fairy says:

        Actually, I got a good look at it, and it doesn’t resemble Rhindon in the least bit. I don’t think anybody has anything to worry about.

  • 220chrisTian says:

    The costume is confusing to me. It doesn’t look like something from the Dawn Treader. It looks like something she would be wearing either before she enters Narnia [London?] or after the voyage is over [wedding?]. But I could be wrong. And is the item on her belt a sword or part of a satchel?

    • narniafan4ever says:

      Well, the clothing she is wearing is supposed to be borrowed from Caspian. The clothing she was wearing when she entered Narnia got wet. That is also why it all looks so big on her. πŸ™‚

      • 220chrisTian says:

        Thanks for the info. But I realized her costume had something to do with the crew in armor. And, yes, it’s a sword. They’re filming on the ship!

  • Edmund-is-hot says:

    Oh, I don’t want her to have a sword really. I’m not sure it will be right….but we’ll just have to see.

  • BA BR says:

    i love narnia !!!!!!

  • katrina says:

    cool pics, but i think Lucy should stick to her dagger. but i guess we’ll just have to wait and see, maybe it won’t turn out to be bad!

  • Starlight and Snowflake says:

    i think that’s called girl power go georgie

  • Lucy&Reepicheep says:

    I think its fine the Lucy has a sword as long as it isn’t her’s, it would be fun to see Lucy’s dagger in the movie, but her having a sword shows a bit of maturity

  • Weapon Master says:

    I don’t know if I’m too wild about Lucy having a sword. Not that she couldn’t handle it, but I would prefer that she sticks to a bow and dagger like the books say.

  • georgiefan1 says:

    yes yes yes!!! love the pics!!!

  • BenBarnesGal says:


  • narnian resident says:

    i think its cool she has a sword!!! i love it when they allow girl characters to get swords. i was thinking they’d give her a bow or something, but wow a sword, thats cool! i always thought they should have given susan a sword in PC.

  • Fire Fairy says:

    Wait, hold on. I thought Georgie was 14, not 15. Is that a typo? Because I seem to remember imdb saying her birthday was July 5, 1995. That would make her 14…besides, two and half years younger would be 14, not 15. Sorry, it just confused me for a bit. Probably a typo.

  • scrubb says:

    LUV IT!!!

  • narnian says:

    lucy with a sword???
    since when they gave lucy some sword- fighting lessons??
    whatever, since it’s already been filming, i hope she will do somthing with it.

  • narnia_lover127 says:

    i think it is ok for her to have a sword, but i’m still not a huge fan of her still not in a narnian dress. i hope she doesn’t wear Caspian’s clothes for the whole film

  • HighTrinitythesilentwarriour says:

    Lucy with a sword? Haahahha! Yeah, Lucy with her dagger and vial,okay. but with a Sword? not exactly what the book say.

    • narniafan4ever says:

      Well, Lucy does have the vial in the book, but she didn’t get her dagger back. So, yes they didn’t say that she had a sword in the book, but it will be an interesting twist. πŸ™‚ I am glad that they put the vial of cordial in there, though. πŸ™‚

  • HighTrinitythesilentwarriour says:

    who gives A Right to Lucy sword-fighting? that’s Wrong

  • Sandra says:

    Maybe it’s only an extremely long dagger after all, Lucy can’t be holding a sword.

  • narnian says:

    it’s impossible 4 that 2 be a long dagger, cus a dagger is basiclly a short kind of knife.

  • Battle Hero says:

    I really think this non-violent book could be transformed into the best film of 2009-well, 2010.
    I’m counting down the days!!

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