The Dawn Treader Crew in Armor

Kerrie Gurney has posted a set of pictures on her Blogspot account that shows the Dawn Treader crew (including Caspian) in armor. The armor the crew is wearing has a very different look to it than the armor that was used by the Telmarines in Prince Caspian – though Caspian’s armor sort of resembles Miraz’s armor a bit. Another interesting thing to note is one of the crew has a wound on his face.

King Caspian in armor

King Caspian in armor

You can check out the rest of Kerrie’s pictures at her blogspot page here.

Thanks to gryphon8 and jnjewlz for the heads-up!

UPDATE: Tamara has uploaded a video, and sent us a report with pictures. The pictures include a bell being supported by two faun statues, Lucy and Edmund in armor, and close-up of the ship’s name engraved, and the mysterious young girl we have been seeing.

The ship looks like its been attacked and the railing has been smashed in several places. I saw a lot of Georgie and she seems extremely cheeky, friendly and happy. Always talking to everyone! I couldn’t hear her though.. She and Skandar seemed to get on really well, they’d be talking right up until they called Action! then as soon as they called Cut! they’d just continue the conversation as if nothing had happened. Didn’t get to see any of Ben’s scenes because I had to leave but I did see him stalking around the back behind the crew a bit. He, like Skandar was wearing battle armour.Β  Also saw some female extras.

To see more pictures, check out Tamara’s flickr account!

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  1. narniafan4ever says:

    Awesome! Ah! It is looking great! I am getting SUPER excited for VDT! Sail on! πŸ™‚

    • narniafan4ever says:

      I think that they might have been filming the scene where they are heading into the black cloud which ended being the island of dreams. At least, the book said that Caspian ordered all his men into armor as they entered the area. Just a thought, though. πŸ™‚

  2. ReepI says:

    Oh my gosh, one can see those aren't done by WETA anymore.

    • glumPuddle says:

      Ridiculous. If I told you "It turns out WETA is involved," and then showed you these same pictures, I think you'd love them.

      Again, these are spy pictures. Spy pictures NEVER look as good as the real thing. Amateur cameras make things look cheap and fake. This armor was made for specific cameras and lighting conditions.

    • Griffle says:

      I love the look of Edmunds and Caspian's armour, as well as Lucy's clothes. Not what i expected, but i definitely like the look.

      Weta is NOT involved. Doesn't really matter IMO. I love their work, but I just want something different this time around. I'm getting it. I'm happy! πŸ™‚

      • Starlily says:

        Yeah, I think I like how the armor looks. And I totally want to wear Lucy's outfit!! It looks so cool! Adventurous, and yet almost feminine. I can't wait to see these scenes in the movie!

      • o i no lucys out fit looks good but i think it should look more like a queens clothes like a short dress or somethin

      • emeecai says:

        Lucy's clothing is dead on as far as it doesnt look like queens clothing since in the book she had to wear some spare clothes of caspian since she was the only female onboard.

  3. Oh my, that's…interesting. :\

  4. Gregory says:

    Ugh… It looks far too Telmarine. On the one hand, it makes historical sense for them to still wear Telmar-esque armor. On the other hand, I was really hoping Caspian would don something closer to Peter's look in the first two films. Aesthetically, Caspian just doesn't look very Narnian.

    • daredevil says:

      I don't think it looks Telmarine at all. This is much more medieval style thick plate armour. The Telmarines wore a much lighter Brigandine style armour from a later historical period. This is almost regressed to a LWW style imo.

      • Gregory says:

        Yes, I agree it has a bit. But while the sort of armor it is might be considered more Narnian, the aesthetic seems fairly Telmarine. For instance, look at the shape of the men's swords and the color of the plate. Also, notice the the plates appear to be formed out of hard leather, not steel.

        While I think I can see the blend of the two styles, now that you mention it, I was still hoping that the old red and gold coat of arms would make an appearance.

    • Aravis(narniafan#1) says:

      I think it is telemarine armor. Cause Caspian IS telemarine. By the way… I LOVE the pics of Skandar with Georgie. They're SO sweet. It looks like Georgie is nervous of fighting 4 the first time. And Skandar is trying to comfort her. OH! 1 more thing… SKAAAANDARRRRRR!!!!!!!!! anyone agree with me about the stuff b4 the big Skndar thing?

  5. FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    A big hmmmm…..

  6. decarus says:

    Look at Lucy's sword. I don't know if i like the armor. I am sort of indifferent at this point.

  7. malkah says:

    I'm not too happy with the quality of the armor, especially on the crew. It looks rather fake and just a bit…childish? Perhaps it will look better in the actual film. And as Gregory said, I was hoping Caspian's armor would have a far greater Narnian influence. Not identical to Peter and Edmund, but less Telmarine than it looks like we're going to get.

    It's still exciting to see new pictures, though!

    • Gregory says:

      As far as them being fake-looking, I am willing to bet that they aren't even supposed to look metallic. The plate looks very leathery, and I think that's on purpose.

      I imagine I'll get more used to the idea of this sort of armor as time goes on, but my initial reaction is disappointment.

  8. Gregory says:

    I just noticed another thing. This armor seems to clash with the overall look of the ship. If I were to see such a well-crafted and colorful ship come into port, I would be quite surprised to see such drably-clad soldiers come off of it.

    • HappyGiant says:

      At least they didn't make the armor purple. You'll never know what they'll do… I don't see anything wrong with the telmerine look. Wait till you see it on screen. these are spy cameras, and the clothes, people, backround might look a lot different in theater because of camera quality.

  9. narniafan4ever says:

    Does anyone know who that little girl is in the Youtube video? I hope they aren't straying from the book…..
    The armor looks good, imo. I think it will look better on the screen. πŸ™‚ Go Narnia!

    • decarus says:

      Yeah, look. It is the little girl again. Maybe we can try and find a photo. Were there any little girls cast that we know of? That is just so strange.

      • narniafan4ever says:

        yeah….Idk. i'm gonna look around and see if there is a new cast list with her on it. It's worth a look. πŸ™‚

  10. adamie says:

    I love how it looks like a mix between telmarine and narnian! The swords are still telmarine, as far as I can see, just like the crossbows, but the shoulder looks like the armor of the centaur, and the chest seems to be an all new design with leather. I love leather in armor. It makes it look more flexible (in fact it probably is more flexible this way πŸ˜‰ )In all I'm really happy with the overall design on this Film!

  11. pselpevensie says:

    awesome pics and flix kerrie and tamara! georgie finally got a full length sword, not just a daggar.

  12. NarnianHarpist says:

    Notice that part of the ship's side is torn away! Which battle do you think this is – the one with the sea serpent? It did crush part of the ship (though I think just the tail).

  13. Whoa, anyone else notice that Edmund has Peter's sword by his side?

  14. BradenWoodburn says:

    Love seeing new videos AND new pictures!
    Looks great!

  15. Starlight and Snowflake says:

    why are there women on the ship i thought it was an all boy crew ship, except lucy of course

    • narniafan4ever says:

      yeah, I thought so, too. I hope the director doesn't add too much artistic creativity. Please stick with the book as much as possible! πŸ™‚

  16. Right about now I am utterly confused. πŸ˜›

  17. decarus says:

    In the first of the second set of photos is that edmund on the left? Is he carrying Peter's sword? What do you think?

    I see a lion head on the hilt. Do you think Caspian and Edmund duel over the right to carry Peter's sword.

    • tenthofthatname says:

      It looks like Rhindon! Though I couldn't tell it was Skandar, I actually first thought when did Colin Morgan get on set.

    • The Bulgy Bear says:

      It definitely looks like Ed has Peter's sword…

    • decarus says:

      That is Edmund and he is carrying Peter's sword.

      • tenthofthatname says:

        It could be that he loses it to Edmund at Deathwater. I have a feeling that scene will be extended to a full fight either way.

      • decarus says:

        I agree that there will probably be an exchange between Edmund and Caspian on deathwater island. It may not be more then what was between the DLF and Edmund in Prince Caspian though.

      • tenthofthatname says:

        I think it might be a bit more heated than the fight with DLF as there is that moment where Edmund claims it under Peter the High King and Caspian responds something akin to "So that's how it is?" before Lucy stops them. Fight choreography potential.

  18. tenthofthatname says:

    Considering how they're at sea, a load of plate armor and chainmail would probably not be very helpful. I think the leatherlook with some metal is practical. I love that Caspian's trousers have those buttons down the thigh as he wore a similar style in PC. And his spaulders are gold so there's that red&gold Old Narnia element.

    Also, is that Ben's stunt double who's carrying Rhindon?

  19. Embrace says:

    The teenage Lucy is starting to look as cute as the older version of herself in the first film (Played of course by GeorgieΒ΄s own older sister) judging by these great pictures!

    • tenthofthatname says:

      I def see that look! I also happen to love her appearance in this film even if the sword isn't canon.

  20. The Bulgy Bear says:

    Haha, Georgie's little dance in the video, and the other little girl's a little later. Now Ed needs to dance…

  21. narniafan4ever says:

    Hey, I found a list of the "supposed" cast list from the book. Maybe we can get a clue as to who this little girl is. I saw at the bottom of this first section, there was a character known as "sea-girl". Just a thought….. Anyway, here is the link to the list

    • The narniad says:

      There's no way that the girl is the Sea-Girl, because that girl in the book was uder water and portrayed as a kind of Mer-girl, and the girl on deck looks very much human to me. I think she'll be one of the Lord Bern's daughters or some character that was added in by the script writers.

      • narniafan4ever says:

        I think you are right. That would make more sense. πŸ™‚
        Thanks for the correction! Narnia 4ever!!!!!!

  22. 7chronicles says:

    I LOVE THAT ARMOR!!!!! I like that Edmund and Caspian's match, both being the only Kings onboard. And I have to say it again, I Love Lucy's clothes.
    It looks like Edmund has Rhindon, so maybe Caspian gives it to him after they duel. And I definitely think that Lucy's sword is a dwarf sword. I also think that the little girl may be Lord Bern's daughter or maybe she is from the Lone Islands and she is with everyone seeing the Dawn Treader off from the Lone Islands. overall I love the job Isis is doing with VDT!!!!

    • tenthofthatname says:

      That sounds like an idea, Caspian gives it up to Ed after that spar on the ship. He did miss out on getting a gift from Father Christmas! And I think Lucy's carrying a dwarf-made sword too.

      I love the parallel between Peter and Edmund's armor matching and now Caspian and Edmund's armor matching. It's a nice bridge between the first two films and this one.

  23. Livily5 says:

    These pictures are so exciting! I cannot wait to see this movie– I am loving the look of everyone's costumes–even Lucy's sword. It's going to be different from the book no matter what, and I can't wait to see what they do.

  24. Princess Arya says:

    Oh…great *sarcastic*…now that Peter's gone, the ownership of his sword is basically up for grabs? Better not!

    • Molly says:

      Well, I am curious to see what direction they are heading with that… for one thing, in a previous video in which Edmund and Caspian are dueling, Caspian is using Peter's sword! It seems that the sword has become a "status symbol" of the kingship of Narnia, similar to an orb or scepter. When Peter handed Caspian his sword in PC, he was also handing over his authority as sitting monarch. Or perhaps Caspian just decided to bring the sword on the Dawn Treader along with other treasures, like Lucy's cordial… Just a thought.

      • Princess Arya says:

        Oh, yes, Peter did hand his sword over to Caspian…I just meant I don't like the idea of EDMUND having it. This is just too weird knowing Peter gave it to C. and then now it looks like the sword may be in other people's hands!

      • HappyGiant says:

        I think if anyone should have the sword, it's Edmund! Ed is his brother after all!

      • narniafan4ever says:

        I agree. totally! Edmund should definitely be the one who gets the sword. πŸ™‚

  25. Lillyput90 says:

    Who else is beginning to be concerned about Lucy being way too tomboyish is this movie? I mean, all we've seen her in are boys clothes, not just one set but two sets of boys clothes. I really hope she isn't going to be all rough and "I'm-just-as-good-as-a-boy"ish. I mean, Lucy in the book is still very much a girl. The sword is off-putting, Lucy doesn't need a sword, unless there are indeed new action sequences. Lucy is supposed to bring a femminine presence to the ship, not blend in with all the men:(. Maybe the little girl and the ladies are Lord Bern's family. I can't think of who else they might be.

    • NanoGeek says:

      Just for the record, the book did say that Lucy had to wear some of Caspian's clothes since her's got wet when they arrived in Narnia, and she is described in Hourse and his Boy as a fighter.

    • Molly says:

      Much as I want her to retain her femininity on board (and she still can even in men's clothing), I can understand the reasons for putting her in more masculine clothing. This isn't a pleasure cruise they're on; it is a dangerous voyage in which she may be called on at any time to defend herself! Her willingness to endure this journey and don this at times ill-fitting clothing for the sake of the king's quest is what sets her apart as a true Narnian queen, not a fickle Telmarine princess!

      As for the sword, it is a dwarfish weapon, not a heavy man's sword or even one built for a woman. It is something a child might carry in a pinch (as Jill Pole does in LB). In other words, at least she isn't wearing some outlandish warrior-woman regalia like Susan wears in PC (:P). I find that rather comforting.

      • Weapon Master says:

        I like your mindset.

      • Lirenel says:

        I like Lucy's clothes here much better than Susan's "warrior woman outfits". It's more fitting to be worn on a ship, and I think she still looks very feminine in them. Honestly, I always thought it would be silly to wear a dress on a long voyage like this one. Maybe on a coastal cruise, like on the Splendour Hyaline, but not on this journey to the unknown.

    • narniafan4ever says:

      Hey, I totally understand. I would be a little concerned, too if I didn't know that she is wearing Caspian's clothing after getting her own clothes soaking wet. I hope they do keep her feminine and sweet side. But, yes, she is still strong, as portrayed in the books. So, your not alone. πŸ™‚

    • Lillyput90 says:

      I understand that she borrows Caspian's clothes, but in the book it was only while her own clothes were being washed and dried. Also if this is the scene with the sea serpent (unless the chronological order of events is changed) it is after they have left Narrowhaven. Therefore, Lucy has bought "lots of lovely new things" in Narrowhaven and no longer needs to wear Caspian's clothes. It does look like a Dwarf sword but still….why? I'm just hoping that Lucy's character is not destroyed (like Peter's or Susan's). I mean Lucy is the heart that hears Aslan's heart. Her trial in Coriakin's house is where she learns her most valuable lesson. I just don't want her to turn into another Elizabeth Swan.

      • 220chrisTian says:

        "Lucy is the heart that hears Aslan’s heart." What a beautiful sentence! But it's true! πŸ˜€

    • HappyGiant says:

      I can understand why you're concerned, but Lucy is supposed to wear caspian's clothes and I think she looks cute in them! Having a sword makes her not only seem braver then if she had a dagger (she IS queen lucy the valiant), she is different from Susan. besides, Lucy will always have a sweet personality.

    • Silver the Wanderer says:

      I hope we get to see her wear a dress at least once in the movie, but I can understand why she's dressed the way she is. I don't think a dress is the most practical thing to wear while voyaging aboard a ship…

    • Laura Elizabeth says:

      I don't like her having a sword. In The Horse and His Boy, she didn't fight, per se, but stayed with the archers and shot a bow (and I think it's a little silly anyways that Lewis added that, especially after Father Christmas said that 'Battles are ugly when women fight', which could be amended to 'Women are ugly when they fight'. Of course, it's different in self defense, so…) anyways, I like Lucy's tunic, but I don't like the pants. But I think Edmund looks really good! (please don't mistake that as a fangirl comment. LOL πŸ˜‰

  26. daughter of the King says:

    Who is that girl?????????? I think the armor is okay.

  27. Weapon Master says:

    I'm feeling torn about this. They're great pictures, but I'm not wild about the armor, or Edmund carrying Rhindon. The armor is supposed to make a majestic and impressive display when the soldiers march into Narrowhaven, and I'm not getting that vibe from this. Lucy carrying a sword is another discussion thread entirely.

    • Molly says:

      Note: she is carrying a dwarfish sword, not a woman's weapon. This in some strange way reconciles the idea to me a bit.
      It seems to me from the slightly ill-fitting clothes to the choice of weapons that she is outfitting herself for a perilous journey, making do with what was brought on board for a predominantly male crew. She can't wear her British clothes the whole time! And where do you expect her to find Narnian dresses in the middle of the sea?

  28. Lady Polly says:

    that is not narnian armor,it's telmarine armor!!!

  29. The narniad says:

    I really think the production so far is going well. As for Edmund having Rhindon, I think that Caspian would have given it to him as soon as he got on bard the ship, as a mark of respect. Anyway, he and Edmund always got on reasonably well in Prince Caspian.
    I think Georgie's attire is amazing, and that seh deserves a sword in this movie. After all, she's always been left out as part of the action, and it's been proved in the Horse and His Boy that she enjiyed taking part in the sction and defending her country as she rode to war with Edmund. What I find most upsetting from these pictures is the fact that Will Poulter is missing, and nobody else is. After all, in the book, Eustace was always made to help out in the more violent situations, even though he whined about it. Also, THEY WRECKED THE SHIP!!! That is just NOT a good thing. And anyway, why would they blow parts of it up if they had spent so much time building it? I hope it's some sort of seperate ship, like they rebuilt the deck in it's wrecked state.
    Can't wait for VDT, SAIL ON!!

  30. TumnusTheBrave says:

    soaking wet and in armor- maybe the sea serpant fight.
    i wonder what the scene with them all in armor is??

  31. Prince Norin says:

    The crushed parts of the ship make me think of the sea serpent… but the presence of the extras and the little girl make me wonder whethe or not there might be an escalated conflict between the slavers/Gumpas' supporters and the Narnians on the Lone Islands.

    But let's keep in mind that a few little changes or liberties does not mean it is departing from the book near as much as Prince Caspian. From what I can tell, they are sticking very closely, while still taking a little artistic liberty… a good approach.

    As for the armor, I think it has been well-done… a nice blend of Telmarine and Narnian (which, no matter how you feel, is necessary for the integrity of the film series… I don't think anyone would want movies that claim to be a series being all disjointed and unconnected).

  32. Lucy Helen Ycul says:

    I am glad that there are pictures of Lucy and Edmund. I'm excited that Lucy gets a sword so she has more protection along woth her dagger. πŸ˜€

  33. daughter of the King says:

    New thought, since it appears that the female extras are wearing Lone Islandish costumes, could they be rescued slaves? After Lord Bern finds out who Caspian is, they go and rescue Edmund, Lucy, Eustace, Reepicheep and the other slaves by force? And then here they're either getting ready for a fight with the pirates, or they just won. And the little girl could be a slave that they rescued that is hanging around Lucy. That idea just all of a sudden popped into my head and is the only one I can come up with that makes sense.

  34. NobleNarnian81 says:

    It appears as if Lucy has her fire flower potion and Edumund had Peter's sword… NICE. πŸ™‚

  35. yeswelovenarnia says:

    wow awesome!! (whos the girl?????) they can't have a girl on the Dawn Treader!!!!!!! IT wasn't in the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  36. Lord Bern says:

    Lots interesting stuff… Edmund has Rhindon, which is a great sign! I like the armor but I can't think of a reason why the crew would have it on. They wouldn't have time to put it on before the sea serpent attacked so I hope this doesn't have anything to do with the "pitched battles" stuff. Maybe I'm forgetting something though.

  37. ASLAN'S CHILD says:

    OMG.the pictures are looking awesome im loving this spy cameras.skandar looks so cute with his arm around georgue.and geogie looks gorgeous.i can't wait this long for the movie to come out.they need to move the date alittle closer.I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

  38. Narniamiss says:

    I am much happier that Ed now has Rhindon, I think it belongs more in his hands than Casnpian's.

  39. Mirima Rosetrader says:

    OMG the pictures are awesome! There are pictures of Georgie and Skandar and they are AWESEOME!!! I am dying to see the movie!!!! Lucy looks AWESOME in the armor! Who are all those village people in the pics? I wonder who they are fighting? Ed definitely deserves Rhindon it's his brother's sword after all! Oh man! I am hyperventilating! I am so loving the movie so far and I haven't even seen it! PLEASE PUT OUT A TRAILER OR I SHALL DIE OF EXCITEMENT AND ANXIETY!!!! Sail on VDT!!!

    • narnian resident says:

      i thought caspian had rhindon? perhaps he gave it to edmund because he is peter's brother. thats cool!

  40. narnian resident says:

    wow! this is all so new! look at georgie! she grew like crazy! she's almost as tall as skander! those two are so cute together, really brother and sister looking! lucy looks so amazing, with her sword and armor. that would be cool if they now include her in battles and stuff, since she's old enough, like how susan got to be included in PC. although i wonder what they're wearing that for? i hope there's no battle in this movie! i love how georgie is "cheeky". she may have grown up, but she certainly has not lost her wit and character! im sure she's keeping everyone on their toes! everyone and everything looks so amazing! im getting really, REALLY excited!!!

  41. Ranger of Llangolenn says:

    Blah to the armor!

  42. Alsan's my homeboy says:

    ahhhhh Skandar is soooo georgous! Georgie looks like her usual perky self, I love her! awesome pics!

  43. eustacegirl says:

    what in the world ar ethey doing to georgie's hair in this pic?

  44. scrubb says:

    wow, everyone looks so grown up! its so sad! (not really everyones got togrow up som time)

  45. always narnian says:

    NO! EDMUND is using Rhindon! I loved edmund's sword! I do not like Rhindon! And…Caspian….looks…not so good with that hair and beard. =\

    • narniafan4ever says:

      I think Edmund should have the sword. And the facial hair on Caspian makes him look like a king. πŸ™‚

      • always narnian says:

        I don't like it. And who say's kings have to have beards? If you ask me…he looks too girly to be a king…sorry

  46. Eden says:

    WOW! There has been SO much news on VotDT lately, I can hardly keep up with it! A big thank you to everyone who is getting these photos!!!

  47. K. J. Hill says:

    i'm just going to say anything…..It's too cool to express properly! πŸ™‚

  48. Puddleglum says:

    Question for anyone with better eyes than mine.
    Can anyone make out what is written on the mast of the Dawn Treader in some of the photos?
    Without hauling out the books I cannot recall anything written there.

  49. Feather~Light~Heart says:

    HHm……I'm not going to really judge, cause it'll look better in the movie i'm sure, but i'm also not sure what i think of these outfits/armour. Lucy's is cool, but not sure about Edmund's. And oh my word Georgie must've grown a lot cause she's almost as tall as Skandar!!!!!!!!! And it's so cute how in some pics Skandar has his arm around Lucy. Are they fimling or rehearsing there or just off set I wondrr??? And does anyone else feel that SKandar looks a lot younger in these photos? That's weird…anyhue Sail on VDT!!!

  50. King Skandar the Just says:

    Wow! these are amazing! I LOVE the pics of Skandar, Georgie, and Will!
    I love the Costumes, Armor, and Swords!
    Thank you Kerrie!

  51. Narniabigfan says:

    Wow…Skandar and Georgie looks really cool and more looks like that they're siblings!!!it's so cute that Skandar has his arm around Georgie!I never think about this before,but now,i think they're so cute together…And georgie is so tall,she's almost as tall as skandar,although Georgie is 14 and Skandar's 18!I love the pics,and i prefer Skandar have Rhindon than Caspian!It's gonna be so cool if Skandar have it!It's gonna be like heritage!from Peter to Edmund!

  52. Ok this is just a question, but in the books aren't Lucy and Edmund suppose to be a year apart, but in real life Georgie and Skandar 2-3 years apart? Because if you looked at her flickr account it shows Georgie and Skandar together and they look the same age.

  53. celtic13 says:

    omigosh! where have I been when all this is going on?!?! I left Narniaweb for a little while cause there was lik no news, and now a gazilion things are happening, and I don't know where to start looking! All I know is that I will be here a lot more now!!
    Who is that little girl who jumped overboard in the video? she was to small to be Lucy. And was that Caspian who jumped after her?? I have no idea what's going on! lol!

  54. Mal says:

    Wow… awesome.

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