Discount on Weta’s LWW Collectibles

Received this email from Weta News: “As the next installment of the Chronicles of Narnia, The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, is being shot in Australia, we thought we’d give you a great offer to complete your Narnia collection, or even start a new one. 1/3 off all The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe collectibles! Discount will be applied during check-out. Offer valid until Monday 26 October.” You can view the whole line of LWW collectibles here.

38 Responses

  1. Fire Fairy says:

    Really?? Too bad they're all still super expensive…unless they mean 1/3 off the posted price. Those bookends with Aslan and the Witch look good. Wish I could have them!

  2. Fire Fairy says:

    Never mind. They're a LOT cheaper than the Prince Caspian collectibles…*sighs* Oh, well. That's the life of a poor college student, for you.

  3. Narnia Lover says:

    Cool! I probably won't get anything but cool! And I didn't know you were in college, Fire Fairy! I'm only in 7th grade! 😀 And a little behind! I should be in 7th, but I'm working on the last test segment for 6th grade. I'm also homeschooled! 😀

  4. Prince Norin says:

    Cool… I would buy them if I thought I could afford it.
    Just a word of advice, Narnia Lover… be careful about how much personal info you give out over the internet.

  5. Mark Friedrich says:

    GREAT, I wish was in all this.

  6. los juegetes estan chido si y muy divertido ademas quiero los jugetes de la 3 pelicula de Narnia bye

    • Me Sa U Sa says:

      This is the translation: the chido are juegetes if and fun in addition I would like the 3 Narnia Movie jugetes bye. I may sound rude but, I have noticed that some people are picking on him/her. I really don't like that. So…please try and be nice to him/her. I am going to translate his/her comments if you want.

  7. Peepicheep says:

    AWESOME! I wish I could have them all!

  8. LucyReepicheep♥(used to be celtic13 and Narnian Jesus Freak) says:

    My first impression: Omigosh they're BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I could have at least one!
    Second impression: ACK! *faints at the price* Especially the PC ones! YIPES!

  9. Empress of the Lone Islands says:

    The discounted LWW collectibles are $80 ($USD not $NZD)but the PC ones are $250 or so…the prices vary.

  10. scrub says:

    hello!!!!!!!!!! im bored!

  11. Mark Friedrich says:

    I have been on Narniaweb to, but for sometime I didn't know how to the comment part of the each new story, So like Scrub I am also on bored.

  12. Mark Friedrich says:

    I want some new pics of the narnia cast and crew.

  13. nightshade says:

    yipee! Cant wait to buy some. It will be really awesome to have anthor one. I already have 6.

  14. pselpevensie says:

    i'd LOVE to have thes. but, alas, the are all WAY too expensive!