Episode 58: Narnians in armour and the MLG!

Running time: 29:54

What is Eustace yelling? What’s Lucy doing with a sword? And what’s with the Mysterious Little Girl? If you’re looking for answers, look somewhere else, because we don’t have them. But hey! We’re NarniaWebbers, so we discuss anyway!

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  1. Aslan's Country says:

    Thank you for another great podcast πŸ™‚
    It's true that no answers ever seem to come out of discussing… but life would be pretty dull if no one ever discussed and theorized. Although I don't really have any ideas of what's going on with the MLG etc. myself, I love listening to other people's thoughts. And I guess we'll know everything.. eventually.

  2. The Scribbler says:

    I am not looking at any spoilers… but I still listen to the podcast =) I agree that the little girl is probably there to add emotional tension. It feels so unreal that VDT is actually being made! I am not going to get myself tied up in knots until the last few months, but so far I feel way better about the films. The changes SEEM to be going with the grain of the books instead of against it. Thanks for the great podcasts, I always look forward to listening

  3. Bother Eustace says:

    Whoa, we lost glumPuddle for a bit there! :p
    Ha ha, Rilian, I had a dream about seeing PC before it came out and a dream about VDT as well… both were wierd… but anyway, I can relate.

  4. Valiant Queen says:

    Great discussion, as always. The Lucy-in-armor part is interesting.

  5. Fire Fairy says:

    I have to say this, but you guys are amazing. That was a great discussion, with some great theories, even though you didn't come up with any conclusions. I just want to add my opinion on a few things. First, the Lucy in armor and with a sword issue. I would like to point out that the movie-makers seem to have forgotten that she is Queen Lucy the Valiant and Susan is Queen Susan the Gentle. (A warrior queen isn't exactly gentle)! I don't know why they seem to have left Lucy out. I always kind of envisioned her as the one to step in and help fight whether the others wanted to or not. There's also the fact that in HHB Corin tells Shasta that Susan is more like a grown up lady, while Lucy fights and is as good as any boy. I really don't have any problem with Lucy having a sword — I think C.S. Lewis might have portrayed her with a bow and arrow because she didn't have her dagger and because he couldn't see the crew just giving her a sword. I don't know. Anyway, the other thing I wanted to put my two cents worth in about is the MLG. I actually think that the idea of Fox putting her in for "the face of suffering" is one of the most reasonable speculations I've heard so far. Sad to say, though, I can also see them putting her in simply because they wanted another girl. If you hadn't noticed, movie-makers now are doing their best to create a balance between male and female heroes, and I wouldn't put it past them to put the MLG on the ship simply because they needed another girl.

    Oh, wow, I just looked at the length of my comment…I'll get off my soapbox now…

  6. kate Achey says:

    I love lucy pevensie

  7. ellz_bellz says:

    I love the podcast! Great as usual. But you're doing NEW ZEALAND accents instead of AUSTRALIAN accents. Happens all the time xD

  8. Lillyput90 says:

    Great podcast guys! Just a minor detail, you didn't mention Edmund having Rhindon at all.

  9. Amanda! says:

    Honestly growing up this has been my favorite book simply because of the but of love between Caspian and the Star Dude's Daughter. It seemed really pure. After the last movie however, when they put that little kiss thing with Susan, well I don't expect them to do ANYTHING close to the book with DT. How do you guys think they will handle the end of the book–Aslan's Country??

  10. Anna's Sister says:

    Another great pod cast! I hope MLG doesn't have anything to do with that horrible fate thing. I think that the simplest answer right now is that she had been a servant or something in Narnia and they were taking her back to her home in the Lone Islands. But who knows.

  11. Anna's Sister says:

    On the Susan fighting thing. I think in Prince Caspian all they were really trying to show with Susan fighting was how desperate they were to get Lucy through to Aslan. Plus I think Susan just looked so old that they couldn't help but put her in the battles. In the book Susan is about thirteen and she isn't even near a battle.

  12. glumPuddle says:

    I can understand the need for Susan to fight in the PC movie because of the way the story was re-structured. I make that consession reluctantly.

    It's more about the way they did it that really bothered me. They turned her into a blood-thirsty Legolasly warrior queen. IF Susan did fight (big IF), this is NOT how she would do it!

  13. glumPuddle says:

    That's like seeing a picture of a smashed car, and concluding that all future cars will be smashed…

    It's totally unfair to judge the rest of the series based on PC. From the beginning, we knew that PC was perhaps the most problematic book to adapt in the series. We knew early on that PC, unlike the other books, would require some significant changes to be put on screen. PC is the exception. The other books don't have the issues PC did.

    PC was a huge bump that I really wasn't sure they'd be able to get over. Imo, they got over it. The series lives. Phew! Now we can get on to the cinematic books!

  14. sailor says:

    The Children where rescued at sea … there were no girls clothes on board to fit Lucy … the boys clothes she was given were "too big" …. doesn't it follow then that they would not have armor on board to fit her … ??? Coudl just be as simple as that.

  15. que ya agan esa parte de trailer como video por favor sisisisisisi bye

  16. Silver the Wanderer says:

    Hey I had a dream too, I think, just before PC came out. I dreamt I was sitting down to watch it…and then the dream ended! Bummer! Oh well. Great podcast, guys!

  17. glumPuddle says:

    But why not have her find girls clothes at the Lone Islands?

    It's one thing to write it in a book. It's another to have to watch it for an entire movie.

    I can't think of a reason to not give her girls clothes at some point.

  18. NarniaFreak says:

    wait…you mentioned trailer…do they have that yet?!?!?!?

  19. Narniamiss says:

    No kidding. And stabbing with her arrows. No way! It just looked awful.

  20. Narniamiss says:

    GP, where did you go? πŸ˜‰ Great podcast, guys! I love listening to them on my ipod, and am looking forward to more. It's great having Dr. Ransom again, I really like his input on things.
    I like Lucy having a sword, but I have to agree with the main question: why does she need one? Especially since she already has her dagger. Also, you wonder why she has armor. Very cool looking though, I am glad she is wearing something else. As much as I'd like her to have another neat Narnia dress, it wouldn't be practical at all aboard a ship. "And she is such a lovely ship…"

  21. glumPuddle says:

    I wouldn't say NO answers ever come out of discussion. Over a year before PC came out, we theorized, after a long discussion, that the horn would be blown much earlier in the film than in the book. And we turned out to be right.

    Also, discussion can help us understand why the filmmakers are doing something. When I first heard that Lucy’s first meeting with Aslan in PC would be a dream, I was very disapointed. Then, after some discussion, it occurred to me that this would probably be a necessary change. After seeing the film….I LOVE the change. I am glad they did it. It emphasized a really important idea from the book.

  22. glumPuddle says:

    I accidentally hit the Mute button on my mic, and it took me a minute or so to realize it. I was talking for a while, and I thought that Rilian and Ransom were constantly interrupting me, but then realized they couldn't hear me, haha.

  23. Aslan's Country says:

    Okay, I see what you're saying.
    I was just making a general statement.

  24. Narniamiss says:

    πŸ™‚ Ah, I see.

  25. Lucy Took says:

    I'm with GP,I don't have this feeling of impending doom. The MLG is cute and sweet looking,she gives me a fuzzy feeling of "Aww,sweet,I hope she finds her Mom" It's not in the book,but it's not against the basic idea of the book(Such as fighting Susan was not in the basic spirit of the book…x( )
    Lucy having a sword,I'm kinda OK with that too. I always thought it would be cool for her to have one for self defence…

  26. WarriorQueen says:

    Actually in the book, Lucy's dagger isn't aboard the Dawn Treader. Just her cordial bottle.

  27. glumPuddle says:

    I've often wondered if Lewis simply forgot about Lucy's dagger. It's not mentioned in PC or VDT.

  28. Princess Arya says:

    I hope you're right…what about Last Battle? (Yes, I know, it's early to think about.) What about the little confusion Tirian and Eustace and Jill experience with time? That could be quite difficult…although it isn't such a big chunk, as PC is.

  29. Princess Arya says:

    I'm pretty certain that a trailer won't come out until post-production. They haven't finished filming all the scenes, and it seems to me as if it would make more sense for them to film ALL the scenes and then make a trailer.

  30. Princess Arya says:

    My grudges on PC aside —

    I think it would have been cooler if she did not fight in every scene. It would have made it cooler if she had just had that one stunt where she takes on 5 Telmarines so Lucy can escape. It would have made her stand out more, rather than showing her in every battle scene, otherwise this scene is more kind of, "Wow, they're favoring Susan in this movie."

  31. Princess Arya says:

    Me too…same dream. Sitting down to watch PC!

  32. Narniamiss says:

    I know her dagger isn't aboard the DT, but it would be neat if it was. I would rather her have her dagger than a sword.

  33. Polly Plummer says:

    I totally agree with the comments about it beign more natural for Lucy to fight and have a sword given the references about her from Prince Cor in THAHB. I felt she was a bit discriminated against in PC with only one scene were she even drew a dagger (Maybe because of her age)I know neither of the girls fought in the batle in the book but if they were going to insist on it happening in the film it should have been Lucy not 'Susan the GENTLE'

  34. waleed sajjad says:


  35. Rilian says:

    Yes, I love technology. πŸ˜‰

  36. glumPuddle says:

    Well, in PC, Lucy was 100% AGAINST the Night Raid. So I don't think it would have sent the right message if she participated.

    As for Susan, I reluctantly concede that in the film, it made sense for her go go along for the Night Raid. But even with that concession, I'm still upset because of the way they made her fight. They turned her into a blood-thirsty Legolas kind of fighter. IF Susan did fight, it would NOT be like that!

  37. Shastason says:

    What important idea is that, Glumpuddle? It seems to me that they lost a lot by making it a dream. What important theme did they emphasize?

  38. glumPuddle says:

    The main theme of PC is "the sadness of the old days being gone, and the hope that they might return."

    In the book, Lucy senses that the trees are coming to life again, and she gets her hopes up. Then… suddenly they go back to sleep. It's a real punch in the gut. It really emphasizes the sadness of what has been lost.

    In the movie, they accomplish it visually. Lucy has a dream, and it's almost like stepping back in time. She sees Narnia as it was in the LWW days. The main color is gold (which is always associated with Aslan), and the forest is full of life. Then, the joy of seeing Aslan again! But then… she wakes up, and finds it was all a dream. It's a real punch in the gut. She goes back to the spot where her dream took place, and you can visually see the difference. Now, the primary color is gray, and nothing is moving and everything feels dead. The movie lets us VISUALLY see the difference between the LWW Narnia and the PC Narnia. It emphasizes the sadness of what has been lost.

    That's good adaptation. They accomplished essentially the same thing as the book, but they did it VISUALLY.

    They also solved an adaptation problem. Because of the way the story had to be re-structured, this scene now takes place much earlier in the story than in the book. It's not time for Aslan to return yet. So, they borrowed a scene from SC and made Aslan appear to Lucy in a dream.

  39. Eilonwy Arwen Kenobi of Narnia says:

    As long as Lucy is not thrown into the fighting…but the sword is a little worrying. Look, I respect the sort of battle heroines that pop up in these types of fantasy stories, but Lucy doesn't strike me as that type of person. And if they're gonna put her in the fighting, I think she should use a bow and arrows–it suits her more but AS LONG as she doesn't do the Susan-flinging-arrows-around thing, as much as that was cinematically brilliant. And I agree with the LOTR comment: let's face it: Susan ISN'T Legolas, and she shouldn't fight like Legolas, she shouldn't have that kind of battle-hardened attitude. Even though he is an amazing hero, for heaven's sake he's a DUDE and he logically fights like a dude. The girls should have a more feminine style if they're gonna be in battles–or just take them out of the battles. But it's too late to change THAT now. And as much as people like Eowyn and her breed of war maidens, no way am I gonna let Lucy become her protegee. We don't freak out when we see Eowyn fighting with swords in full-scale battles because that was her CHARACTER. She was always portrayed like that…but Lucy?

  40. TheBrilliantNorthernStar says:

    I had a dream once that I met all the pevensie actors – William, Anna, skandar and Georgie – and they all hated me. I almost started bawling I was so upset! I have never been so happy to wake up.

  41. Eustace says:

    I had a dream as well. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader turned out worse then Prince Caspian. It was horrible. I just hope it actually isn't that way.

  42. Pattertwigs Pal says:

    I absolutely love the write up for this podcast. I laughed when I first read it. The podcast itself was good too.