Intriguing Detail Revealed about the Dawn Treader Storyline

Posted October 2, 2009 8:48 pm by fantasia_kitty

In a recent interview with Examiner’s Carla Hay, Ben Barnes dropped a very intriguing tidbit about the overall The Voyage of the Dawn Treader storyline.

Let’s talk about the “Dawn Treader” movie. I know you can’t reveal any spoilers, but what’s in the movie that’s different from the book?

Barnes: They’ve stolen a couple of ideas from some of the later [“Chronicles of Narnia”] books. [It’s] a very difficult book to adapt, because it’s very episodic. It’s chapter by chapter. They go on the voyage, they go to one island, a bit more voyage, another island, a bit more voyage, another island. It’s very satisfying to read; every chapter by chapter, it’s very exciting. But it has no real through line. And so they have to kind of steal other elements to sew it all together. I think they’ve done it in a really clever, unobtrusive way.

Could this perhaps have something to do with the “unfathomable fate” we’ve heard about in the production’s written movie synopsis? It certainly seems like a strong possibility, but until we get more information, let the speculation begin!

Thanks to JadistarkilleR for the heads-up!

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  • Nuts4Narnia says:

    Any1 Here!!!!
    o and whoever is in charge of the script DONT CHANGE THE BOOK!!!! please?

  • Digory says:

    I always seem to feel the book was better than the film; BUT surely VODT is aching for stunning scenery of seascapes and islands??

  • tolkienlewisfan says:

    I knew they would have to face this problem eventually. They are right, The Dawn Treader doesn’t really have a connected storyline. In fact, while the beginning is quite fascinating and humurous (Eustace) the 2nd half was a little boring. We should probably expect some somewhat big changes.