Star Gazing

Often we’re sent stories about what previous Narnian actors and crew members are up to and we don’t always have the opportunity or time to post them right away. Today we’ve compiled a big list of some of the top stories and spy reports that have been sent in lately.

First up is Will Moseley‘s upcoming movie Ironclad. He was actually cast in the movie several months ago, but the film has apparently undergone a bit of turmoil, because a couple weeks ago Slashfilm reported that it’s uncertain which actors are still going to be part of the film.

Liam Neeson has been busy lately with several movies, and some cool pictures from two of his more high-profile films have showed up on the web. The first is Liam as Hannibal in the revamped A-Team. You can check out pics of him in the role here. He’s also starring in the remake of Clash of the Titans as the god Zeus; pictures can be seen here.

Playing another Greek god (though in a different movie) is Ray Winstone, who will be in the first of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Lightning Thief. Ray will be playing the god of war, Ares.

Meanwhile, continuing on with the ever-popular Harry Potter series, Jim Broadbent and Warwick Davis are currently busy filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I and II.

And finally, Bruce Spence will be returning in Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker” which premieres on November 7.

Thanks to everyone who sent in spy reports!

108 Responses

  1. Lucy&Reepicheep says:

    your right Craig Horner does look a lot like Ben

  2. Princess Arya says:

    Fascinating. I've been wondering about her. But do you think you could confirm that? I didn't see it on wikipedia.

  3. Lucy&Reepicheep says:

    I don't trust Wiki but if she is, it would be funny because Skandar tried out for a role in the first movie and now Anna is in the seccond one. but I don't trust wiki I trust IMBD

  4. Fire Fairy says:

    I think we all agree with you there.

  5. Mark Friedrich says:

    I like Wikipedia, I am using that since I am now in College.

  6. Fire Fairy says:

    Yes, please.

  7. Mark Friedrich says:

    I am a christion, I don't use language like that

  8. Fire Fairy says:

    Wait, they're making a sequel to Nanny McPhee? Huh. That'll be interesting. What role will Anna be playing?

  9. Fire Fairy says:

    In my opinion, IMDB is probably the most reliable resource when it comes to upcoming movies. Wikipedia is just all the users editing articles and stuff–while it has great information, not very many teachers and other people will accept information from Wikipedia as hard data.

  10. Fire Fairy says:

    I'm sorry you guys feel that way. While I don't like Harry Potter myself, I do think it was very well-written and well thought-out (I haven't seen any movies other than the first one, so I can only say what I know from other people and from reading the first three books).

  11. Fire Fairy says:

    That's okay. It's not like you're earning a grade or anything from the comments you post on NarniaWeb. 😉

    (And Aravis Tarkheena, I'm betting they're friends, with the way Josi said "you know who this is"!)

  12. Mark Friedrich says:

    My sister Karen who is a teacher used Wikipedia and she said Wikipedia is great website, plus Some of the students of the local community college that I know of use Wikipedia.

  13. Fire Fairy says:

    Huh. Almost all of my teachers preach against it. I'm not saying it's a bad site (I use it as well). I'm just saying that if you were doing a research paper or something a lot of people won't accept it as a reliable source (or so I've been told).

  14. Mark Friedrich says:

    My Mom said it is free ensiclopedia site, (I hope I am saying that right, if you haven checked it out I strongly sagest you do so.

  15. Bookwyrm says:

    Using Wikipedia for school projects is a really bad idea. Anybody and their brother can edit the articles, which means if it isn't solidly sourced, you have no proof that what they're posting is even true.

  16. Bookwyrm says:

    You mean they mention movies in the Bible? Wow, that's amazing. What verse is that?

  17. Narnia Lover says:

    Josi and I are friends. BFFLs actualy. We're both homeschooled and live 45 minutes away from each other. But I'm a bigge fan of Narnia then Josi is! She only gets on here if there's something I want her to see! 😀

  18. Narnia Lover says:

    Glad you like it! My great uncle is Tarry Goodkind, so I now have relations to Narnia! Craig does look like Ben! I never noteced that! I've been watching it since it first began! You can go to and see the latest news, pics, and more! 😀

  19. Narnia Lover says:

    Do you watch Legend of the Seeker?

  20. fantasia_kitty says:

    There are two links there. Click on either one of them and they'll tell you what the movie is about. 😉

  21. Mark Friedrich says:

    I wouln't be so sure about that.

  22. scrub says:

    some one straighten bookwyrm out. of course they dont talk about movie in the Bible but they is a verse that says to guard our hearts and minds. Phillipiand maybe, i dont remember. that was disrespectful, bookwyrm

  23. scrub says:

    yes, wiki is not a reliable sourse everyone i know never uses it for research. its ok for quick pieces of info though.

  24. I don't know I'll have to check it again its been such a long time and I will check IMBD. ^^

  25. Mark Friedrich says:

    I respect your opinion but I disagree.
    go narnia!!

  26. Mark Friedrich says:

    What is IMBD

  27. Mark Friedrich says:

    What is IMBD. No offence

  28. IMBD is a movie website that we got all this info from and I checked it and other websites and it doesn't say Anna is in it so sorry for all of you who I let your hopes down, but I'll keep looking for other things.

  29. Fire Fairy says:

    FYI, IMDB stands for Internet Movie DataBase. A very good and fairly up-to-date website on officially declared movies-to-be, movies-in-progress, movies-to-come, and everything else. Also it's a great website if you want to see what an actor is currently working on or has a contract for, as well as everything they've ever appeared in. Try looking up "Anna Popplewell" on It'll tell you what movies she's working on.

  30. Fire Fairy says:

    I'm truly sorry. The world of movies is an expanse of great works of art. If you don't watch much other than Narnia, I suggest watching at least a few movies made by Walden Media. They're committed to making classic stories into movies, and have done a fantastic job. On top of that, their movies are very clean and all have a G or PG rating. You're missing out on a lot.

  31. Fire Fairy says:

    I completely understand. All I'm saying is that you would have to be aware of teachers and professors that are okay with you using Wikipedia and those that aren't.

  32. Mark Friedrich says:

    Whell to be honest I don't want to see movies that have bad language or bad words, that's why I don't go that Often. One of the moives I did see wasn't done by Waldon Media but another studio was Charlet's Web. And Dakota Fanning was in the movie.

  33. Lucy&Reepicheep says:

    on acting I trust IMBD, on other stuff wiki is cool

  34. Lucy&Reepicheep says:

    Imbd is an a site that is movie and acting based.

  35. Lucy&Reepicheep says:

    Thanx Scrub.

  36. Lucy&Reepicheep says:

    yeah, christian here. just put omigosh or something(sorry if any takes offense to that.)

  37. NarniaNut says:

    Rule 1:THE MOVIES SUCK!!
    *ahem*Excuse me

  38. Bookwyrm says:

    What wouldn't you be too sure of? It says on Wikipedia's front page that it can be edited by anyone. What, you actually think everyone who edits the site has nothing but pure and honest intentions? 😛

  39. Bookwyrm says:

    Um, how was it disrespectful? If you're going to lecture everyone on your view of the Bible, you'd best actually be prepared to quote chapter and verse the portion of the Bible that you think backs up your claim if you want anyone to take you seriously. And if a mild bit of snark is disrespectful, then calling the Harry Potter books dumb is too.

  40. Fire Fairy says:

    Good for you. I applaud anyone who prefers to keep the movies they watch as clean as possible. I'm very much like you in that aspect, although I do probably tolerate a little more than you do. But, hey, keep it up!

  41. For those who believe that all Christians — not just them personally — ought to avoid "Harry Potter," please read Romans 14 and recall that on some issues that do not cause personal temptation, Christians can have different views. Some things are clearly evil; "Harry Potter," like meat sacrificed to idols, is not one of them. Please make the main goal honoring God, and unity with your Christian siblings, and not simply try to enforce conformity of your own personal standards.

    After you're done reading Romans 14, you might check out a couple of columns I've written about "Harry Potter," Christians, and true and false spiritual discernment.

    Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Offense: .

    Harry Potter and the Media Discernment Issue: .

    🙂 Thanks, and remember: for Christians, glorifying God and true unity with Christians who disagree on only disputable matters, is what counts — not conformity of all standards.

  42. Lucy&Reepicheep says:

    Thanx Elwin.

  43. Lucy&Reepicheep says:

    I just think many people can be misinformed, for instence I have found many sites that say Georgie Henley's some say july 9 1995, others say July 11 1995, some even say she was born in 1996, so many people an be misinformed so if on of those misinformed people could edit something on wiki, and everyine will see it.

  44. Lucy&Reepicheep says:

    Georgie birthday, sorry about that.

  45. Narnia Lover says:

    Thank you! I'm Chrstion but I love Harry Potter! But I do try my hardest to make God the senter of my life! 😀

  46. MurtaghLuv says:

    Oh Dr. Elwin Ransom I just realized what your name is from that is so cool! I have yet to finish the first book but the are really cool.

  47. cuppycakesrach says:

    can't wait for The Lightning Theif .. soo excited and good to know that someone off my favorite movies of all time:: Narnia is going to be on there :))))

  48. Peepicheep says:

    I am with you Narina Nut, I don't care for Harry Porter!