Filming Wraps on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

And just like that, filming for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader wraps up. According to the blog of Mirko Grillini filming finished up the afternoon of Nov 21.

As we have come to an end, the last opportunity of being all together was on Saturday night. My first hollywood wrap party…. wow. I can certainly do another one. There was so many people that I didn’t even get the chance of say hi to at least 75% of them.

It was great to see cast, crew and extras all together as one team, plus partners. Everybody was talking to everybody (or trying to) people dancing, the food was constantly coming around on large trays, and everybody seem to be happy.

We had finished the shoot late afternoon, just enough time to go back to the hotel, shower and get changed.

There were speeches from Mark Johnson, Michael Apted and the main cast, Ben wrapped it up with his amazing energy. I tell you what, he knows how to get the crowd going. He’s natural charm and portrayal are magnetic. Ben is not only a wonderful actor, he is a prince in real life, not because he’s from a royal family, but because he has an incredible good and friendly nature.

You can read the whole blog post here.

And now onto post-production!

Thanks to ellz_bellz for the heads-up!

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  1. FrecklefaceJill says:

    I can't believe they've finished filming this quick! I looked at the headline and I practicly fainted. I still can't believe it……………….

  2. loverforBen says:

    Ok the filming is over and they don't release it until 12-9-2010? There is somthing wrong with this picture! I mean shouldn't they get it in theaters sooner than 12-9-2010! I think they are just trying to torture us!

  3. bignarniafan says:

    wow already done! I'm gonna miss georgie and skandar though.

  4. SavedByGrace says:

    Wow, that was fast. BTW, have they mentioned anything on the dufflepuds?

  5. tolkienlewisfan says:

    that was quite quick….

  6. Gingerale1987 says:

    I'm so excited

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