Michael Apted on Filming Dawn Treader in Australia

Spencer Howson from ABC Brisbane spent some time with Michael Apted as they’re wrapping things up in Australia for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Apted spent a good amount of time talking about why they decided to film primarily in Brisbane and (more specifically) Cleveland Point.

It’s a very interesting interview that you can listen to on ABC Brisbane’s website here.

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  1. GlimGlum says:

    Good to hear from the director, now that he has some time. 😀

  2. western woods says:

    aaaww. :[
    i'm so sad filming is over.

    ecstatic for the film, though!can't wait for trailers.

  3. jimmy says:

    He says queensland weird.

  4. Lutra's Pearl says:

    Nice to hear from him, this is the first time right? I can't wait for the movie to come! What battles are he talking about? Guess we will have to wait till it comes out. Keep the story of Aslan alive.

  5. narniafan4ever ♥ says:

    exactly my thoughts! 😀

  6. JadistarkilleR says:

    man it so good to hear from Apted. he sounds to be as sensible and intelligent a man as he's reputed to be.

    here's one more thing that this interview confirms. VODT was shot with digital cameras. i know that in this day and age its getting to be quite commonplace but there are some films– big budget at that– where some directors are still using traditional film.

    and seems like Apted can tell a lot of stories about bringing this 3rd Narnia film to the big screen. the actual shooting schedule was pretty short, but truthfully it was a long haul movie, with so much delays and franchise-ending close calls. i wihs ther ecould be an interview or something where he can talk about that experience freely, but i dont know how they can do that without it coming off as some kind of bad press.

    you know there's one presence that i kinda miss– Andrew Adamson. he didnt seem to have shown his presence much, if at all, did he? we seen more of Doug Gresham than of Adamason. i wonder where is he all this time of the shoot?

  7. Mirima Rosetrader says:

    Wow, Micheal Apted sounds like a cool guy and I have a good feeling that Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be the best Narnia film made yet. It's kinda sad the filming is over, but I'm glad because hopefully a teaser or trailer will be coming out in a couple months. That I am REALLY looking forward to! I am simply dying to get a glimpse of the film! Long live Aslan and Sail on VDT!

  8. Lucille Brown says:

    Me too.

  9. WillMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

    I'm just sad that filming is done! But i'm excited for the movie!!! Probably more sad, though, because it's a long wait! Let's hope this is better than Prince Caspian! It's probably not with all the changes we've heard and seen, but there's still hope! Let's also hope that the movies will keep coming and the rumors about stopping the films at Silver Chair are NOT rue!! But I wouldn't blame them if they did. I mean, they've done a LOT of work on the costumes, scripts, casting, and making those awesome sets! Still Praying!

    Aslan is on the Move!

  10. WillMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

    When I said, 'Let's hope the rumors about stopping the films at Silver Chair are NOT rue' I meant NOT true! Sorry, i forgot the T!

  11. Luthian says:

    Wow what wouldn't I do to interview Mr. Apted… I like it that he said that reep will still be like he is in the book because he is my favorite Narnian from the books.

  12. skandarLover45 says:

    duh! who wouldn't be excited?

  13. skandarLover45 says:

    I honestly think that they are true, because of money issues. do you know how much it costs to do a multi-million dollar movie? No I bet you don't……..

  14. Jill Pole says:

    Yea for extra info! I am so excited to see the movie, plus the next Harry Potter is coming about the same time! I think I might faint!

  15. Forrest says:

    Perhaps multi-millions of dollars? 😛
    And The Silver Chair could very well be produced, depending on how lucrative The Dawn Treader is.

  16. pselpevensie says:

    that was such a cool interview! M.A. sounds like a pretty cool guy 😉

  17. NarniaElf says:

    I'm not excited. I am much MORE than excited! Is there a word for triple triple triple excited???

  18. Liberty Hoffman says:

    yay! further up and further in, VotDT!!!!!!

  19. narnian resident says:

    his voice is lovely! ya know i actually didnt know all this time that he was british i thought he was american. lol. that was a really cool interview! i found it amusing how you could hear the shooting in the backround and how at that same time he was overseeing a scene while he was talking, and i loved it when he called over to some person. i just thought it was cool imagining what was going on behind the recording. man this is making me REALLY excited! after hearing him talk i think i can rest at ease that this movie is in good hands. yay narnia!!

  20. narnian resident says:

    you guys are scaring me…i dont want to think about them stopping the movies right now.

  21. narnia fan7 says:

    Further up and Further in!

  22. Fire Fairy says:

    So far, all I've heard from the movie-makers is that they plan on making all seven movies. Hope that eases your minds a bit. 🙂

  23. Digory 83 says:

    Would anyone want to do a transcript, There are people still out there with 26.4 kbps dial up 🙂 I sure would appreciate it.

  24. King Skandar the Just says:

    wow…really nice to hear some positive feedback from the director.

  25. King Skandar the Just says:

    yeah I found it very cool that they were shooting during the interview. I can't wait for the film!

  26. King Skandar the Just says:

    really? awesome! Better get back to Narnia though it is Narniaweb! = P

  27. King Skandar the Just says:

    It is relieving that Reep is the same as he is in the book. Reep is AWESOME!

  28. Anna's Sister says:

    Writers strike! I feel sorry for the writers, though it has slowed down some movies.

  29. glumPuddle says:

    It is getting harder and harder to make myself believe that there won't be "battles" in this movie. AHHH!!!