News on the Dawn Treader Sets and Ernie Malik Interview

From ABC Brisbane:

Yesterday, I was given a tour of the set of the latest Narnia film, “Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader”.

I saw four sets. The first one was a medieval, Italian village with dirt streets and high, stone, castle-like walls. Construction workers were pulling it down as filming was finished in that set.

The ship itself is built inside one of the large concrete “sound stages” at the Oxenford studios. It was quite a surreal experience to enter the building only to see a large ship, built on top of a hydraulic machine that makes the ship appear it’s pitching and rolling on the open seas.

The third set, in another sound stage, was of the masters cabin inside the ship and the fourth, below deck (where the slaves would row).

You can read the whole story here.

The interview with Ernie Malik (the movie’s publicist) has a lot of good information about the filming locations and the scenes they still have left to shoot. You can listen to it at ABC Brisbane’s site above, or on our own podcast link below.

Huge thanks to LucyP0104 and JadistarkilleR for the link!

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  1. coracle says:

    The ship is partly based on the Replica of the Endeavour. This is a wonderful sailing ship which I have been on!

  2. narniafan4ever ♥ says:

    Well, if the trailer comes out too soon, we will be wanting the rest of the movie even more! 😀

  3. narnia fan7 says:

    I augry with you

  4. Anna's Sister says:

    Cool! They did film a couple scenes in New Zealand. But I am looking forward to getting a closer look at the terrain of the Gold Coast. Go Australia!!

  5. narnia fan7 says:

    Sorry I spelld agree wrong

  6. i checked and your right im glad that we are getting closer and closer to the premiere of the movie

  7. Lyssa Pevensie says:

    Wow! That sound soooo cool!!! I'm glad they have started updating again.

  8. Meheba says:

    I'm pretty sure he will smile in SC, no worries! After all, he's in Aslan's Country, then! You can't be sad in Aslan's Country.

  9. Meheba says:

    I agree Mirima! *Falls on floor twitching* Must. Get. Spoilers.
    I can't wait!

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