Reep’s Coracle Sighted?

Coracle?Forty-three new pictures have appeared on the blog of Chris Martin, who claims to have done some prop construction on “Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”

One of the highlights of this batch is a small boat. It seems safe to assume that it is Reepicheep’s coracle, which, in the book, the crew finds on Burnt Island. Most fans would no doubt be very excited to see the coracle in the film, since Reeicheep’s tear-jerker farewell on the coracle at the end of the book is a very memorable moment in the series, and one of the scenes that made the character such a fan-favorite.

But wait, there’s more. Also included are some sketches of the seven missing Lords, shots of the Dawn Treader’s deck, a shield with a strong Telmarine influence, and what looks like a very interesting steering wheel for the ship.

View the photos here.

Huge thanks to icarus for finding these!

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  1. glumPuddle says:

    It was really hard for me to write that report without totally geeking out and writing something like "The coracle!! It's the coracle!! Christmas comes early!!"

    • JadistarkilleR says:

      lol! thats what i was saying when i first spotted that photo πŸ˜€

      lots of good stuff there! and looks like this guy even did that dragon from Reign of Fire! W00T!

      • Karine says:

        Which is actually the best dragon I've seen on tv so far so if he's the one in charge of Dragon Eustace then I'm even more excited!! I'm still flabbergasted at all the attention to details on the Dawn Treader. She exceeded all my expectations!

    • Narnia Girl says:

      Lol! I agree with you glumP, Christmas comes early! πŸ˜›

    • Starlily says:

      Lol! Good self-control, glumPuddle! This is so cooooool!!!

    • yeswelovenarnia says:

      lol i totally agree!!!! it looks just like it!!!!!!

    • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

      Haha. lol

  2. DruidDream says:

    There is also a pic that shows a room inside the Dawn Treader witch has 7 drawings of men. I think they must be the 7 lords

    • glumPuddle says:

      FK edited the story to mention those too. I was geeking over the coracle more than anything else.

  3. tenthofthatname says:

    I think I'm going into news overload. Love these pictures, especially the coracle, the seven lords, the wheel, the chair, the lantern.

    …Yes pretty much everything!

    • tenthofthatname says:

      Looking at that wheel again it has the months in latin on it and the corresponding zodiac!

      • Bother Eustace says:

        Is that what's on there? I thought it might be that, but Narnia doesn't have the same constellations as our world. I could definitely read "Junius", which would appear to mean June, but the Narnians don't use those names for their months (the only month mentioned is 'Greenroof', when Peter dated his letter to Miraz in Prince Caspian).

      • tenthofthatname says:

        I managed to make out Maius, Junius, and Julius. The signs also show gemini and virgo I think. I don't recall the Narnians using an earthian calendar either but I think it's good to develop a calendar and constellations that make sense to a viewer instead of leaving it vague the way Lewis did. It would have been more creative to develop an entire calendar based on the small traces in the books, like Greenroof and the fact that Narnia has 7 days in a week, etc. then have it correspond to the 12 month western calendar.

  4. Fire Fairy says:

    Aaauuugh!!!! It's the coracle! And look at the ships helm!! I absolutely LOVE the design!!

    *Ahem* Sorry. Narnia fanatic moment there. Couldn't hold it in. *Regains composure*. I must say this is definitely a good sign that they have included Reep's coracle. It means it is very likely that they haven't cut Reep's scene at the end *whew*. Can't wait to see more!!

  5. Shy Galadriel says:

    "Tear-jerker farewell"? I remember it being sweet, but I'm not expecting it to be tear-jerking in the movie…
    (That doesn't prevent me from hoping though…)

  6. 7chronicles says:

    I love it!!!!!!! Just think a little over a year and we'll see Reep sail away in it! I love that they drew each of the Seven Lords, I wonder which one is lord Rhoop (Bruce Spence) Can't wait to see him on screen! I've said it a thousand times I'm sure, but I have to say it again. I CAN'T WAIT FOR DAWN TREADER!!!!!!!!

  7. son of adam says:

    looks good! ^^

  8. AHHHH!!!! This is sooo exciting!!!

  9. Starlily says:

    That HAS to be Reep's coracle! It's so cute! I like the helm, although it's design is a little odd/unique. I wonder what those shell things are? It's hard to tell…
    Anyway, this is really neat. And those seven lord sketches are intriguing…

    • icarus says:

      The shells are both from the Lone Islands Wharf Set. The spiky shells on sticks are like street lamps that run along the wharf side and can be seen in the background of these photos here: … 340135.jpg … 340365.jpg … 340145.jpg

      The swirly sea shell on a stand is just for decoration seemingly, and can be seen in the foreground of the shot at 0:32 of this video:

    • narniafan4ever β™₯ says:

      I agree, Starlily. I can not wait to see what it looks like on screen! πŸ˜€ I am glad to see that they are possibly keeping Reep's coracle in the movie!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ That is a good sign! πŸ™‚

      • Starlily says:

        I know, it's nice to see some good news! I can't wait until we finally get some footage of the movie. πŸ™‚

      • narniafan4ever β™₯ says:

        I can't wait either! πŸ˜€ I am glad that we are getting some pretty frequent updates now….Hopefully there won't be another "news drought"… πŸ˜€

    • Bother Eustace says:

      Those shells REALLY interested me… Shells on poles, as they were. Perhaps Merpeople weapons? I believe they were carrying tridents and spears in the books; those shell-sticks could almost be spears.

      • Starlily says:

        Mmm, I really don't think they're weapons…but then again I don't know. They don't look like lamps or anything. In fact, I have absolutely no clue what they are! We might just have to wait and find out. Anyone else have any ideas?

      • Starlily says:

        Whoa, wait. I just read icarus's statement above (although I don't know how it got there, because it didn't seem to be there before. *scratches head*)
        I guess the shells ARE lamps. Weird ones. But that answers our questions.

      • icarus says:

        Just as a note – the answer i posted just above here has only just popped up (it got blocked for moderator approval for some reason). But i didnt want anyone reading this to think you had just ignored me, because my post wasn't actually visible when you commented πŸ™‚

        Anyway, to cut a long story short, the spiky shells on sticks are street lamps from the Lone Islands wharf set, and the swirly shell is set-decoration from the Wharf set too. (i think some of the links i posted before didnt post properly, but if you look at any of the photos from the Spit filming you should spot them quite easilly).

      • Starlily says:

        Thank you icarus! For the shell info, and for clearing up my confusion.

  10. iLiveInNarnia says:

    AWWEEEE I hope they have Reep's farewell in the movie! It would be so awesome, and yet, so sad.

  11. Weapon Master says:

    The photos look great, but those blades look more like carving knives than swords to me.

  12. narnian resident says:

    wow these photos are amazing! so much detail! im getting really excited right now! its all coming together so beautifully!

  13. pselpevensie says:

    those are amazing! i can't believe those sketches. they're so life- like!

  14. Silver the Wanderer says:


    There. That's my Narnia spaz. πŸ˜›

    This stuff looks SO COOL! I can't wait to see it in the movie!

  15. I love it! Getting more news is almost worse because I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!!

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  17. narnia fan7 says:

    It looks AWESOME!!!!!

  18. Bother Eustace says:

    Yes! Reep's coracle! just as I imagined it! Love the look. This is so great!

  19. narnianprofessor says:

    It looks AMAZING! The details on every piece is so cool.

  20. Narniamiss says:

    Wow. Is it ok to freak OUT?!!! This is totally awesome! Like, GEEK OUT MOMENT! Love the coracle; it is exactly and even a little better than what I had ever imagined. I absolutely love the wheel/steering thing. It is just magnificent. I love how there are sketches of the missing lords in one of the ship's rooms. I'm assuming that might be the captain's/or Caspian's quarters. I am wondering about the "shell" rods/or whatever they are. Very cool looking, all the same. Wow, I just can't believe how good this guy is. It makes it all so much better. πŸ™‚

  21. Fire vien says:

    Wish it was mine, it's so cool!

  22. MP_in_narnia says:

    Amazing!!!! I LOVE the coracle!! I can't wait to see Reep going away in it. These details are blowing me away! :)) The wheel is amazing and odd at the same time…love it! They are creating such a mysterious and familiar atmosphere on the ship…it's so electrifying!

  23. Mal says:

    Wow! It all looks so great!

  24. King Skandar the Just says:

    Wow! Cool! It's nice to have some news! The coracle is awesome! Everything is so authentic! Very cool.

  25. narniaismylife says:

    doesn't filming end this week?

  26. Mirima Rosetrader says:

    WOW! Everything looks awesome! And the Lords look cool! Reepicheeps coracle is SO cute! Thank you, icarus! Sail on VDT!

  27. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    I clicked the link and the photos aren't there. Awesome coracle though!

  28. #1NARNIAFAN says:

    VDT is comiong along soo well, i'm so gllad and i can't wait to see the finished product! sail on VDT! πŸ˜€

  29. Lucille Brown says:

    Hurrah! The Coracle! Reepicheep rules.

  30. Eden says:

    Yay! Reepicheep's coracle! I am so glad to finally see it. πŸ™‚ But I must really have not read VotDT in a while! I don't remember anything about the "Burnt Island". πŸ™ ??

    Anyways, I am really happy to see that we are getting some news again!

    • Lady Galadriel says:

      Burnt Island had no more than a paragraph or so of mention. I'm such a fast reader I missed it. It's just something like, "They landed on an island and found nothing useful there except a small coracle. Reepicheep claimed it and they sailed away before noon." That's all πŸ˜€

  31. Lady of Narnia says:

    ~*GASP*~ The coracle!!! yay yay yay!! This is soooo cool!

  32. Christian says:

    Oh… wow. This is a chunk of news worthy of a podcast, I'm thinking. Woot! So awesome! My hope is that Dawn Treader won't be turned into something is wasn't in the book. This little tidbit really boosts that hope.

  33. helpmeplease says:

    I can't spot the photos HELP! where are they on the page! I get like 70 photos, but nothing narnia related. Where are they?

  34. Hermitess of Narnia says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Michael Apted and Andrew Adamson for putting the coracle in! It looks perfect.

  35. coracle says:

    Aha, so that's what my namesake will look like! (hope that paddle is sideways on – it is far too narrow otherwise).

  36. Peepicheep says:

    Awesomeness! I can't until we see him in it. He is so adorable!

  37. WarriorQueen says:

    Too cute! I love the look.

  38. NarniaHannahβ™₯(used to be celtic13 and LucyReepicheep4β™₯) says:

    looking AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I don't know if I can wait any more!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!

  39. edmund rox says:

    Hey it looks pretty good!