Behind the Scenes at Movie World

NarniaWebber andrea sent us a link to a new video where a Sunrise News team in Australia got to visit the set of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The two women tour the set inside of Movie World where you can see a really good shot of the Dawn Treader built up inside the studio (and includes the first shot we’ve seen of the oars).

But the most interesting bit is there are some statues and bells that they say stuntmen slide down and attack Caspian and his crew. We have no idea where this might fit into the movie. Perhaps Gumpas’ castle?

You can view the video on Yahoo’s website here.

Thanks to andrea and Lucy P. for the heads up!

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  1. Anonymous Narnian says:

    All of it looks nice except… the statues? The bells? What is that all about? Is it a symbol of the Seven Lords, or just another place to squeeze in a sword fight? They look like they belong in Charn to me for some reason.

  2. Lucy of Narnia says:

    The video wouldn't load for me. What's this about an added in sword fight? Sounds like it might be interesting, but I hope it doesn't take away from the plot. I guess it's all right if they add in a few dangerous moments. With the exception of the Sea Serpent and possibly the Lone Islands, Dufflepuds, and beside Deathwater pool, there's not much danger in this story.

  3. Reepicheep, Knight of Narnia says:

    I can't wait for this movie! Less than a year away, though!!

  4. Lucille Brown says:

    I couldn't hear the video but I thought the bells were strange.

  5. Lucille Brown says:

    Nevermind. I watched again with sound. The Dawn Treader is ambushed? Hmm…what is this? Ahh, maybe pirates? Having Pug and the rest attack them is an interesting change.

  6. Silver the Wanderer says:

    Cool video! Can you believe it was a year ago today when Disney decided the drop the ball on Narnia? And now look where we are! Post-production! Yessss! I don't know what's up with the bells and the swordfight, but I'm feeling pretty happy right now.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  7. Lady Galadriel says:

    I like that idea 🙂 And perhaps this has some root from when Drinian tells the Pevensies in the book that at a point in the voyage they had "an exchange of arrows" with a Terebinthian ship.

  8. Lady Galadriel says:

    That is, the ship from Terebinthia catches up to the D.T. and they have a little battle over the water. Reepicheep says, "And we should have boarded her and hanged every mother's son of them!" I guess I could see pirates boarding the Dawn Treader? *shrug* Maybe that doesn't make senes.

  9. Lady Galadriel says:

    Sorry. My last word is "sense," not "senes."

  10. Pattertwigs Pal says:

    I thought of Charm too. Borrowed element?

  11. Lutra's Pearl says:

    The Dawn Treader is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. NarnianElf says:

    I can't get on the website!!!!!!!! Can anyone please tell me what happens in the movie?? The suspense of wanting to know what is on that website is killing me!!!

  13. Anonymous Narnian says:

    They had some shots of the Dawn Treader which we've already seen, and then a very strange segment involving Statues and Bells where they say there will be a sword fight. Stuntmen will be sliding down the bell ropes with daggers in their teeth, fighting the Dawn Treader Crew. Very strange…

  14. iLiveInNarnia says:

    A Sword fight with Caspian and lucy? That's the reason she has a sword? Could this have something to do with the unfathomable fate? The bells seem odd also. The first thing that came to my mind was Charm. Another borrowed element?? Anticipation is growing..

  15. iLiveInNarnia says:

    The same story is on Narniafans. I read it this morning before it was posted on here. Go there, it may work.

  16. iLiveInNarnia says:

    Wow,. That's increadible that it was a year ago. I have a Fox Faith tshirt and I am planning on wearing it to Disney World when I go next year. I will surely take a picture in front of the castle..and go on the PC expedition. 😉

  17. iLiveInNarnia says:

    Could this be the unfathomable fate? (that is the question to everything posted on here nowadays)
    that could definately make the plot thicken..I am not sure how it all would work..difficult to imagine. Good theory though!

  18. andr7450 says:

    I thought more like the ruined city of giants–but yeah, I could see Charn as well

  19. narnian resident says:

    those statues look so strange. but i thought the idea of people sliding down bell ropes to attack is pretty creative, i've never seen that before. it would be so cool to see lucy finally fighting! its about time! she's grown up so much, she deserves a little battle 🙂 well, i just hope that this is something that will contribute good to the movie. goodness there's been so many added things i sure hope they dont fall away from the main plot of the whole story. they better not get carried away with battles and such and keep the dawn treader on its course

  20. narnian resident says:

    i think it would be interesting if they actually have that battle in the movie instead of them just telling us about it, however that would mean the pevensies would have to get on the ship before they really do in the book. but perhaps that can be good for the movie? i dont know. it could. well, we'll just have to see. omg im getting more excited by the minute 😀

  21. farsight1 says:

    Very nice to see the Dawn Treader again. The bells and statues battle sequence stuff they got from MN or who knows where, not so much… But then, after we got the wolf chase, the Waterfall scene, Caspian's age, Susolas, the Caspian kiss, what else wouldn't we expect they do? At this point, I'm just happy there's still a ship in the movie at all.

  22. Starlily says:

    Well, since I can't picture Dufflepuds sliding down those bells, I guess this has something to do with Gumpas. Too bad we don't know the whos, whats, and wheres about this yet. But can anyone think about where those statues and bells would be? Maybe a cathedrel or something like that? Or perhaps the castle. Hmm…

  23. Starlily says:

    Don't be too negative. Remember the movie is still going to have Dufflepuds, a Sea Serpent, and Eustace turning into a dragon. 🙂 That's something at least.

  24. farsight1 says:

    That IS something. Sorry I'm being negative, it's just that this is my favorite book in the series. I don't really think it needed that many changes to work or to make it more "epic" than it already is.

  25. Starlily says:

    VoDT is my favorite book too, and I'll be very upset if they ruin it. But I'm trying to remain optimistic, even though I know they've made some big changes to the story.
    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you farsight, and to everyone else as well!

  26. skandyfan says:

    Wow, that looks really interesting. But the bells are really odd. It will be exciting to see in the movie, what they are there for. And the ship is just too beautiful! I can not imagine one movie with such a great ship! It just shows the magic of Narnia! Really great!

  27. always narnian says:

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lutra's Pearl says:

    You too, and have a happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

  29. MurtaghLuv says:

    Did it say open the public! oh that would be so cool. I think that is pretty cool that you see damage. and fight between caspian and lucy?

  30. Edmund-is-hot says:

    Oh my God
    How exciting!

  31. Duffleglum says:

    The people briefly said there were these statues and stone bells (separate from the ship), and somehow they're used as a way onto the ship by the enemy – I have no idea what they mean or where they will be in this scene… but rest assured there will be more action than in the book 😉

  32. Luis says:

    omg this movie is going to be so awsome in every way!!!!!!! i cant wait anymore im so exited to see it. I dont care the changes of the movies atlist thay are working hard to make the books comes to life!! This movie is going to rock all the way

  33. Well,I'd have to say I can't wait for the movie to come out.Although,I'm not to keen on these statue things.What are they???Why would Caspian even need something like that?I'm affraid that there going to make this movie with too much sword fighting and not enough story.I have a hunch that they are probley going to make a Narnia-pirates of the carabean like movie!Oh I pray they don't. I hope they keep in mind that this is a fantasy film.

  34. yes yes Farsight1.I fear they are going to put Jack SParow and Elizabeth Swan in it or something!Don't tell them I said that.I don't want to give the producers any ideas.

  35. narniafreak says:

    Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my fav book, too. the site wouldn't load for me. what's this about bells and statues and an ambush on the DT? i really hope they don't change it too much… i can see how they had to lengthen Prince Caspian, but they don't need to lengthen VDT. are they trying to add more action? as i recall(i reread the book yesterday) the only real action was with the Sea Serpant, and maybe on the Lone Islands, with the Dufflepuds, and before they knew the dragon was Eustace. im a total narnia freak, and i'll be really annoyed if they change it too much. they didn't have to make Caspian and Susan kiss. i heard that if they don't make a lot of money with VDT, they won't make the Silver Chair. is that true? in the Last Battle, they all die exept Susan. they said Susan turned away from Narnia. so if she had died, would she have gone to the book's version of hell? i'm a Christian, btw. if that matters. anyway, have a nice day =D

  36. narniafreak says:

    a fight between Caspian and Lucy??? are you kidding me??? they never fight! Edmund and Caspian fight, at Deathwater, but never Lucy and someone else! what is the world comign to!?!?!?

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