Filming at White Island

The New Zealand Herald has a small story about The Voyage of the Dawn Treader filming at White Island. “White Island Tours marketing executive Patrick O’Sullivan said the filming, which was done without the cast, took place just before Christmas. ‘We went out there with a film team, and left one guy with them to ensure they did not fall into any holes.'” NarniaWebber icarus found a picture of the filming unit while they were just off the coast of White Island. It can be seen here.

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  1. pselpevensie says:

    how can filming be done without the cast?

  2. Narniamiss says:

    They may just be scenery shots, Pselpevensie.

    Wow, the water looks awesome! I think the colors are going to be amazing with the Dawn Treader.

  3. CEP Paul T says:

    And there are some very nasty sulphurous holes to fall into there. Pretty island.

  4. CEP Paul T says:

    In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, all the scenes of the train going over the countryside were filmed by 2nd Unit – the cast was not present for any of it, even when looking out the carriage window at the train station.

  5. narnia365 says:

    Well, this is definitely interesting. The island is beautiful, from what I saw in the picture, so I think they chose well when it came to locations. I wonder what the island will be used for though. Dragon Island? Death Water Island? I guess only time will tell. I think it would make a good Dragon Island though. It has everything for the scene in the book. Eustace could climb up the mountain and everything…

  6. emma says:

    It was shot by the Second Unit just for scenery shots, you know how in movies you sometimes see a shot of the landscape? Thats what they were doing. They didnt need the cast for it

  7. emma says:

    Went to the set today it was incredible!!!! I could hardly believe it as the tour bus drove up through the set and we walked inside Sound Stage 5 and stood on the Dawn Treader!!

  8. Starlily says:

    Lucky you! I wish I lived near there!

  9. narnia365 says:

    Woah, that is so cool! I can only dream of doing that…

  10. Lucille Brown says:

    Cool, glad to know something is going on.

  11. Andrew says:

    I'm guessing White Island is home to the mysterious boulders. Also on another note i have come across a google earth sort of site with much clearer images and also more up to date. Movie World studios has been captured whilst Narnia was filming, many sets and props are visible, check it out here,153.313597&z=18&t=e&nmd=20091113

  12. NarniaHannah♥(used to be celtic13 and LucyReepicheep4♥) says:

    Lucky!!! like Narnia356 I can only dream of doing that.
    but maybe someday…..