Movie World Pictures, Round 3

Close up of a statue - EmmaNarniaWebber Emma writes: “I visited the The Voyage of the Dawn Treader sets at Movie World today! The tour ran for about a half hour and we were shown inside Sound Stage 5 where the Dawn Treader ship is housed. The tours will run for four weeks so make sure to check it out because it’s worth it!!!!!
You can check out more pictures on my Facebook account here.” Thank you Emma!

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  1. Eavis says:


  2. NarniaQueen411 says:

    Second comment – awsome!
    not so awesome that its only four weeks 🙁
    too bad they arnt coming to NYC!
    but i'll see it in the movie!!!:D:D:D

  3. emma says:

    great to see you guys posted my spy report! 🙂 i tried to upload some video i took to my face book account but it needed to be 10mb or under and mine was 54.2 🙁
    oh well
    hope you guys enjoy my pics!

  4. Mapthestars says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for putting these up, so many photos which I love. Also I have a Vimeo account which I would gladly give you the password and username so you can upload the video. just tell me if you would like to do that, then I'll write to you in a message on Facebook giving you that info. 🙂 again, thanks a lot.

  5. Adeona says:

    Thanks for making a report! That photo at the top of this article is great – a nice close up. Could you maybe post the rest of your photos either in the Narniaweb Forum somewhere or in another location on the web? Some of us (i.e. me!) can't view Facebook stuff, due to lack of a Facebook account. ) :

  6. narnia365 says:

    Thanks so much Emma! Unfortunately, I don't have a Facebook, so I can't view the photos, but the one of the statue attached to this post is great! Thanks!

  7. true-narnian_queen says:

    I cant see the pics because i dont have a Facebook! but i bet the pics are really cool!

  8. violet sky Raven says:

    Neat! You're so lucky!

  9. pselpevensie says:

    so cool! i wish i coul dgo see it!

  10. Waleed Sajjad Khan says:

    LUCKY U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wuz ther any entranse that went INSIDE da ship??

  11. emma says:

    Well there is Ben Barnes quarters inside the ship and little doors that go inside but they were locked 🙁

  12. emma says:


  13. Narnian-by-Heart says:

    That stinks about the doors being locked :(. but still, Goodness Miss Emma!. You're so Lucky to be able to tour the place. I'm beyond cannot even begin to FATHOM my envy lol. Thats all right though. the way I see it, I'll be around 20 when the next movie rolls around; I'll be able to visit anything and everything that has to do with Narnia! ;P. Although, I will have alot of catching up to do.

  14. emma says:

    Went to the set twice AGAIn today lmao about to posst some more pictures on my facebook so make sure to look if your interested 🙂

    they are currently filming sea patrol season 4 on the set at the moment and I saw Lisa Mccune todaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry just had to tell someone I'm still SO EXCITED!! 🙂

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