One Year To Go: Dawn Treader’s Competition

Posted December 10, 2009 4:45 am by fantasia_kitty

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We are officially one year away from the USA release of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! Yay! In honor of hitting the 365-days-to-go mark, we thought we’d take a look at Dawn Treader‘s competition next year.

As everybody knows, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will probably make or break the rest of the Narnia film series due to Prince Caspian not performing as well as the production had hoped and budgeted for. If Dawn Treader does well, the series will continue; if not, the production may call it quits.

After Prince Caspian only made half of its predicted box office profit, most people blamed its summer release date and the tough competition surrounding it (like Iron Man and Indiana Jones). Even though Dawn Treader is back to a Christmas release, it will still face some competition. Here’s what we’re looking at:

harry potter logoNovember 19, 2010 — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (three weeks prior to Dawn Treader)
Love it or hate it, everybody knows that the Harry Potter series has grown into monster franchise. In fact, it is one of the most profitable movie franchises in the world (unadjusted, it’s number one worldwide). There is no doubt this movie will do well at the box office as the series is drawing to a close. Of course the big question for Narnia fans everywhere is will this movie affect Dawn Treader‘s box office? Most movies will have one, maybe two, large grossing weekends. The Harry Potter movies are no exception. By the time week three rolls around it shouldn’t affect Dawn Treader‘s opening weekend. Remember too that The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe came out three weeks after Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

rapunzel thumbnailNovember 24, 2010 — Rapunzel 3-D (the Thanksgiving release two and a half weeks prior to Dawn Treader)
This is Disney’s next big animated movie they’ve been hyping for the past year or two. (I heard about this movie long before The Princess and the Frog that comes out tomorrow.) Rapunzel”s big selling point is its new style of animation. It’s a 3-D movie, but with the old hand-painted animation look. Will it affect Dawn Treader? Well, unless its story ends up being on par with Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin, I think Harry Potter is going to swallow this movie whole.

dawn treader thumbnailDecember 10, 2010 — The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
In the words of Doug Gresham, go see it with your friends, take your friends’ friends, and take your enemies because you’re supposed to love them too. Hopefully this movie will be a huge success!

tron logoDecember 17, 2010 – Tron: Legacy (one week after Dawn Treader)
When Tron came out in 1982, it was much like Star Wars with its groundbreaking special effects. Nobody had seen anything like it before. Though it certainly wasn’t as popular as Star Wars, the original Tron has a significant group of hard-core followers. Series reboots are “in” right now, with a lot of movies from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s being remade with mixed results. The good ones (like Batman Begins and Star Trek) are making huge profits. It remains to be seen whether or not Tron will fall into this category, but I think its real threat to Dawn Treader is the fact it releases only one week later. It could go either way… King Kong failed to bring down The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe but Indiana Jones did much better than Prince Caspian.

greenhornetlogoDecember 22, 2010 — The Green Hornet (the Christmas release one and a half weeks after Dawn Treader)
This may be the dark horse of the Holiday 2010 movie season. Actor Seth Rogan’s adaptation is based on the ’40s radio show and the later ’60s TV show about a masked superhero called the Green Hornet. Not much is known about this movie yet, aside from the fact that Rogan has stated it will be an old-fashioned-type superhero movie. This movie will be opening the same day as Jack Black’s Gulliver’s Travels, which will definitely help out Dawn Treader as The Green Hornet will have direct competition for its opening day release. Time will tell if it will be a serious contender with Dawn Treader.

In conclusion, when we compare this line-up to what the two previous Narnia movies had to face, this is about as good of a schedule as we could hope for. None of these films really seems to offer serious competition (provided that Dawn Treader is a good movie that everybody wants to go see). However, keep in mind that all of these release dates are subject to change, and more studios may squeeze their movies in around this time as well.

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  • glumPuddle says:

    Harry Potter wears Reepicheep pajamas.

  • Lucille Brown says:

    I don’t think this competition will slow down the people coming if Dawn Treader is a wonderful movie as much as people think.

  • iLiveInNarnia says:

    Psh, that’s our "competition"? Narnia will be the best. No questions asked

    • WillMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

      I like your confidence! But I’m a bit worried about Harry Potter. Even though I like Narnia better than Harry Potter, others think different. I mean, to me, Prince Caspian really blew it. They changed it way too much (I still like it though 🙂 ) Fans will probably think, "Let’s hope they don’t change it again!" I’m expecting less people than PC, but who knows! I could be wrong! At least I’ll be there in the theaters!

      • iLiveInNarnia says:

        I thought threw that too. But, it does say that HP is releasing 3 weeks BEFORE VDT. So my thought on that is that the buzz will wear off and VDT will be a hit!
        I also think that people who think they are going to change the story line will want to see it even MORE because they want to see how badly fox messes it up! 🙂 I’m not saying that it’s a good thing, but all these surprises, the mlg, unfathomable fate, that will keep us wanting to see what they are! Like a Christmas present sitting under a tree, ya just want to know what’s inside! 😉

      • WillMosleyandSkandarcrush! says:

        You may be right. And your probably right. I’m just saying my point of view: what i would do. I’m probably making no sense. Sorry, I’ll shut up…………… 🙂

      • FriendOfNarnia2 says:

        Fortunately HP is one of the most front-loaded franchises of all time. It will probably be making no more than 30 million by its third weekend at the boxoffice. I’m suspected VDT to pull in around 60 million.

      • iLiveInNarnia says:

        Your opinions are great. Ycan keep talking if you want need to shut up 😉 another HP movie was released prior to LWW about 4 years ago (wow that makes me feel old) and it brought a lot of people in to see LWW just because of their likes of HP 😉

  • mC iVAN says:

    this is my MOST anticipated fantasy/family/epic movie for 2010.
    2- Harry Potter 6 part 1
    3- The Last Airbender
    4- Alice in Wonderland
    5- POP: Sands of Time

    • Aslie says:

      Its Harry Potter 7 part one. Half Blood Prince was number six in the line. Deathly Hallows is number seven.

      • mC iVAN says:

        HP 7, rather!
        I wonder if any of the remaining Narnia books will be divided into two movies just like Deathly Hollows was.

      • wolfloversk says:

        I don’t think I would like it if they split the stories in two, it would be harder to work with. But it would be cool if after they’ve finished with the seven books maybe they could make a movie about Swanwhite (I think that’s her name) or other narnian legends.

    • Mirima Rosetrader says:

      GOOOOOO AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER! OPENING DAY, BABY! SO THERE! I’m also looking forward to Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief & Iron Man 2, but Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my crown jewel for next year! Rapunzel is going down. I haven’t even heard of Tron so I think Narnia going to eat that one for breakfast too! Don’t care about Green Hornet. And if LWW did good three weeks after a Harry Potter movie (blech) then I think it will do good this time too. I’m going to try to stay confident! SAIL VDT! DOWN WITH THE COMPETETORS! ASLAN CONQUERS ALL! LONG LIVE ASLAN AND SAIL ON VDT!

  • LadyLiln says:

    The timing honestly looks good! During Thanksgiving there will be major rushes to see the two late November films, then there’s a little time to quell.

    (and Rapunzel will fight like the Bulgy Bear. ^.~)

  • Griffle says:

    I’ve read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it’s a masterpiece of a book (except for Rowlings tapped on visions of the future end), if they do it right, it will be a tough competitor. However, that all depens on how well they manage to make the two parts stand on their own.

    I guess how successful VDT will be will rely partly on how much firepower Fox is ready to use for the promotional campaign. Disney didn’t try hard enough with PC IMO.

    • Narnia Is My Life says:

      I agree that Harry Potter is an amazing book but I don’t think the movies are that good but it will still be hard to beat the movies though because everyone I know loves them. I will be really sad if they stop making the films I mean what am I going to do know for my movie star career I was going to play Jill in the sliver chair;)

  • Tirian12 says:

    have you all seen the trailer for Deathly Hallows? it looks fantastic. I’m really excited for it, but Narnia is my first love, i am going to see both at midnight =] as for competition i don’t think those movies will have any effect on the movie, i think PC’s track record will do more damage (if any)
    Cheers, and happy wishing for it to be one year from today.

  • Śnieżka says:

    Harry Potter is very boring and very… different book, so I hope that Dawn treader will be the best family film on 2010 :]

    • narniafan4ever ♥ says:

      Agreed. I always though Harry Potter was kind of dark, if you know what I mean. It creeps me out, personally. 🙂

  • Mike says:

    I hear that there may be a nude scene or two in the next Harry Potter movie. Not exactly a family film. The competition might not be that bad.

    • Griffle says:

      Nude scene? I don’t remember any scene from the book that would fit that description. On the other hand, it’s been quite awhile since i read the book.

      The dark material of the book would automatically give it a PG-13 rating. But you never know, Half-Blood Prince got a PG rating although it’s a PG-13 movie.

      • Mike says:

        It was reported in the Daily Mail, I think, with quotes from the director. So what if it isn’t in the book. As we all know, changes MUST be made when taking a book to the big screen…hehe.

      • Tauriel says:

        That’s just for that bit when Ron opens the locket Horcrux and gets a vision of Harry and Hermione embracing and kissing, which is supposed to turn him against them. Obviously it won’t be full frontal nudity. The media are just exaggerating as always.

      • TheScribblingScribe says:

        I believe the nudity they are referring to is the part when Voldemort kills Harry. When he goes to the ‘other place’ and has a chat with Dumbledore. I could be wrong though… 🙂

      • narniafan4ever ♥ says:

        Whenever a movie wants to add a nude-scene (full or partial), then its bad news. 🙁

  • narnian resident says:

    well these arent as bad as the competition we had with PC. i think the only thing that might bother it is harry potter, but at least they can count on me to not go to that and enjoy VDT 🙂

  • Lady Polly says:

    i’m definitely going to see the voyage of the dawn treader. i can’t wait!!!

    • Narnia Is My Life says:

      Same, I think everyone should make their friends and family to watch the movie at the cinema. I know I am. I’m going to make all my close friends come and watch it so that’s 10 more people going to see it:) does anyone know when the premiere in London is?

  • NarniaLuver4Ever says:

    Psh, if they make this movie the way they should, VDT will crush all competition!

  • Silver the Wanderer says:

    Another thing to keep in mind: Of all the movies there, it looks like only Narnia and Rapunzel would fall under the title "family friendly". The others look more like PG-13 movies. Ratings are a big factor in what kind of audience the movie will draw. That being said, there really isn’t much competition for VDT, and I hope it stays that way.

  • Edmund-is-hot says:

    Narnia will win!
    Harry Potter smells!
    Ooooh they’re doing a Rapunzel movie? Interesting 😛

    • WillMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

      Amen to that! Harry Potter STINKS!! and i do wonder how the rapunzel movie turns out! My friend says they’ll probably play Love Story by Taylor Swift in the movie or the credits! 🙂

      • Please Type Here says:

        Here here! Harry potter should NOT be coming out three weeks to Narnia! And they will be playing Taylor Swift’s Love Story in the credits? How does a song about a teenager being having a forbidden love relate to a world of wizardry and dark magic? (sorry if you like harry potter and were offended by reading this)

      • Little DLF says:

        OK, so shoot me, but I actually LOVE Harry Potter.(WEASLEY TWINS!!!!!) I used to be obsessed with Narnia, but now it’s kind of a like-love thing. I don’t even know why I’m here….

        *backs away slowly*

      • narniafan4ever ♥ says:

        NO, that is okay, little DLF. Some people like it and others don’t. 😀 Glad you are here to comment, though! 🙂

      • WillMosleyandSkandarcrush! says:

        Please Type Here, I meant Love Story in the rapunzul movie, NOT harry potter. That’d be just wierd…

  • further up and further in says:

    In the USA, Harry Potter will own November and the Thanksgiving break. But when December rolls around, people will be in the holiday mood, and will be looking for a good family flick based on a good story with a positive message and a lot of great scenes, so Dawn Treader should do well–IF they make it right. They need to make it so that all ages will want to see it, and then want to see it again (like LWW).

    • WillMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

      Agree. I live in Ohio and that’s my kind of mood too! But VOTDT probably won’t be wintery anymore. It’s probably summer in the movie. Still, it’ll bring back many memories from LWW because none of the pevensies are coming back. And they’re the kings and queens of Narnia! Let’s HOPE it’ll be a good movie like LWW!

    • TheScribblingScribe says:

      Also, I think HP will have a smaller audience this time; not many parents will take their young kids to the 7th movie. If they follow the book, it will be dark, violent, and depressing.

  • Gandalfs Beard says:

    There are no nude scenes in Harry Potter *LOL*. Sounds like a dubious attempt to undermine the "competition".

    In fact Harry Potter is not so much Competition as Complementary. A good Potter turnout will be a great sign for a good VotDT turnout. Most Potter fans itching for More Magical Fun after Thanksgiving will turn to the Narnia Franchise over Christmas. Just as LWW piggybacked with GoF.

    These two Franchises are like Eggs and Bacon, or Peanut Butter and Chocolate; two great tastes that go great together. Unlike trying to sandwich a Fantasy film between two Action Giants such as Iron Man and Indiana Jones.

  • ernesto says:

    espero que el poster sea padre y además que el videojuego de PC tambien sea padre La trabesia del viajero de Alba

  • narnia fan7 says:

    1 YAER TO GO I cant wat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NaRnIaCrAzY96 says:

    I am not sure if I agree with the time slot as the best time for it to come out. People will be in christmas rush and even though it is three weeks after Harry Potter, there still might be a Potter rush. That is just what I think.

    • Gandalfs Beard says:

      LWW did fantastic three weeks after HP:GoF also did fantastic. They were both the biggest movies that year if I recall correctly (at least in the top 5).

  • wolfloversk says:

    The only thing I’m worried about is Harry Potter, but it might work out for the better since there is a large gap. When they do start making trailers they need to include scenes that are in the book (seriously production peoples) that will help take away any bad rap that Prince Caspian may have left behind. If they find a good balance between action and family friendly they should do fine. I’m more worried about the CGI and the closeness to the book. Hopefully PC taught them not to fool around with main characters, but hopefully they’ll use the special effects they used with PC, since the CGI was better than in LWW. I’m just hopeing the move to Fox won’t mess with the strides they’ve made in special effects.

  • bdog1984 says:


  • waleed sajjad says:


  • pselpevensie says:

    narnia HAS NO competition. it is, and always will be, #1!

  • TumnusTheBrave says:

    rupunzel might be compitition because younger kids will want to go see that before christmas. Also Harry Potter obviously…i dislike harry potter.
    Oh and it wasn’t a good idea to put in the information for this topic heres a sneak peak because i thought there was a sneak peek from the movie-lol that upset me

  • daughter of the King says:

    Harry Potter comes out three weeks before hand, so I don’t think there will be much competition. Rapunzel 3-D might take away from some of the family viewers, but I think most people are going to view it as another princess kiddie Disney movie.
    Tron and Green Hornet might be a problem, but since VDT comes out before them it can still get a great opening weekend in. So, I’m not worried. (about competition anyway)

  • lucy says:

    I have hated harry potter since the first book came out, but I LOVE Narnia. And VDT was a totally awesome book; I am so totally going to see that movie when it comes out a year from now, plus I’m bringing my dad even if I have to drag the man kicking and screaming. LOL.

  • tenthofthatname says:

    Harry Potter is the number one competition, but like another commenter said, I think HP and Narnia can complement each other. Everytime I see the Green Hornet logo I keep thinking it’s a Green Lantern movie.

  • kaylee says:

    remember that THE SMURFS MOVIE will also be coming out the 17th!! dang, Narnia’s got some tough competition but out of all those movies ill probably just watch Narnia (duh!!), harry potter (maybe), and the smurfs (definitely)

    • tmc4jesus says:

      I think the smurfs movie is now scheduled to come out in July 2011. So smurfs wont even be around then.

  • Giuliano says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wait

  • Aslan's my homeboy says:


  • Midnightcrow says:

    I work in the film industry and at this stage of the game its actually Tron Legacy which has the most hype building up right now out of all those films bar Harry Potter. Ever since they released the teaser trailer (which is actually test footage made before the film entered production) the buzz about Tron has been immense. Tron is a Disney movie and from what I’ve heard Disney is expected to shell out a hell of a lot of money to promote it. Furthermore, its already got a head start on the word of mouth side of things and an existing fanbase, both of which could prove crucial.

    Heres that teaser trailer by the way:

    Keep in mind that this teaser was made with very little money, before they actually started making the film itself!

    So my predictions are, in terms of highest gross: Harry Potter, Tron Legacy and perhaps VODT in third place, if its any good.

  • Narnia Lover says:

    The Harry Potter and Narnia movies are my two favorite! I will be seeing all of them! GO HARRY! SAIL ON VDT!!! 😀

  • Bboy says:

    Well definitely I know more people would of wathced Prince Caspian if there was more public awareness as I Australia Prince Caspian was all of a sudden. It felt as thou no one even knew there was a second film coming out. The reason why Harry Potter keeps going is because there is talk ongoing about the next film and that is the error which Narnia made after releasing Lion W W D. If people new that there was going to be a next part when they had advertised the first one then they would of been interested in following what was going to happen. I recon Narnia needs to get personal on there advertising and start getting young people who Like Narnia to tell their friends through Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and have graphics they can post to advertise. Let the public know ahead of time not 2 weeks before like i felt it happened that way in Australia. The big movies always advertise well ahead of time and I think that Narnia did not do that. I saw no movie reviews to stir me up… get PERSONAL NARNIA AND YOU WILL WIN YOUR AUDIENCE BACK…. I WILL TELL ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS

  • InLoveWithAslan says:

    One more year? Guys it feels like its been too long already! I want it now!!!!!! Ok, I am glad it’s only a year now and not two or three years. Time passes when you’re busy.

  • LL says:

    So this is it, then…the countdown begins…
    I can’t wait! One year is honestly going to fly by soooo fast! I mean, it’s been over a year already (December 2nd 2008) since Prince Caspian was released on DVD in the U.S.!!
    Things are going to work out just fine, I know it!

  • Tarwe, the Narnian Elf says:

    1 year to go! We’re closing in, Narnians!

    I like Douglas Grasham’s quote! HaHaHa! I’ll drag my family and friends along! 😉 Unless a blizzard or something is raging at my door, I’ll be watching VDT in a year! WHOOHOO!

    I can’t stand Harry Potter. It grates me when it gets compared to my beloved LOTR and Narnia. However, I am afraid it will be the most competitive (from an unexperienced eye). Come on, Narnians! We can’t let that happen! To the movie theater! In this case, numbers DO win the battle! Are you with me?

  • bkey says:

    I don’t think Harry Potter will be much competition 3 weeks into its theatrical run. At that point its revenues will be slowing down. I’m a little worried about Tron Legacy. I think it has the potential to overtake VDT in its second weekend.

  • sachin says:

    narnia is irish so was C.S.Lewis harry potter is british and i love narnia and i hate hate harry potter.

    • coracle says:

      Narnia isn’t actually Irish – Lewis was Anglo-Irish (English people whose families had lived in the north of Ireland for a long time) which is different from true Irish. Lewis was also a good part Welsh – but tended to be seen as English.
      Harry Potter is English. British covers all parts of the UK and Ireland, which HP isn’t.
      There have been far too many nasty comments about Harry Potter on here – please state things respectfully!

  • coracle says:

    Harry Potter 1 opened in November 2001, followed by LOTR: FOTR about 3 weeks later.
    I think it should be a long enough gap that HP 6 1/2 won’t affect VDT’s popularity.

  • tenthofthatname says:

    I just wanted to add…at least VDT’s release date is nowhere near Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

    • Mal says:

      Well, that movie probably won’t be that good anyway, so there’s no fear of competition there. Number one is probably the best one, and the other three, not so much. 🙂

  • narniaqueen says:

    except harry potter, these movies got nothing on narnia!!! 😀 both of my favorite movie franchises in the world, harry potter and narnia will open consecutively! 3 weeks is the perfect span of time apart, so i can get over the harry potter craze and submerge myself into narnia 🙂

    • sonrise3000 says:

      Yes!!!!! I totally agree. Love HP, But I think I love Narnia even more. 3 weeks apart!!!!! Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue says:

    wow! you guys here certainly make full use of the english language. i’m really impressed! it seems as if you all were having a really important meeting in an office. xD i personally think that harry potter won’t affect vdt that much since there’s a 3-week gap in between…unless there are many last-minute movie-goers (sorry if that word doesn’t exist. lol).

  • PaigeReeder says:

    Wow, Naria and TRON… I’m just gonna have to see both.
    Better start saving my pennies. ^_-

  • ChristProclamer says:

    I don’t think HP will be a big issue. Granted, DH is a lot more…epic story than GoF, but I’m still not worried with a 3 week difference.
    BUT I checked Imdb and I thought the Rapunzel date was Dec 10th…am I wrong? If so, that might be a problem to release both family-type films on the same day. If not, I again think we’re fine. This Tron thing is worrying me, though. I secretly hope it fails and honestly doubt it will.
    It all comes down to Fox and their choices for VoDT. I think that they will make this one big–it has huge potential, and they would be foolish to let something stupid happen and flub this. Remember PC’s failure had to do with it’s high budget, and VoDT has a quite lower budget.

  • kate Achey says:

    I like Lucy pevensie and Edmund pevensie . I hope they do a good job .

  • katrina says:

    one year, yay!!

  • TheScribblingScribe says:

    Think about this: the Harry Potter movie series is almost completed. If VDT is a success, and they continue to make the Narnia movies, the main competition will be gone!

    • phvolt220 says:

      Uh… what about that Percy Jackson series? Maybe not…???

      Also at most 2 years later, there’s also this new series "The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel" by Irish author Michael Scott. <3 🙂 <3 It got number 5 on the New York Times Bestseller List: Children’s Books – Series Books. I hope word-of-mouth will spread. Google it… watch for it. 😉

  • Sahara says:

    The one thing that Dawn Treader doesn’t have is the supports of Disney and its ability to publicizes. Disney does the best job in promoting their movies. So without them I think is might be a little harder for DT to do well. I don’t think they will have a problem with Harry Potter but the other movies will the its down fall

  • Aslansgirl.7 says:

    I just hope they realease a trailer or poster soon.
    That’ll start up the hype even more (:
    Yeah VDT!! 😀

  • sirsimon says:

    I think VOTDT will do fantastically, Prince Caspain did very well, but today people are greedy and value a film by its money income, tickets don’t label a film great or not, i enjoyed caspian even with the changes, but i think the changes enhanced the film. I say, though i like harry potter, voyage will destroy it, it is after all the favourite of the series.
    A film is rated by the enjoymnet you get out of it, if it makes me smile during it, then its a hit in my heart.

  • georgielaurafankjm says:

    Don’t woory, TVDT will beat them all

  • Mal says:

    Yeah! Love that quote: "Go with your friends, your friend’s friends, and go with your enemies, because you’re supposed to love them too."

    I am pumped about this movie! Sail on to victory!

  • farsight1 says:

    I’m not so worried about the competition this time around. PC had it much worse on that aspect. I think the movie will be good, so I’m not losing sleep over that either. What I’m actually worried about is the Fox Marketing Department – which I don’t trust at all – and their input in the movie script, if they do have any. They’re the ones who produced, distributed and marketed ‘Fantastic Four’, which are my favorite superheroes of all time and ruined all of their movies. This is the best book of one of the best fantasy series around, they HAVE to get it right.

  • Alice says:

    totally insane. it’s true, LWW came out 3 weeks after Goblet of Fire, but you have got to be kidding me. there’s an aweful lot of competition and with the worldwide gross for PC, how many people will give VDT a chance? aw man, there may not b a silver chair after all…

  • loverforBen says:

    Harry Potter! Gage me already. I am so sick of those movies it makes want to puke!

  • NarniaNut823 says:

    Okay… dont hate on me, but i think that Harry Potter will do better than VotDT.BUT here is my reasoning: Prince Caspian really blew it and i know a bunch of people who are doubting that VotDT will be any better. Of course, i know that it will be. And here is another reason: Harry Potter has not dropped the ball once, and this is the 7 movie. I mean, serously, they have no haters on the movies (well… depends on the person). Soooo… i think that our only major threat is Harry Potter, and if VotDT is as good as i hope and pray that it will be, then we will do absolutely fine 🙂

  • Ollie Bright says:

    I didn’t read any of the comments because I don’t want to see any Potter bashing, dangit. I’m fan of BOTH. You don’t have to lower one to enjoy the other
    As long as it doesn’t get trounced by anything with the name "Twilight" on it.

    • ChristProclamer says:

      ‘Ear, ‘ear. 😉
      Seriously, I agree with you on all points.

    • TheScribblingScribe says:

      Agreed. I enjoy both, although some things about HP bother me. I love being able to read Narnia knowing the message behind them, and knowing that C.S. Lewis was a steadfast Christian and down-to-earth guy. Some of the things I’ve heard about J.K. Rowling do make me uneasy, so I read her books with a bit of distrust.

  • Lstc3ltacorn says:

    I hope they dont ruin it again with two random characters kissing at the end :p

  • Lucy says:

    I watched Rapunzel but it was a barbie version and it was in hungarian!
    It was pretty good but also was not.Their voices are kind of bad!

  • Lucy says:

    I saw some Harry Potter trailers and it was like totally really bad I said to myself that I never want to watch it!


    harry potter is such an idiot

    • Jaye says:

      I’m surprised by the amount of anti-Harry Potter comments on here and I disagree with all the views that Harry Potter is a bad influence or against Christian beliefs because it contains witches and wizards in it. So many people see the word "witch" and they automatically think of evil do-ers but they hear the word "wizard" and they think it’s just a fun guy who does magic. Witch is just the female word for wizard, it’s just gotten a bad stigma to it because of all the "wicked witch" childhood stories and such. Those that have anti-christian views of Harry Potter have obviously never read the books or watched the movies. It is a shame really because they are missing out on one of the best stories ever written. A story jam packed with positive morals and things we christians hold dear to us. It is an increadible story about love, bravery, trust, loyalty, always making the choice to do what is right no matter how scared you are, and the triumph of good over evil and whether it is your type of thing or not, you can’t deny that it is a brilliantly written story, as is Narnia, and anyone should want themselves and their children learning what it has to teach us. I beg you to give them a chance if you never have before. They are the best I’ve ever read and both Narnia and HP are my top 2 favorite books and films of all time, both for different reasons. The HP film comming out 3 weeks before VDT isn’t going to hurt VDT’s chances because the major hype will have died down by then. I personally can’t wait for them both to come out! It looks like I will be spending a lot of time at the theater come this time next year!

    • fanofnarnia says:

      EVERYONE, please who ever is reading this!
      MUST BUY narnia: voyage of the dawn treader!
      PLZ…………… we must keep the narnia series going!

      fuck harry potter, fuck repuzel, fuck iron man,
      and damn green hornet!!!!!!!

      love and buy narnia3 for the fan sake!

    • SavedByGrace says:

      Yup, he is; and the Rapunzal movie sounds…interesting, to say the least. VDT just HAS to pass the other 2; they have to make the rest of the series!

  • narniaman says:

    So very tue

  • WarriorQueen says:

    I hate, hate, hate Harry Potter. If it interferes with Narnia, I shall be quite put out. I personally think they should release Dawn Treader in late September or October since it seems like there’s never any good movies coming out around that time, but I could be wrong. I really don’t know anything about the strategies involved in film release and marketing. All I know is that I’ll go to it the minute it comes out. I just can’t stand the thought of waiting until next December for the Dawn Treader when it’s one of my favorite books in the series! I hope they did it right! That interview with Doug Gresham made me a bit nervous.

  • StBrianofMinneapolis says:

    Narnia is the best, but I cant look down on Potter. He is too much fun.

  • Guamnarniafreak says:

    I think if the last book of the series is made into a movie,it would be epic!

    • NarniaLover says:

      i can’t believe people think that Potter stands a chance with Voyage of the Dawn Treader coming out. by the way i agree with Gingerale1987 100%.

  • Gingerale1987 says:

    i’ve never been a harry potter fan either. in fact i hate all the witchcraft!

  • NarniaLover says:

    Harry Potter is so over-rated. the Narnia books on the other hand, i can’t stop reading them. every time i read them i notice something different.

  • K. J. Hill says:

    Uhhhh, ouch. That is A LOT of competition…..with those surrounding it….I’d say it wont do too well…. 🙁

  • Rosie says:

    I think out of all of these, Harry Potter will be the toughest to beat. Harry Potter has been around for years with the films, and has a large fanbase. First part of the finale film? Going to be hard to beat.
    I’m sure as anything that Dawn Treader will fall into second place with the box office, or possibly even close to beating Deathly Hallows.

    And unlike most people who DISLIKE Harry Potter. I love it to bits. Just as much as I love the Narnia series. Go Dawn Treader. I can’t wait.

    • narniafan4ever ♥ says:

      Is it just me, or does it seem like witchcraft is becoming more and more popular? It kind of makes me uneasy. 🙁

      • Linny says:

        If you truly think that the books are about witchcraft I would suggest that you read one of them. Even just the first one, it’s pretty short, you could manage it in an afternoon. Also, the idea of magic has fascinated the world for centuries, I don’t think it’s actually getting any more popular.

        As for the film competition, if they do the advertising properly and do their very best to get every seat filled, it will be. There’s a big enough gap between Harry and Narnia for this to work.

  • Kris says:

    As much as I don’t agree with Harry Potter (hey, I just follow the bible, folks) I can’t deny that it is hugely popular to say the least. As much as I hate to say it, this movie will almost definitely do better than VoTD. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that VoTD will do poorly, just not as good as HP. I’m not too worried about the others. I will be HIGHLY shocked (not to mention depressed) if this movie does so poorly that they have to stop doing Narnia films. I wasn’t very surprised that PC didn’t do very well. Although all of the Narnia stories are amazing and loved, if you ask most people, PC is considered one of the least favorites, while VoTD is normally considered one of the favorites. My theory anyway.

    • NarniaLover says:

      are you a christian? 🙂

    • NarniaLover says:

      i do agree that PC was severely messed-up and i do hope that the directors and producers don’t mess up VDT. that was my favorite Narnia book, if the people do mess it up, i wouldn’t want to see what happens to HHB.

  • bdog1984 says:

    I like harry potter, narnia, lord of the rings all kinds of fantasy books and movies. As far as the witchcraft all the classic fairytales have witches in them. The wizard of oz, snow white, sleeping beauty, hansel and gretel, even narnia has the white witch and the witch of the green kettle. That is part of the magic of fantasy books. Ever watch bewitched.

    • NarniaLover says:

      me and my family used to throw LOTR parties every time a new LOTR movie came out. so we were kind weird in that sense of speaking.

  • YourNightmare says:

    If you hate something shouldn’t you have a reason for it? What is wrong with The Boy Who Lived?

  • Corey says:

    I never understand people who dislike Harry Potter for the witchcraft present in the story, as if kids actually think that they are going to cast spells in real life. Sure, there are going to be little kids who WANT to do that for a little while, but only as much as they want to swing from webs like Spiderman or shrink down in size like Alice in Wonderland (and you don’t hear anyone complaining about *that*). With any story that deals with anything dark, you are always going to find the casual reader/viewer who takes a subject too literally and therefore too far. Someone reading a story about a murderer might take a few notes on technique (and isn’t murder just as much a sin as magic?). Another person might begin taking drugs based off a certain piece of music in order to "better understand" or something like that. There will always be instances like this, but to say that such cases are common is, in my opinion, ignorant and an example of underestimation about people in general (not to mention, evident of a somewhat elitist attitude that one understands the world and its purposes better than thou). I consider myself a Christian, but I have to urge other Christians with opposition toward the Harry Potter franchise to evaluate that series with a bit of a secular perspective. Before anyone cries, "How dare you!?", allow me to explain.

    The Potter world does not overtly concern itself with religion of any kind. There are mentions of Christmas and Easter, but not everyone who celebrates those holidays recognizes them with any sort of holy attitude. The story is an example of needing to view a literary work as a self-contained one; there is no need to insert personal life choices into the narrative. The author has identified her world as an alternate reality and has made a conscious choice to avoid mentioning deities and religions (most likely because the inclusion of such a thing practically begs for some explanation and analysis), so is there a reason to evaluate that world based on a religious viewpoint? I see no such need. Why judge from religion when religion, in this unique form of print, does not exist? It’s fine to dislike the work on a personal level because of one’s lifestyle choices, but to dismiss it completely for that reason makes little sense to me. The case would be different if Rowling introduced God and his values as Christians know them and STILL showed witchcraft as a good thing. However, even then you have a different issue because wizards in Rowling’s world are *born* with their ablities. If you have read the novels, you will know that magic is just a context (it isn’t an instruction manual of demons and evil manipulation, as some have suggested); the story is only about magic as much as The Time Machine is about time travel. Both are equally impossible in human hands, but in story-form they serve to prove some point about humanity as we all know it.

    • NarniaLover says:

      i’m sorry, but who exactly are you criticizing? some people (like the Harry Potter crew) just don’t get the point of Christianity and even if they are christians they could at least be bold enough to show it and teach it and not let false religions.
      and still, i do think that Christmas and Easter are two holidays that are very good to Christianity but do they show that in HP or are they just the way those holidays have been changed and altered to be. gift giving IS a part of celebrating Christmas but people forget that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus Christ’s day of birth. IS Easter about bunnies and colorful eggs? I don’t think so! No, it’s about the day Christ surrendered his good, pure soul to save our own dark, retched souls. Plus, saying that religions aren’t real, that’s just wrong! because Christianity is a religion, MY religion. And no amount of ‘Harry Potter" is going to pull me away from Christianity. try as you may.

      • Corey says:

        Um…first of all, if you have indeed read my post thoroughly, you will see that I AM a Christian. I never said, nor would I ever say, that I want to pull someone away from their religion. Everyone deserves to have their own beliefs (and yes, that goes for non-Christians, too). Please, people, be reasonable here. Read and research before making unfounded comments about something.

        My point about religion is that there is none IN THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS. Why do we have to assume that every book takes place in our world with our personal beliefs? That’s inserting information into a narrative in which it does not belong. Though you might want them to be, not every book is about God or needs to have God in it. Therefore, not every book needs to have a religious aspect in its narrative or in others’ judgement of it. Christmas and Easter, although you may celebrate in the Christian tradition, does not mean the same to everyone. Some people aren’t religious and associate those holidays with family gatherings instead of the saving of their "dark, wretched souls". Again, I’m not saying that religion isn’t real – I’m saying that it’s not real in the pages of certain books. Harry Potter is just a story. It has positive moral values, many of which can be traced straight to the pages of the Bible. No, I’m not joking. As I mentioned above, magic is just a context. People like to slap "EVIL" on the stories just because it involves spells and enchantments, which are really only words in Latin. Harry Potter is only about magic in the way that Narnia is about talking animals and moving trees. Why aren’t we condemning Narnia because it involves a river god? Because it’s fake – it’s a story. Is it that difficult to understand?

        As for your comment about the Harry Potter crew "not getting Christianity" and being weak for not teaching it if they DO "get it"…that’s a bit of an ignorant statement, don’t you think? How do you know what they think and believe? This is where I draw the line with Christian fundamentalism. Although I am a Christian, I can’t get behind the "I know better than you do" attitude. It’s wrong and mean-spirited.

  • Adam says:

    I truly hope VOTDT will be amazing enough to continue the series, however I do think that it will never reach the end like Harry Potter. I mean seriously, "The Last Battle"….Hollywood thought LWW was too religious!

  • Niki says:

    Why can’t we like Narnia *and* Harry Potter? How can you even compare them? Beyond sharing the fantasy genre, I don’t see any resemblances and, as has been pointed out, HP7(pt.1) comes out three full weeks before Dawn Treader. I don’t think that’s the biggest concern for sales, realistically.

    But more importantly, it makes me so sad when people actually look at Harry Potter and think it’s something detrimental to society. The story focuses so much on tackling issues like racism, and enforcing moral fiber, honesty, integrity, and hard work, I don’t see how anyone could make the case that it’s "bad". I understand there’s an element of witchcraft, but it’s inserted as a backdrop setting and a device that gives a position of (limited) control to a small, abused child, which is a feeling many children seek and are able to attain vicariously through the series (as well as many other fantasy series’. Nobody complains about LOTR, but there’s a Wizard in that one too and he’s the trusted, wise archetypical father figure!).

    I really don’t know anyone who is attached to the series because of it’s setting in a magical world. It is the characters we fall in love with because they are so impeccably well crafted, as well as the setting of Hogwarts as a safe, worry-free environment for the age group that typically gravitates towards the series. And, as was also previously mentioned, there is NO resemblance to witchcraft as a practiced religion that is pitted against Christianity in the books. Religious beliefs are never mentioned, nor are pentagrams or demons or anything of that sort. There are "spells" and "potions" but these are just words in Latin (which I personally think is a great thing to teach children because hardly anyone recognizes Latin anymore and it’s not as if they’re real spells anyway) and the kinds of herbal recipes that women used to make in their homes before medicine was widely practiced.

    I would also like to add that I really don’t understand why people are so hellbent against pagan practices at all. It was the Christians who persecuted and tortured the pagan religions and forced them upon pain of death to convert for almost no reason at all. So really, maybe you should do some historical research on your own religion and the ones you claim to be against before complaining about the "spreading" of anything. I consider myself a very faithful Christian and I love the Christian elements in Narnia, but you can’t be ‘against’ something you’re completely ignorant of.

    Oh, and just for the record. I agree that they should move the date up to October or September. It would make everyone a lot happier lol.

    • Corey says:

      Great objective post! I agree with everything you’ve said here. Some people need to open their perspectives a little. I’m a Christian, but I love the Harry Potter books for artistic reasons rather than religious ones. I don’t think I’m going to hell for reading a book purely for entertainment.

  • StBrianofMinneapolis says:

    doesnt Narnia have a witch in it?

  • Narnia Girl says:

    Go VDT!!!! oh I’m soooooo psyched!!!! Oh please, harry potter better than Narnia? YUCK! Sorry to all you "potter fans" but my vote is most assuredly with VDT! 🙂

  • StumpsInsteadOfFeet says:

    Narnia has witches in it from the Northland, so what. Great books are made into good movies. Everyone wins unless one film adaptation changes another,like the way Harry Potter 2 had a big spider in it, thus Jackson felt obliged to change the end of The Two Towers film, that’s bullocks. So that is why I dislike Harry Potter movies just a bit, not bad films although the first 2 Potter movies aren’t very good. (Chris Columbus’ time is better spent writing the likes of Goonies and directing Adventures in Babysitting). I just won’t read any children’s books that are 700 pages long, and I feel JK Rowling’s stories are just derivative of LOTR and the Chronicles, both classic literature. I’ve read LOTR and the Chronicles and merely watched Harry Potter series (not in theaters). Dawn Treader is a great story, I hope they do it justice! and let’s hope The Silver Chair is not head to head with The Hobbit!!

  • The Gatekeeper says:

    Oooohh…Harry Potter will be huge competition. The other ones don’t seem quite as big to me, though I’m no expert on movies. However, I think that if The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is a good movie (which it should be), then it won’t really matter what its competition is like. Prince Caspian did badly in the box office because it was a bad movie – not because Indiana Jones 4 came out around the same time. If the makers of Voyage are willing to learn from the mistakes made in Prince Caspian and STAY FAITHFUL TO THE BOOK, then I think this will be a great movie that’ll make tons of money. If not, then we can say goodbye to the Narnia movie franchise. Harry Potter’s release date shouldn’t affect its success too much.

    • Corey says:

      While a movie being poorly made will have an effect on repeated ticket sales, it doesn’t really have an effect on a poor box office performance. You never really know if a movie is going to be good or bad before you see it, right? I’m sure Prince Caspian’s earnings did drop because of the competition. Think about all those stupid parody movies that come out – Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Date Movie – and make a lot of money. Then there are truly wonderful art films that don’t make any money because the general public doesn’t care. Quality doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with earnings.

  • GEO NAR-FAN says:

    personally i think that narnia VDT will do great and that they should in no way stop making them but if in the small chance that the series seems "thretened" we should help out a bit write pettitions, sell t-shirts etc. i dont know.

    if the movie has trouble coming we have to pitch in al we can! GO NARNIA!!!