Stand-in for Peter?

Posted December 14, 2009 5:15 pm by fantasia_kitty

18300_Zak Morcillo112_DisplayWe’ve had lots of interesting news today. Here’s one final fascinating tidbit.

Zak Morcillo – Stand in (Peter), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

So it seems that Peter may make a cameo appearance in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader after all. And if Peter’s in this movie, it seems likely that Susan will be as well.

Thanks again for the heads-up icarus!

Edited to Add: There seems to be some confusion as to the part that Zak is playing. He’s playing Peter’s stand-in, NOT Peter. There’s a difference. A movie stand-in is someone who is very similar to a stunt double. They are there when the actor can’t be or doesn’t need to be. They’re cast the same height, weight and coloring as the actual actor so the crew setting up the shots have a body double to work with instead of the actor.

We posted a story a few days ago on Will Poulter’s stand-in, Morgan Keavney-Rattue here. If you read it, it might clear up some confusion.

If, as this story implies, Peter makes an actual appearence in the movie, he will most certainly be played by Will Moseley.

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9 Comments For This Story

  • iLiveInNarnia says:

    Strange. I have no problem if they put a little thing at the begining to see Peter and Susan going off to their own things. Wow. Im not sure how i feel about this though! If they are going to have Peter/Susan at all, they should have William and Anna!!

  • InLoveWithAslan says:

    Ok……I guess Douglas Gresham was right about VDT not being completely accurate to the book. So, Peter and Susan are mentioned in the book, but do we have to actually bring them back in the movie??? Sometimes I just don’t understand Hollywood.

    iLiveInNarnia: I agree if they needed to have Peter and Susan in VDT then they should have brought back Will and Anna! If they are going to screw the movie up that is the least they could do.

    • NarnianElf says:

      In my eyes, it would be impossible to screw up this movie. I guess that just shows how much of a freak I am. I just am positive that I am going to like it, and so I know that I will!!

      • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

        Even if they mess it up as bad as PC, I’ll like it… to some extent. So far, LWW is by far the best!
        I just hope VDT does well….

      • true-narnian_queen says:

        I agree there is no way they can screw this movie up in my eyes! and though i did not like some of the changes they maid in PC it still is a really good movie.

    • narniafan4ever โ™ฅ says:

      Well, I think that this is one of those situations where they need to make the "story" into an actual scene with Susan and Peter. They are mentioned in the book, so unless they have a narrator in the beginning telling what has happened (like they did in the Lord of the Rings), they should add an actual scene showing them going off to their own life. ๐Ÿ™‚ That was my thought. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Mac-bond says:

        You know, I like the idea of having Peter and Susan in VDT (played by Will and Anna of-course). That is how I often imagined it to start, you know, showing them go their own ways… it would make more sense that way too. Can’t wait to see how this plays out!

      • tenthofthatname says:

        Not only would it be great to see Peter and Susan, it would be a fantastic way to show how they’ve matured. At least in Peter’s case, having his first (and only scene) in VDT showing him studying is wonderfully complementary to his first scene in PC where Peter’s getting into a fight. It would emphasize his character arc, bridging what we learned at the end of PC, that he has learned all he can from Narnia. Now look at him a calm young man adjusting to life in England, with books instead of fists.

      • narnian resident says:

        hey thats smart, tenthofthatname! i havent of it like that yet! it would definitly compliment the way he’s matured if we see him studying instead of fighting. and for susan they should show how she’s matured, yet kinda make her out as a stylish, traveling beauty so the audience knows how she’s turing away from narnia. what would be cooler is if they show peter and susan each have a scene talking to someone about the past years. peter would be settle and say stuff like, "there’s been alot thats happened to make me grow up", or something like that. susan would say, "oh yes, we had our childhood games, and though i perhaps do miss them, they were terribly silly indeed. really, i dont know why my brothers and sister still play around with them". that way we could see that peter will not forget narnia but susan will. idk its just all a fantasy in my mind right now.

      • narniafan4ever โ™ฅ says:

        You should be a script writer in the Narnia films, narnian resident! ๐Ÿ˜€ I like it idea alot ๐Ÿ™‚

      • DOECOG says:

        I agree with narniafan4ever this is probably just a way for the filmmakers to establish where Peter and Susan are so audience members who havenโ€™t read the book wonโ€™t be wondering why they are not staying with the Scrubbs also. Iโ€™m wondering if this is going to be like in LWW where the filmmakers showed the air-raids instead of just talking about them. I hoping having Peter (and possibly Susan) in the film is just going to be a minor change to allow the story to work on film and not of indication of bigger changes to the actual story.

      • WillMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

        Agree, as long as he(they)are in the movie but not like actual characters, I’m ok. I’m actually glad that there are coming back. I’d miss them a lot. I just hope they’re in the movie briefly. As I recall, doesn’t Lewis mention Susna goes to America or something?

      • narniafan4ever โ™ฅ says:

        Yep. They both are mentioned in the book. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

        tenthofthatname, that is a brilliant idea! I hope you’re right (after all, I hated the whole stuck-up Peter thing in PC).

  • Lucy the Valiant says:

    That better not be the guy that will actually be Peter, if he is in the movie at all. Will is way cuter then him, and it just wouldn’t be the same.

    • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

      sorry, but what part of "stand-in" do you not get?

    • Kayla says:

      Yes! thankfully finally gets my point! Will Moseley is way cuter than this dude, i personally dont think he looks like him at all but hey its my oppinion and its a freakin free country! but at least you see my point!

  • Lutra's Pearl says:

    That is something that I could live with. It would be nice to see them again. Keep the story of Aslan alive!!!

  • Starlily says:

    If Peter and Susan are shown briefly at the beginning or end of the movie, I guess I won’t mind. It might even be a good thing, to make audiences realize where they’re going and why.

    • Silver the Wanderer says:

      Agreed – though it might be perfectly understood by us Narniacs, the rest of the world might be wondering why Peter and Susan suddenly dropped off the edge of the earth ๐Ÿ˜› It’s not like they’d be playing a major role or anything.

      • Lady Galadriel says:

        Well, if they’ve seen PC, they should know that Peter and Susan wouldn’t be there, unless they completely misunderstand the very last scene of [PC]. If they haven’t seen PC, they don’t know Peter and Susan exist! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I think adding in Peter and Susan would be distracting, and then, if the audience has not seen PC, they might say, "Why were the older brother and sister not brought to Narnia as well?"

        But I don’t have any objections to a cameo of course ๐Ÿ˜€

      • tenthofthatname says:

        Silver the Wanderer said "dropped off the edge of the earth" not "dropped off the edge of Narnia."

      • narniafan4ever โ™ฅ says:

        Lady Galadriel… If they watch the movie and have no idea why Peter and Susan aren’t going to be in Narnia, then it will mean more money for the movie company cause they will want to rent the other movie to find the answer…At least, that was my thought. haha. Then again, maybe they could have a parting of ways between the four children and have them talking about Narnia and how Peter and Susan aren’t allowed there anymore. Or, they could just put it later in the movie as a topic of discussion between Caspian and Lucy and Edmund. Hmmmm….Guess we will have to see how this turns out! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Lady Galadriel says:

        Yeah, we’ll have to wait to find out. This will definitely be interesting, I agree. It will be fun to see if/how many of our theories were the right thing.

      • Silver the Wanderer says:

        Yeah I was talking about how back in the real world, if the movie began with just Edmund and Lucy, people would be wondering where Susan and Peter went. They could, of course, explain it by means of a conversation between Edmund and Lucy, but then there’s those people with bad hearing who STILL won’t understand ๐Ÿ˜› Haha well I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. It’s kind of exciting! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

        Well, they pieced LWW and PC together well enough. They’re bound to do so again.

  • Zoe says:

    He doesn’t even LOOK like William Moseley. Hopefully they don’t do any close-ups. It would just look wrong.

    • coracle says:

      Zoe, if you read what others have said to explain what a "stand-in" is, you will realise that is not a problem. Stand ins don’t even get filmed.

  • HighQueenofNarnia says:

    Yes, I agree with you, Starlily. C.S. Lewis spends a page or two telling his readers where Peter, Susan, Mrs. Pevensie, and Mr. Pevensie are. Also, at the island of the Dufflepuds, Lucy stumbles across a spell that makes her "beautiful beyond mortals", and Susan is there too. So maybe Anna will have a small appearance in this one.

    • narnian resident says:

      oh yes i forgot about that part. that would be interesting if they put in susan for that part, and lucy looking at her wanting to be as pretty as her, but she doesnt do the spell. hmm, i wonder what it would be like if the scene had them talking to eachother, and susan almost becomes like a phantom, trying to tell lucy to go ahead and do the spell. idk prolly not. it would prolly look wierd having her own sister, even if that sister doesnt believe anymore, to be like that. just another silly fantasy of mine.

    • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

      Susan isn’t in that scene! (not in person, anyway) Lucy "sees" her in the magic book illustrations.

  • The Archenlander says:

    "A stand-in is an acting term that refers to a person of similar size and shape to an actor that "stands-in" for the actor during the lengthy process that is involved in setting up a shot. This term is not to be confused with a double. The stand-in does not appear in the film"

    If this is the case then i’m ok with it…cuz that means that he is just standin in for Will.

  • narnian resident says:

    cool. i always thought they should give them a cameo since Lewis did give some info about them. i think it would help let the audience know where those two are so they’re not wondering, "where is peter and susan if they’re not here in narnia?" it’ll give a little backround story. i wonder if they can get william and anna? perhaps they’re busy with other movies? idk i just hope they can get them instead of other people. it wouldnt be the same without them, even if its just a small cameo.

    • NarnianElf says:

      I agree. I always thought that a cameo would be a great idea, because if I had not read the books I would be like "Where did Pete and Sue go??" I think it would really explain things if they put a cameo in.

  • glumPuddle says:

    Just a cameo at the beginning, hopefully.

    • Nathan says:

      Yes, it would be great for them to have a cameo, because the book does mention where Peter and Susan are and what they are doing, so it would make sense for the movie to give us a visual and inform the audience as to what they are doing. I believe Peter was with Professor Kirk, and Susan went to America with her parents.

    • CoriaKing says:

      I agree with GlumPuddle completely. Please, don’t let Susan and Caspian Meet at the end. The Horror, The Horror!

  • tenthofthatname says:

    Totally hoping this means a cameo appearance from (William Moseley’s!) Peter.

  • Lady Galadriel says:

    I thought Anna stated she would NOT be appearing, not even for a cameo. But if that was old news from a few years ago, things could have changed.

    • narniafan4ever โ™ฅ says:

      That might be true for her, but I never heard anything about Will saying that too….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Starlily says:

      It would be wierd to have Peter and not Susan. Or maybe they would show Peter going to live with the professor, and just mention that Susan was going to America?

      • narniafan4ever โ™ฅ says:

        hmmm….I don’t know. It would be weird to see Peter and not Susan. Guess we just have to wait until the movie comes out.

    • ChristProclamer says:

      Well, in PC Tilda explicitly stated that she would NOT be filming any scenes as the White Witch…and then we got the trailer and lo and behold, Tilda lied.

      • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

        Actually, she said something about them being able to animate her in and her only needing to record her lines (don’t know if that actually happened or not, but the point is that they had the ABILITY to do just that). But either way, she and her kids WERE centaurs.

    • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

      If Su never makes another appearance, I could care less. If Peter’s there, great! Just so long as he doesn’t ruin anything.

  • CEP Paul T says:

    A cameo is certainly not a bad thing. In a way, he and Susan both have a cameo in the book.

  • Eden says:

    WHOA! My goodness, that nearly killed me when I read the title of the post! Good thing that Morcillo is only a stand-in… I would be SOOOOOO mad if they replaced Peter with someone else!!!!

    Anyways, I wonder how much of the film Peter and Susan will play a part in. Can’t wait to see!

  • Narnia Lover says:

    Interesting…..It would be cool if Will and Anna made it into the movie, but I know that’s not a part of the book (though I’ve only read a few chapters. Never finished it. Wish I had the time, though! I’m reading the Left Behind books now! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  • Mark Sommer says:

    This is great! I have long said I would love to see Peter and Susan at the beginning of the movie. They ARE, after all, in the book. (Read the first few pages of chapter 1.)

  • Lady Galadriel says:

    YOU KNOW WHAT! The book refers to Eustace overhearing the 4 talking about Narnia….hmm….that would be an excellent set-up scene. Otherwise, unless there would be a narration, audience members not having read the book will not understand how the 3 can’t get along (except for maybe some random sort of, "oh, he just doesn’t like them for some reason.")

    • coracle says:

      Sorry, the book talks about Eustace overhearing only Edmund and Lucy talking about Narnia, when they are already at his house. That doesn’t get Peter or Susan into the film.

      • Lady Galadriel says:

        Perhaps I misunderstood the book. But it says, and I quote,

        "Still playing your old game?" said Eustace Clarence, who had been listening outside the door and now came grinning into the room. Last year, when he had been staying with the Pevensies, he had managed to hear them all talking of Narnia and he loved teasing them about it. He thought of course that they were making it all up; and as he was quite incapable of making anything up himself, he did not approve of that.

        ~ VDT chapter 1, pages 4-5 (in my edition)

        It sounds to me like he heard them "all" talking of Narnia?

      • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

        Okay: at Eu’s house, yes, only Ed and Lu.
        However, before that, he heard all of them.

        All the same, that’s a thought.

  • Narniabigfan says:

    That would be cool if Peter and Susan appear in VDT. Even just for a cameo. I really hope (for long time) Will and Anna will involve to this movie!! and i won’t they replace Anna or will with someone else.

  • Elenatintil says:

    I think it totally makes sense for Peter and perhaps Susan as well to make a short cameo. "Show not tell" and all of that. It would also help bridge the changes in the cast for the movie-goers who haven’t read the books. So I”m very glad to hear this and excited for a glimpse of Peter and Susan!

  • MissAravis says:

    This is exciting. I was really hoping for a Peter cameo. I find it odd though that if Peter were to make an actual appearance, we would be finding about his stand in before finding out that Will Moseley was in it.

    • tenthofthatname says:

      I find it odd too, that’s why I’m trying not to get too excited about William possibly making an appearance. Otherwise I’ll be disappointed if there’s no Peter cameo.

  • jimmy says:

    that guy really looks like jpsh thomas(a australian actor).

  • Griffle says:

    I guess this is my fault for jinxing it ito existence by jokingly saying that I heard they would be in the movie and had you heard anything more about it? Sorry!

    I personally don’t mind it, if they’re doing a cameo appearance in the beginning of the film.

  • Danielmybrother says:

    Doesn’t Lucy see Susan in the magician’s book? I think it it would be okay for them to be in the movie to say good-by’s to Edmund and Lucy

    • lucy says:

      finally someone else comments on this! I’ve been saying Anna Popplewell NEEDS to be in vdt for that scene and everyone else is like "huh?" and I’m thinking, "People! Did we all read the same book?!" Anyway, great comment.

    • wolfloversk says:

      Ohhh… It took me a few minutes to realize what you were talking about. Yes, they definitly need Anna in the book.

  • Mirima Rosetrader says:

    William Moseley is way cuter than this guy, but whatever. I miss William! WAAAAAHHHH!!! :,(

  • carlytr says:

    it dose not borther me any i meang it would not ruin anythimg. peter and susin shoud a little part in the story.

  • fnafa4ever says:

    *jumps up and down with girlish glee* YES! I was so going to miss him in this movie! Now I don’t have to!

  • ernesto says:

    que bueno que si que metan mas personajes bye

  • A says:

    He better not show up because it would be going against the book! And I wish that movies would follow the books better i have been growing up with Narnia and i hope that it won’t just become a plane story to me. i think narnia as a real place and i wish it was. Even thou Peter is my favorite person in the books/listing CDs/movie I would like it if this movie would follow the book.

  • A says:

    WAIT! if i peter is saying good by to Edmund and Lucy that would be fine but if he shows up in narnia that is totaly werong because aslan said that he cuold not come back to narnia!!!!!!!!

  • Twinimage says:

    I hope it’s just a cameo around the beginning or something. But I don’t understand, if it were just a cameo, why would he need a stand-in?

  • lucy says:

    Oh yay! I was hoping Peter (and Susan) would be in the beginning of this one! Plus also, I hope they use Anna popplewell in the magic-book beauty spell scene if they haven’t cut it out of the story (man I hope not!)

    (okay, am I the one only DYING to at LEAST see a trailer for this film?! I mean seriously! Can I get a show of hands?)

    • Joe says:

      lucy; hi im joe i just joined, and yes i am dying to see a trailer to. and i am also hoping that they use annas face for the beauty spell scene although they may just use a cgi picture of her considering her picture is supposed to loose her beauty and then transfer to lucy’s picture. But either way cgi pic or not i hope they use annas face

    • Joe says:

      *Raises one hand and the the other and tries to raise one foot but falls on his ass*

  • Joe says:

    It seems likely that peter maybe in the movie but since will isnt in it, it may be we see peter from the back or we see him waving as the train pulls away when lucy and edmund are leaving

  • Jill Pole says:

    EHMAGAWWD!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! HE IS HOTT!!!!!! but not as much a skandar.

  • pselpevensie says:

    btw- was terrifies when i saw that other gu’s pic; i thought he was replacing peter!

  • Christian says:

    Wow. Cool news. I actually wanted to see Peter and Susan in this next movie, however briefly. And… am I the only person who thinks that that Zak guy looks more like the book Caspian than Ben Barnes? hehe

    • narniafan4ever โ™ฅ says:

      Yes! He does look like the Caspian I thought of when I read the books too! ๐Ÿ˜€ haha

  • SavedByGrace says:

    Whew! For a minute, I was worried that he had dropped out of the films; thank goodness he didn’t. Susan does make a brief appearance in the magician’s book, but I don’t know about Peter;if he does make an appearance, it’ll be interesting to see how they do it.

    • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

      I figured that if they kept on going after this (SC and LB especially), he would make an appearance in LB anyway unless they used Noah Huntley (adult Peter LWW) again.

  • LL says:


  • Lucy Helen Ycul says:

    I really hope that Peter and Susan get to be in this movie. They were in the old BBC movies. Why can’t they be in this one? I really want to see them again.

  • Mark Friedrich says:

    You forget that Peter and Susan arn’ really in the original Narnia books, So I don’t see what Peter and Susand would be doing in the VOD moive.

  • ASLAN'S CHILD says:

    im not sure how i feel about this.i wanna see the real william and anna not some would be awesome to see their faces on the big screan even if it is for a little while!!!

  • The Batman says:

    Yay!!!! I was really hoping for a cameo appearance from both Will and Anna!!! It won’t be deviating from the book, because the book explains where they are in narration, so the movie showing them elsewheres or showing them leaving would be keeping TO the book in explaining their absence. And I really like both of them, so I’d love to see them, just for a bit, anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sean M says:

    I always thought it would be cool to open VOTDT like TLTWATW, with all the children leaving the house, Peter to visit the professor, Susan and the parents for america, and of course Edmund and Lucy for the Scrubb’s.

  • -queenSUSAN- says:

    yay yay yay!! I really hope both Peter and Susan will be making a quick cameo in the beginning, that would be lovely!

  • Fan of Narnia 101 says:

    I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand, I don’t want them to have parts in the film, just be mentioned by Lucy or Edmund like in the BBC versions, but then, it would explain better where those two characters are going and why they don’t join Edmund and Lucy at Eustace’s. Leaning more towards the second hand though.

  • Anonymous Narnian says:

    I’m fine with seeing Peter again, but where would we fit him in at the beginning? Is there really a place?

  • Queen Emily of Narnia!! says:


  • 220chrisTian says:

    Part 3 of Cyclops’ interview with Ernie Malik:

    "Cy: Will William Moseley and Anna Popplewell have any role in Dawn Treader?
    Ernie: Another rumor? They do not appear in the book."

    Ernie’s wrong! Peter and Susan do "appear" in VDT. Both are mentioned in chapter 1 and Susan in the Lucy-Coriakin’s book scene. So what’s going on???

  • Meg Ellen says:

    wasn’t william moseley playing peter? why did they take this guy? ๐Ÿ™

  • ChristProclamer says:

    He looks like the guy from the Notebook…
    Anyways, I don’t really feel strongly about this. I wouldn’t mind a cameo of Peter, but I rather hope it’s at the end rather than the beginning; random principal character cameos at the beginning of a story can get confusing to the uneducated audience members. I do hope we see both Will and Anna (and it looks like we WILL!), though if not, that’s fine too.
    Congratulations to Mr. Morcillo.

  • Narnia&The_North says:

    Oh my gosh, that would be SOOO cool! That is one change I was hoping they’d make! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • skandarLover45 says:

    EHMAGAWD!!!!!!!!!!! No fricken way!!!! they cannot replace him!!!!!

    • wolfloversk says:

      I wonder why they have a poll if they dropped the franchise, but when I voted Narnia was leading. Only slightly however so vote people. I’ll laugh if/when Dawn Treader does awesome, and Disney realizes what they lost. But the move may be good for Narnia, just as long as people realize not to mess with main characters, and the CGI improvements survive the move (they better not make bad changes to Reepicheep or Aslan, they were both really good in the other movies, especially in the scen in PC when Aslan gives Reep his tail back. They really caught the emotion of both characters.)

      • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

        I’ve thought of Disney thinking about that before too!
        As a friend of mine said:
        "When Aslan bares his teeth, Disney meets its death
        And when he shakes his mane, they’ll never ditch VDT again."

  • Loyal Narnian says:

    I really hope they do show Peter and Susan going their different ways for a minute at the beginning of the movie. It would kind of bring a closure to their characters and not feel like a hasty good-bye.

  • narnianheart says:

    I don’t think he looks very much like Will.

  • QueenLanitheHyper says:

    that would be great if they were in it! but its not in the books so im torn between peeing myself with happiness or not…

  • NarniaHannahโ™ฅ(used to be celtic13 and LucyReepicheep4โ™ฅ) says:

    I was hoping Will (and Anna?) would make a quic cameo @ the beggining. Maybe like Peter and Su comforting Lucy and Edmund because they have to stay at the Scrubb’s. maybe Ed or Lu saying something about it not being fair that Peter gets 2 go 2 Prof. Kirk’s and Su to America(hey she can stay w/ me, I’ll talk her back into beliving in Narnia!)
    Ok I’m gonna stop babling now and just hope they’re just @ the beggining. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Karena Bekkum says:

    What I don’t get is why do they need this guy to stand in for Will???

  • always narnian says:

    Hmmm… That is weird. Why would Peter be in the movie? =D =D =D WEIRD

    • always narnian says:

      I am just not happy because it doesn’t follow the book, even thought I am a fan of Pete- but not as much as Edmund! He’s the most awesome!

  • narniaqueen says:

    yeah, skandar did mention that will and anna were on set for a while! ๐Ÿ™‚ excited!!!

  • Aslan's Meadow says:

    Verry excited. I like the idea of a brief cameo very much. It would be very interesting if Anne aka Susan came out of the Magicians book as a phantom adn talked to Lucy…very cool.

  • Peepicheep says:

    Will is the best Peter there is and that’s a fact and Anna is the best Susan there is also and it is true for Edmund and Lucy.

  • Lady Galadriel says:

    OK, to make it clear for everyone, I looked up "film stand-in" on Wikipedia. This might shed light (Because a lot of people seem worried that Zak is replacing Will Moseley.)

    The Wikipedia article says:

    "A stand-in in film and television is a person who substitutes for the actor before filming, for technical purposes such as lighting.

    Stand-ins are helpful in the initial processes of production. Lighting setup can be a slow and tedious process; during this time the actor will often be somewhere else. Stand-ins allow the director of photography to light the set, the camera department to light and focus scenes. The director will often ask stand-ins to deliver the scene dialogue ("lines") and walk through ("blocking") the scenes to be filmed. In this way, a good stand-in can help speed up the day’s production and is a necessary and valuable cast member on a film.

    Stand-ins are distinguished from body doubles, who replace actors on camera from behind, in makeup, or during dangerous stunts. Stand-ins do not appear on camera. However, on some productions the jobs of stand-in and double may be done by the same person.

    Stand-ins do not necessarily look like the actor, but they must have the same skin tone, hair color, height and build as the actor so that the lighting in a scene will be set up correctly. For example, if the lighting is set up with a stand-in shorter than an actor, the actor might end up having his or her head in relative darkness."

    I think we’ve got about conclusive evidence that Peter’s going to be in this!

  • Narnian Dreamer says:

    He doesn’t look to much like Will….Will is cuter!

  • Ari says:

    Stand-ins are "actors" who stand in the place for the principle actor while they’re setting up the lights, checking the boom mics, turning on the cameras, testing the monitors, and so forth. They merely stand in place of the actor while the actor is in costume and make-up. Yeah. People get paid for standing on a certain spot while people are doing to finishing touches of the needed equipment for production.

  • Long Live King Skandar says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if the cameo of Peter and (maybe?) Susan was at the end of the movie instead of the beginning? I mean, everyone’s saying Peter might be saying bye to Edmund and Lucy or comforting them about having to stay with Eustace, etc etc. Maybe when they’re rowing to the end of the world and Reepicheep leaves them, and they see Aslan, maybe the filmmakers will include a shot of our world growing closer and closer as the world of Narnia fades away. It would make sense, since the first two movies had sudden transitions from Narnia back to this world. Since this is the last movie with the Pevensies (as children), they’ll make the shot of them leaving a lot more dramatic. Peter could be included in a shot like that

    • NarniaLover says:

      i cried like a baby when i read the part of VDT when Reep died. it was the worst thing ever, and the saddest ( :'( ).