McAvoy Denies ‘Hobbit’ Rumors… Again

Back in Summer 2008, a rumor started that James McAvoy (Tumnus) was close to being cast as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. James said, “There’s no truth in the fact that they’ve approached me yet.” Apparently, the rumors have returned, because James McAvoy was asked about it recently, and once again he denied it. You can watch the video here.

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  1. Talking Rat says:

    1st comment?! Well then I have to post! Hmmm… McAvoy as Biblo? He's a good actor, but he just doesn't seem very Bilboish to me… I can't really picture him.

    I think it's interesting he says "yet"– doesn't that kind of sound like he thinks they might?

  2. JadistarkilleR says:

    if theres one thing i've learned in all these years about potential actors in high profile roles is that they will deny everything until the news actually appears on the trade papers.

    in any case, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Torro has been quoted that they have/ are going to cast a very wide net for casting, so that means established actors like McAvoy will be on equal footing as other unknown actors. at least ideally anyway.

    having said that i'm starting to see a trending on what the new Bilbo may look like. its true that he should bear a resemblance to Ian Holm (who played Bilbo in LOTR) but it seems to me that they're using Elijah Wood as a template instead. for all the potential Bilbo's that has been bandied about– McAvoy and lately Tobey Maguire– all of them has a similar look not so much to Ian but to Elijah. now any LOTR fan worth their salt would know that the new Bilbo must have a striking semblance to Ian in order of the transition to work smoothly– bookwise and filmwise, but casting is a finicky thing, which sometimes has less to do with look as more to do with talent and chemistry with the cast. heck us Narnia fans shouldnt be too surprised about this, look who we have as Caspian, Eustace, even the White Witch. none of who were "ideal" bookwise but worked wonderfully well onscreen.

  3. Anna's Sister says:

    I think Mcavoy would be nice but I definitely think the actor should look more like Ian than Elijah.

  4. Atarah says:

    While it would be great seeing McAvoy in another big-name film like Hobbit, I agree that they should cast someone who resembles a younger Ian Holm. One of the scenes from Hobbit was shown at the beginning of FotR, so to make that scene make sense (at least in my mind), PJ should really try to cast someone who looks like Ian.
    Now, McAvoy could play some other character in the movie. You never know. If they ask him, I hope he considers it. If enough fans ask for him, he could at least get a cameo. That's what happened with Paul McGillion in the latest Star Trek movie. His loyal fans begged the producers of Star Trek to cast him as Scotty, and while he didn't get that role, he did get a small speaking part. Perhaps McAvoy has a fan base like that who can get him cast in even a small part in Hobbit. 🙂

  5. ernesto says:

    que padre este personaje tummus y que bien

  6. Silver the Wanderer says:

    Oh man…I really want to know who's going to play Bilbo! It's been bugging me ever since we first heard this rumor. I hope they cast him soon…

  7. 220chrisTian says:

    McAvoy is currently attached to a new film on Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond. "I’d say with all the projects on his slate, our chances of seeing McAvoy as a hobbit are getting slimmer and slimmer…"

  8. Narnian-by-Heart says:

    Oh!, I do wonder what it will be like. I'm ALMOST as crazy about this production as VODT so it does mean alot to me. Hope they make this very accurate; that is to say, faithful to the books.

  9. Michaela says:

    I can actually really see that… especially when you think about his voice and character. The Tumnus accent would work well for Bilbo too, I think. As far as looks go, my impression of the physical traits of Bilbo changed a lot as I read the Hobbit. and he wouldn't have to look anything like the Bilbo in the first LOTR.

  10. Liberty Hoffman says:

    *breathes a sigh of relief* James Mcavoy is an awesome actor, but he doesn't look like Bilbo! I am glod he isn't going to be him! 🙂

  11. Katana says:

    I agree that Ian Holm would make a good Bilbo, but remember, when they turn an actor into a hobbit they do alot of work on them. I think if they shrunk James McAvoy and made a bit more stocky and a smidgen chubby, he'd make a fine Bilbo. I think it'd be great to see James McAvoy in another fantasy film, he was splendid as Tumnus.

  12. AndreyaofNarnia says:

    I agree with most everyone. And I can't wait until 2011. Then, all will be revealed… 😉

  13. Lucy Took says:

    Yes..but any LotR book fan knows that Frodo was supposed to look strikingly like Bilbo,so I agree with the idea of casting someone that looks like Elijah. After all,Frodo in LotR was the same age as Bilbo in the Hobbit(Now there's the whole Ring bringing immortality thing of course…so looks wise Frodo was 33…)

    And honestly…I can see McAvory as Bilbo. Be kinda weird since I'd see him as Tumnus,but with makeup and possibly a different accent…that shouldn't be a problem.

    I'd be happy with an unknown too though. 🙂 Skill wise,the casting for LotR has been great,I don't think they'll make a mistake. 😀

  14. NarniaLuver4Ever says:

    I would be very happy with James McAvoy playing Bilbo. I think that he would do a wonderful job with the part. That being said, I don't think that whoever they pick has to look like Ian or Elijah. The Hobbit is not the Lord of the Rings. Yes, they did show one scene from the Hobbit in the begining of the Fellowship of the Ring, but it wasn't enough to dictate what actor to cast in the role of Bilbo. It is going to be such a huge part in a huge production, the casting directors would be foolish to get hung up over "looks" and not acting abilities and interaction with the other actors/actresses cast. But that is just my humble opinion.

  15. Henry says:

    I think McAvoy would be a good Bilbo. I'd also like to see Bruce Payne cast as one of the villains in this film.

  16. Leolani says:

    I've listened to the audiobooks tons of times…are you sure Frodo is supposed to have a striking resemblance to Bilbo? It just seems odd that I could miss something like that…

  17. pselpevensie says:

    that would be so funny! first a faun then a hobbit?!
    that would be so cool because CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien were really good friends.

  18. Clark Bullen says:

    I read an article with Jackson saying they wouldn't mind using an unknown to play Bilbo, as Tolkien is the "Real" star. I hope that is the case as I am an actor that would love the chance to audition for the part of a life time

  19. Clark Bullen says:

    Peter Jackson said that he would not mind using an unknown to play Bilbo because Tolkien is the "Real" star, I agree. He also said they would be casting a "wide net" for the part of Bilbo. I hope that is indeed the case as I am an actor who would love the chance to audition for the part of a lifetime!

  20. aslan1980 says:

    Did not convince as Tumnus so why he would be considered for The Hobbit is beyond me.