Preliminary Dawn Treader Release Dates

We’ve received a lot of inquiries lately asking about release dates for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Today we discovered that IMDb has a few dates up on their page for VDT that you can take a peek at here.

The big ones are France on December 8; Australia, and Germany on December 9; and the USA and the UK on December 10.

While IMDb doesn’t always have 100% accurate information, we’re pretty sure these release dates are correct as they match the release dates Fox set for Avatar (which can be seen here if you wish to compare).

For the record, we checked BoxOfficeMojo to corroborate IMDb, and they do, with one exception. According to BOM, Bulgaria gets the movie on May 7, 2010. We’re pretty sure that’s NOT correct.

There is still no word on the world premiere, but a little birdy tells us it might be in London.

72 Responses

  1. HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU NOT EXCITED!!! I mean I Know your dad works for these guys and all
    but still…

  2. Narniamiss says:

    220chrisTian, I am sure all the Narniaweb staff thy thier hardest to get the news here as fast as they can. 😉 I myself only just noticed the change on IMDB.

  3. I need to see this movie! I can't believe it's coming out this year!!!

  4. narnianheart says:

    yay!! I can't wait for it to come out.

  5. ChristProclamer says:

    Je ne parle pas francais, but you guys are funny anyways. I wonder if anyone speaks Bulgarian here…?

  6. ChristProclamer says:

    *Freatk out* Poor Argentinians! I know we havea couple here on Nweb.

  7. WarriorQueen says:

    Hey, how come France, Australia, and Germany get it before we do?!

  8. Ian McGregor says:

    For what it's worth check out this site. Regal Cinemas says May 7th.

  9. Lady Robin says:

    I can't wait! Agree with WarriorQueen: why do they get it before the US? Maybe we should just have a mass gathering in Bulgaria =) If it's as good as LWW and PC, it'll be awesome.

  10. Sarah-Lou says:

    it is pathetic the Narnia movies have taken so long to be filmed and then released.

  11. LucyTheValiant says:

    OHMIGOSH! It releases on my mom's BIRTHDAY!!!! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh!

  12. Meg Ellen says:

    that's not right i have to wait until it comes out in italy and there is no date for italy i want to see it!!