Facebook Fan Pages for VDT Cast Members

Narnianos.com has discovered two public Facebook Fan Pages we thought might be of interest to everybody. The first page is for Zach Kibria who plays a Dawn Treader sailor and can be found here. The second page is for Tony Nixon who plays Rynelf and can be found here.
Both contain new pictures from filming on the set of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and are pretty fun to check out.
Thanks to icarus for the heads-up!

10 Responses

  1. narnian1 says:

    Will definitely be checking for any pictures they might have.

  2. Lady_Liln says:

    Ooo, Zach has lots of nice pics!

    Am I the only one who's thinking that the gal in Tony's wrap party album is Laura Brent, who's playing RD? I couldn't quickly find a picture of Laura smiling, so I'm not positive, but she certainly looks like her. . .

    Kudos to Narnianos for finding these!

  3. Fire Fairy says:

    Dang it, I can't get on Facebook. Oh, well. As long as NarniaWebbers have yet another source of news, who cares? 😀

  4. MurtaghLuv says:

    I don't think its her. Laura Brent in book is prettier

  5. Talking Rat says:

    I wonder why this guy is wearing gold armor when everyone else is in black?
    Coincidence? Or significant?

  6. icarus says:

    That is Edmund's body double, played by Dryden Bingham i believe.

  7. ernesto says:

    perfecto las fotos y todo muchas gracias por eso bye.

  8. Fandinarnia says:

    I had the same doubt. Thanks for the answer, icarus.

  9. skandarLover45 says:

    sweetness. i've been looking for one of these for a long time!

  10. sailor says:

    No NOT Laura …. this lovely lady is a friend Of Dougs … I think she and another lady started Tony's Facebook Fan Site … he comments on it from time to time but they set it up and run it.