VDT Blog – “Falling in Love in Narnia”

NarniaFans.com has posted the next official movie blog and it’s a pretty special one. It tells the story of Paul’s recent trip to the set of the Dawn Treader where he not only got to meet cast and crew, but also proposed to his sweetheart onboard the Dawn Treader. You’ve got to read this amazing story!

In the early months of production on “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” Martin met Courtney at a youth services meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They first became friends before Martin asked her out on their very first date in late 2005 — a visit to their local theater to see the first “Narnia” movie.

Now four years into their courtship, friends and family began asking the obvious question — was marriage in their future.

And, thatʼs where the third filmʼs title character played another role — as a backdrop for Martinʼs proposal of marriage to Courtney. That special moment took place just after Noon on Monday, September 21, a day after the couple had flown on three separate flights from Grand Rapids to Brisbane, Australia. Arriving a little more than 24 hours before he popped the crucial question.

The whole article is pretty amazing. Read the rest of it here.

On behalf of NarniaWeb, we’d like to offer our hearty congratulations to both Paul and Courtney! Way to go Paul!

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