Free ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Ticket with $10 Narnia DVD

Best Buy is currently offering a free ticket to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland with the purchase of select Disney DVDs. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian are both on the list (single-disc widescreen editions). The DVDs are going for just $10. View details here. The offer expires April 4.  Alice in Wonderland hits theaters on Friday, March 5.

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  1. glumPuddle says:

    I already own both films on DVD and Blu-ray… But I guess I might as well do this since I plan on going to see "Wonderland," and the DVDs only cost $10. So… LWW or PC?

  2. pselpevensie says:

    i own both also, and i'm seeing it with some friends at a party.

  3. Trufflehunter says:

    Well, I own both also. But, you wouldn't buy these just for the tickets though, right? I mean, why not just buy a regular ticket at the movies? Tickets cost less than $10!

  4. alice jadis says:

    Really? That's cool.. as for me, I don't go to movie theaters, so it wouldn't do me a bit of good to gain a movie ticket.. lol.. but I'm sure a lot of "Alice" fans will like this idea..

  5. alice jadis says:

    Yeah, that's true as well, but I guess it also depends on how much the tickets cost per theater, and how many ppl you're paying for, as well as snacks/drinks, ect.. ^-^

  6. Narniamiss says:

    LWW, Gpuddle. 🙂

  7. adamie says:

    In Belgium they're still refusing to play the film because of the early DVD release (this would mean a loss of money for the cinemas). This problem occurred in many countries,but here they haven't come to an agreement yet. 🙁

  8. Anna's Sister says:

    Alice in Wonderland looks really creepy. I love the book and have never seen a movie that does it justice and I don't think that it is possible that a movie ever could. Its cool about the DVD though!

  9. Keyaan says:

    Glumpuddle, Why not just buy the one that you liked better?

  10. DamselJillPole says:

    I so agree with Trufflehunter! Where I live it costs only $5 to get into the theater and another $5 to get popcorn and a drink. That's what I'll be doing since I own both movies.

  11. Clive Staples Sibelius says:

    Yeah, Alice in Wonderland DOES look creepy. One goes from the whimsical (and admittedly very strange) book… the Tim Burton movie, which looks very creepy and dark, in all the wrong ways.

    Perhaps this is an indication, though, that we'll see a teaser for VDT before "Alice in Wonderland"?

  12. Swanwhite says:

    Since we already own the dvds this could be a great opportunity to get them as gifts. 🙂 Give it to a friend. It could be great for getting people to go see VDT then.

  13. I so hope so! That would be so exciting considering I am definitely going to see it with my friends!!!

  14. Reepicheep775 says:

    Woudn't it be cheaper to just but the ticket. 😉

  15. ernesto says:

    porque lo anuncian eh ah por nomas eh bye

  16. Allie-oop says:

    I'm about to buy two of LW&W from Best Buy. I haven't been much of a movie-goer lately, but I know at least two people who would love to see Alice In Wonderland.

  17. Lamppostshines! says:

    Will the ticket be for a 3D showing? Cause then I would jump up from my chair and run to the store.

  18. Lamppostshines! says:

    My theater is DEFINITELY not that cheap. loll. Tickets are at least over $10 during the first two weeks. Usually $11 or $12. With 3D, it becomes like $14.

  19. narnia365 says:

    Hopefully! That would be awesome…

  20. Lucille Brown says:

    Well, I might see the movie but defintely not in theaters. Anyway, it costs ten dollars to buy the tickets the theaters around me anyway. But I might buy another LWW Narnia movie just to have my friends say something like:''Don't you already have two, why get another?''

  21. martin the warrior says:

    you could buy the movie even if you didnt have it becasue you could sell the dvd online for $15 and get a free alcie in wonderland ticket.

  22. Aravis and Hwin says:

    Yeah, the movie definetly looks creapy. I liked the book, but the movie looks really strange. It is a nice offer though.

  23. The Batman says:

    I love the book "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (haven't yet read Alice in Wonderland) and find it strange that people say it's so creepy. I thought it hilarious! A lot like Edward Eager books in it's dialogue and humor. Not sure if I'm interested in the movie, tho looks pretty scary o.O

  24. DP Cari says:

    I was always freaked out by anything about Alice and wonderland ever since a saw the Disney cartoon.

    We only have the PC movie (which I personally like best), but that would be cool if we could get LWW.

  25. DP Cari says:

    Thats a really good idea! Get more people interested in Narnia!

  26. FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    If there was a trailer in front of Alice we would have heard about it by now.

  27. Allie-oop says:

    I just got the DVDs from Best Buy today. It didn't have the tickets. Did I get the wrong one? It is The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrone widescreen, one-disc edition. How come I didn't get the tickets?
    My sisters are so going to be disappointed. I told one of them all about it. v_v Bummer. Well, at least she gets the second DVD of the movie. Hopefully, she'll accept that. ^_^

  28. AprilShowers says:

    I WISH I lived somewhere where movies were that cheap! The Imax 3D is 18.50 (regular movies are 11.50 and even the matinee is still 12) where I go to school and 16.50 where I'm from!

  29. TheScribblingScribe says:

    It depends on where you live… the movie tickets in my area cost like 9 bucks. And also you get the movie 🙂 Sounds like a good deal to me!

  30. TheScribblingScribe says:

    Is it possible to return them and get the right ones?

  31. TheScribblingScribe says:

    Seriously? That's crazy!