Dawn Treader Plot Details!

Posted March 2, 2010 8:17 pm by Glumpuddle

ChristianityToday has posted an article about the “Narnia Summit” that was held last week, where Walden Media showed footage and walked through the entire script with Christian leaders, Lewis experts, and fan sites like NarniaWeb and NarniaFans. (Read Tirian’s report here)

It is definitly worth reading the entire article, but here are some highlights that will get everyone talking:

The Ending:

Kathy Keller: “I’m glad the final interaction between Aslan and Lucy was there in its unadulterated entirety, because I consider that the pinnacle of the entire seven books.”

I have spoken with Tirian, and he confirmed that the line “there I have another name” is in the film! This is something NarniaWebbers have been concerned about for some time. Rejoice!

The Undragoning:

Keller says she learned that writers originally wanted Eustace, still in dragon form, to fight a sea monster and “earn” his return to human form. But she says Flaherty, a committed Christian, “put them straight that you don’t earn grace, you receive it once you are humbled and aware of your need.”

Tirian also confirmed that, in the film, we will see Aslan ripping the dragon skin off of Eustace! If you have not read the book, you are probably incredibly confused right now. If you have… rejoice again!

And now for the big spoiler:

“I was less than enthusiastic about the imposition of an invented quest to recover the seven swords of the seven lords to undo some evil magic of a new witch,” [Keller] said. “It is a fairly innocuous addition, but as a purist I would have been happier without it.”

Tirian confirmed the bit about the seven swords, but added: “I haven’t seen any evidence of a new witch being added to this story.”

There is sure to be both positive and negative reactions to these spoilers, but it seems that just about everyone in attendance, even those that disliked the first two films, was generally very happy with what they saw and heard.

Thanks to Icarus for the tip!

UPDATE: There was a good deal of confusion due to the line about a witch being in the film. And while both Tirian and Specter from NarniaFans denied it, it was thought that perhaps they weren’t present when the information was given.

However, ChristianityToday released this statement today which puts any confusion to rest. “CT has since learned from Walden that the ‘new witch’ is not in the final version of the film, but was scrapped during script discussions.” So there you go, no witch!

Thanks PrincessMia241 and Narnialover101 for the heads-up!

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  • Aslan1982 says:

    I remember Ben Barnes saying there was links to the The Silver Chair in this new movie. If the Lady of the Green Kirtle is not in the new Voyage of the Dawn Treader film then what is Ben Barnes referring too. What is going to be the point of collecting all these swords then? It sounded like a very good idea, shame it might have been cut.

  • Paul T P says:

    Well that sounds excellent, I had been hoping that they would keep the ‘another name’ and ‘un-dragoning’ portions in but to be honest I thought it would be a rather slim chance- good to see folks are prepared to stand up for what makes the Narnia books what they are, and that now people seem prepared to listen to them! Praise God!

    • NarniaNerd says:

      I agree with you! Praise God that they kept those IMPORTANT elements of the story. It’s really exciting. I’m just so excited!!! I’m bursting with excitement.

      okay, calming down…

  • NarniaNerd says:

    YAY!!! No witch. Omigosh, I am so excited about this film!!! I don’t think I will be disappointed by this one. πŸ˜€

  • Phoenix says:

    Awesome! It looks like the film is coming together the way we would like it too…

  • Cithea says:

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy they are going to leave the line in! I’m happy times 10! πŸ™‚

  • Christian says:

    I guess this means everything we heard before from the cast and crew about a "battle" has been scrapped? Hmm… I’m still a skeptic, though I’m glad they’re keeping that "other name" line.

    I totally disagree with the article when it talked about how the battle in LWW threw everything off. Imagine how boring that scene would’ve been if it was just Lucy, Susan and Aslan, and then they’d turn up on the battlefield, see all the carnage, and the audience would say "What in the world?!?" Yeah… books and movies are not the same.

    • Starlily says:

      Yeah, I didn’t mind the battle in LWW. It didn’t bother me at all. But everyone has their own opinion. What bothers me might not bother someone else, and vise-versa.
      (But I also have to disagree with the article, because I liked to see the rhinos fighting in the battle πŸ˜› )

    • Puddleglum says:

      Though I generally like the idea of being faithful to the books, I enjoyed the battle scene in LWW. Not for the battle itself, but because of the final scene where Peter, even motivated by seening Edmund fall to the witch, cannot defeat her. Instead it is only Aslan who can ultimatly do so. How different from other adventure/action films we see, where a hero in similer circumstances emerges victorious on their own.

  • QueenLanitheHyper says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy sounds sweet!! πŸ˜€

  • The Great and Fearless Pug says:

    What was that toward the end? "Although I don’t agree with some of the things they are doing, so far they seem to be doing pretty well." That leaves me a little nervous. Of course, they were also talking negatively about the ressurection and the battle being intermingled together, which I thought was fine. In which case, I think it’s going to turn out great! I wish it was here already!

  • Aslanisthebest says:

    How relieving that there isn’t going to be a witch!

  • Liberty Hoffman says:

    YAY!!!!! I am SO happy! I knew everything would turn out alright! I am so glad to hear about everything! awesome! :D:D:D:D:D

  • terebinthiangirl says:

    yeah!!!! i’m so glad they "scrapped" the new witch part! that would have ruined the whole movie

  • Eliseo says:

    maybe the "mixing of other Narnia books" isnt necessarily a reference to the Silver Chair, but of the Horse and His Boy, seeing as how some Indian actors have been cast as Calormene abassadors.

    • tenthofthatname says:

      I was considering this too, but I’m stumped as to what that element would be plotwise since HHB happened so long ago and we know Aravis joined Archenland instead, unless the reference is strictly stylistic.

  • RumbleBuffinTheStrong says:

    wow not bad.

  • GlimGlum says:

    Greatly encouraged by this news. This will help VDT’s success(IMHO) and hopefully open the door for [I]The Silver Chair.[/i]
    Sail on VDT! πŸ™‚

  • Mirima Rosetrader says:

    Wow this is so exciting! Now we are getting some real news! I am so glad they are having Aslan say "there I have another name" because I love that line and I love that they are having him rip the skin off Eustace SO psyched about seeing that! I hope they don’t add the witch, but if they do I’ll have to see if I like her before I make my opinion. Well great news! Thank you Tirian for hunting for those confirmations! Long live Aslan and Sail on VDT!

  • NarniaWarrior says:

    Yea….no witch !!!

  • 4signs(rpt) says:

    Jollification! I hope he’s right about people who disliked the previous films being ok with this one. There’s just too much stuff that I couldn’t hack in the first two… and I still long for a Narnia movie that I can really let my guard down and enjoy. I’m so glad we lost the witch. That plot device is getting old anyway since they brought the WW back (however briefly) for PC. And explicitly Christian scenes from the book left unaltered in the movie??? Yessss! πŸ˜€

  • cuppycakesrach says:

    Awesome! super excited!! cant wait for the movie to come out… i don’t think that the sword thing is that bad of an idea .. it could work lol.. oh well i’m just excited! woot woot! lol

  • WarriorQueen says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I can deal with the sword thing as long as the undragoning and Aslan stuff are in!

  • tolkienlewisfan says:

    Excellent. I am very interested in this swords business considering its something new. Anyway lets see if Apted can make Narnia rise after PC.

  • Going4God says:

    No WHICH!

  • always narnian says:

    I’m so glad they threw out the witch thing!!! That sounds really strange!!!

    • Narnia4ever says:

      i know – me too!!! if they did put a witch in there i’d be so disappointed and actually kind of furious

  • Rabadash The Ridiculous says:

    this is going to be an epic movie! i hope they make enough money to make the Silver Chair!

  • StBrianofMinneapolis says:

    What if there is a new witch and it is a subtle foreshadowing to the LOTGK? I could deal with that.

  • The Gatekeeper says:

    YES!!!!!!! "I have another name" will be in the movie! Okay, now I KNOW I will like this movie, no matter what else they change. I, too, think that’s one of the best scenes in the entire series. Bring on Voyage!

  • Believer says:

    Oh my! Nothing could make me happier at the moment. I am most excited that the ending line IS going to be in the film! I can’t wait!!!!

  • Narnia Ultimate Fan says:

    I am really looking foward to the movie. I am definitely glad they got rid of the witch.

    • Narnia girl says:

      I love narnia especially the book so I am extremly happy that they didn’t spoil the book like they did with "Prince Caspian" LONG LIVE NARNIA!

  • narnia fan 7 says:

    I’m glad the line β€œthere I have another name” is in the film!! and I don’t know whair that got the witch stuff

  • Kris says:

    GLEEEEE!!!! I am so excited! I can’t wait!

  • RumbleBuffinTheStrong says:

    Sweet! looking good!

  • narniafan4ever β™₯ says:

    Just a thought…..I know that there has been a lot of speculation about how they are going to tie all the books together…and I was thinking that maybe they are going to add Gael as a way of foreshadowing to the Silver Chair. Maybe she is in the same lineage as Rilian….haha…ORRRRRRRRRRRR I was thinking that maybe she ties into the Horse and His Boy! Like, her mom is the great-great-great-great Granddaughter of Aravis…and they will have a little story-telling time about Aravis’s days….idk….maybe I am just losing my mind…lol

    • Puddleglum says:

      Quite alright. Just take a deep breath, and think of something to eat.
      Once your mind is off the subject just look over what you wrote, and ask if it makes sense. If not, don’t worry It’s just over-exuberence. You human folk do that once in awhile.
      If it does, have a lie-down, and have no more sweets the rest of the day.

      • narniafan4ever β™₯ says:

        Haha….you make me laugh, Puddleglum. πŸ˜€

      • NarnianElf says:

        Haha, Puddleglum, you’re hilarious! By the way, narniafan4ever, that is an awesome idea!! I hope they do that. That would be incredibly fantastically super awesome!!

      • narniafan4ever β™₯ says:

        Isn’t he, tho? LOL Ya, the reason I thought it would be such an awesome idea is because they aren’t mentioned in the book anywhere, so it is something that can be added as a creative-license thing and still keep the integrity of the book. πŸ™‚

      • Aravis and Hwin says:

        Hahaha! You’re very funny Puddleglum :). Also, that’s a great idea Narniafan4ever! Hopefully they do something like that!

      • narniafan4ever β™₯ says:

        Thanks! I am glad that I am not the only one who likes the idea! πŸ˜‰

    • Puddleglum says:

      Oh my. All this attention for some advice? Now the other marsh-wiggles will never let me live this down.

      As for the ideas, they have merit, so long as they are done well I suppose.

  • Ian says:

    From the gaming point of view the whole "collecting the seven swords to break the witch’s spell" thing is kinda cool. But as a C. S. Lewis fan, I have to admit that I am relieved that they dropped it, but I think I’d be okay with them keeping the swords having some kind of significance bit. Even if it is just Caspian out to retrieve the swords because his father gave the swords to the Lords.

  • checkers says:

    NO WITCH!!!! Hallelujah!!! I’m so glad that line’s in there! And everything!!!! This just made my day!

  • TheScribblingScribe says:

    I think it’d be great if a bunch of fans wrote a letter to the producers saying how much the last scene means to them.
    *hint, hint*

  • The narniad says:

    *SQUEEEEEEEEEEE* THAT JUST MADE MY WEEK!!!! NO! MONTH! NO! YEAR!!! I’m so so so SO happy they decided to get rid of that ridiculous witch idea, and that they are keeping the Aslan scene the same =D Made me so hyper and excited all over again! I CANNOT WAIT FOR VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER!

  • eric barr says:

    Without the line "there I have another name" the movie would have a fatal flaw. It is such a Christian book–more so than Prince Caspian, that to leave out Aslan’s conversation with Lucy or change it too much would destroy the film. Congrats to the film makers for listening to the better angels of their nature.

  • [ForNarniaAndForAslan] says:

    Excited out of my mind about them keeping the right perspective on the story! So glad it looks like they’re getting back to what Narnia is all about instead of all the "drama and teen heartthrob" stuff. Let’s get real!
    Oh, btw, it’s now ONLY 39 WEEKS and ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!

  • Meg Ellen says:

    great news at last!
    however, could someone plz help me? does somebody know when the casting for Jill Pole is going to be? i really need help! thnx so much!

  • Pippin/Gimli/Merry/all hobbits and dwarf Lover. :) says:

    WOW, I am glad they left out the whitch thing, I don’t think I would have paid money to see it then, but now I think it is great. πŸ™‚

  • Matthias of Redwall says:

    wow I havn’t posted a comment forever….
    can’t wait for VDT, but I still
    am extremely curious as to who will play Ramandu !!! Does anyone know
    or have any ideas about it?

  • redeemedqueen says:


  • Aslan says:

    Yes! I am so so glad that they are not going to include the ‘New Witch’ in the Voyage of the Dawn Teader. That would have spoiled it for me, because I want the movie to be as close to the books as possible.

  • TheScribblingScribe says:

    I’m really glad they saw fit to ask the advice of Lewis fans and Christian leaders. It shows that they do care about getting it right!
    I really really really really really really really hope they carry the gospel message through the movie. It’s so vital. If they don’t have it… well, let’s hope they do!
    Pray! πŸ™‚

  • ChristianHope says:

    Did you see what Caspian in gonna look like?? WOW! I wonder if he is going to forget Susan or somthin when he meets Ramandu’s daughter… hmmm… anyways, i think the relationship thing with Susan was stupid anyways.

    • narniafan4ever β™₯ says:

      haha! agreed! I wish that Hollywood, in general, wouldn’t ruin awesome stories by adding in some love twist when it isn’t originally in the story…. πŸ˜‰

    • Omac the centaur says:

      i totally agree with u. they so messed that up.

    • Matthias of Redwall says:

      yeah I agree, they shouldn’t put love stories in a book-based movie when they aren’t meant to be apart of the story.
      Of course ramandu’s daughter and caspian’s marriage is part of the story, so it’s all good. πŸ™‚

    • QueenAravis14 says:

      Are they even going to have Caspian marry Ramandu’s daughter in the movie???

      • Narnia_Believer says:

        I hope not! It is wrong that hollywood puts so much love in movies when the books didn’t have and ounce of it! I was dissapointed with Prince Caspian the movie, I hope they do better with Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

  • Narnia_Believer says:

    i am so glad that C.S. Lewis was a Christian. Although he strayed from his faith a little, I am glad that J.R.R. Tolkien was there to bring him back to reality. Are you a Christia?

  • Narnia_Believer and Lord of the Rings Lover says:

    Oops! i just spelled a whole lot of stuff wrong! =O

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