Want to Walk Like a Faun? Well Now You Can

Posted April 21, 2010 3:05 pm by fantasia_kitty

Weta Workshop has just introduced one of the coolest products available to the public that I’ve personally seen: Weta Legs.

Weta Legs are a unique, low profile, professional grade reverse leg stilt for creature and costume performances in movies, television, theatre, circus, street performances and other creative performances. Something previously reserved for commercial film and television projects, they are the first of their kind available commercially to the public.

Weta has also posted a video showcasing their new Weta Legs (modeled by Shane Rangi and inventor Kim Graham) that you can view here.

You can own your own pair of Weta Legs for a mere $1,320.00 NZD (which equates to approximately $945 in the USA). More information on the Weta Legs can be seen on Weta Workshop’s website here.


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