Narnia Advertising Watch Continues

NarniaWebber, beloved, has posted several pictures of a large Dawn Treader stand now showing up in movie theaters. The large image features major characters such as Caspian, Reepicheep, and the Pevensies. Three surprising characters make an appearance as well.

Narnia Movie Stand

Narnia Movie Stand

Visit the thread here for additional images.

Thanks for the images everyone!

UPDATE: NarniaWebber tenthofthatname has taken several close up pictures of the stand.

Narnia Display Closeup 1

Narnia Display Closeup 1

Narnia Display Closeup 2

Narnia Display Closeup 2

Narnia Display Closeup 3

Narnia Display Closeup 3

Narnia Display Closeup 4

Narnia Display Closeup 4

402 Responses

  1. Mal says:

    Really excited!

  2. megellen says:

    why are anna will and tilda in there? they said that prince caspian was their last movie so what are they doing there????

  3. Nathan says:

    Hey does anyone know that unicorns are mentioned in the Bible?

    • Lucy says:

      Um, maybe you should do some more research on that. I did. Do you know what it was? A mistranslantion. Don't feel bad, lots of things get mistranslated. Actually, did you know that Cinderella having glass slippers was a mistranslation? It was supposed to be fur…

      • Nathan says:

        I put a video on youtube called "Why Does the Bible mention Unicorns?" check it out. When the Bible mentions unicorns, it's not talking about the mythical horse-like unicorns like in Narnia. When the Bible mentions unicorns, it's talking about the one-horned rhinoceros:

      • Anonymous Narnian says:

        Yes, that's very interesting, but… what does it have to do with the sign, the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, or anything?

      • tableknight says:

        Actually, the bible is making a reference to the oryx, a one-horned antelope like creature that lives in the holy land.

      • susan says:

        i loved acting in the Narnia movies. I was one of the centaurs

      • EmaOfCair says:

        okay so last year I took a semester of art and we studied the paintings in Lascaux,France. One of the paintings was a picture of an "unicorn"…and keep in mind that these pictures are very old…
        coincidence…I think not!!!

    • Deadman says:

      De. 33.17;
      Nu. 23.22; 24.08;
      Job 39. 09-10;
      Ps. 22.21; 29.6; 92.10;
      Isa. 34.07.

    • Deadman says:

      The Hebrew word is something like ‘rehame’: unicorn (also, wild bull).
      “God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn.” (KJV. Nu. 23:22.)

      • JosephC says:

        Agreed. When reading the Bible it is easy to get excited over minor mis-translations. To fully understand the Bible one must view it in context, and refer to the original Greek or Hebrew text. In this case, "unicorn" is a rather strange mistranslation.

      • That's strange, I've never heard about any thing like this before. I'll have to ask my dad about this, he's a pastor.

    • Bethany Weathers says:

      What does this have to do with the new ad? There are no unicorns on the poster cutout.

      • Starlily says:

        That's what I was thinking…

        An interesting discussion, but it has nothing to do with the poster.

    • Puddleglum says:

      If anyone is interested. Look up older dipictions of unicorns from medeivel times. You will see them commonly drawen with goatees.
      This lends to the theory that they were not really horses with horns, but a breed of goat.
      I do not have the information, and a search gave me nothing, but I recall an article from my youth,(many summers ago) of a couple that claimed to have rediscovered the breed. I have heard nothing since.

    • Susan looks mad! I am kinda upset that Susan and Peter are in this one (They were only very briefly mentioned in the book). I really love the characters, I am just sad that the movies have gone soooo far away from the book! I wonder if C.S. Lewis would be happy?

      • Puddleglum says:

        So long as the main theme remains I think he would understand the need to make changes to fit into a movie.

      • Samuel says:

        The one thing I think people need to remember is that this is advertising, it is not necessarily what is in the movie. The general public (non-readers and non CS Lewis fans) will be attracted by seeing all four pevensies (at least that's my logic to this,) also the fact that Susan looks somewhat angry and appears to have a lot of make-up actually fits with the depiction of her throughout the rest of the books wherever she's mentioned, so I'm glad for the fact that they don't seem to be trying to change her character just because she might have a slightly bigger part in this than the book. My impression on the ad itself is that it's actually rather typical, and doesn't really show us any of the "wonder" of narnia, VOTD is a character story, true, but it's also more of an adventure story, so why don't they show us a little part of narnia that we've never seen before, or perhaps the boat that is the namesake of movie, instead of this, this "run-of-the-mill" character poster. all in all it is still cool to see some of the new characters

      • Austra says:

        I TOTALLY 100% agree!!! That is EXACTLY how I feel. I'm sooo disappointed in the way they're handling this series. I love the movies, if I don't compare them to the books, but in any connection with the books, I don't really like way they're doing it. Ever since PC, I've had my doubts. I REALLY hope this one turns out well, because it's one of my favs. I don't really think he'd be happy AT ALL. Thanks for the comment!

      • Ashley says:

        I can totally see why they put them in there, even if they weren't much in the book. One of the big bits of character growth for Lucy in VDT is based on her being jealous of Susan's beauty (the magic book scene in the magician's house). So it's important in a movie version to give us a good visual comparison of the two of them. And you have to admit, Susan looks like a 1940s BEAUTY on that ad.

      • I can see what everyone is saying…maybe they should just take of the part in the credits where it says that it is based on the book by C.S. Lewis.
        I love the movies… as movies, but they really made them no longer and allegorical story to the Bible and that was one of the things that really drew me to the books.

      • storygirloflorien says:

        Lewis probably would not have liked the films as they do deviate so much from the book and for the simple reason that he hated television/film.

      • EmaOfCair says:

        I feel dissapointed too, but we should never compare books with movies. If I read a book and there was a movie made of it I dont think of the movie as the same thing as the book, but instead a totally different story.

    • Jeditrojan says:

      Yah! Isn't that cool?

    • always narnian says:

      hmmmm!!! I think I remember that! *goes to get a Bible*

    • QueenLucy12 says:

      o…kay what does that have to do with narnia???

    • Narnia_Believer and Lord of the Rings Lover says:

      Where in the Bible does it talk about Unicorns?

    • Yes, actually, they are. And while I don't believe it was a mistranslation (just research about how thoroughly the King James was translated and the extreme caution measures taken)
      I DO believe that unicorn was a name for a different animal. Such as a single horned dinosaur or a rhino.

      If there were in fact unicorns as our culture pictures, Noah would have either been disobedient as to not take them on the ark or 2 they could not survive in the post-flood environment, like dinosaurs.

      My example would be that dinosaurs were called dragons in the Bible. And I would willingly debate anyone who disagrees!!
      -A Young Earth Creationist (who also loves Aslan!)

    • xavier taylor says:

      what i did not now that

    • xavier taylor says:


  4. Aunt Letty says:

    One of my favorite things about the Narnia books has always been (well, ok, maybe not when I first read them at age seven, but for a loooooong time now) the deft way that Lewis conveys a portrait of character with only a sentence or two. I've always loved the tidbits of info about Peter and Susan in the beginning of VDT. And, I've always wanted to know more.

    Lewis gives us a glimpse of Peter going off to spend the summer studying for a big entrance exam. With that one line, we see he has ambition, self-discipline, and he's clearly intelligent because he's obviously not getting into a great school on his parents' money. In short, an admirable young man on the brink of honorable adulthood (for the second time).

    And Susan, absorbed with those surface things that take up the lives of most of the world's youth (and grownups!). The acerbic, "…she was no good at schoolwork (though otherwise very old for her age)…" says it all. She's chosen the comfort of flattery and all that goes with being admired, over the rewards Aslan offers. I can't blame her. She wants what she can have now. It's understandable, but bitter, too.

    Oddly enough, out of all the promises that poster makes, I think I'm most looking forward to perhaps getting to see those tantalizing niblets of information about Peter and Susan fleshed out into scene, with dialogue and everything.

    • HighQueen_Of_LanternWaste says:

      Very well said, I feel the same exact way about everything you've said here concerning Peter and Susan. I'm very exciting to see how they will be portrayed, especially with Susan, to see how they will start introducing this new, superficial Susan to the audience.

    • Starlily says:

      Wow, you say it so well, Aunt Letty. 🙂

      I'm also looking forward to seeing brief appearances of Peter and Susan–AS LONG as they're very brief, and done right.

    • CarwashBoy says:

      I completely agree with you! It would be really cool to see a tiny glimpse of Peter and Susan in the movie, plus it would be good for audiences to have that cameo in the film, because seeing something familiar is something audiences like. All of the other major fantasy series' – Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, Lord of the Rings, etc. – don't have to worry so much about their characters because we see the same characters every time. In Narnia, audiences have to get used to the fact that we don't see the same characters in every book (in my mind, its a wonderful thing, but audiences in general may not respond as well – this may be just one of the reasons PC didn't do quite as well as LWW). So it would be a major plus is Peter and Susan were given at least a few moments in the movie.

      I also noticed that Peter's clothes look a little different from those he wore in PC.

    • NarnianElf says:

      Wow, well said Aunt Letty! I especially agree with the Peter part. 😀

    • Austra says:

      That was REALLY well-said, and puts into words what I couldn't quite capture. That is quite the insightful mouthful! Very nice. I hope you become an author someday so I can read your works. They will, no doubt, be excellent. That I can already see!

  5. Jenna says:

    No I had no idea. I can't wait!!!!!! Susan looks kind of strange though I don't know why.

  6. TumnusTheBrave says:

    anna (susan) looks different

  7. Phil says:

    Susan is supposed to be giving in to make-up and fancy dresses and social parties and growing up fast. She looks different because she is presented as giving into those worldly things instead of the savation that Narnia and Aslan offers.

    • edmund rox says:

      Yep, and alot of people like Susan. I don't really know why when she betrays Narnia. That's not a good thing. She isn't really an admirable character in my book. Thats like walking away from God. (allegorically speaking)

  8. silverPhoenix says:

    Do I spy Ramandu's daughter?

    • TheNarnianPanda says:

      hehehe. that's what I was thinking. =D

    • elanor says:

      And is that man (not the faun) with the crazy blonde hair Ramandu? Or a dufflepud?
      I also just realized that they have the poster set up with all the earth people (Pevensies, and Eustace) on one side of Aslan, and then all the Narnians on the other side of him. It almost makes Aslan look like a bridge between the two worlds.

    • Starlily says:

      Yes, that's Ramandu's daughter on the bottom-right. And elanor, that is a Dufflepud with crazy hair. 🙂

  9. MurtaghLuv says:

    Finally Lucy is one of the bigger characters. what I don't get is why are peter, susan, and the white witch on it.

    • Mark Sommer says:

      MurtaghLuv, The explanation for why those three are on the poster is fairly simple.
      Peter and Susan are both mentioned in Dawn Treader (the book) – both at the beginning to explain what they are doing, and Susan in the passage where Lucy is reading the magician's book. They will be shown briefly in the film.
      The White Witch will also be in the film in a brief dream sequence. (This is according to Paul Martin of Narnia Fans.) I assume this will be on the Island where dreams come true. She certainly would be Edmund's (and others') worst nightmare.
      Since the studio is using the three characters in the film, it is only reasonable that they would be in promotional materials to arouse the interest of fans of the first two movies.

      • Murtaghluv says:

        oh see Ididn't know they were gowing to be init briefly

      • Haggith Tarkheena says:

        Oh my gosh. That is SO kool! I hope Edmund dreams about her. . .Cause that would be just PERFECCT!!!!!

  10. sgk474 says:

    I love the poster and I'm glad Peter, Susan and Jadis/ White Witch are in the movie in a cameo role – it will arouse interest and add a continuity to the movies. In the BBC series, the actress who played Jadis had a cameo role as the 'Hag' in Caspian and was the 'Green Lady' in the Silver Chair which, for me, worked. Jadis is like an evil force lurking in the background who comes to the fore in LWW and The Magician's Nephew so it makes sense to me that she's always a threat even though she's a vanquished foe – reminds me of someone else… I'd love to see her in The Silver Chair in that role – the evil force emerging and needing quashing again…

    • Haggith Tarkheena (trying to think of new name) says:

      I don't think it is the White Witch. I think it's a mermaid. But I do agree that it looks AWEFULLY like the Witch. . .SHE BETTER NOT BE IN THERE AGAIN!!!!!! >:(

    • MurtaghLuv says:

      I think its the witch. Has Mark stated in the post above, She would probably return in at least Edmunds worst nightmares(I know if I had been edmund I would be scared to fall asleep). and then there is the whole thing with the witch's knife.

      • elanor says:

        That's interesting. Everyone I've seen seems to be commenting that it would make sense for the White Witch to appear in Edmunds dreams. But would it really? Remember the ice wall in PC (although I know that isn't in the book, I still think that situation applies to Edmund at that time) and when he destroys the wand in LWW. I felt those were situations where we saw how Edmund was no longer in the hold of the Witch, you might say, because otherwise he would have been in too much awe of her, or too afraid to resist her in that way. Just a thought…

        What if Jadis was in Lucy's dream though? If you have ever listened to Focus on the Family Radio Theater, they have Jadis in her nightmare. I remember when I listened to it, later I did actually think it was in the book because it made perfect sense. Lucy was the one who saw Aslan killed in such a horrible way, and it would make sense that THAT picture would be her "worst nightmare" because she loved Aslan so much. Again, just a thought!!!

  11. Haggith Tarkheena (trying to think of new name) says:

    Oh my gosh. . .Peter and Susan. . .Ther're so GROWN UP!!!! 🙁
    My dose Lucy look grown up too! Remadu's daughter looks so beautiful! (my sister and I pretend her name is Esther, wich means "star.") Everthing looks awesome. Just awesome. Yes, I know that the pictures look awesome, but will the MOVIE be awesome? I hope so. Aslan looks TERRIFIC. I hope in the movie he will look SO much more relistic then in Prince Caspian. Like in LWW!!! Turn him back to that man!!!!!!

    • Haggith Tarkheena (trying to think of new name) says:

      Is that the White Witch?. . .Because it better not be!!! I think it's just a mermaid. Yeah. I hope so. . .

    • Lucy Skywalker says:

      well, will is 23, and Anna's graduating from Oxford..:-/ isn't is sad that they're such adults now!! (but still great actors)

  12. andy says:

    GAH! Who killed Georgie Henley and stuck a male double in her place? Photoshop slap-on-the-wrist to the dude that's made her hair impossible to distinguish…

    • Talvi says:

      I lol'd. XD
      Seriously though, she does look rather odd… her eyes, especially. And if you just take a quick glance at it she CAN be mistaken for a boy. sheesh.
      but I still think Georgie is awesome as Lucy – I'm sure she'll look better (and more like her gender LOL!) in the trailer/movie.

    • Lucy says:

      you're so mean! Insulting poor Georgie like that! She doesn't look like a guy, she looks pretty!

      • Talvi says:

        I know this wasn't (directly) aimed at me, but I just wanted to clarify, at least with my statement. I really like Georgie and think she's quite pretty – I just agree with andy and think they photoshopped her to a fault. Normally she does not in any way look like a guy – but whoever photoshopped went to town and just made her look odd and boyish. That's my opinion, anyways. xD *shuts up*

    • sam says:

      when i first look at her i thought it was EUSTACE.

    • Aunt Letty says:

      There's been alot of comment on the way Lucy looks in the poster. I wasn't going to add to it, but (sigh) here I go anyway:

      To me, she just looks like the middle-school version of the sweet-faced child we loved looking at in LLW. Her adult facial structure is beginning to emerge, but she's still got a lot of baby-features blurring the image.

      She looks like a young woman who's done a great deal of growing in the recent past. That does tend to give one a rather hollow-eyed, oddly proportioned appearance. Take a look at the middle-school photos of some people you know, especially if you can compare them with photos from early childhood and adulthood. For boys, it's noticeable around ninth grade, girls, seventh and eighth. Often, those aren't our best years for looks, though a few, like Georgie, manage to come off pretty well despite.

      Also, it's worthwhile to keep in mind that what we're looking at are photos of a photo of an artist's rendering of the original image. Someone mentioned mistranslation above…this could be a bit of visual mistranslation.

    • Austra says:

      Yeah, I think that you guys just put into words what I've been thinking when I saw the poster. Poor Georgie. They just airbrushed her a lot, and what Aunt Letty says is definitely very true (as usual ;P). My sister and I looked at that pic of Georgie and just went, "Ugh!" I can understand it, though. A little less harshness, if you please, Miss Lucy! I can understand how you feel, but we don't need to go overboard protecting Georgie from insults! Don't feel like I'm scolding you; feel like I understand but want you to understand other's thought's too. Just for the record.

      • Lucy says:

        I'm not going over board, i just think it's mean to say that a perfectly decent-looking girl looks like a guy. That's not nice. I mean, what if it was a picture of YOU and someone said something like that? I understand their opinons and all, but there's no need not to be nice. I'm big on niceness.

      • Aunt Letty says:

        All I can say is….I'd hate it if someone turned a photo of me at that age into a great, big, full color poster and put it out in public. Guess that's one reason I'm not an actress. 🙂

    • loyal narnian says:

      You also have to remember that in the begining of the story, when lucy first joins the ship, she had to make do with mens clothes, wich might give her a male appearance?

      • andy says:

        It's okay everybody – please. I think Georgie is a beautiful young lady, she's just a victim of poor graphic design in this one single instance. With the slow phasing-out of the familiar Pevensies in the Chronicles, it seems like audience recognition is crucial. Especially so, since newcomer Eustace has to journey from unlikeable brat, to someone people will want to see as protagonist of the next story, The Silver Chair. But from this poster, not only is she much older than we've last seen her, but her longer hair seems undiscernable. They could at least Photoshop it in, even if the actual narrative has her in boy's clothes.

        Bad design is the only thing being critiqued here.

  13. Oh, and is that the White Witch?

  14. sam says: ive read the book,and susan and peter even the white witch wasnt part of it…..did they change the story?..but its okay w/ me..cuz its interesting..:)

  15. sam says:

    why does caspian has a mustache it was only 3 years after when lucy,edmund and eustace went back to narnia?..hahah

    • HighQueen_Of_LanternWaste says:

      Um, it certainly doesn't take more than three years to grow a moustache.

  16. Karine says:

    I have to say it looks much better in high resolution..

  17. dominiclovesnarnia says:

    So excited !!! can't wait for the trailer !!!

  18. Anonymous Narnian says:

    Peter and Susan… hopefully only there for the beginning and to get more audiences in that liked them in the first two movies.

    Ramandu's Daughter is GORGEOUS. She is EXACTLY, PRECISELY how I imagined her to look in the book. I am so, SO happy with her!

    The White Witch… what. the heck. Hopefully she will stay in her little dream sequence. Her appearance in PC was more than enough, thank you. Although, I think it would be neat to see her on the island where dreams come true. A nice emotional moment for Edmund, who (given his 'triumph' over her in PC) constantly has to keep confronting his inner demon.
    I am SO ready for a trailer now.

    • sgk474 says:

      I thought Jadis' scene in PC was a triumph – one of the most compelling scenes in the movie. To have her in the dream sequence would add to the continuity of the movies and give a sence of tension and drama – im thrilled about it.

      • Lucy says:

        hmm, I'm going to have to disagree with you. Yes, it was very dramatic and all that…but…Jadis being in PC rather upset me, because the way the scene went bordered way too heavily on demonic overtones-which isn't, to me, what the Narnia stories are meant to be about at all. However, I am interested in her being in this movie as part of a nightmare…that could work…reminds me of a VDT-themed fanfic I wrote once, except it was miraz and not the white witch who came back…other than that, sounds similiar.

      • Aunt Letty says:

        That was one of my favorite scenes, too, but your point, Lucy, resonates as well. It really was totally hokey, the way Caspian, and especially Peter, just stood there letting their brains dribble out their ears and all, and I was dismayed that the ACTUAL witch made an appearance, and that the witchcraft (drawing of the circle, etc.) actually happened.
        To me, though, the whole setup was totally worth it just to get that single moment with Edmund quietly stamping out the evil in such an unassuming way. The line they gave him…YES!!! I wanted to leap in the air and give a victory yell, but restrained myself so as not to frighten the rest of the audience.

        The demonic overtones are in the book, if you mean the witchcraft and calling up of evil departed, but in the book they are only suggested by Nikabrik and his pals, not actually carried out, and in the book Caspian himself stamps on the suggestion, which may be why the scene felt more icky in the movie version, because our heroes are actually tempted by it.

        Also, in the book, you're somewhat removed from the action, because the scene is from the Pevensie's POV as they stand listening outside the door.
        I think in the movie it did feel as if the director was enjoying the darker aspects of the scene a bit more than was comfortable, whereas in the book, it's clear from the outset that Lewis is not giving Nikabrik's scheme any shrift whatsoever.

      • Starlily says:

        Yeah, I got an uncomfortable eerie feeling when the White Witch was actually called up. I wish Caspian had promptly said no to Nikabrik instead of going along with it. But I'm glad Edmund proved himself faithful, and I'm glad that Caspian and Peter realized (in that moment when they saw Aslan's image on the wall) that they had done wrong.
        So I kind of like the themes of that scene, but I don't like the darkness, and I don't like the deviation from the book and the characters' personalities.

      • edmund rox says:

        I like BBC's take on it where Caspian screams "Never while I live!!" And starts fighting and stuff 🙂 hehe

      • NarniaNerd says:

        Caspian didn't know what Nikabrik was up to until he actually started doing it, whereas in the book, he suggests it first, then Caspian is like, "NO!" In the movie, he didn't know what was happening. As soon as he figured it out, he started struggling, saying "This isn't what I wanted!" But the werewolf is REALLY strong.
        The only thing I HATED about the scene was the way Peter nearly succumbed. I hate that. It would have been nice is he had resisted, but Ed could have still gotten her from behind. It just seemed like they piled a little too much failure on Peter.
        Disclaimer: This is just my opinion, feel free to disagree! 🙂

      • elanor says:

        Yes, that whole scene with the White Witch that they changed for the movie was a little disturbing. But I did love how they sort of "redeemed" Edmund in everyone's eyes when he shattered the ice wall. I was at the mindight showing and I still vividly remember how the whole whole audience hooted, hollered and clapped like mad!

      • Aunt Letty says:

        You are so right, Narnianerd; for Peter to stand there with his mouth open, as though the withch's offer actually meant anything to him,…well, that was more than a bit hard to put up with. Peter, of all people!

  19. Mirima Rosetrader says:

    Wow they all look so awesome, except the minotaur. I do not like the minotaur. I wonder why they have the White Witch on there? It would be cool if she was seen briefly on the Island of Nightmares. I bet Susan and Peter will just be at the beginning. It will be nice to see them again even if it is for a short time. Caspian looks great to me with the beard it makes him look his age. And Ramandu's Daughter looks SO pretty. I hope we get a better picture of her soon. I am SOOOO psyched for the trailer now! Bring it on! Long live Aslan and sail on VDT!!! 😀

  20. Lucy says:

    How much all you lovely fellow Narnia fans wanna bet that the second I go out of town for a week and am busy, unable to check the internet every day like I recently have, that the movie trailer will show up? LOL

  21. NarnianElf says:

    This looks great! I think the White Witch is there because of the part in the Island Where Dreams Come True, Lucy could hear the witch. That's my idea 😀

  22. snowqueenw24 says:

    So this means we will officially see a glimpse of Susan and Peter in the movie?! It`s been stated repeatedly that they wouldn`t be in the film. Then there were rumors, but I didn`t take them seriously.There was mention of Susan in the past , but not Peter.I don`t how they hope to fit him in the movie. I`m so out of the loop.

    • edmund rox says:

      It's probably like in the book. I think it's the end of PC… Where Susan goes off to America and Peter goes to Prof. Kirke's … Guess we'll find out! 🙂

  23. narniafan4ever ♥ says:

    Wow Susan looks different! I like how they have peter looking like he has a kind attitude….at least compared to the last movie. 😉

    • NarnianElf says:

      narniafan4ever, where have you been? You haven't been around so much… 😀

  24. Austra says:

    Actually, it was only about 2 years? And he doesn't have one. I beg pardon if that was only intended as a joke; this is not aimed at you. Don't worry, it's and honest mistake.

  25. Austra says:

    I like the choice for the Star's daughter, too. And I think your statement(s) were very well-worded in that that is exactly how I feel.

  26. Luis Daniel says:

    The narnia poster has arive to puerto rico!!!!!!!!!!!! yey, today i went to see shrek and when i saw the narnia poster i ran as quickly as i could and took a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant belive it!!!!!!!!

  27. Feather~Light~Heart says:

    Ok someone mentioned why the White Witch was probably in it, about where dreams come true and it being in Edmund's. That'd better be the case….but I thought they said Peter and Susan WEREN'T going to be in it!!! I thought that was settled a long time ago!! What the hey? I mean, I'm ok as long as it is a short part, but weird…Otherwise it looks great, though..yeah ok Lucy's pic this time makes her look a little weird, don't you think??

    • narniafan4ever ♥ says:

      something tells me they are gonna have Susan and Peter in the beginning as kind of an update on where they are….then kinda should have a cameo appearance….esp for those who haven't read the books. All in all, i am sooooo excited for this movie! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 hee hee 😉

      • edmund rox says:

        Why don't they try pleasing those who have read the books for once?

      • narniafan4ever ♥ says:

        Well, I don't think they are doing it so much to /please/ those who haven't read the books, but more of a "this is why they aren't in Narnia…. idk…just my thought. 😉

      • always narnian • loyal fan of C.S. Lewis says:

        Hmmmm I'm not sure about that, because Aslan already told Susan and Peter they could not come back to Narnia!

      • Aunt Letty says:

        Movies are visual. Books are linguistic. Lewis could TELL us what Peter and Susan are doing in the beginning of the story, the movie has to SHOW us. So, naturally, if they're following the book, they have to have Peter and Susan appear briefly, just as they "appear" briefly in the book. The only other way to stay faithful to the book would be to insert a voice-over with Lewis' own words explaining what Peter and Susan are doing. Kinda corny, right?

  28. Theo says:

    Hi to all my fellow Narnian fans!!! I am so excited for VOTD I can not wait, I think about it everyday!!! when will the trailer arrive!?!?!?! 🙂 Anyway on my youtube channel I have done a breif review of a really nice collection I have of the Narnia books…. would love for fellow Narnia fans to swing by.. and discuss with me!!
    Long Live Aslan!! 😉

  29. -centaur- says:

    Wow…it all looks great. Ramandu's daughter looks perfect, Caspians beard is a nice touch, Lucy has a bit too much makeup on, though…
    Does anyone think Susan looks paler in this than in PC? Her lips are a lot redder too, and in LWW, the description of Jadis was that her face was white, except for her very red lips. The producers might be trying to show her "going wrong".
    Note the model of Reep below the poster. He certainly seems to be the mascot for VoDT.

    • Austra says:

      That is exactly how I feel! And that is a very good sum-up of everything I am thinking, as of now. Very good.

  30. Eltis says:

    Just a question why does Ed have Peter's sword?

    • edmund rox says:

      who knows?!!?

      • Talvi says:

        What annoys me most about that is that they just photoshopped it in… why?? His own sword would be perfectly satisfactory. Or just use another picture please! *grumbles*
        To give some support to my incessant grumbling, you can see in the hi-rez pictures that it's clearly photoshopped in. He's not holding it, unless he's using the Force or something. *sarcasm*
        And in the big poster at Cannes, it's the same exact pic, 'cept he's holding the blade. wtf. Not particularly pleased with that…
        lol. I always find something to grumble about. xD *tries to be objective* Maybe… maybe they have Edmund holding Peter's sword to show that he's stepping up, stepping out of the High King's shadow and taking his place. Maybe that's why they have Ed's pic right above Peter's, and much bigger and clearer… *shrugs*
        Or I'm over-analyzing, as usual. xD

    • always narnian says:

      You know I don't think it's photoshopped in, because in all the pictures I've seen (check the narniaweb costume site) Edmund always has Peter's sword at his side. Not to mention Caspian was holding it in one picture. Remember how Peter gave it to Caspian? Or remember how they had the royal treasuary aboard because Lucy gets her cordial? I'm simply not happy about him having Rhindon- I was a fan of Edmund's own sword! But I think thats what they're doing. Right after we saw PC me and my siblings said "They probably just made Peter do that so his sword could be in the next movie!"

  31. Ms. Polly says:

    Ok that better not be the White Witch AGAIN!!! Why is she in there? She's DEAD! Is this really a movie promotional thing or just a fanmade poster? I'm having a hard time believing this….Susan AND Peter are in there too?!?!? I mean, seriously, a short appearance might be suitable, but it is time to let them go……And Aslan looks like a drawing…Oh darn, where are they taking this movie?!?!? Is anyone else as concerned as I am??? Oh no!!!!!

    • QueenLucy12 says:

      uh no not really i just know that the movie is going to b Gr8!!! how dare you insult Aslan!!!! like i said I am fine with them only making a breif appearance.

      • Ms. Polly says:

        I'm not insulting Aslan. I'm pointing out the bad job that the "artist" did, and the disrespect it is going to cause Aslan, and, not to mention, the rest of Narnia. But I guess I can't do anything about you being ok with it and settling for this crap….its your opinion, to each his own…

      • edmund rox says:

        yeah if you're going to make a movie based on a book, THEN BASE IT OFF THE BOOK!!!!!! 🙂

      • QueenLucy12 says:

        you know we have not seen the movie, so we should know that pictures can be different from the movie. I would say that it isn't "crap". there is nothing we can do about it. @edmund rox I hope it is going to be so close to the book, that would be One of best thing that needs to happen to this movie.

    • NarniaNerd says:

      Don't be too worried! It's just the cardboard stand. Remember the LWW poster? It had that image of Peter, Susan, and Lucy climbing up a cliff or something. And that wasn't in the movie at all. And remember how made up Susan looked on the PC posters? I was so taken aback by her dark makeup and WHOOOSH hair, but in the movie she didn't really look like that.
      Anyway, just wanted to encourage you not to be too scared just yet! 🙂 For one, the Witch is only appearing in a dream sequence for a short period of time. And two, Peter and Susan appear to be in English clothing, so we can safely assume they're not in the movie overly much. Not to mention they weren't in ANY of the spy videos or pictures.
      Anyway, I hope that cheers everybody up a little. 🙂

      • NarniaNerd says:

        They probably put Peter and Su on the poster to attract Non-Narnia-Geek viewers. Or whatever. *rolls eyes* I'm sure they have a reason, however dumb a reason it may be.

    • Queen Emily of Narnia!! says:

      You know what you're saying is rubbish! You're totally insulting Narnia by saying stuff like that. It looks so amazing and the fact that the white witch, Susan and peter are on the poster means that they have been important in the past and so want to put them in again!!! and anyway they are brilliant so what's the problem!People are getting annoyed by your comment so next time if you're going to critisize, keep it to yourself, Jesus!

      • NarniaNerd says:

        Don't get fed up with Ms. Polly. She can state her opinion (there are, in fact lots of people who agree with her. I personally, don't agree, but I'm not getting my panties in wad about it). If people are getting annoyed, that is silly.

      • Queen Emily of Narnia!! says:

        it's not that you get annoyed it's that people don't like the film to be critisized and i'm just answering to her question, it wasn't in a horrible way 🙂

  32. Maggie says:

    Did anyone else notice how much more "real" they're going on the look of the creatures? Aslan looks much grander and closer, somehow, to some of the book's illustrations. Reepicheep looks less like a cartoon. A small thing, but a good sign, methinks.

  33. NarniaNerd says:

    Hmm…I was thinking. In my own imagination, Susan didn't really turn worldly until later. I don't think she became petty and selfish in just one year. I think the change was gradual. After all, a lot of time elapses between Prince Caspian and The Last Battle (in our world). Just a thought. I'm just saying it would greatly annoy me if they made her all haughty and nasty in this movie. She's only supposed to be fourteen or fifteen, isn't she? Whereas in The Last Battle, she is in her early twenties.
    Anyway, that's really the only thing I'm super-worried about. Susan's not THAT heartless, I don't believe. Maybe she is, but I've never imagined her turning from Narnia only a year after she last left it. By The Last Battle, it has been years since she visited Narnia (which of course, doesn't excuse her self-absorption or disbelief, but it does make it a little more understandable).
    I don't know if all that made sense, but I hope it did. 🙂

    • Aslan's Meadow says:

      NarniaNerd, maybe they would be trying to keep the "sad" theme going. In PC, only a year had went by and Susan was already trying to convince them that "they live in their world". I would have liked Susan to stay faithful longer….but maybe the movie makers are just trying to pull Susan away from us again…..:(

      • NarniaNerd says:

        I would have liked her to stay faithful longer too, but you're probably right. 🙁

    • Maggie says:

      The _simple_ thing to assume is that this picture of Susan is from when Lucy is looking through the Dufflepud-wizard's enchanted book. Remember when she sees Susan looking all beautiful and jealously wishes a similar vision of herself? Susan's probably not "in" the movie at all – just in that part.

      • edmund rox says:

        Umm… I don't think Susan ever really belived in Narnia or Aslan at all. I think she just went along with all of it. She wasn't a true believer.

    • always narnian says:

      Hmm…I am not so sure about that. Because Susan was somewhat of the "unbelieving, realistic" type I think once Aslan told her she was never to come back to Narnia, she was just sorta like "whatever then" and just began to live the way she wanted to anyways. There was no genuine belief as it was, so why not change in that amount of time?

      • NarniaNerd says:

        The Chronicles of Narnia leave a lot of room for you to fill in with your imagination. In MY OWN IMAGINATION, this is how I have always imagined Susan (since I was eight years old and I met her for the first time). You guys can imagine whatever you want! 🙂 That's just my take on things. Thanks for the input though.

  34. Ms. Polly says:


    Ok…so first you get riled up at me for "insulting Aslan" and then you say its not Aslan so I should relax. Talk about change of opinion.

    • QueenLucy12 says:

      I was just playing with the insulting Aslan! I wasnt trying to make it sound I got riled up, my bad. I don't know how many times I have looked back on the thing that i wrote. looked at it maybe 10times! *looks back again* whats so wrong?, we havent seen it, we just now are getting pictures this month,and your making trouble.And So what people change their Opinions all the time. the last page before this one I said that aslan Kinda looked in the pic like bbc version. so the thing Im saying, Its Not crap at All.

    • RuralNarniaFan says:

      Please take it to PMs or let it go.

  35. King_Cor_the_Great says:

    I have made some very good observation as the picture of Susan and Peter in the new cardboard stand. People say that Peter's is from when he left the tunnel in the beach (PC) but if you notice the ties are different. And others say Susan's is from the farewell scene when there are many differences. One, yes the hair is just as curly but the top of her head is different. Two, you can see there's big white buttons but like pearls and a black flower. Both of which do not appear on her farewell dress. Thought that should get some clarification.

    • NarniaNerd says:

      I don't think anybody thought that. Peter's suit is pretty obviosly not his school uniform (unless you're somebody who never pays attention to costumes). And it's NOT NOT NOT Susan's farewell dress. The shoulders are bare on her farewell dress. And it's not her farewell haristyle either. In the farewell scene, her hair was in tighter curls, and yes, the top was different as it was parted on the side with one strand on each side pulled to the back. Anyway, it's a good observation. 🙂 I'm just expounding on what you said. Anybody who thought that was her farewell dress, or that Peter's suit was his school uniform doesn't know the first thing about the Narnia costumes.

  36. Fledge1 says:

    I really like it. All of it. True some of it does seem to stray from the book, but name one movie that follows the book to a T! Over all I am impressed. Cant wait. I do like to read the over analyzing of it all though. I learn alot!

    • Starlily says:

      Have you paid a visit to the forum yet? You'll find even more over-analyzing there! 🙂

  37. Queen Emily of Narnia!! says:

    The poster looks amazing… It kinda makes me want to cry because I'm so looking forward to seeing the film. It makes me sad that Narnia isn't more popular but I'm really glad the Narniaweb has got so many fans. I've made four of my best friends watch the films and now the're totally obsessed with them so I'm really glad…:)

  38. edmund rox says:

    That's why Edmund rocks… hence the name 🙂

  39. Buzlikab says:

    I went to the movies and i saw this and almost screamed and my friend tod me to calm down and order popcorn. 🙂 very happy susan and peter are on it! 🙂

  40. elanor says:


  41. Waleed Sajjad Khan says:

    c'mon, plz more news?

  42. always narnian • loyal C.S. Lewis fan says:

    yeah I'd like more news!

  43. Narnia 3 says:

    Caspian looks like Prince of Persia 😀

    Lucy looks beautiful, so does Susan. But which costume does she wears? Is she and Peter going to reappear? What about White Witch?

    Cool poster!!!

  44. sam says:

    im freak'n excited!!

  45. xavier taylor says:

    i like freerealms to but not as much at all

  46. mita says:

    bagaimana ya caranya untuk nonton langsung film2 narnia lewat website?tanpa loading yang lama?
    saya tidak mau repot2 beli/sewa cd

  47. Katana says:

    good photo's, they all look very……..queer

  48. EmaOfCair says:

    Have any of you ever seen the new BBC version of Jane Eyre?
    (the one with Georgie as young Jane Eyre?) well the picture of Susan makes me think of the older version of Jane Eyre…
    Dont you think so?

  49. georgiefan1 says:

    why are Peter and Susan on it?!?!