Narnia in the Top 3 Fantasy Worlds to Visit

Narnia took third place in a recent poll asking which fantasy worlds people would like to visit most. First place went to Pandora, the world in the recent movie Avatar, and second place went to Hogwarts in Harry Potter. You can see the remainder of the top 10 fantasy worlds people wanted to visit here.

154 Responses

  1. Puddleglum says:

    Just out of curiosity,
    Has anyone a way of contacting Warwik Davis?
    I would think that if anyone were an authority on the subject( from an actore's point of view ), it would be he.
    Think about it, he played The title character in "Willow".
    He played the "original" Reepacheap, in the BBC's Prince Caspian, as well as VODT. Then Glimfeather in The Silver Chair.
    I believe he also played a "giant-dwarf" in "Gulliver's Travels". Then a leprican in a movie of the same name.
    Finally the role of Nicabrik in Prince Caspian.
    I would say, give the fellow a call.

  2. Puddleglum says:

    Oh yes. I almost forgot he also played the little fuzzy fellow from "The Return of the Jedi".
    I do believe that covers Mr. Davis's credentials. Please feel free to add to them anyone.

  3. Jeditrojan says:

    Long live dessert! 🙂 My choices would have been 1. Narnia 2. Coruscant (from star wars) 3. Kashyyyk (Star Wars) and 4. Naboo (Also from Star Wars:-)

  4. Omac the centaur says:

    he played in a lot off things. on his wiki page at the bottom there is a list of movies. he also played yoda and somthing in harry potter, evan though i dont care 4 the movie.

  5. Omac the centaur says:

    oh yeah. O.O

  6. Omac the centaur says:

    thats 9.

  7. QueenLucy12 says:

    avatar is alright. not as good as narnia i'll tell you. lots of cuss words, weird clothes, and worshiping a tree. :/

  8. Puddleglum says:

    That's the biggest difference.
    While they pray to a created thing, we look to the Creatore.

  9. Omac the centaur says:

    true indeed.

  10. Omac the centaur says:

    haha u like star wars i c. me to. however, puddleglum had a good point: why would they be fighting in the first place? (the stars)

  11. Puddleglum says:

    I though he was played by Fozzy Bear.

  12. Puddleglum says:

    Seven, eight, nine,,,,

    Now I have to take my boots off again!

  13. Omac the centaur says:

    i think he was just a stand-in. on the phantom menace where Yoda tells Obi he can train the future darth vador.

  14. ALYSSA says:

    I hate it i hate that movie narnia is gayy, we had to watch it in English and do 5 assignments on it!!!

  15. Omac the centaur says:

    remembering ur youth?

  16. Omac the centaur says:

    narnia is not gay. if u hate it than why r u on a narnia website?

  17. Puddleglum says:

    Makes counting easier.

  18. Puddleglum says:

    I guess I will have to watch that part again with the young wiggle. (Embarrassed to admit he enjoys that series.)

  19. Omac the centaur says:

    it is fine, i enjoy it myself.

  20. Omac the centaur says:

    oh i c.

  21. QueenLucy12 says:

    O My Gosh!! Narnia Is SOOO Not gay! where did you get that from!???

  22. Puddleglum says:

    Just remembered.
    Mr. Davis was in "The Phantom Menace" as well. Bit part really. He was one of the fans cheering on you Anakin during the pod race.
    Not sure but he might also have played a young version of the race that "Greedo" fellow from the original movie. You know, the poor guy who Han Solo fried in the cantina.

  23. Puddleglum says:

    Now hold on a moment.
    What do you mean by "gay"?
    Now if you are refferring to the original meaning, simply put happy, joyful, etc. I must aggree.
    But if you are meaning some derogatory slang, I must dissagree.
    I can only hope that the message in the story is a seed that will in time germinate.

  24. Puddleglum says:

    I was hoping you would get the bear reference.
    Frank Oz, the voice for Fozzie, (I must correct my spelling) was also the puppiteer, and voice for Yoda in the original series.

  25. Puddleglum says:

    Hate is a bitter pill.

  26. Puddleglum says:

    I looked up the reference to wiki.
    His Yoda was a "walking" part.

  27. High Queen Emily the Valiant says:

    What are you saying? Narnia is sooooooo not gay!!! Omac the centaur definetely has a point why are you on a Narnia fansite?

  28. dominiclovesnarnia says:


  29. NarniaQueen411 says:

    I'd like to go there because its unsafe! – totally different from everything that i've ever done.
    and I know that i could probably just sick around the good guys anyway – so i'd have back-up if something happened 😉

  30. Casue says:

    her is my top ten-

    1.) Narnia
    2.) The Realms (from Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty)
    3.) The Shire (lord of the rings)
    4.) Wonderland
    5.) Pandora
    6.) Puddingworld
    7.) Dairyworld
    8.) Naboo (star wars)
    9.) Fairyworld
    10.) the magic place in Spiderwick Chronicles( dont know what it's called)

  31. Casue says:

    if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all.

  32. Casue says:

    Especially when you're on a fansite 4 the very thing you just called gay…..makes no sense.

  33. GeorgeG18 says:

    For me:
    1. Hogwarts (that includes Hogsmeade too) 😉
    2. Narnia
    3. Middle-Earth
    I love the three series very much!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    I'd love to visit Pandora too, but i don't want to be with a mask on my face…

  34. Timo says:

    Long live King Timo!