Warwick Davis Reads From Autobiography

In Warwick Davis’ (Nikabrik) upcoming autobiography, Size Matters Not, he tells a funny story how he came to be known as “Tickabrick” on the set of Prince Caspian in the Czech Republic. You can now watch an amusing video where he reads the excerpt by a fire. View it here. The book releases later this month. Thanks to James for the link.

24 Responses

  1. K says:

    haha that was funny. he has a dynamic reading voice. 🙂

  2. littlgriz says:

    lolthat wase wonderful

  3. Aslan's Meadow says:

    I wonder if the book will be any good?

  4. Death Water says:

    He is so good at reading!! I wonder if the whole book is about Narnia? That would be so cool, i would so buy it!!

  5. LL says:

    Lime disease…also known as "tick-born" menin-jhgkrfasgpnkushin-itis.
    His laugh at the beginning threw me off a bit…LOL

  6. LL says:

    Whoops…I mean "LYME" disease.

  7. Aravis & Hwin says:

    Yeah, I wondered about that too. 😉 Is his whole book about Narnia?

  8. narnia365 says:

    lol, he was "fake laughing" so hard at the beginning, I couldn't even stop laughing! lol, I also like his impersonations of the doctor. So funny! Thanks James for reporting the video to us!

  9. glumPuddle says:

    No, it's about his whole career, which began with "Return of the Jedi."

  10. coracle says:

    WARNING – not all this material is totally 'polite'! You could argue that it's not 'family-friendly'. The location of the problem tick is the part of Warwick that he sits on, known in USA as one's a_ _ and in UK as one's b_ _!!
    There are politer words for it, but this tale of medical emergency excuses the unfortunate nudity and crudity.

  11. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    Warwick Davis has a great storyteller voice, doesn't he?

    Is that warning really necessary?

  12. Hehe, sounds funny but my computer won't let me see it. Drat.

  13. Well it was nice of her/him to give the warning, just in case there was younger kids on here.

  14. Anna's Sister says:

    His laugh in the beginning is so funny! I'm glad we don't have Deere ticks in Iowa cause every time you go outside you usually end up with a tick on you.

  15. Oh man *shudders* I couldn't live in Iowa. 🙂

  16. Liberty Hoffman says:

    awesome! love it! 😀

  17. Liberty Hoffman says:

    me either 😛

  18. HighQueenofNarnia says:

    Too bad I have no time to listen to it. 🙁 I keep almost having time and then not having time! But I really want to hear the story! QUOTE FROM SOME RANDOM BONUS MATERIAL ON PC:
    "Oh, yes, the ticks… it became sort of a running joke on set about how we have to do tick checks every night." ~Andrew Adamson
    "I heard that it was as big as a watermelon. Is that true?" ~A Narnia Extra, speaking to Warwick
    "I think- I think possibly even bigger, actually." ~Warwick Davis as Nikabrik

  19. Puddleglum says:

    For those who have the misfortune of living in areas with the dreaded deer tick I would like to add some advise gained from the Boy Scouts of America.
    Take some of the old brand Listeren. The kind that you have to force yourself to use. Put it in a spray bottle set on "mist". Then spray your legs,and feet when entering a heavily weeded area.
    I have personally found that tics are very adverse to this.
    Mosquitos also seem to avoid it, but as it dries you need to re-apply.

  20. I just can't stand snakes (none posienous ones I don't mind to much but posienouns ones YUCK)

  21. Puddleglum says:

    I recall my days as a young wiggle.
    My brothers and I would naturally be very active running about. That is, until our parents reminded us that was too exitable a thing for Marsh-Wiggles to do.
    Anyway, my younger bropther would eventually have to shed his outer clothing, and we would have to "pick-the-ticks".
    Ibelieve the record was sixteen one night.

  22. Omac the centaur says:

    @, um, really, big, name: and there our paths part. (I love snakes) 🙂

  23. Omac the centaur says:

    same in Arkansas. Lots of ticks. U get used to them though.

  24. Puddleglum says:

    Do you have to deal with the deer ticks there?
    In the Scouting that the Sons of Adam are involved with in Minnesota they admonish the young before camping to always be on the alert.
    I also understand that the mosquitos are quite large, and aggressive, known to carry off unwary cubs.