Dawn Treader Trailer Screen Caps

Below you will find hi-res screen captures from every scene in the trailer so that you can pore over every minute detail. Hopefully, these will soon be replaced with even better quality captures!

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  1. Emily says:

    when i saw this trailer in theaters, i almost cried. it seems like it's been forever since the last film! i can't wait!!
    oh and can someone tell me how old lucy and edmund are supposed to be?

    • Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

      Well, when they were filming, I know Skandar Keynes(Edmund)was 17 turning 18, and Georgie Henley (Lucy) was 14.

  2. Ian says:

    You know what I became a Christian because of Narnia-when I saw the BBC version when I was 5 and been a fan since and read the books. Now I'm 17 and after seen what the film makers have done with LWW & PC. I've lost some faith in their direction, but I'm willing to put it aside and give them one last chance. But honestly I'm looking more looking forward to seeing Eclipse–and I'm a guy! You think this makes me less a fan?

    • Mrulockia says:

      Well, since Eclipse is being released this month, while VotDT has six more to go, it's only natural to be more excited for the one nearer to it's release date. :/

    • tolkienlewisfan says:

      Eclipse??? You're killin me bro.

    • Bethany Weathers says:

      I'm with you. But I'm a girl. 🙂 I'm not saying VDT doesn't look good, because it does, but Eclipse just is more my kind of movie. Plus, I love Edward lol.

      • swordwhale says:

        The difference is: Lewis understands Myth. He understands The Hero Journey. He knows Fantasy and how it can take you out of the Mundane and into the Magical. How it can carry you below the glimmering surface of the world to deeper meanings and understandings. The filmakers interpret this great work through their own lenses and minds and experiences, but they have given us a great translation of a great tale. Romances are all well and good, but simply sticking a few vampires in a romance does not make it Fantasy, Myth, or a Hero Journey with depth.

      • true-narnian_queen says:

        you are crazy!!!! twilight!!! are you kidding me!!! i saw the first one and hated it!!! VDT IS GOING TO BETTER THAN ANY TWILIGHT MOVIE EVER TO COME OUT!!!!!!

      • true-narnian_queen says:

        oh yeah and swordwhale i 100% agree, Twilight does not even touch what fantasy is! Twilight is not what fantasy is, it will never compare to Narnia!!

      • Narnia-Fan1 says:

        Of course the twilight saga isn't fantasy! it's a boring, bad-made and sucking story! Narnia is way better and VDT's gonna kick Eclipse out!!!

      • Jill Pole says:

        Why would you want to see eclipse? Full of everything that stands for evil? Whenever I think about it, I cringe. We are supposed to focus on things pure and lovely . . . not things that break you down like blood-sucking creatures whom you hopelessly fall for and somehow you know it's the best way ever. i just hate seeing young beautiful men and women get transformed into . . . augh, it's horrible. Please, I don't want that to happen to you . . .
        And no, I'm not some high-nagging perfect parent. I'm quite nearly a child, actually. That's why it hurts to see kids your age get pulled out of the light and get turned into monsters . . . inside, though you may not physically see it. I don't want to go over board, it just hurts and I don't want anyone to get hurt. You're most likely thinking that I already have.

      • Ellen says:


      • again, I totally agree with ellen…also with Jill Pole…

    • Randy says:

      I actually thought the lion the witch followed the book perfectly there as nothing added or changed to me but in prince caspian they left some things out and added things that didnt need to be ther like caspian and susan liking each other and the tree at the end but i like the tree better than the two sticks twind together

    • Scarlett Fury says:

      I just saw Eclipse and it was awesome!!!! The Twilight films only get better with each one that comes out. I love Narnia but Eclipse is incredble.

    • I'm with u! i don't like twilight at all! We are more Narniafreaks than twilight fans. but i like your honestly and I don't blame u at all.

  3. Valeria says:

    Love the trailer, it's pretty cool, and I think they made a good job in this movie, but the 3d thing i'm not that excited, everybody is doing it and i don't think that's a good idea, but two thumbs up for the trailer.

    • Bethany Weathers says:

      More movies are being made into 3D now because it makes it harder to pirate or bootleg. It's a security thing.

      • swordwhale says:

        Interesting. I think it's just become the latest greatest craze. Many films are great in 3D; Avatar, UP, and How to Train Your Dragon had a lot of aerial footage, flying, use of the kind of 3 dimensional space we don't think of as ground dwellers. Some "enhnacements" should be left alone: Clash of the Titanicly Bad 3D would have been better left as 2D, or just filmed with a proper 3D camera (the after the fact computer generated 3D was fuzzy, had shadow images and was generally awful).

        A sea voyage happens in a space which shrinks to the hundred feet or so of deck you occupy…and expands to the whole round horizon; you move in the center of a circle of sea and sky, paying great attention to the shapes of things (especially weather) on the horizon. Being underwater is exactly like flying. Both spaces make for a great 3D film. Hope it lives up to that promise.

  4. kingTirian says:

    the trailer kinda gave me an impression that it dawned on to a younger audience….unlike PC< that trailer was stunning and amzing..the LWW trailer was astounding…this trailer sounds good, but needs a little more..other than that….2 thumbs and 2 toes up!

  5. High Queen Emily the Valiant says:

    I have saved nearly all of the photos the're wicked

  6. Johana says:

    It looks okay, but Lucy looks too old. I don't think that they really caught the essance of Narnia in the new movie:-(

  7. tolkienlewisfan says:

    Its too bad they didn't show the sea serpent…that one of the sequences I am most excited for.

  8. Aunt Letty says:

    Ok, I just had an idea about both Edmund's glowing blue version of Peter's sword, and the shot of Lucy with Susan's bow and quiver:

    So, probably Lucy is shooting at the sea-serpent. That was the first thing the voyagers tried to do to protect themselves, when they realized what they had run afoul of.

    And, maybe Ed is feeling like he deserves to be high king now, with Peter barred from Narnia, and he draws the High King's sword, and it's glowing because he's not supposed to use it pridefully, and that's part of his test?

    Well, ok, it was just a thought.

    I'm not saying I hope that's how it turns out, but it sort of fits with the "I'm a king" line of Edmund's, in the trailer. That line that so many took exception to. Doesn't really fit with the story as it is written, but then, like Peter in PC, Edmund's role in VDT is more as a sort of endorsement and supporter to Caspian and, after Eustace's transformation, to Eustace as well. Actually, Ed's more of a passenger/sightseer in VDT than an adventurer. It's not really his story. It's Eustace's and Caspian's and to some extent, Reepicheep's. I can see why the screenplay writers would be looking for a character journey for Edmund.

    • Starlily says:

      That's an interesting theory, Aunt Letty. But I'm more inclined to think the glowing sword has something to do with the "seven swords" thing, or maybe it's a nightmare on the Dark Island. Of course we can't know for sure until we have more info.

      By the way, has anyone considered that that green smoke stuff curling around the ship might be the "malevolent mist" we heard about a while ago? I think there's a pretty good chance it is. But again we'll have to wait and see. 🙂

      • Marije says:

        How about the idea that Orks are coming? 😛 No, but, I'm quite curious about the movie, we will find it out when it's finally there!

  9. Narnia Girl says:

    Aunt Letty: that's quite an interesting theory! We'll have to see if you're right.

    Ok, so….sigh…I am very excited about the movie, don't get me wrong. But does anyone else feel like the essence of the story was completely lost in the trailer???
    For heavens sakes, Caspian didn't have a single line! and Eustace only had one. We saw no footage of the dragon, none of the sea serpent, and quite frankly, very little of the shown plot had nothing to do the actual book. I am curious to see what the shot of Anna (Susan) and Will (Peter) was about. Not that I'd be upset it the had a small appearance (at an appropriate time). I just didn't feel like what I saw was Narnia. Maybe I'm being too critical, I don't know. Will someone please tell me what they think about it?
    I will say this though, I very much liked the way they portrayed the picture coming to life!!! That was awsome! 🙂

    • son of adam says:

      "I just didn’t feel like what I saw was Narnia"

      I understand what you feel, I have this feeling too when I first saw this trailer, and then I tell myself should be optimistic.

      Because the director is different, and also different company. Just like harry Potter, since they change director from 3rd movie, it's feeling totally change. This is what I'm worried about. From the 1st time I heard Disney to gave up this series, I know it will be different. Different studio and different director…. and I'm worried about Fox company, from what i know, they always not that good in fantasy movies. Soundtrack composer has change. Actually, Andrew Adamson should continue direct all Narnia movie, because he did movie 1 & 2, only he knew how Narnia should be, just like LOTR, all direct by the same director, Peter Jackson, this is the different of change and not change director.

      Every person's thought are different, so it's hard to be same….

      I just hope Andrew Adamson will be back for The Silver Chair. For now what we can do is to be optimistic, let's hope VDT will be great.

  10. Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

    i'm trying to figure out how to get an avatar. http://nenuial.nippu.net/categories/Galadriel/dimonds.jpg

  11. Cassie says:

    I wonder why all four Pevensies are in the trailer. Peter and Susan are mentioned in the book as being under Professor Kirke's tutelage and traveling to America respectively. Therefore, they should not be in Narnian dress as they seem to be in the trailer. Also, when Lucy almost utters the 'beauty' spell in the book, she does so because she wants to be beautiful like Susan. Does it look like Anna Popplewell in the mirror in the book just before the roar? I think so… so I wonder what role she plays in this film?

    I hope they don't bring Peter and Susan back other than in the ways the book mentioned them. They were not in the book. Not that they have to stick strictly to the books for the movies to be good, but they do have to stick to the spirit of the books, which is about faith and love in Christ. To change that to suit Hollywood or anything secular is to ruin the movies. The first two were excellent. Let us hope any more Narnia movies are equally excellent!

    • Ellen says:


  12. HighQueenofNarnia says:

    I have no idea if this has any significance, but, at the end, in the mysterious location, Susan doesn't appear to be in the same place. The red pillar, or whatever it is, is on the right, while in Peter's, Lucy's, and Edmund's shots, this red pillar is on the left.

    • FanSince4thGrade says:

      it looks like, @ the very end, that aslan is roaring with a fiery (maybe cloudy) backround. If it is a fiery backround, that would mean that they might try to end narnia last battle style at the end of the silver sea. 🙁 such a sad deviation. i really hope they don't do that, but if they do, and if susan has, as the last battle says, grown up and thinks of narnia as a child's game of imagining, then she would go through the opposite side of the door from peter, edmund, and lucy as an unbeliever.

  13. Tim D says:

    More minotaur please! 😀 😀

  14. Mike says:

    I am looking forward to this movie, I hope Fox can bring the epic into the movies like they did with LOTR. Disney never really had faith in the movies and did not invest anywhere near what Fox is. The serpent and the dragon were probably not shown because they are still being rendered. The movie is in post production when all the cgi is done. Most of the scenes were simple scenes that required little to no cgi work. That being said, I can't wait until the movie hits theaters.

  15. Jamal says:

    What movies that follows series of books usually do is that if it has been a while since a last movie came out, they give just some rush trailer which is usually not the actually one. I am assuming they put some bits of the movie, but the last part was probably an add in which will not happen in the end as it would completely change everything in the movie. I am sure Susan/Anna and Peter/William will NOT be in the movie. I may be wrong, but this is more probable. All they wanted to do was to give something Narnian for the Narnian Lovers. It's all just a guess though.

  16. QueenLucy12 says:

    I love it! but Im sad that edmund wanted to go to war 🙁

  17. son of adam says:

    Fox do Eragon & Percy Jackson.

    • QueenLucy12 says:

      yeah, and eragon could of been AWESOME! they left out ALOT of stuff for eragon. Hope and Pray that doesnt happen to vdt!

  18. WE CAN'T WAIT! WE CAN'T WAIT! i just saved the pictures! WE CAN'T WAIT 2 see the movie in 3D! AHHHHHH! SORRY, IT IS JUST WE ARE WAITING!

  19. jonny vox says:

    I agree with someone earlier eluding the LWW and PC trailers were much more intense. I was truly hoping for the sea serpant and a dragon. Maybe that will be another trailer… Still definitely looking forward to it. I hope it does good because I love the Silver Chair!

  20. Gretel says:

    Oooh!! I think I'll really like the movie! It looks so bright and sunny! That would be one thing I did not like about Prince Caspian, it was so dark and unhappy. I do hope they'll follow the plot line of the book. PC just wasn't as good without all the happy scenes there were in the book.

  21. Erica says:

    I really really hope that VotDT will be as good as LWW and PC!!! I am very excited but The Horse and His Boy was actually one of my favorite books in the series….and I don't think it is right that they haven't gone back and made The Magician's Nephew either. I hope that VDW will be a successful movie so they will make The Silver Chair and The Last Battle!

  22. Cassie says:

    The reason for making LWW, PC, and VDT in that order is because some of the main characters are in each of those three books/movies. Actors age, and so it would be hard if they filmed LWW and PC only to go film MN or HHB and then return to VDT. They would either have to recast the Pevensies or try to get us to believe that 20 year old actors are 13 years old. I think that casting William for Peter was stretching it. In LWW, he was only supposed to be 12 years old. I don't think anyone believes that…

    Still, I think the movie franchise has been pretty good overall. It has made books meant for children accessible to fans of all ages while maintaining the message and heart of the series. I say this only having seen PC and LWW. My greatest fear is that the studios will eschew all Christian elements of the series in favor of pleasing a secular market. You can see evidence of this in PC when Susan (supposedly 12 in the books) kisses Caspian (supposedly 13 in the books) who were never romantically or even pre-romantically (ie a child's "crush") linked in the books. This addition was unnecessary and the only truly bad/awful part of PC. Any changes to the main storyline/character development/message behind VDT, HHB, MN, SC, or especially LB, would be horrendous! I sincerely hope VDT is as good as the previous movies. I always get antsy when secular Hollywood adapts a Christian story.

  23. Austra says:

    Wow! This is all pretty cool! I like it a lot- I only have a few problems with it, but they might be mere suspicions. I think it was very well-made and well put together, except that when the painting starts to come to life, Lucy just says, "Edmund the painting." without any emotion or anything, and then it looks like they're actually trying to HELP Eustace pull it off the wall! Anyway, the rest was very good, except that I didn't really like how Lilliandil (I'll call her by her new name) said that the fate of Narnia depended on them. I mean, it's all very nice and makes for a popular movie, but it isn't really either true, because Narnia wasn't in any kind of danger or anything. However, I do like it, and I do think it was well-made, and I do think that I will enjoy it! But my opinion about the suspicions of there being Lucian is that I can't believe that they would be feather-brained enough to do that. If they do (which I doubt, or at least, hope they won't!), then I won't enjoy this movie at all, but from the way things are going, I'm looking forward to a very well-made, enjoyable movie this December. Sail on VDT!

  24. nothing's better than NARNIA says:

    The trailer's superb! i can't wait 2 c the movie!

  25. loverforben says:

    Wow this looks wicked Cool!

  26. Austra says:

    One other thing- I have just a little (or maybe not so little!) problem with the way Edmund is acting at the beginning. I mean, he's acting like a five-year-old (e.i.- "Squirt! I'm a KING!"). Maybe this is just uncalled-for anxiety, but I think a real King of Narnia wouldn't act so immature. I mean, seriously, why on earth does he want to go to war at all!? Anyway, I DO like the way the movie is coming along so far.

  27. Leolani says:


  28. just jill says:

    i don't know if i will like the new movie i like the other movies well enough but with the new director i may or may not like the new movie

  29. Lord of Cair Parevel and Emeror of the Lone Islands says:

    the trailer says andrew adamson is one of the producers

  30. kidrainenfina says:


  31. mita says:

    saya belum melihat filmnya karena belum beradar di indonesia

  32. Cithea says:

    I'm not even allowed to watch twilight and to be honest I don't even want to.

  33. liam says:

    how can you simply say twilight is full of evil it also shows that people are not always what they seem as you would presume with vampires that they are evil but this films puts across the point that some people are not always as they appear twilight is good and lets be honest they didnt get dropped by one of there studios

  34. Caspian XI says:

    The director of twilight is just wasting his life and other people's lives turning them into vampires or werewolves. Narnia is WAAAAY better than all the twilight movies!! Narnia actually has MEANING to it! And I CANT wait for the VDT MOVIE!!!!!!!! =D I've been waiting FOREVER to see it!!