I don’t know how many people noticed this, but when you’re checking out the official website for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, if you change the size of your window, the background image will zoom in and out and allow you to see more or less of the image. As I run a dual-monitor setup, I had a lot of requests on the forum for screenshots of the pages (the character pages in particular) since I can get the screen so wide and details hiding behind the character descriptions become visible. Since there was so much interest in these screenshots, I thought I’d go ahead and upload them for everybody.

A couple notes on the images. Credit for the homepage screencap goes to starkat. I couldn’t quite get a good shot of that one.

Second, BenBarnesOnline managed to snag a copy of the background for the Drinian profile, so I uploaded that one as well, but credit for that find goes to them.

On the Edmund screencap, it’s clear that Fox didn’t quite finish photoshopping the words out of that picture, so that one is a bit odd.

And finally, on the Reepicheep screencap, you actually lose more of the picture by stretching it out, so I uploaded two copies of that one; one stretched out and one not.

UPDATE: Of course, after I upload these images, we’re linked copies of the background images of the character profiles. You can find them here, compliments of Telmar Pictures.

UPDATE June 30: also has these shots, including the Dawn Treader from the front page. You can see them here.

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  1. selma says:

    Owwww! Can't wait to watch this movie. And I do love Skandar Keynes. Yeah.. I've seen the Trailer in it's cool! Keep it up, Aslan!

  2. FrecklefaceJill says:

    Love the pics!


  3. Liliana♥ says:

    Yay! Thanks!
    Oh and I went to go watch Eclipse at midnight and they passed the Narnia trailer! Just incase anyone wants to catch it on the big screen again 😀

  4. GohandoMax says:

    It is almost ot childish looking to me…

  5. Prince Caspian XI says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks you guys!! =D

  6. Coalesce says:

    Wow… Just wow. The detail is amazing! I literally got chills when I saw the larger photos. I downloaded all of the photos from, and the Dawn Treader is now my desktop! I can't wait for the movie to come out!

  7. garucliff says:

    In Caspian's picture, the one where he is holding
    a crossbow, I think Rhindon is on his left hip.

  8. Sammie says:

    It is interesting you mention that. I was in the Wardrobe Door the other day, looking at the costume for Ramandu's daughter, and the shot with her, Ed, Lucy, and Caspian seems to have Caspian with Rhindon on his left hip, though I couldn't be sure.

  9. LazH says:

    This is hilarious because in the second picture I recognise two of the extras! The guy at the front second from the left with the dark curly hair was one of the guys who kept noticing us watching the extras tent and he appeared to be annoyed at all the people watching him through the fence! I have a video with him in it looking at us looking at him! Then there's 'Randy' the 'random' faun in the background. We actually spoke to that guy and he told us that he's sort of just been given the nickname 'randy' because he was an unnamed faun (mostly for stunts- he was a stuntman) so he had just been referred to as a 'random faun' which was shortened to Randy but whether or not they're actually going to credit him in the film as 'Randy' I'm not sure of- it doesn't sound like a very Roman name like the other fauns have…

  10. Starlily says:

    That's funny! It would be weird to see someone in real life, and then see them in a movie. Did you see anyone else connected with filming, or only those two extras?

  11. fantasia_kitty says:

    Huge Thanks to you Telmar Pictures!!!

  12. i agreed with liberty! those pictures are AWESOME!

  13. narnianheart says:

    omg!!! That is WAY cool!!!!!

  14. ArwinUndomiel says:

    @ Sam, lol, good thing you clarified. I was reading your post with what must have been an extremely puzzled face. lol

  15. Edmund-is-hot says:

    Wow, this is really awesome! 😀 But I noticed one thing. Is it just me or does anyone else thing they've made an error in editing around Edmund's head. I dunno, it just doesn't completely look the right shape….

  16. Edmund-is-hot says:


  17. CrazyTumnusLuver says:

    I thought they confronted the Dufflepuds on the beach?? Someone clarify please <.<

  18. always narnian says:

    Yes, but they are invisible at that moment.

  19. Not Of This World says:

    Well Kotarki, it dose sound like that picture is of the Island of the Duffers. By the landscape and the spears (it looks like that) in the ground. Lewis writes in the VDT that the Island had landscape and when the Narnians wanted to know if the invisible Duffers had weapons, he threw his spear so they could see their weapon. So I also think that it is the Island of the Duffers.

  20. I_LiVe_iN_NarNia:P says:

    Ummm it does look a bit strange :/ Maybe it's because his hair's different?

  21. Starlily says:

    Also, remember that the movie is changing things around quite a bit. Maybe they decided that it would be more visually interesting for the characters to meet the Dufflepuds in the magician's garden. It might be kinda cool, but we'll have to wait and find out.

  22. Neat, Lucy looks pretty

  23. I noticed that too, it looks like someone hit him on the side of the head.

  24. narniafan4ever ♥ says:

    I imagined the island with the dufflepuds to be a spacious green place…kinda like the Shire in Lord of the Rings…only an island…lol

  25. Lord of Cair Parevel and Emeror of the Lone Islands says:

    If you look around the feet of the crew you can see spears that the dufflepuds threw.

  26. Lord of Cair Parevel and Emperor of the Lone Islands says:

    I put one of the pictures as my desktop.

  27. Lord of Cair Parevel and Emperor of the Lone Islands says:

    I wonder were that setting is.

  28. Braydon says:

    This movie disgusts me
    C.S. Lewis was a heretic
    All of his books are packed with satanism

  29. LazH says:

    yes, I saw Shane Rangi and we got to speak to him. I apparently was the only person there that actually knew who he was, because everybody else there was asking him why he was in a gorilla suit! I told him that his scene where Asterius was holding up the gate in prince caspian was one of my favourites in both the narnia movies and he seemed touched! I also got to high five a stunt dwarf. They were the ones who came over to talked to us because they felt sorry for us watching behind a gate all day! Lots of production people were there too and they spoke to us. I also saw Skandar, Georgie and Will (but only for a second) and Howard Berger and Douglas Gresham. Then with my camera I could see the guy who plays Drinian and we were also right outside the Telmarine extras tent and this one telmarine called Hermann kept staring at us and talking to us (he was very strange) – then he started passing us bags of nuts throught the fence! I'll be looking for him when the movie comes out.

  30. Not Of This World says:

    Narnia is CHRISTIAN!!! Have you ever read the books?!? Are you saying that when Aslan dies on the Stone table for Edmund that that does not reprisent what Christ did for us and that is satanism? READ THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

  31. Amelia says:

    Interesting comment, Braydon. Growing up, I heard a lot of similar things and thought, for a long time, that the Narnia books/movies must be just so terrible and "how can Christians even read these?" etc. However, in the last couple years, I have started doing my own research and have finally read a couple of the books, and have realized all the criticisms I had heard (by people who I doubt had even read the books) had no basis at all. While I do not agree 100% with all of Lewis' theology, I do find many exciting and wonderful parallels to Christian truths and Bible accounts in the Chronicles of Narnia. I believe Lewis was a true Christian, and that his books reflect a true Christian worldview.

    Like "Not of This World", I encourage you to read the books, not with preconceived ideas to find fault, but just as Lewis meant his readers to read his books. Keep your Bible in hand and look for parallels, and see if you really do find things that are contrary to Scripture. I didn't find anything contrary to Scripture. I found an amazing story that sent me digging more into the Word and praising God for Who He is and what He's done!

  32. Starlily says:

    That's so cool! I like the Asterius scene too, and it's so sweet that you told Shane Rangi that you liked it! Haha, you got to high-five a dwarf and spy on Telmerines–I wish I was that lucky. And Herman…interesting. 😉 Maybe he was as fascinated with you as you were with film extras!

  33. Starlily says:

    I agree, Amelia. There are some things in the Chronicles of Narnia that I don't agree with, but there are so many wonderful truths in the books too! Whenever I read them I'm impressed by the messages of faith, redemption, overcoming temptation…I could go on and on. For example, in the Silver Chair the characters had to follow Aslan's instructions and have faith in him no matter what–that sounds like our walk with God, doesn't it? And in the Dawn Treader, when Eustace becomes a dragon because of his own selfishness, he has to let Aslan take his dragon skin off, instead of doing it himself. It's just like us trying to get rid of our sin, and then realizing we can't do it without God's help.
    So I think that even if C. S. Lewis had his flaws, he still had a strong faith in God. And I think the Narnia books reflect that faith.

    P.S. Braydon, if you hate the Narnia series so much, then why are you even on this website? Just wondering.

  34. redeemedqueen says:

    Thanks sooo much for uploading these! won't work for me 🙁

  35. I am a christain says:

    I do NOT agree with you! I have grown up with the books and my parents personally know the relitives of C. S. Lewis.
    They say that Lewis actually wrote the books to resemle the Bible. How Aslan died on the stone table it does resemle is the main theme of Narnia and how Edmund changed is like how a Christian changes from a life of sin and into a eternal life with Jesus. (Aslan is Jesus in this case)
    Ask any of the relitives of C. S. Lewis they will tell you the TRUTH.

  36. I am a christain says:

    I also LOVE the way that C. S. lewis wrote the books that way!

  37. I am a christain says:

    I agree with you that is my thoughts in words.

  38. Caspian says:

    …this is something that I just noticed, but the Lucy character page in this bunch of pictures has a little 'add on' at the end about the trainwreck that isn't in the current version of the character page on Eustace's is also a little different, and I think some of the others are too. Interesting.

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