Updates for VDT

For some time now, has been dormant, with only a logo and a cursor that made sparklies when you swirled it around the page. Well no more. has updated to coincide with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer release and it looks fabulous!

Some of the new features include the news (viewable on the official Facebook page), the Story tab, a Characters tab (including Caspian, Drinian, Reepicheep, Edmund, Eustace, and Lucy), and a Media tab (the new trailer). And there is clearly still more to come.

As a side note, for those who are curious, the weird text you’ll see in some places is called “lorem ipsum dolor text” and it’s used as filler for design purposes.

Check it out here!

18 Responses

  1. kingTirian says:

    woow…awesome!!! this is sea taking!!

  2. Liliana♥ says:

    So awesome! I can't stop watching the trailer! EEEpp I love Edmund! TOo much excitement I can't sleep 😀

  3. kingTirian says:

    weird the plot of the narnia website repeated 2 times..still….you can watch the trailer there and on youtube…awesome!

  4. ReepI says:

    kingTirian: They also stole the Character bios from wikiNarnia.

  5. Griffle says:

    Why are the character profiles written in past tense? That's really creepy.

  6. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    It's likely place-holder text, so they have something there until the real text is created.

  7. true-narnian_queen says:

    this is awsome!!!!!!!!!!! i could not sleep either!!!!

  8. Not Of This World says:

    Awesome!! That is so cool!

  9. QStheG says:

    There're new photos!!!!Caspian is so lovely)))

  10. Omac the centaur says:


  11. QueenAravis says:

    this is sooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!

  12. Silver the Wanderer says:

    And there are some major spoilers in there too…well, at least in Lucy's…weird!

  13. daughter of the King says:

    It still takes forever to load. But I'm glad that they're finally updating it.

  14. ArwinUndomiel says:

    They better market some!! Yahoo! movies doesn't evnen have their trailer on their website. Please market well!!!! I WANT NARNIA MOVIES TO CONTINUE!!!!

  15. wolfloversk says:

    They forgot Aslan! Other than that… Hooray!

  16. queen of cair paravel cair paravel says:

    can't wait till december

  17. Jerry says:

    What happened to Disney producing this third installment?

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