Interviews a Dufflepud

AslansCountry’s Cyclops had the opportunity to interview Ryctor who portrayed a dufflepud in the upcoming The Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The actor talks about his role and working with the rest of the cast.

Cy: What was it like performing with all the other actors- the dufflepuds, Skandar, Georgie, etc.

Ryctor: I really had a great time, we had a fantastic cast and crew, everyone seemed to work together with great enthusiasm. And to find out now its going to be in 3D is just awesome. I am really looking forward to seeing the final product.

You can read the full interview here.

Thanks to everyone who sent it in!

16 Responses

  1. Pepper Darcy says:

    aw! awesome! 🙂 CANNOT WAIT! 😀

  2. King_Cor_the_Great says:

    he doesn't give much. Fox needs to show some snipets

  3. Lutra's Pearl says:

    SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! Not really who i would have liked to hear from but an interview is an interview. Keep the story of Aslan alive.

  4. daughter of the King says:

    It was very interesting to hear about the effects used to create the Dufflepuds. And I liked the fact that his character had few lines. The Chief does all the talking in the book and the other Dufflepuds just agree with him. One question though, he refers to the Dufflepud Roy Billings played as the King Dufflepud. Why king? Is Ryctor mistaken, or is their a king rather than a chief?

  5. Waleed Sajjad Khan says:

    Not much, but at least we got new news!

  6. HighQueen_Of_LanternWaste says:

    Very interesting! I see he's playing some sort of comic relief.

  7. Starlily says:

    I'm glad they seem to be making the Dufflepuds comical like in the book. For some reason I was worried that in the movie they would be more serious and less cartoonish. I mean, I want them to be realistic and everything, but I like how the Dufflepuds were so quirky and funny in the book. I can't wait to see more of them, and try to spot Rycter in the mix!

  8. QueenLucy12 says:

    COOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! 😀

  9. Not Of This World says:


  10. I hope he's mistaken, A lot of actors are. Soo, his dufflepud's character's name is "Clumsy"? Wow. That would be funny if they were like the seven swarfs in Snow White. That's cool how they have to jump on a trampoline for the dufflepud's jumps. I wonder if they have to talk (record lines) while doing the stunts. Hopefully they put in the behind-the-scenes stuff on the DVD. 😉

  11. Mirima Rosetrader says:

    Awesome!!! Can't wait to see Ryctor in the movie! I can't wait to see the Dufflepuds! 😀 Long live Aslan and Sail on VDT!!!

  12. always narnian says:

    That is very interesting.

  13. Duffleglum says:

    Yeah! Prince Caspian seemed to have a less enthusiastic crew when they were making it.
    Glad Fox is behaving well 😀

  14. CoriaKing says:

    The thing that I'm kind of Ehh-ish about is when he says he just learned the movie will be in 3D. That means they probably didn't use 3d cameras, implying the 3-d is just a gimmick in this case. I really hope not.

  15. Kris says:

    I'm not really sure that his name is actually clumsy, it seemed more to me that he was saying the the dufflepud he is playing is a clumsy one. They did put clumsy in quotes though, so I'm not sure.

  16. Kris says:

    Hmm…thats a good point. I hope the 3D is up to par!