New Poster? Or Really Good Fan Art?

We were contacted a couple days ago about an apparent new poster and production art for the movie. At the time it was decided to not post it as we felt very strongly they were fan art posters and nothing more. However, since then, other sites have done stories on these posters and promotional photos, including some sites stating they’re official and we felt we needed to comment.

We still stand by our original feelings that these are NOT official, only fan-made. Take a look…

The most obvious reason we believe this to be fan-made is that the sail on the Dawn Treader is incomplete. Fox and Walden would never, EVER, release incomplete art on one of their posters. In fact, if you remember back when the Dawn Treader was being filmed at Cleveland Point, the sail was cut off at the exact same point, meaning the original photo probably came from there. Not only that, there is no Fox and Walden logo, no release date, and no big, bold 3D.

And the picture that seems to be confusing the most people… This picture of Aslan came from the Disney/Walden Facebook page for Prince Caspian. You can see the original photo in our gallery here.

Thus far Fox has sent all new posters and promotional images either straight to us or to the official website. So sorry Dawn Treader fans, nothing new from the production, just fan art (albeit very GOOD fan art).

Thanks to everybody who contacted us with this story!

UPDATE: We think we’ve found where the pictures originally came from. They’re being used as promotional images on both Italian and French Dawn Treader websites. (Example) So we admit that we were incorrect about it being fan-art and apologize for reporting so. As this is now the case, it’s likely that these images were sent out before they had completed the full design of the ship.

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  1. Tori Hanson says:

    its cool i think it looks better than the official one

  2. wowza says:

    the only reason this doesnt look proffesional is that its not HD, which is like IMPOSSILBLE!
    – u think this is average? u must be a GOD!!!!!