Moseley Makes Teen Choice Awards Appearance

NarniaWebber DiGoRyKiRkE let us know that William Moseley appeared on the Teen Choice Awards. He helped to announce the choice for female country artist. Taylor Swift took home the honors this year.

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  1. King_Cor_the_Great says:

    i just saw it!!!!!!!

  2. King_Cor_the_Great says:

    He was with Emma Roberts which is funny becuz they're going to be filming together this fall

  3. pselpevensie says:

    wish i had seen that!!!!!!!!!! is it on youtube anywhere?????

  4. Narnianchick says:

    he was also in a commercial for "stand up to cancer"

  5. Aslan's my homeboy says:

    I just saw him! I wasn't a big fan of his hair though haha

  6. eustacegirl says:

    i saw him and was so happy! and i am a fan of his hair! That was so cool he presented country music awards! wonder if he and emma are friends?

  7. Lady Allison says:

    Taylor Swift. No surprise there. I wish I could of seen it though. Was his hair the same as in the Cancer commercial?

  8. King_Cor_the_Great says:

    yea it was

  9. Aslan's Meadow says:

    Is there any YouTube link?

  10. QueenLucy12 says:

    Man! I wish I saw that! Yay Taylor!!!

  11. Waleed Sajjad Khan says:


  12. A_Narnian_Lullaby says:

    When was it on? And is there a good link of it up on youtube?

  13. Peepiceeka says:

    Everybody here is the link: William comes in at 2:20

  14. ah, (groaned) i miss it last night but my brother saw it!

  15. Buzlikab says:

    I screamed and started jumping up and down on my couch. then i fell off. i hit the floor pretty hard so now i have a bump on my head. But william's worth it!

  16. Aslan's Meadow says:

    I'm not a fan at all, He looked WAY better with his "Narnian" hair…lol

  17. Quinlin says:

    I think it's a nice change…. he has grown a lot since Narnia and so this new style makes him look more mature and therefore eligible for a variety of roles in films.

  18. Lucille Brown says:

    Not a fan of his hair either, a little too long.

  19. Not Of This World says:

    I honestly don't care about the Teen Choice Awards.

  20. Lucy the Valient says:

    His hair seems to look better in this shot then in the cancer commercial.

  21. bubblz says:

    dude love your name

  22. Ranger says:

    The hair!

  23. Yes, everyone, Will's hair is longer. He showcased the new look at the World Music Awards [Monte Carlo] in May.

    That Will and Emma Roberts appeared together confirms that 'A Great Education' will happen!

    I wrote a story on Will's recent TV and video appearances. Check it out here:

  24. Aslan's my Homeboy says:

    Hahaha thank you! You made my day 🙂

  25. narnian1 says:

    the stand up for cancer thing was already announced a few days ago actually here on Narniaweb.

  26. narnian1 says:

    what's the big deal of Will's hair? is it short? is it long? does it really matter?

  27. sillygoose says:

    Haha the hair makes William Moseley look like a man :p and not the teen we know and love in the narnia movies.

  28. NarnianForever says:

    haha when i saw will i jumped and screamed cause i was soo happy yet suprised and my family look at me wierd. <3
    personally i love his hair. Its a new him! haha

  29. MurtaghLuv says:

    he looks creepy. he definetly looks weird not as cute as he once was. but it makes him look more manly. cool

  30. narnian resident says:

    omg that is a cool name! i say that all the time you know. i go around saying "Aslan's my homeboy". haha cool 😀

  31. narnian resident says:

    i dont like his hair. i liked it better shorter. i guess you'd call it the "Narnia haircut". i love how he looks in the VDT trailer.

  32. narnian resident says:

    and you know, he looks really tan to me

  33. greekprincess189 says:

    Majorly geeky haircut! I used to think he was cute but his haircut ended that!

  34. Peepicheep says:

    Most of the people is in that were famous people so it wasn't just Will but others as well, what's the big deal? he doesn't even talk in it but thanks for posting it.

  35. My thoughts exactly narnian resident! He looks awesome in VDT! I don't agree with people saying that it makes him look manlier! What's wrong with people's tastes nowadays?! His new haircut doesn't go with his face & complexion. It would be better if he trimmed it a bit. It would look better if he was older & with a beard too. (maybe) Sheesh, why do haircuts affect men soooo much. Just look at Orlando Bloom (he has a gazillion hair styles. I memorized them all! Lol! Wouldn't be surprised if he got a new one.) and Ben Barnes!(he looks sooo much better & manlier as King Caspian!) ;P

  36. Em says:

    Ugh!!! Ewwww!!! Sickkkkkk! Grossness!!! HIS HAIR LOOKS HORRIFYING!!! CUT IT!!! OH, PLEASE!!!!!!!!! CUT IT WILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Liz says:

    In my opinion, William would look a LOT better bald than with this hideous hairdo. btw I wouldn't call it his "haircut". It's his hair-UNcut.

  38. QueenLucy12 says:

    (sry 4 the all caps! 🙂 )

  39. ha ha! That haircut is not really IN right now, at least in my opinion.

  40. Omac the centaur says:

    I think his hair looks good…

  41. Loyal Narnian says:

    No, that's not him! Is it? What has he done with his hair? He looks way different. Yikes! 🙁

  42. he should have a hair cut! and being himself again.

  43. Queen Susan the Gentle says:

    Good for him… but, uh, am I the only one who doesn't like his hair?

  44. Queen Susan the Gentle says:

    Update to my earlier comment: I agree with all of you on the fact that he REALLY needs a haircut… good he doesn't have that in the movie!