Narnia Weekend at the Maritime Museum in Cornwall


From 28-30 August, visitors will have the chance to climb aboard the Dawn Treader from the much loved Chronicles of Narnia stories. The ship is in fact the Matthew from Bristol, which will be transformed into the Dawn Treader, with its spectacular dragon’s head and tail. The ship is being used to promote the forth coming Hollywood blockbuster The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and the Maritime Museum is the only place on the south coast where the public will have the chance to climb on board.

Visitors can also make their own Reepicheep finger puppets, complete with golden earring; follow the trail around the Museum to find the hidden Narnian characters; and get a sneak-peek of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie before its release in December. Plus all children who dress-up as their favourite Narnian character will be entered into a fantastic prize draw for tickets to see the movie, courtesy of the Phoenix Cinema in Falmouth.

More information can be found on the National Maritime Museum Cornwall’s website here.

If you’re going, we’d love to have your full report!

Huge thanks to icarus for the heads up on this one!

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  1. LadyCourage says:

    Oh how much fun is THAT!!! Cool! I wish I was near there… lol

  2. Skandar is my man says:


  3. Arivas says:

    Okay…random, but did anyone else notice that in the movie THE LION THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE that Professor Diggory's tobacco case is in the shape of a SILVER APPLE?

  4. icarus says:

    I am sooooo going to that! It's a bit of a trek from London, but its sounds far too awesome an opportunity to miss out on – even if its only a fake Dawn Treader, it would still be an amazing chance to realise a childhood dream 🙂 Plus a sneak peak of the movie? As long as its not just the trailer again that sounds totally sweet too.

    Interestingly, the map of the journey for the Italian National Geographic competition seemingly takes the boat from Ilfracombe on the Northern coast of Cornwall, round to Falmouth on the South Coast where this event is then happening. Whether or not the French competition was for the same leg of the journey, or perhaps for a different leg, but i might imagine the boat is headed out from Bristol, round along the south coast and then up to London, maybe for the premiere if they are having it at the 02 again?

    That article did say it would be the only place on the "south" coast where the public would have the chance to board, which therefore wouldn't include The Thames, so maybe there might be another public boarding chance in London if/when they get that far – though i'm only guessing on that, it could turn around at Falmouth and head all the way back to Bristol.

  5. lalala says:

    I was on holiday in Cornwall, but I'm already back now. Such a shame, wish I could be there then!

  6. daughter of the King says:

    *wishes she could go*

  7. King_Cor_the_Great says:

    where is this?

  8. icarus says:

    The National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.

  9. Well, yes. I did…why do you ask?

  10. King_Cor_the_Great says:


  11. AJAiken says:

    Well, it's in the UK … but at the completely wrong end of it. 😛

  12. HighQueen_Of_LanternWaste says:

    How wonderful! Wish I could go

  13. aravis tarkeena says:

    I really hope there's some new footage at this event. Too bad I'm half way across the world.

  14. princeshasta-the-great says:

    I live in Cornwall (Falmouth is only around a 40 min drive, a lovely place to visit, the harbour is great) only trouble is I am busy that weekend………. oh the joy's…………

  15. QueenLucy12 says:

    people in england enjoy!!!! 🙂 i wonder what will be in AMERICA

  16. FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    Oh, that would be sweet! I know we could count on you to give a detailed report!

  17. always narnian says:

    😛 too bad it is in UK

  18. HighQueenofNarnia says:

    Well, that would be an awesome trip, but sadly I don't live within a hundred or even three thousand miles of the UK, let alone Cornwall.

  19. Starlily says:

    Yes, icarus, please please go and bring us back a report! You know we're dying for some news! (I won't even say how much I would like to go to the UK myself, but it's just not happening. 🙁 )

  20. Lucy says:

    What about fox releasing some of that 'sneak peek footage' to the internet? If you ask me, more people would have a chance to see it and get excited about the movie that way…but, no, they have to go all out with a boat and what not. It's still cool though. I hope the people who go there enjoy themselves and have a wonderful time. Provided, of course, that they send a spy report to tell us about any new clips they saw ASAP!

  21. pselpevensie says:

    why can't i live in england???????? my friend is visiting cornwall!!!!! lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. narnian resident says:

    man you know i secretly wished i lived in England, or New Zealand. its where i belong, since its where Narnia is mostly situated when you think of it, cuz it basically is a british film, and New Zealand is practically Narnia on earth. look at my name! im suppose to be in Narnia! its where i belong! *sigh*

  23. narnian resident says:

    i know. i feel neglected down here in Austin, Texas.

  24. Silver the Wanderer says:

    Lucky! So is this what they're doing with the Dawn Treader set? Strapping the dragon head and tail to other ships? Or is it some other head and tail? Either way, seeing the new footage should be awesome! Have a good time!

  25. Waleed Sajjad Khan says:

    *Sigh*. Why does NOTHING ever come near Chicago, IL?

  26. TumnusTheBrave says:

    nice i love footage 🙂

  27. Alambil says:

    I can sympathize here in Missouri

  28. You are soooooooooooooooo LUCKY, icarus! Hope you'll have a great time, and maybe take pictures for us when you do? Thanks! 😉

  29. No swearing.
    When I first read the subject, I thought it meant it was in Cornwall, Ontario. Ah, man. That would be closer than the UK. lol 🙁

  30. Just thought I should let you know that the "sneak peak" is just the trailer. Sorry! But if anything changes you'll be the first to know.

  31. Starlily says:

    Oh…that's too bad. 🙁 Oh well, we'll just have to be patient. That was nice of you to tell us, though.

  32. Destrier's Rider says:

    It's the same thing here in Idaho, and I can't even say that I've gotten to go to Narnia: the Exhibition. 🙁 Oh well, English people please takes TONS of pictures for us to enjoy and bring back a detailed report. Sail on, VDT!

  33. Reepicheep, Knight of Narnia says:

    That sounds so cool! I wish I could somehow go to England. *thinks very hard*

  34. Caspian says:

    Wait. Reep has a /gold earring/? What's up with that?

    Seriously though, I really wish I could go to this. Imagine being on board the Dawn Treader…even one that's really named the Mathew. *sigh* If you do make it, you lucky ones, we would die for spy reports…

  35. Of course he has a gold earring! It says so in the book, and he wears one in the movies!

  36. Aw, man. Oh, well, hopefully the UK NWebbers will take pics of the other stuff for us! 🙂

  37. Starlily says:

    Reep doesn't have a real EARring in the book. He just has a band of gold on his head that holds his feather on. I bet that's what the report is talking about. (Although he might look like a dashing pirate mouse with an earring. 😉 )

  38. TrueNarnianWithWill says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so going! You see, I am already in Cornwall that weekend so it is only about 45 minute drive form there and its the same weekend!!! You should go Icarus!

  39. Pepper Darcy says:

    DEFINATELY! AND A SNEAK PEAK?! AHHHH! I want a sneak peek!

  40. My first thought on the phrase 'sneak peek' was the teaser trailer. Thanks for confirming this.

  41. Manticore says:

    For sure…nothing cool/Narnian ever comes to Colorado. 🙁 Wish I had five hundred bucks to blow on a plane ride.

  42. Starlily says:

    You and me both, Manticore.

  43. How about to put it online virtual tour of that Maritime Museum and that would be more interesting. I wonder what is next after this Dawn of the Treader. It is Silver Chair movie? I would like your reply back

  44. SusanPevensie3 says:

    Not fair

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