The “Dawn Treader” Arrives in Padstow

Due to bad weather, the Matthew (AKA The Dawn Treader) was forced to make an unplanned stop in Padstow. But while there, the BBC News got a chance to interview the crew.

You can watch the interview on BBC’s website here.

The BBC website has also provided more information on Narnia Weekend this weekend at the Maritime Museum.

The Maritime Museum is the only place on the south coast where the public will have the chance to climb on board.
Sessions aboard the Dawn Treader run every half hour between the following times:
Saturday 28 August, 2pm-4.30pm
Sunday 29 August, 10.30am-4.30pm
Monday 30 August, 10.30am-4.30pm
Places limited. Please book on arrival. Contact the website for details:
National Maritime Museum Cornwall

24 Responses

  1. SavedByGrace says:

    Cool! Wish I could go…

  2. Griffle says:

    Sorry to say it but it looks like it's a really, really cheap looking replica of the Dawn Treader.

  3. narnia365 says:

    Yeah, same here.

  4. Shi of Narnia says:

    That would be fun to do. 🙂

  5. QueenLucy12 says:

    That is awesome! I wish I could go!

  6. NarniaNerd says:

    It very well may be a cheap replica. But we haven't seen any really good photos of it yet. So don't be such a wet blanket. 😉

  7. Not Of This World says:


  8. Wow, that's really wicked! It's too bad that the ship that was build to film on isn't able to sail. But, a replica close enough to this works for me! I know if I got to sail on it, I'd play pretend and think of myself actually in the Dawn Treader film hehe. Lovely update!

  9. ernesto says:

    esta mu bien que es el museo allá estados unidos y porque no hasen un museo allá en manzanillo eh eh

  10. boke_wyrm says:

    That's why when making a sea picture, you never go to sea. Poseidon doesn't act on cue :-).

  11. Queen of Narnia says:

    Man, wish I lived near there! That would be amazing! I can't wait for December!

  12. iamgeorgiestwin says:

    Cheap or not i would love to be apart of that!!

  13. Griffle says:

    Photos? Oh, I watched the video clip, and judged from that. 😉

  14. Queen of Narnia says:

    I would do the exact same thing! I might even dress up!

  15. K. J. Hill says:

    I agree wih you….It looks like plastic….

  16. narnian resident says:

    cool. that dragon head of the boat (dont know what its called) looks hilarious. not bad, just funny looking.

  17. elanor says:

    I know! It's such a good idea…and I thought sailing in little 22's was fun! Wow! 70 something ft sailing boat! That's huge!

    I think it's a clever idea (even if the ship doesn't look as good as the 'real' one, which didn't actually sail anywhere anyway…) because anyone who actually experienced going out in the water in a sailing ship like that would most likely be more interested to see the movie afterwards. Then they could say, "Hey, I sailed in that ship!" (sort of…) 🙂

  18. coracle says:

    "Nothing like a good replica!" "That's right, Chief, keep it up!"

    I've visited (but not sailed on) the replica of The Endeavour, Captain Cook's famous ship of discovery in which he visited and mapped New Zealand. It was wonderful! I hope all the visitors at Falmouth get a real kick out of this special event. (and hope they send us some photos too!)

  19. coracle says:

    You may like to see where these places are – this is the southwest corner of UK.
    Ilfracombe is on the "top left hand corner" just below the word 'Channel' in "Bristol Channel" and to the left of the upper yellow area (Exmoor National Park).
    Padstow is about halfway along the northern coast (just south of Tintagel which has a comment in the sea, referring to King Arthur).
    Falmouth is a little way up the opposite coast, just a bit up from Lizard Point on the coast.

  20. Jill says:

    Wish I was in Padstow.

  21. Liberty Hoffman says:

    awesome! wish I could be there!

  22. Rebecca says:

    HAHAH, i was in the boat : D

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