AslansCountry Posts Detailed Scene Descriptions

The same footage screened in New York earlier this week was screened in Los Angeles today, and Cyclops from was in attendance!

I don’t think there are any major spoilers that were not in the two previous reports, but this report is much more detailed (including exact quotes) and fan-oriented.

One interesting bit clears up the controversy over Eustace referring to the Pevensies as ‘orphans’ in one of the clips. AC writes: “Michael Apted explained this, saying it was meant to convey they were separated from their parents at the time because of the war.”

And, here’s a bit from the scene just before the Pevensies and Eustace climb on board:

Ed, Lu, and Eustace are seen swimming in front of the Dawn Treader.

They try to swim away, but are almost ‘ran over’ by the ship. Three or four sailors (including Caspian) jump in to save them.

Caspian: “Susan! It’s ok, I’ve got you!” Lucy: “It’s me, Lucy!”

Congratulations Cyclops! It’s great to see Fox wanting to connect with the fan base.

Read the full report here

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  1. Maki says:

    Caspian is not suppose to remember Susan.

    • Narnia_is_Home says:


    • decarus says:

      If this is all the mention then that is not so bad.

    • glumPuddle says:

      I think Maki was hoping the filmmakers would pretend Suspian never happened.

      I know I've tried to do just that. 😉

      • Reepicheep says:

        ummm… that meant to be funny?

      • Sir Jack says:

        of corse i also think suspian should never have hapend, but I think he still is supposed to remember that there was a Susan.
        I think the "Susan, I've got you," thing might be funny in that sceen, it depends on HOW he says it. he really doesnt have to say it in a totaly romantic kind of lover voice..

        but I am always a little nervis about every thing concerning Caspian and Susan, since what they did in PC…
        Let's just hope the best.

      • checkers says:

        I do agree that he should remember Susan, just for continuity's sake, however much I wish Suspian had never happened. As a friend of mine put it, Suspian was like, "A dead roach in the middle of the screen." 😛 I just hope they don't have him dreaming about her, asking Lucy all about her…ugh. Scary thoughts. :s

      • EnnaGirl says:

        It could be hilarious or it could be horible. If Caspian is STILL swooning over Susan, I will be offically mad. The Susan/Caspian thing ruin those two characters for me. Caspian is no long Prince Caspian in my mind, he is now Prince Kisspian.

      • WilliamMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

        Once I read it, I LITERALLY "LOL" (laughed out loud). I found that funny! But, I think I see the point thaat he's not supposed to remember her;
        Since he's going to marry Ramadu's daughter anyway, why did they make Caspian remember Susan?

        But, I'm fine with this! It's hilarious!

      • ellena says:

        And what ever happened to the last scene of the movie Prince Caspian? Didn't Susan tell Caspian that she and Peter were not coming back? This makes Caspian look really bad.

    • WholeHearted says:

      Ugh. More of that susan stuff? I was really hoping they'd leave that alone, but I guess it makes sense. Still, Ugh.

    • twinimage says:

      Now now, that may be the only part where Caspian mentions Susan. He'll probably ask where Susan and Peter are once they get on the boat and that will be the end of it, I hope.

    • Narnian Meerkat says:

      Hmmmmmmm. . . .@!$%^%$%!!!!!?%$%^$@!!!@#@#$$#@#$%!!!!!!
      Caspian is NOOOOOOOOOOT supposed to like Susan anymore!!!!!!! I hate that!!!!!!!! "Oh, Susan! Don't worry! I'll save you!" That just makes me MAD!!!! And it will ESPECIALLY make my sister mad who likes Caspian! She USED to like Susan, (that was BEFORE she saw Prince Caspian) but not anymore. She almost DEPISES her now. I don't really like her anymore either. . .She changed. ALOT.


      Sorry. Just a "little" too paranoyed here.

      • Johana says:

        I agree:-DDD but lucy does look a wee bit like susan, i think that susan and william should be in the beginging

    • Em says:

      Okay, I have to confess that I actually laughed when I read the whole "I've got you, Susan!" line, but I certainly hope they don't drag the whole stupid, stinky Suspian junk into VoDT. Suspian in PC was TOTAL nonsense.
      Alright, I've got that out, but now, more importantly, didn't anyone else catch it???!!! That whole line about Caspian and Ed yelling "NO!!!" It makes it sound like Ed is going to fall for Lilliandil too!!! *extreme rage* NONSENSE!!! ABSOLUTE STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!!
      *passionate pleading* PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! DON"T LET IT BE!!!!!!!!!!
      *suddenly calm again* Other than that it sounded great (mostly). Had some superb stuff!

  2. Fire Fairy says:

    But, wait, if Lucy was a bit jealous of Susan's beauty, wouldn't she like that she was mistaken for Susan? …or maybe she would be upset that Caspian thought it was Susan, but then that would suggest the whole crush thing….I just hope they don't draw it out too much, and that this is the only mention of Suspian whatsoever.

    • Starlily says:

      For some reason I'm more worried about Lucy having a crush on Caspian than a reference to Suspian. I'm hoping this mistaking Lucy for Susan is just foreshadowing Lucy's scene with the beauty spell. It's been mentioned often that she really wants to look like Susan. Just PLEASE don't have her pining for Caspian! It would just complicate things and lead nowhere. And Lucy's not the kind of girl to have crushes on everyone! Just because she's friends with Caspian, and he's chivalrous to her, it doesn't mean they're in love!! What happened to simple, pure friendships?? Why can't Hollywood give it a rest???!!

      Okay, I got it out of my system now. 😉 Sorry to end up ranting on your post, Fire Fairy.

      • Not Of This World says:

        I totally agree. The only love realationships in all seven books are Aravis + Cor and Caspian + Liliandil.

      • Linden says:

        Amen, sister! 🙂 I completely agree. Hollywood (and most books today) can't just have a simple male-female friendship. Even if it starts out that way, it always becomes something "more."

      • Narnian Meerkat says:


        Though, I confess, I actually pretended that Lucy did get a little, quick, didn't-last-that-long crush on Caspian. . . .But still, I hope they don't make her have a crush on him anyway. It will just ruin it.

        I agree with you Not Of This World, the ONLY love in the Narnia books were between Aravis and Cor, and Caspian and Lillindil.

  3. Eliseo says:

    If I had movie editing software I would just cut out that one minute Suspian clip at the end of Prince Caspian – I mean, seriously im not a movie purist but that scene was just ridiculous!

  4. Mangolite says:

    Oh common on, Lucy has grown and being all wet, Caspian had probably thought it was Susan with Edmund and some new guy. It's not like one of the sister is a blond, both are brunettes. The trailer did such a fantastic job of turning Lucy into Susan during the incantation scene, so when Caspian first saw Lucy in the water he thought it was Susan. In PC, it was Sue's horn that he blew, raid the castle with, and rescued her after she stayed behind in the forest so Lucy can go find Aslan. It's not the book. It's an adaptation for the film. BTW, there was no Fox in the LWW, but he turned out to be a pivotal character addition.

  5. RuralNarniaFan says:

    Actually, the fox is in the LWW book. Remember the Christmas party that the White Witch came across in the book? They moved that to badger's house (he's the one that *isn't* in the book) in the movie, and they didn't show *why* all those talking animals were turned to stone. The fox was the primary character defying the witch in that scene in the book.

  6. Narnian_Archer says:

    Oh dear!!!!! That would be a very awkward situation to be in! (The Caspian/Lucy thing) I have three older sisters, and I've been in similar situations…and they are extremely embarassing!!!
    The one thing I'm afraid of is a sort of "Caspian looking down at Lucy attitude"…like, "Oh…I wanted to see your sister…and I'm stuck with you???" I always saw a very close friendship between Caspian and Lucy as described in the book, kind of like Caspian took the place of Peter for Lucy…but a situation like that might suggest otherwise. Oh, well, guess there's nothing to do but wait till it comes out. Thanks, Cyclops, for this information! 🙂

    • Aslans-mane says:

      I agree. I do think there was a strong relationship…I think that he should have noticed that it was Lucy and not automaticly said "I've got you Susan!" But I do kinda like that he says that…its indacating that he misses Susan…thats all

  7. Adeona says:

    Susan?! Nooooooooooo!

    • Narnian Meerkat says:

      Pff. . .it's funny, like, 80% of us Narniawebbers hate Susan. . . .:P Sorry Sue.

      • NextJillPole says:

        Not Susan, but the whole Suspian thing.
        One thing I'm annoyed about:
        He goes from "It's ok, Susan, I've got you!" to "No, Lilliandil! Don't change! I like you just the way you are! You're hot!" Can't he just stick with one girl? Don't be a player Caspian!

  8. marianne says:

    Look. Whoever wanted the Suspian thing, it wasn't the fandom, and it's us to whom you're making these films. So, now you got the change to film the CANONICAL love story supported by the fans. Please, please, PLEASE tell me the whole Suspian thing isn't dragged into this. Because we want our CaspianxRD. Thank you.

    • marianne says:

      Ok. That was my first reaction, and it was bit extreme.

      In the context, it's much better. It's the first thing Caspian says after meeting them, i.e. very early in the film. So it's more like establish continuun between the two films, and also drawing parallels between Lucy and Susan. And one could say nice foreshadowing of the beauty spell.

      Good to finally hear what's going on with the overall plot. It's pretty ok imho. In the book to they didn't really sail out just to find Aslan's land, that was just the spiritual context and how it happened to happen. So I hope they manage to keep the idea that though they're trying to do something important at the moment, the voyage in the end is really a spiritual journey and culminates in reaching Aslan's land.

      So… as the final thought…. they really changed the plot. A lot. But the original story will remain intact in the book, and this movie version seems to have an interesting alternative story with many same locations, characters and ideas. It sounds pretty cool, actually. 🙂 I'm really looking forward to the big battle and the final farewells.

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        it almost needed a plot tweak. Because they're sorta just 'looking' for some missing lords just because Caspian made a vow. There's nothing in peril. No reason to really keep the promise. It makes the story a little bit stronger if there's a peril that has to be overcome. And so, it could be 'okay' depending on how they work it out. And probably not too much to worry about White Witch being the sea serpant. That'd be kind of corny. What gave the indication for that?!

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        oh, and I mean, what gave the indication to the viewers that the sea-serpant is the white witch? None really… if everyone's been thinking 'WW' then they might just 'assume' it.

      • Lucy says:

        Pepper darcy, your comment is so encouraging! It makes me feel much better. Really, all this petty stuff everyone's complaining about sounds like a lot of hot air to me. What I was reading in those spoilers (and you can bet I read EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.) sounded pretty dang good to me. EXCEPT for that about the witch coming back as a sea-seperent. You're right, that would be corny (not to mention a touch demonic as well as the WW is DEAD) and that's just not Narnia. But you're so right, there's no PROOF that that's how it is. And I think this movie will be awesome. I have the highest hopes still. Oh, and will you guys give it a rest about "Why does Caspian think Lucy's Susan?" Why does it MATTER? It sounds like a perky, funny line to me, and doesn't smack of "Suspian" in the least.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        These changes might be petty to you, but for those of us that actually care about seeing a decent adaptation rather than Michael Apted's Narnia fanfic these changes are anything but petty. As for Caspian's line, it should be fairly obvious why people are worried about it meaning Susaspian is being resurrected. When last we saw Caspian he had just finished playing tonsil hockey with Susan. Now the first line we get out of him in VDT is him mistaking Lucy for Susan. Sure sounds like he has Susan on the brain to me.

      • SnowingRoses says:

        It would be sort of weird if we didn't get nervous, which I get as well as anyone, Bookwyrm. I mean, we're fans, right? But this… this overall reaction is way overboard. Why are so many people looking at ONLY the negative side of this?

  9. aslan1980 says:

    Caspian has obviously forgotten what happened at the end of the last movie when Susan quite clearly stated said she would never be back to Narnia. Caspian should not be seen to be doubting what Aslan had told her.

    • NextJillPole says:

      I think what they're going at is he's so "in love with Susan" that he is desperate to see her. Personally, I say, get a life Caspian! Susan can't come back! Get over her and go to Lilliandil like you are supposed to………………

  10. liz says:

    maybe he forgot who lucy was(she's grown, got older) hasn't been 3years from what it said in the book? maybe he thought lucy was susan cause she look like her

    • Narnian_Archer says:

      Assuming Caspian had had a crush on Susan, and for all those 3 years he was dreaming about her, and how their fate could have been…and then, when he was sailing, he saw a dark-haired, messy feminine wet figure in distress who looked something like her in the water, and all his suppressed emotions for the past 3 years came bursting out.
      I don't like the idea at all…but unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done about it. Let's just hope they don't mess up the movie too big

  11. Queen Elizabeth says:

    But they can't take that and add it into the whole film. Sure maybe a little blip at the beginning. Let's hope that's all that it is.

  12. Northernranger says:

    Oh darn-it. I knew the whole Caspian and Susan thing whould cause trouble in this one. Why did they have to put it in there at all?

  13. narnian resident says:

    oh crap…..they did not need to do that.

  14. Queen Susan the Gentle says:

    I kinda like the whole "Susan, I've got you," thing. It's kind of funny. 🙂

    • checkers says:

      I actually kind of like it, too….it's funny, a little nod to the *cough*stupidity*cough* of what happened in PC. 🙂

      • Annabeth says:

        I wouldn't say I LIKE it, but it is kind of funny when you think about it.

      • checkers says:

        I get you. But I like it in a way, I mean, they had to keep continuity SOMEHOW (Caspian's accent….grrrr). I wish Suspian hadn't happened, don't get me wrong, but just for continuity's sake, you know. Yeah, it is pretty funny. 😛

  15. Annabeth says:

    Um….ew? funny, but ew? I'm sorry, but it sounds like a really bad fan-fic.

    • WholeHearted says:

      Agreed! Not funny! Tragically over-dramatic.

    • Lucy says:

      as a fanfic writer, I don't think it sounds all that fanficish. I agree with the person who said it was funny. I think it's going to be a fun line.

    • SnowingRoses says:

      I agree with Lucy-

      Fanfics are much cheesier.

      • SnowingRoses says:

        I meant Suspian fanfics- because I can't imagine that line appearing in any other one. Most of which are horrible anyway.
        This line, in a different context, looks like something else entirely.

    • Narnia101 says:

      I know exactly what you mean I am a little nervous about it coming out in December that to much will be changed.

  16. checkers says:

    *Squeeee* Pirate-y violin music!!! 😀 (yeah, all the stuff this thing details, and I'm excited about prate music. :P)

  17. checkers says:

    The the WW in the form of sea serpent? This doesn't sound good for Silver Chair. :s

  18. Pepper Darcy says:

    wow, I *really* hope Lucy isn't after Caspian. Nothing to say that it is happening, but just that he's mistaking Lucy for Susan. And, well… they do look similar. Years have gone by for Lucy, so she might look similar to Caspian who hasn't seen them in years and might not remember voices/faces very well. So I guess it's just him getting them mixed up, not necisarily a crush thing. Besides Apted knows he has some fans out there who are worried. I don't think he's going to butcher it that way.

    I think I figured out the magician's island thing. Awel Prince and I were puzzling over it, kidnapped by giants on one island and then meeting the magician somwhere else. Didn't add up and we were puzzling about the change. Well, what IF it's just the giants who kidnap Lucy, take her to Coriakin's house, and while Caspian and Ed are looking for Lucy they run into the dufflepuds? They just threw in two giants, not taking the magician/dufflepuds out of the whole invisible book thing. We know the dufflepuds are on the magician's island because of the clip we saw off the trailer. The dufflepuds were on the magician's island. So it looks like the giants are just an added element. So happy!

    Oh my goodness, Ed giving Reep permission to throw Eustace overboard?! Too funny!! 😀 'Go call daddy!' Wow, Eustace brings out the worst in everyone.

    Looks like there are *some* changes but mostly in the spirit of the book. Let's just hope that Lucy has no crush. But I seriously doubt it. If Apted is talking about 'Narnia Police' and having to watch out for fan's intrests, then he'll know Suspian was unacceptable and he won't repeat. Honestly it'd be overkill. I think maybe it's just trying to heighten Lucy's 'want to be pretty'. But I hope it's not overboard on that either, and I don't think it will be, because I'd hate to have Lucy going on about it ALL the time. But it doesn't look like she's pining over it majorly or that it ruins her character. So long as it's not a whole Peter being a jerk thing in PC. I'm happy.

    • I read in the NW forum that someone thought the two giants were a bunch of dufflepuds standing atop one another, like piggyback or something, to make themselves seem bigger and more frightening than they really are. I like the idea!

      • Pepper Darcy says:

        it would be neat if that's what happens, because that's exactly what the Dufflepuds would try to do 🙂

      • Aunt Letty says:

        Cute, and in character, but with one leg/foot apiece? The logistics…

  19. Meggie1996 says:

    Haha! In the full report it says something like: (Reep is talking about Eustace after he faints) "Should we throw him back into the water?" Edmund nods in agreement. (Lucy) Edmund!!!!

  20. QueenLucytheValient says:

    Guys why did you have to tear this arpart? I was totally ok with the "Susan I've got you" thing until you ruined it. I think it will be funny and not romantic. Besides during this movie Caspian falls in love with Lilliandil. Whatever

  21. Anna's Sister says:

    I don't thinks it's a big deal at all. So what if Caspian thinks Lucy is Susan for half a second.
    Actually, it would be kind of weird if Caspian didn't say something about Susan in the film. Since it was only a couple years since the they left and he is probably still sad about it. Which brings up anther problem. Since Susan is going to be in Narnia for a little bit will Caspian see her and what is that scene going to be like?

    • checkers says:

      I agree. It would be like she never existed, which would be weird. :/ Plus, I find it kind of funny. 😛 I personally don't think Susan's going to be in Narnia (if she is, somebody getting fired…:P), but IF she is (which she better not be), I hope they show absolutely NO feelings for each other whatsoever. He's got RD, she's got her Naval Officers…hopefully they've moved on? *wishful thinking*

      • Laura Elizabeth says:

        It would be completely fine with me if everyone just forgot Susan had ever been born. What a stupid thing to do to a wonderful book…

      • checkers says:

        But that would hardly make the critics happy, and many people rely on critics to decide whether or not they're going to go see a movie. :/ And I mean, come on, I doubt it's going to be that bad. If it is, yeah, then we can all cry. 😛 But for now, it's just one line. In my opinion it's hardly something to freak about.

  22. Caspian says:

    *pounds head on desk* Oh, lovely, Caspian. Way to make a total idiot and royal nincompoop of yourself. I do hope this isn't hinting at any Caspian/Lucy nonsense later on.

    I'm sorry, but the line resembles a scene I've read in a bad fanfiction. Where Caspian was being an idiot. Oh well. Maybe they'll cut the line.

    But probably they won't. 😛

  23. Tumnus the Faun says:

    Wow, I was crying when I read the ending. I'm going to sobbing like a baby in the movie theater.

  24. WHY did I have to read the spoilers?!

    • Linden says:

      I know! I was spoiler-free for PC (which didn't turn out very happily for me), so I've been reading spoilers for VDT. Now I'm regretting it…too much to worry about. The movie's doomed!

      • Haha, I'm the exact opposite! I saw/read all the spoilers for PC (and was glad I did, because I wasn't stunned by…a certain kiss). But I also missed getting to experience it all new and fresh… My goal this time around is to watch nothing but the official trailers. (Of course I've heard a bit about magic swords and white witches, one can't help that, but I refuse to see anything specific!) So far, so strong… 2 more months…

      • SnowingRoses says:

        I didn't follow Prince Caspian at all… theprincessspy, be glad you knew about it ahead of time. Being a hardcore fan, after that kiss I spent two straight days as mute as I posssibly could. Shock. 😉
        However, if it makes you feel any better, there doesn't seem to be anything so bad looking at all the details.

  25. MurtaghLuv says:

    Haha "Susan I've got you! "Its me Lucy"
    I wouldn't go blaming him to fast. I think the made Georgie look a little more like Anna in this film or at least the trailers. and Both Caspian and Lucy are in the water. hard to tell who's who.

  26. SnowingRoses says:

    Do not read this post unless you have read the report.
    'Narnia police everywhere'? Oh, I LOVE it when the production makes reference to us fans!
    Alberta Scrubb, okay, now I officially love this movies humor. And the line about turnips is a nice touch- makes the whole thing seem more realistic.
    The thing about Caspian mistaking Lucy for Susan sounds more funny than romantic. Like, "SUSAN, YOU'RE BACK!" Awkward, but in an amusing way.
    Love the part with Eustace and Reepicheep at the end in both reports. It seems like they have the relationship between the two packed down tight.

  27. NarniaNerd says:

    Hmm. Most of it sounds good. I love the way the dialogwas written. The whole White Witch thing is *makes a groaning noise* And I'm not so sure about Eustace fighting the sea serpent. But all in all, it looks good. I really like how they've kept the flavor of the book's dialog in the script. Like when Caspian says, "The real trick is getting him to shut up!" 🙂

  28. twinimage says:

    I will say this, though the whole White Witch/Dark Island part is very annoying and lame… the first scene as well as the last scene at Aslan's country sound really good. From what I've heard so far, the dialogue has improve also, it sounds more like dialogue from the books.

    I'm still confused about the sea serpent and dragon fight. Wish we knew more about that. <_<

  29. Linden says:

    Last winter, my sister and I were coming up with ways VDT would be "Hollywood-ified." My guess was that the Seven Lords would have something magical they wanted to keep away from Miraz. Looks like I wasn't too far off the mark, sadly. This sounds terrible!! Especially the part about the White Witch on Dark Island. Wow, they went further than I thought they would. Do they have to gather all seven swords to bring them to the table on Ramandu's Island (where the stone knife is)? Just thiking…

  30. Won't…read…any…spoilers…*gasps for air*
    Don't…know…if I can…last…
    Aiiiiii, the agony!!
    *passes out*

  31. jmfarmgirl95 says:

    That is WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you have to do it again?

  32. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I can tell that the whole Caspian thinking Lucy is Susan thing will be incredibly awkward. I can see myself in the theater when he calls out to her. I'll just out of no where be like *BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  33. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    I think the Susan thing is supposed to be funny…not anything romantic. I mean, Georgie does look a lot more like Anna now that she's older. There is no way Caspian would've figured out who it was from all the way up on deck. Plus, it might be in there to emphasize the fact that "oh, btw, Susan's really a prat now" thing that they've been pushing since LWW. So it'll probably work.

  34. Alambil and Tarvis says:


    Caspian: “You are a star… You are very beautiful!” Lilliandil: “If it is distracting you from your mission, I can change form!”

    Ed and Caspian: “NO!”


  35. NarnianAllTheWay says:

    In my opinion, I love "Suspian." (Although I hate the name.) I think it made the movie much more grown-up & real, like it could actually happen. I mean, he was a gorgeous prince & she was a beautiful used-to-be queen. They were also around the same age. I think it makes perfect sense.
    Anyway, back to the present movie being made. I read the whole review & loved everything! I think that when Caspian calls Lucy Susan, it's just a reference to how much Lucy LOOKS like Susan, not that he's still remembering her. (But I think it'd be really sweet if he did.) 🙂 And I know there's a lot of you out there who probably don't agree with me, but I think that a few changes to the book will be good for the movie. Remember, just because a few details are different in the movie, doesn't mean it will be a bad movie. Don't judge a movie by its book. I'm excited for the finished product because I think what they have so far sounds fantastic! 70 days! 🙂

    • Bookwyrm says:

      Oh, I know what you mean! All the time in real life, adults walk past each other in hallways, share a glance and a few comments and then decide they're in love and kiss. Very realistic and grown up.

      • Lucy says:

        Dude what is your beef? Must you be so peevishly rude to everyone on here who doesn't agree with you? Honestly, for your snippy comments, you're being much LESS adult than Susan and Caspian randomly kissing. So there!

      • SnowingRoses says:

        Well, that isn't such a grown-up reaction either. "So there?"
        I really hate correcting you like that. Please don't take it the wrong way.

      • Lucy says:

        No, Snowing Roses, I'm not upset/offended. I only meant "So there" for emphasis, but I can see how it could easily have been taken as "Smart mouthed" or "an immature way of replying to somebody else's childish comments" so I will apologize if you like. Perhaps my comment could have done just as well without the "So There" at the the end. You may be right; I love your username by the way, it's pretty.

    • SnowingRoses says:

      It hardly has any real honor in it if you ask me, which is mainly why I dislike the pairing so much. I could probably learn to deal with it if it seemed more developed and all. Not like Caspian and Susan's hormones were simply on fire. So… teen-affied. No offense as I am (almost) one myself.
      Off track, back on: This is so not romantic. This is said while three kids are drowning, remember. It's probably just to somewhat satisfy Suspian fans who are curious to see how Caspian handles Susan being gone. After all, Susan mentions a handsome navel officer and Caspain finds Lilliandill or whatever her name is. No problem, both have gotten over each other, and ka-booey goes all the canon fans worries. (Even though hardly any seem to realize it yet.)

      • NarnianAllTheWay says:

        Okay… not exactly what I meant. The point I was trying to get across was that just because Caspian calls Lucy Susan doesn't necessarily mean that he's still remembering her. It's probably just a reference to how much Lucy LOOKS like Susan. (I believe I've said this before, have I not?) Because Lucy looking like Susan is a big aspect in this book and they proabably just wanted to emphasize it.
        Oh, and sarcasm isn't becoming. Just sayin'.

  36. Aslanisthebest says:

    It isn't the "Susan!" thing I'm worried about, as there are several explanations for it. But the "NO!" from Caspian *and* Edmund is mildly disturbing. Ugh. From what Apted said, it seems like he wants to be faithful to the books but this addition seems rather contrary to those motives.
    For crying out loud, we don't need to appease obsessive fans by love triangles… [/rant]

    • SnowingRoses says:

      No worries- the person who wrote the article for that mentioned Lucy making an exaspeerated look, as if "she was thinking, 'boys will be boys'". So I've given it some thought, and it's very likely brief, unimportant, and just for humor.

      • Narnia101 says:

        I have no idea what Apted is going to since in PC what with Suspian it's going to be weird since Caspian is supposed to marry Ramandu's Daughter (Lilliandil)that was a not smart idea and I knew when I saw PC that the next movie was going to be difficult because of Suspian.

  37. brandon says:

    aye aye aye,Caspian never forgot his 'first true love'

  38. HUGENARNIAFAN101 says:

    I DON'T WANT REEPICHEEP TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was my fav besides Lucy. He is too funny the way he says can we throw him back? LOL!!!!!!! I just got over that Peter and Susan were not going to be in it. And now this. But I am glad the Caspian will remember Susan. If they are going to have Prince Caspian that way they should carry on with it through VOTDT. BUT I don't want Lucy and Caspian crushing on each other. It would be so gross. But all in all it sounds like it is going to be an AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!! YAY!!!

    • Narnian Meerkat says:

      I KNOW!!! I'm going to cry like a baby when he leaves!!! "NOOOOO! REEPICHEEP! DON'T GO! WE LOOOOOOVE YOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!" (That was Rex in Toy Story :D)

      And I'm ESPECIALLY going to cry like a baby when Edmund and Lucy leave!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Well. . . .That was a major spoiler. . .:P 😀 LOL

  40. Aslans Mane says:

    I think Caspian thinking Lucy is Susan symbolizes how much Lucy had grown, so if you think about it , it's really no big deal. The next line will probably be like… Caspian: "Really? you grew up so much since I saw you last" or something like that… just my opinion.

  41. too much more of this and i'm going to explode

  42. Xenithar says:

    Susan?? Sorry Caspian, Susan goes apostate and doesn't think you're real anymore.

    Of course, that line reminds me of the snippet we've seen where Lucy is looking in the magic book, and when she sees the spell for beauty she sees herself as Susan, so it's probably supposed to help connect that…??

  43. Queen Emily the Valiant says:

    Um, it's kinda weird caspian thinks lucy is susan! supposedly he falls in love with ramandu's daughter and they get married!

    • Manuel says:

      I think that this phrase of Caspian it´s more a scriptwriting tool than a subtle hint of a love affair in the film. Somebody said it before, perhaps they want to show us how Lucy is tired of being compared with her sister.

      Take attention to the line: Caspian says: “Susan! It’s ok, I’ve got you!”, and not “Susan, my love! It’s ok, here comes your Prince”. I mean, just imagine the scene from Caspian point of view: He is on board of the Dawn Treader and suddendly see three kids in the sea, all the three nearly the same tall. At the distance he recognises Edmund, so perhaps he imagine that the other two were Peter and Susan, not the little Lucy he saw years before.

  44. QueenLucy12 says:

    I think its kind of funny! just hopefully they dont push it. its fine if he asks how peter and susan are. but if he pushes it uh, then it would be kindof weird cuz he falls in love with lilliandil in the end.

  45. pselpevensie says:

    lovein' the spoilers 😉
    don't know how i feel about caspian calling lucy susan…but im sure it'll all work out. my other concern…the dufflepuds kidnapping lucy and forcing her to read. in the book, the treated the dawn treader crew and lucy very nicely. can't wait to see it tho!!!

  46. for narnia and the north says:

    I know everyone is freaking out about Suspian and I don't want to repeat anything that's already been said, and argued, and dissected, and analyzed, etc. i mean seriously. But we need to appreciate the filmmakers' efforts to keep some continuity going after PC. It's not like the scene where Lucy is in the water and Caspian on the ship will be like Romeo and Juliet's balcony scene, just flipped. I think people are overreacting either way.
    The only thing that worries me is that Caspian will seem kind of fickle, and at the very worst a mild case of being a womanizer (not like that, just liking a lot of girls) because we know about Susan and we know he will marry Ramandu's daughter. It will be hard to take his character seriously if he seems so fickle, and I don't want that happening.

  47. JustANarnianFanFromEngland says:

    Aaaaaaaaah! Oh my gosh. I had so much faith in the film makers. Go on to youtube and watch GlumPuddle's 'Chrinicles of a Narnia geek ep.129'. Noooooooo. The brought the White Witch back in Pince Caspian. Not the best of ideas but at least there was some basis in the book even if she is not even in it. But wow! I repeat Aaaaaaaaah! She is in the 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader'! Aaaaaaah! Not just as Edmund dream on the dark island but as the main villan. Help us! Save us from the evil Hollywood! Aaaaaaah!

    • Queen Elizabeth says:

      Calm down JustANarnianFan, I hate it too but there is nothing we can do. it's already been filmed. No use getting al crazy over the white which. Maybe the makers didn't want to the movie to be just like the book, so we all won't know exactly what happens.

  48. Casue says:

    Dudes…..calm down. Everyone. Whether you love like or hate Suspian, we are all here because we share one thing, our love for the amazing fanasy that is C.S Lewis's Chronocles of Narnia.
    I think the "Susan, I've got you." said by caspian, could lead to Lucy wanting to be more beautiful like Susan so that people don't say,"Hey that's the pretty girl's little sister,". they will say "Look at Lucy, see how pretty she is????"
    Anyhoo….If they make Caspian a guy who swoons over every girl, instead of being a gentleman, i will lose respect for the filmmakers.
    But i hope that the epicness and amazing special effects live up to the standard that the first two installments have set.
    Long live Aslan!

    • NextJillPole says:

      Yes! THANK YOU CASUE!!!!! Everyone needs to breathe and just wait for the movie to come out. AFTER THAT you can all fight about Suspian, blah, blah, blah. But not now! Just wait until December 10th or 9th or whenever it is coming out for you. Watch it. Cry in the movie theatre if that's your thing. Analyze it at home, by yourself, quietly, without the comments of other Narniawebbers. Just wait, breathe, and rip apart the movie like a pack of starving wolves LATER. I repeat, LATER.

  49. Aunt Letty says:

    Hmm. Nitpicky, I know, but what bugs me a little is that based on what the "spoiler-rama" says, Ed is behaving not a lot better than Eustace, maturity-wise, at the moment he reenters Narnia. It feels "off". To go back into Narnia in an angry, unkind frame of mind. Shiver!

    What I always loved about these characters, I think, more than anything else, was that they were so noble-hearted and grew to be more so as they…well, grew. They gave me an ideal. Stories that do that deserve the lavish devotion these books have inspired. I get it that the movie-folk don't feel this type of character "works" on film, and I get why, but,…has anyone tried it out?

    The best movie experiences I've had in the past couple of years were with movies I didn't expect too much from, which then far exceeded my low expectations (why I was wasting my time on films I didn't expect much from is another discussion 🙂 )So, I'm not going to lay too much weight of expectation on this one, and see what comes.

  50. sailor says:

    I confess I haven't read through ALL the posts.
    I think Caspians reference to Susan is merely in not recognising Lucy immediately because she has grown up so much. They are both wet and in the middle of the ocean too. I wouldn't read anything else into it!
    Sorry if Im repeating an earlier post.

  51. Queen C The Gentle says:

    What's wrong with Caspian missing Susan? I have read the book but I loved the relationship!Besides how could he not remember Susan?

  52. Queen C The Gentle says:

    Wait I haven't read the book!