Reepicheep’s Sword Training Game Added to has added a new game to the official site for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader called ‘Sword Training’. The object of the game is to guide Reepicheep through the various islands while swinging your ‘sword’ around to cause Reepicheep to run, jump, crawl, and cut down enemies (like barrels).

Click here to try the game out yourself!

Thanks Prince Norin and icarus for the heads up!

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  1. MurtaghLuv says:

    cute! sounds fun

  2. MurtaghLuv says:

    Cool First comment!

  3. NarniaNerd says:

    When you earn points playing the game, the points don't transfer over to your profile. So, I can make 8000 points playing a game, but it doesn't advance me at all.

  4. just jill says:

    awsome! good idea!

  5. Malfhok says:

    It's better than the hidden objects game, that's for sure! Though it really should be an iOS game with that kind of mechanic.

    I wonder if the music is actually from the movie or just stock music.

    And I noticed that the stuff Reep says isn't at all consistent. So I'd hazard a guess that we're hearing actual lines from the movie.

  6. Malfhok says:

    Just realized that I wasn't too clear about Reep's lines. By consistent, I mean that audio-wise, the lines don't match up. For example, the line, "Yes!" is pretty clear. But when Reep says, "Come on!" it's got some reverb on it, line he's in a tunnel or cave area.

  7. Frou says:

    They were bound to put a mouse game in first before anything else. Hilar…….ious.

  8. LL says:

    Unfortunately, I got a lot of "Courage Lad"s LOL

  9. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    The gameplay is highly repetitive and unoriginal but it's better than nothing. I reached 8,000 points before I 'died'. "Courage lad".

  10. Malfhok says:

    Courage, lad!" That was it. That's the line with the cave-sounding reverb. Maybe he's saying it to Dragon-Eustace?

  11. Starlily says:

    Wow, Reepicheep says things? I haven't heard him yet because I didn't turn the sound up (my mom's listening to the news). Does he sound like Simon Pegg? Maybe I'll go play it again…

  12. But Eustace wasn't a *lad* in his dragon form.

  13. finni says:

    so cute gr8

  14. Aliea says:

    A bit easy, it is… I won it on the first try. But, still, nothing can beat a Narnia game. That said… Nothing can beat a game with Reepicheep 🙂 .

  15. Aliea says:

    I think that idea is plausible… Who else could he be talking to? Edmund? Caspian? I wouldn't be suprised if Reep still considered Eustace to be a 'Lad' when he was a dragon… After all, "Courage, Dragon" wouldn't be that comforting 😉 .

  16. Aliea says:

    I can't help but wonder what Reep would think of it's unorigianality 😆 .

  17. it is not easy! believe me i tried! can anyone,please give me some tips of how to get thought the levels?

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