Harper Collins Creates Narnian Gift-Giving App

Posted October 21, 2010 3:53 pm by DiGoRyKiRkE

Harper Collins’ Facebook page now has a downloadable application which allows users to send gifts to their friends and family. The gifts appear to be mini badges, each depicting scenes from the stories, and displaying the original Pauline Baynes illustrations.

Badges include the following images:

  • Digory and Polly on Fledge
  • The lamppost
  • Shasta and Bree
  • A sword brandishing Reepicheep
  • The Dawn Treader on the high seas
  • Rillian fighting the serpent
  • A Calormene with a drawn scimitar
  • Aslan

More badges seem to be able to be unlocked after users use the application for some time

The Facebook application can be found here.

Many thanks to The Bulgy Bear for the heads up.

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