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Some of the staff members of were recently invited by 20th Century Fox, to view a selection of scenes from the upcoming movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  In the article, we finally hear what has become of Peter.  Having heard various rumours that he has been studying, involved in the war, etc. . . the website is now reporting that Peter is in America with Susan and their parents. 

Their description of the clips previewed does not go into a great amount of detail, however, their reaction to what they saw holds some rather encouraging news:

“Even though the clips were short, a minute or two long at most, I was fully enveloped in the world of Narnia and didn’t want it to end.”

The article can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

Thanks to A_Narnian_Ship for the heads up!

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  1. Griffle says:

    Edmond!? Weta Workshop? (should be Weta Digital)If they can't get these details right, then how can we trust that Peter is in America? Not that it matters to me…

  2. Griffle says:

    Is Weta Digital even involved? Not according to IMDB.

  3. narniageek says:

    Yay!First comment!!
    Well, never thought that Peter will be with Susan in America. I wonder why- anyway sounds cool and very intriguing for all of us:) Can't wait till it comes out 😀

  4. narniageek says:

    Oops! maybe not first comment 🙂 sorry 😀

  5. glumPuddle says:

    Peter being in America is no big deal to me. Simplifies things so they have to spend less time on backstory.

  6. Reepicheep, Knight of Narnia says:

    Hmm… Does this mean that Mr. Pevensie is no longer fighting in the War? I actually am kind of glad that Peter goes to America. This means that he doesn't stay with the Professor, who probably didn't become poor, and now I won't have to keep wondering what became of the wardrobe!

  7. Mayor Wilkins says:

    The sea serpent battle will be an awesome conclusion. How fun!

  8. Aragorn2 says:

    Awesome 🙂

  9. Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

    AWESOME! I think that's pretty cool. Was a little annoyed with the spelling of Edmund (Edmond). I don't think WETA is involved this time. BTW, it is also known as Weta Workshop.

  10. Caspian says:

    I'm annoyed. It wouldn't have been THAT hard to have Peter studying with the Professor…but I'm glad that things are looking up for the Narnia franchise. Everyone seems to be very positive about it…but then it was the same way for PC. The marketing is much bigger this time, though. Much bigger. 🙂

  11. Twinimage says:

    Interesting choice to send Peter to America. I don't see why they would want to change it though. It takes just about the same time to say he's studying. Oh well, no biggie at all. Peter's not even in the main story, so it's of no real consequence to me.
    Funny thing is, the people were probably shown the best parts of the movie… the first ten minutes, before the whole Darkness storyline is thrown in. lol

  12. Shastafan says:

    Well, that explains a lot! But I'm happy that Peter is there instead of fighting in the war or with Edmund and Lucy. I hope to see their cameos soon! 😀

  13. EnnaGirl says:

    It never was proven that Mr. Pevensie was ever going to be in the war. That was rumor that apparently didn't have any basis. I believe in the books Mr. Pevensie goes to America with his wife and Susan to lecture (probably at some school) but I would have to go back to the books to make sure.

  14. A_Narnian_Ship says:

    One thing I particularly liked was the fact that the writer of the article said that Disney made a mistake leaving the franchise. That means he sees a promising box office future! And hopefully, more movies.

  15. Austin says:

    Ha, once again, it seems that the only pessimistic people are the ones on I can’t wait for the movie.

  16. Nick says:

    The "spoiler" here in one word: emotional. That is what will make this movie succeed. I look forward to it!

    Besides the intensity of some of the battles in LWW & PC, I never really felt that emotional connection to the movies, and they aren't top picks when my family picks a movie. Hopefully Fox will slam that emotional aspect, in order to make them fully emotional classics.

    Eustace's scene with Aslan, Reepicheep's departure, and Edmund & Lucy's departure are the defining scenes. We'll have to wait and see how those turn out.

  17. Starlily says:

    Yay, another positive review! (The pessimist in me is still waiting for a negative one, though. Ugh) I'm not bothered that Peter's in America. I just wonder how much screen time he'll get. Susan can't be the only one they're going to show.

  18. Aslan's Meadow says:

    I THINK I KNOW WHY! We are all pretty sure the the Pevensie's are going to be in the movie. The poster, the trailer, and other bits and pieces. It would be easier to explain if Peter and Susan are together and they both come, it would be hard to have Susan come from American the exact same time Peter came from England. Another theory why they are putting the two oldest Pevensie's together: They are both going to be transported to Narnia together.

  19. Not Of This World says:

    I Agree

  20. wolfloversk says:

    Yeah, I would have preferred him being with proffesor Kirke, but that's just because I like proffessor Kirke's character. It really won't bother me though.

  21. Nathan says:

    That's a bunch of poopsmack. They need to stay true to the books.

  22. Cyclops says:

    No… this is all wrong. Peter is NEVER in America with Susan- and the prescreening that I saw in LA a couple weeks ago never showed him with Susan. Susan was ALONE in America with her parents. So… to narniaweb: I'm pretty sure that this rumor can be debunked. Peter is NOT in america.

    at least, as far as I saw in the prescreening.

  23. Atarah says:

    Yeah, but they still have to explain why Edmund and Lucy aren't staying with Kirke. Personally, I prefer the idea that Peter is preparing for or attending college. Hmm…maybe he and Susan are actually checking out schools in America.

    I hope they mention something about the kids' father being home from the war, since they established his character as a soldier in the first film. Giving him a name would be nice, too. What's Georgie's father's name? 😀

  24. Pepper Darcy says:

    exactly. That's what i'm wanting from this movie too. And it looks like we're going to get it too. From what I saw of the climax, it looks like it might very well be very emotional *ASIDE* from all the farewells at the end of the book 😉

  25. Pepper Darcy says:

    'didn't want to leave?' 'took me back to my childhood?' That's perfect. I am soooooo hyped about this. Yeah, I say that *EVERY* time, but this makes me even more extatic. And it makes me wonder… not only am I going to be crying in the climax (from what I saw of it in the 3 trailer) I might very well be bawling at the end… especially with Lucy/Ed not being able to come back. If it's a movie that reminds you of first reading the book, it's going to bring back memories of my disappointment when Lewis pulled the 'never come back' on Lucy and Edmund… I hadn't read the LB yet and I was *SO* deeply disappointed, and a little mad: 'why have an awesome world if you can never come back?! I'd be heartbroken!'

    Then in the LB everything was clarified and I was happy. Of course I still feel like Lucy reading the end of Dawn Treader, but I have a hope: LB is coming! 😀

    Apted, I almost cried over your third trailer, so did my sister (seeing all the horrified faces/screams and reep huddled in the rain, and Eustace vs. Sea Serpent) and if it's an emotional driven thing, you have definately won my respect. If my books were turned into movies, I'd want you OR Peter Jackson at the helm, directing! 🙂 Just about all my worries are eleminated now! 😀

    Maybe our 'worries' are unfounded and we're seeing *everything* out of context?

  26. pselpevensie says:

    not sure how i feel about peter being america…

  27. GlimGlum says:

    Well, at least most people who have seen the extended footage seem to agree that VDT looks good. That is somewhat encouraging. 😀

  28. Griffle says:

    I'm replying to myself here …again, but this is in response to Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell below: Weta Digital is the VFX branch of Weta and the writer of the article discussed the VFX work if i'm not mistaken (can't get the link above to work atm.) Weta Digital and Weta Workshop aren't one and the same.

  29. TrueNarnianWithWill says:

    I CAN'T SEE THE LINK!!! 🙁 someone please copy and paste it for me…

  30. Lady Polly says:

    i agree,peter was studying with digory kirke.

  31. Mark Sommer says:

    The website seems to be down.

  32. Manuel says:

    I agree.

  33. Duffleglum says:

    Um, no offense, but who said Aslan couldn't simply take Peter and Susan right from wherever they are, even if they are not together?

    Sounds more dramatic if they were separate in two entirely different places and suddenly whisked away at the same time.
    Now the question is whether that actually DOES happen…

  34. Duffleglum says:

    Haha! exactly Austen 😀
    I think we are all a bit touchy since PC did far worse than was hoped for in terms of truthfulness to the story and budget.

    Yo movie team!! Wanna know the secret of LOTR's success?
    THEY FOLLOWED THE STORY!!!!! *everyone gasps*

  35. Timo says:

    Lol, they didn't stay true to the books at all with LOTR.. They skipped big parts, the second movie has an entire different clue and some characters were totally different from the books.

  36. Smooshy says:

    An encouraging report. Of course, a story is more than the sum of its parts. Let's hope this well-recieved clips form a coherent, enthralling whole. The book-fan in me wishes we'd be getting something a little more "purist" but that childhood awe and sense of adventure is what I'm really looking to experience in these movies. If the filmmakers can achieve that in spite of the changes then they're ok with me (mostly….actually I feel rather neutral to them…)

  37. Smooshy says:

    I think it's back up now.

  38. Aslan's Meadow says:

    hey Duffleglum, no offence. It's fun to talk about it. Aslan could take them if they were miles apart or continents apart. What I meant was I think that the filmakers would try to do a more 'simplistic' approach and something that wouldn't be to terrible if they changed. It would be neat to have them apart though.

  39. Valiant says:

    Its not a big thing, but I would have liked it betterif Peter was studying instead. Its not that important though. But having him go to America is way better than having him go off to war! I wonder why they changed it though. It wouldn't have taken much to expalin that he is studying.
    I'm glad about the positive news though!

  40. Mark Sommer says:

    About Peter in America: I think they are just remembering the story wrong. Note this sentence: "Of course, none of this is new if you’ve read the classic books by C. S. Lewis."

  41. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    Not much of a spoiler. It was just a minor change. Peter and Susan aren't going to appear much anyway.

  42. Ted C says:

    Was it keeping you up at night?

  43. Chainmaillenarnian says:

    I could not agree with you more. Peter simply can't be in two places at once, and, since he is studying back in England, he can't possibly be in America!
    No more deviations from the book!

  44. TheDiamondRose says:

    But while they did change up some of the chronological events, they stayed true to the story- they didn't make an entirely different plot with different motives like they are doing in VotDT.

    I mean, come ON! Was the plot of going to find the seven lords because of Caspian's promise THAT BAD? I think not.

    Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that the changes in LOTR were for the good of the plot and didn't really change the story that much. In VotDT and even PC it changed it alot and for the worse- although I can understand that in PC almost necessary because of the way PC was written.

  45. TheDiamondRose says:

    Yeah, those will definitely be some of the most defining moments- the fate of VotDT rests in their hands. 😛

  46. TheDiamondRose says:

    I sure hope my worries are unfounded.

    I have to say, I'm glad someone is excited about this. Half the people on NarniaWeb are all doom and gloom about VotDT and it makes me kinda depressed. I don't think it will be as good as the book, but I think that I will come to appreciate it as a movie on its own, if you take my meaning. 😉

  47. narnian resident says:

    i kinda was hoping they would have kept the fact that he was studying with the professor. i dont know if i like that he's in America, because to me that image of him being studious and responsible while Susan is being silly and wasteful was always powerful to me, and practically gave us a glimpse into how they would become by The Last Battle. well, as long as they keep the idea that he's schooling or studying or doing SOMETHING studious, i suppose im alright with it.

  48. narnian resident says:

    yes, i also appreciate your optimism, Pepper Darcy. it is very nice to hear someone who is actually very excited (besides myself :-D) about the movie, and not worrying over changes and such. i mean, i perfectly understand when people worry over the changes, because i do to (in fact, im quite a BIG worrier when it comes to these things) but im forcing myself not to think of them, and to just be excited for the movie.

  49. narnian resident says:

    well, the thing was that the books were SOOO big and so much happened in them, that they couldnt fit it all in the movies, not even in the extended versions, which are like at least 3 hours each. and i always like to watch the appendices because they always explain those character changes they make, like Faramir for example. he was changed quite a bit from the book, but i actually like him better in the movies than the books, because he seems more real and with real emotions and struggles, than like the book which seems to make him out to not be bothered by the ring at all. and yes, they did such a wonderful adaptation of the books, and yes though they did have some changes here and there, but the real reason of their success? they adapted it so carefully and beautifully with the changes and they KEPT THE MAIN STORY PLOT. thats it.

  50. GlimGlum says:

    That sounds most likely, Mark.

  51. I guess we can just throw the book away… 🙁 This is just so different from how it's supposed to be!!!
    Disappointing so far…but I will try not to get to upset until I see the movie I may be wrong and it will be great! 🙂
    At least it's not the Bible they are doing this to! (Though I have seen movies where they have.) So…it's not as bad as that! 45 days!!!!

  52. Bookwyrm says:

    It's entirely possible they couldn't get Jim Broadbent back for a short Professor Kirke scene and chose to just have Peter with Susan. Besides, with the changes to the character ages, is it even possible that Peter would still be in school? He was already meant to be 13 or 14 in LWW and VDT takes place more or less 3 years later in movietime.

  53. Tarwe, the Narnian Elf says:

    LOL, Duffleglum! I couldn't agree more, Narnia Resident!

    LOTR is awesome, because they stayed true to the spirit of the books. I know that sounds a little odd, but that's what I look for when I'm comparing a book to its movie adaption.

    As far as PC the movie goes, I still say that it was a good attempt because PC the book would be very hard to adapt to the silver screen exactly as it was written. The BBC PC was horrible, even though its events were more similar to the book! BBC totally ruined Aslan and Lucy! (I'm sorry; I just had to get that off my chest! :-)) So I guess what I am trying to say is that even though BBC made the movie almost word for word from the book, it just was not a good adaption, in my opinion. True, the new PC has a few things I'm not thrilled with (like the smooch), but it's still a good movie.

    If VDT is true to the spirit of the book, even if they do change some things, I am happy! 😀 Come on, people, give it a chance!

  54. Tarwe, the Narnian Elf says:

    'VDT will be awesome!' At least, that is what I keep telling myself! If we ever what to see SC (and HHB, and MN, and LB) become a reality, we have to stay positive! Sail on, Narnians!

  55. coracle says:

    "Lucy and Edmond are living with their cousin Eustace in London while Susan and Peter are in America with their parents."
    This is the sort of comment that makes the rest of the report totally invisible.
    Look, they must have been given some written information – but they consistently misspell Edmund, and think Cambridge is the same as London ( aurgh!) while they have no real idea what else the background is.
    It just isn't worth showing clips to these movie sites. Why not get a few Narniawebbers to show them to?

  56. Annabeth says:

    hey….you're right! Now we don't have to worry about the wardrobe any more! it's okay!! 🙂

  57. Kris says:

    It would have been better to stick with the book, but the Peter in America thing is kind of a small detail, so doesn't really bother me too much. Its only a small part. As for the 7 swords…..

  58. Kris says:

    Good idea! Sign me up! 😉

  59. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I think the whole Peter in America thing is a good idea. We all know what really happends and that's all that matters, movies are not made to be just like the books, or else no one would be surprised, and you would know exacley what will happen next. 🙂

  60. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    I have a question that no one has seemed to consider: how reliable is this information?