International Trailer for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

FilmWeb has posted the second trailer for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It appears the official title for this trailer is “International Trailer.” It runs two minutes and fifteen seconds, with subtitles in Polish. Check it out here! The trailer itself will reveal a lot of plot changes from the book, so if you’re avoiding spoilers, you may want to avoid this trailer. If you choose to watch it, join the discussion.

UPDATE: It’s on YouTube! View it here, or download it using this link (720p).

UPDATE: The english version is up…

UPDATE: View our screen captures below (new shots only)…


Lucy and Edmund walk into the Scrubb’s house. Harold is reading the paper.
Lucy: We’re home!

Lucy and Edmund are in Lucy’s bedroom. Lucy’s looking into a mirror.
Edmund: Lucy, have you seen this ship before?
Lucy: It’s very Narnian isn’t it?
Eustace walks into the room.
Eustace: What’s going on here?
Lucy: Edmund the painting!
Eustace runs to tear the painting from the wall.
Edmund: No Eustace no!

The bedroom fills with water and all three swim to the surface. As Lucy arrives at the top, she sees the Dawn Treader approaching.
Lucy: Edmund!
Caspian and Lucy are pulled from the water.
Everyone now aboard the deck, Caspian addresses his crew.
Caspian: Behold our castaways, King and Queen of Narnia.
The crew kneels before them.
Lucy: Reepicheep!
Reepicheep: Your majesties!

Eustace throwing a temper tantrum screams at the crew as they stand around smirking.
Eustace: Where in the blazes am I?
Tavros the Minotaur: You’re on the Dawn Treader.
Eustace takes one look at the minotaur and faints. The crew laughs.
Tavros to Rynelf: Was it something I said?


Caspian, Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, and Reepicheep sail through the sea of lilies where they arrive on the shore before the edge of the world. A giant wave is in the background as they greet Aslan.
Lucy: Aslan.
Aslan: You have come far. Your adventure begins now.

A water nymph leaps out of the water in front of the ship.

Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy look up into the sky as a brilliant blue light descends upon them.
Lucy: Look!
The light transforms into Lilliandril.
Lilliandril: Travelers of Narnia, I am your guide.
Caspian: You are most beautiful.
Lilliandril: If it is a distraction for you, I-I can change forms.
Caspian and Edmund: No!
Caspian and Edmund look at each other. Lucy looks at them and rolls her eyes.

Coriakin throws a map across the room in his library.
Coriakin: There is the source of your trouble.
The white witch appears as a phantom in green smoke.
Edmund: You mean a witch?
Coriakin walks around looking at Edmund.
Coriakin: Something far more powerful than a witch.
Green smoke crawls down the stairs and seeps into the room.
Coriakin: It can steal the light from this world.
Lucy: How do we stop it?
Coriakin points at Edmund.
Coriakin: That sword you carry must be laid at Aslan’s table.
Shot of Edmund drawing a sword in a cave.
Shot of everyone walking around Aslan’s table. A great feast sits on it.
Coriakin: Only then can their true power be released.
Seven swords sit on Aslan’s table. They glow blue and then a great beam of light shoots up into the air.
Coriakin: You are all about to be tested.

The Dawn Treader approaches the Dark Island.
Green smoke crawls onto the ship.
The White Witch: Edmund, come with me. I can make you my king, and much more.
The White Witch reaches out to Edmund.
The White Witch: My King.
Lucy: NOO!!!
Caspian: EDMUND!
The sword Edmund is holding glows blue.

Reepicheep soaking wet in a rainstorm clings to the ship.
Reepicheep: Onward to our destiny!

Drinian, Tavros, and Edmund stand at the helm of the Dawn Treader.
Tavros: What do you think is in there?
Sailors row boats towards Ramandu’s Island.
Someone (Drinian or Rynelf?): Things you can barely imagine.

Lucy walks through a doorway and as it closes becomes invisible on the island.

Shot of the Dawn Treader from above with Drinian at the helm and the crew standing around.

Shot of Lilliandril.
Lilliandril: The fate of Narnia depends on you.
Lilliandril turns back into a star and shoots up into the air.

Lucy looks down at a book with a bunch of jumbled letters. Blowing the dust off, it turns into The Book of Incantations. Lucy smiles. The book is opened and pages are turning rapidly. Lucy slams her hand down on the book. The next moment it is snowing and Lucy looks around smiling.

Dragon Eustace flies overhead.

Caspian addressing the crew. The crew shouts “For Narnia!”

Caspian and the others battle the slavers in the bell tower.

Dragon Eustace flies over the volcanic island below.

The sea serpent erupts out of the ocean. The Dawn Treader lists to one side and the crew falls backwards. The sea serpent roars. Lucy aims an arrow.

Dragon Eustace flies over the Dawn Treader. One of the fauns does a somersault across the deck.

Eustace is surrounded by jumping Dufflepuds.

Reepicheep climbs the mast of the Dawn Treader and looks out from the crows nest and smiles.

Lucy, surrounded by Caspian, Edmund, Eustace and Aslan, kneels down to say goodbye to Reepicheep.

The sea serpent goes to attack Eustace as a dragon, and Eustace breaths fire back at the sea serpent.

Aslan roars.

Final credits.

Thanks adamie for the alert!


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  1. Isabel says:

    It's so Lord of the Rings, all that thing about the sword. "That sword you carry must be laid at Aslan’s table" sounds to me too much like "the ring must be taken into the Mount Doom". And it gets worse if the sword glows blue, just like Sting.
    Anyway, it's a beautiful trailer; looks like a good film.

  2. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    I completely concur. Great trailer. The sea serpent and DragonEustace aren't how I imagined them though. πŸ™

  3. Bookwyrm says:

    Actually most of the hardcore purists do like the BBC version and aside from the bad special effects and somewhat shaky acting, it isn't too bad. Besides, how do you know that a faithful adaptation wouldn't do well? Sure it might not appeal to teenagers, but it would appeal to families like LWW did. Trying to be action-y and EPIC! but not so much that it gets a PG-13 was part of why PC flopped.

    So if they made the movie just for us, does that mean I don't have to pay for my ticket?

  4. Sarah says:

    did anyone else catch the "FOR NARNIA!!!"??? haha they can keep bringing that back but the witch AGAIN?!?!?!? like please stop putting her back in the movies!! She's only in like 2 of the books!!!

  5. Puddlewiggle says:

    Why? Why do they have to change it so much? I do not comprehend!

    I shall live until December according to the marshwigglian principle of 'expect the worst, and you'll never be disappointed'. *Sigh*

  6. Thanks so much for that! I just know how much Doug Gresham loved "Jack" and the books. All you have to do is listen to him in the radio dramas. And, you can see in this interview that the story HAS changed. "I think the story in the book is better, but it’s still a great story". I suppose I am just concerned because I don't know how happy Lewis would be. BUT! I am optimistic about the VTD and I hope it comes out great and the way that Lewis would want it.
    Thanks again!
    God bless.

  7. martin the warrior says:

    stupid i hate narnia!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Why is that? Is it the movies or the books or both?

  9. Aslan's Meadow says:

    Well this is NARNIAweb. It's were narnian fanatics like us can scream our joyful cry or vent our frustration……

  10. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    yeah, well, at least we'd HAVE some sequels, unlike other versions that cr@pped out half way through the series. Lets CHILL, nitpickers!!

  11. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    Hear, hear! Amen , brother!! For Narnia! and for Aslan!

  12. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    or is it here, here? LOL

  13. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    what's stupid is lurking around the site for a book you hate——

  14. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    I really like your comment about Coriakin and the "Darkness" here. It makes sense. Since Apted (and I believe Gresham) did say that the film deals a lot with the theme of temptation, I'm inclined to think that the evil of the Dark Island has something to do with this.

    The Darkness on the island in the book seems comparable to Conrad's use of the Carl Jung's darkness/shadow metaphor/archetype in his book, appropriately named 'Heart of Darkness' (off which the movie 'Apocalypse Now' was based). It represents the deepest, most primitive and most hidden part of the human psyche–our carnal desires, our raw fears, the facets of our personal characters that we find most disturbing and would rather ignore. At the end of Conrad's book (WARNING: THIS IS A MAJOR SPOILER FOR 'HEART OF DARKNESS'), one of the main characters is eventually "consumed" by his own darkness because he allows his fears, irrational/immoral passions, etc. to completely control his life.

    We can definitely see how there is a similar danger to Rhoop and to the DT crew in terms of the Darkness of the island. As Coriakin says in the trailer, they are "all about to be tested," and the passage through the Dark Fog is indeed a test. If they allow the Darkness to take a hold of them and control them, and give in to the temptation to succumb to its despair, then they will ultimately be destroyed by their own doing and never make it to the glorious end of their journey in which they finally see Aslan again. And, if we think about it, what are the times in our lives when we most feel like we are going to lose our faith? It's in the personal INTERNAL spiritual struggles with coming to terms with things that we would rather not think about. In the case of Edmund, even in VDT (as evidenced by what he says to Eustace about being a traitor), some part of him STILL can't let go of what he did by aiding the Witch through his own selfishness. Therefore, the darkness of the island manifests itself to him as the image of the Witch enticing him with her grand lie. The guilt is still there, and he can either give in to it or choose to trust in Aslan to help him overcome it.

    So, essentially, the "evil" Coriakin speaks of that is "far more dangerous than any witch" is most likely this abstract "darkness" (think 'Dark Night of the Soul' idea by St. John of the Cross) of being tempted to allow our fears, guilt, worst personal characteristics, selfish passions, etc.–which are all WITHIN ourselves–to overcome us. That is the most dangerous evil of all–the evil which magnifies our fears and desires to the point that we believe that there is no possible way we can be purged of our own disgusting faults.

    Of course, the counter to this is that this is entirely false–we CAN be purged. But if we don't trust God enough to let Him do what he needs to in order to heal us, then we'll just drown in our own despair. And this can definitely be related to Coriakin's comment about how the darkness can "steal all the light from this world."

    The seven swords, given this possible context, seem to be some kind of representation of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit (wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord), which are the spiritual "weapons" which counteract the Seven Deadly Sins. It is only with God's help that we can overcome our spiritual darkness–in terms of Narnia, it is only by putting these special swords at Aslan's Table (note: it's ASLAN's table–this is significant) that the darkness of the island can fully be overcome. The power of God works through these 7 Gifts to help us overcome the darkness of sin–in the film, it seems that the power of Aslan works through these swords at Aslan's own Table to overcome the island's darkness. Also, they may be a counter to the power of the Witch's dagger which puts the 3 lords into their deep sleep–the reference to sleep may link back to the idea of dreams and nightmares back on the island. There are more swords than daggers, and the swords are obviously much more formidable weapons–therefore, the power that comes through them easily overcomes the power of the dagger.

  15. Evan Morgan says:

    Honestly, everyone. Why are you all so pesimistic? Be happy that the book is being made into a movie. Being a pesimist isn't going to help anything. You may be surprised and find out that you like the movie. Yes, I understand that they have added some things in the book that weren't in the movie, but there are things that you have to do to make a book into a good movie. VODT is a short book, so it makes sense to add some things in there. And I do have to agree withthe person that said if they kept totally true to the book, it would be a boring movie. Don't get me wrong, though. I LOVE the book! And look at how much they changed The Lord of the Rings when they made it. I only read a quarter of the first book and I found MANY major differences. And in the third book, there is another battle in the Shire. Just like they changed it to make the movies shorter, they changed VODT to make it longer.

  16. martin the warrior says:

    i was just kiddin i was seeing what comments i would get back on it.:)

  17. NarnianElf says:


  18. NarnianElf says:

    Ok, I seriously love that comment. That's exactly how I felt with Prince Caspian. I personally think that they couldn't have done a better job on any of the Narnia movies.

  19. NarnianElf says:

    The white witch is in book. She is in the Island Where Dreams Come True.

  20. Bookwyrm says:

    Oh goody! So instead of an incomplete series, we get lots of crappy sequels! Awesome! πŸ˜€

    P.S.: Make me πŸ˜›

  21. Bookwyrm says:

    No, she is *not* in the book. Have you even ever read the books?

  22. Bookwyrm says:

    So basically you were being a troll and not a very good one at that.

  23. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    Okay, so I went back and pulled out my old copy of VDT to skim over it since I haven't read it in years.

    What I realized is that from what I can gather from the movie, the added stuff actually might fight in quite well without drastically altering the original material.

    First of all, going back over the whole sword thing, from the trailer (and from the spoilers we've read/heard), they're connected to Ramandu & Lilliandil. I mean, look at the blue light shooting up from the swords in the trailer–does that not scream "star" to you? The "true power" Coriakin talks about probably = Lilliandil. And then when she says, "I am your guide"…well, that would make sense since if she's connected to the swords and they had to bring all the swords to her father's island, it's like Aslan sent her to guide them there or something. Which I actually don't have a problem with–she needed a bigger role anyway. So, the only thing that comes out of the sword plot is just a change to how Ramandu's Daughter appears (in the book, she comes out of a door in a hill) and a slight elevation of her role, which makes sense or else the romance with Caspian would be totally unbelievable. Besides, the idea of being guided by a star towards Aslan kind of is like the Nativity story in the Bible. So I think it works fine πŸ™‚

    As for the Dark Island, I already wrote a shpiel on this, but I'm pretty sure the "Witch" is not really there. Remember, they all kept seeing their dreams and nightmares–obviously the Witch returning would be Edmund's biggest nightmare and so the fog would manifest itself as that. I myself actually thought it would be a clever idea to do that in the film as Edmund's personal nightmare. Plus, the fact that Coriakin refers to the Dark Island as "far more powerful than a witch" makes perfect sense b/c when an evil is more ambiguous and has no definitive form (i.e. the fog in the book) it's far more dangerous because it's harder to recognize for what it truly is.

    And, to the bit with Eustace as dragon fighting the sea monster–I'm not so keen on that part, but it's not too much of a deviation still, b/c in the book Lewis mentions Eustace going out with a sword and "hacking it with all his might" (ultimately failing, but he tried) as sign of how his attitude had changed and how he really did want to help out. And the part with the serpent comes right after Dragon Island in the book, so it's not like they took the element from some random place way at the end and stuck it with the dragon part for a cool effect.

    And the combination of Dragon Island with Deathwater also makes sense, b/c their stay at Deathwater was extremely brief, and cinematically it just wouldn't work if they stopped on the random island for one short scene and then got on the boat and had another sailing montage. Although I am bothered by the fact that it looks like they might have cut out EUSTACE being the one to stop Caspian and Ed from fighting each other–I always thought that was important.

    And Caspian sailing in the boat to meet Aslan…well, that makes sense b/c who's going to row the boat back to the ship? LOL Besides, it's easier to do on film where we see Aslan telling Caspian face-to-face, "Hey, you are not supposed to go on any further" instead of just having him come out of his cabin and say that Aslan appeared and told him that. Having him there probably also made the goodbye scene less awkward than having him say goodbye on the ship.

    So, all-in-all, I don't really think the changes are that bad, from what I can tell.

  24. As I've said before, VDT has so much description in it, there's not enough action to make a movie. Also, it's episodic-more like a television series than a movie. They have to add something. And they have to exaggerate what they're given.

    If you think about it, seven swords is not that off. The knife did have an association with the table. A knife is a blade. A sword is a blade. They're in the same family. There were seven swords. There are seven lords. They rhyme. That's got to count for something. Both Ramandu and Coriakin hinted at greater forces at work. In the Silver Chair, the Green Witch and White Witch were said to be of the same species. So….what gives them their power? Where do they come from (Yes, I know Charn…let's allow for some creativity)?

    I highly suggest you all read what sirsimon said. He couldn't have said it better. Thank you, O Wise One.

  25. Matt Wills says:

    What ho, Jeeves! (I think) πŸ™‚

  26. Ma'anit says:

    OK, sure this trailer is epic for screen and if you hadn't read the books, and I know everyone's talking about the changes, forgive me if I'm repetative, but. 1)Who in the world is this Gail girl that I've seen in previews? 2)Why is Caspian no longer Spanish? And also why is the White Witch still coming back, I thought Edmund would have had his closure when he ran his sword through her in Prince Caspian. I love this book and it does upset me that they seem to take the name and characters but completely change the plot, the whole point of the adventure was to find the Seven Lords, not Swords. If anyone can explain this mess up………..

  27. BBC NOW says:

    What gets me on this is that it's the SAME OLD STORY as PC. And I quot from PC; WW talking to Caspian "One drop of Adams blood and I'm your *my king*." Sound like something in the trailer?

  28. Evan Morgan says:

    Thank you! I agree with you on that. Prince Caspian was a pretty good adaption of the book. Night raid= battle in the middle of the book. The book had a lot less magic than the first one. I agree that it would be nice to have the romp, but all in all, I was pleased.

  29. Bookwyrm says:

    What exactly are they trying to do? Make a generic mainstream movie that appeals to the lowest common denominator of viewing audiences so they can make tons of money? Certainly not trying to make a movie that follows the book.

  30. Weapon Master says:

    HA! That shot of Eustace fainting was hilarious. I'm reserving judgment on the plot changes until I see the whole movie, but from here, it looks pretty epic.

  31. Benny says:

    in the book the voyage is to learn what became of the seven lords. Thus the seven swords, but I agree that they shouldn't have put any emphasis on a sword quest since they weren't in the book.

    The witch I'm guessing makes an appearance in the heavily fogged dream island. The book doesn't mention what their fears or nightmares were but I could imagine that Edmunds worst nightmare would/could have been of the worst thing he's experienced (the white which who he sided with before she killed aslan)

    The mystery girl is probably the daughter of the elderly star, Ramandu. She is un named in the book but caspian later marries her. Not certain though since she tells them that she will guide them…but guide them where? They are already at the last island in the story. I'm guessing she is going to guide them to aslans table so they can finish the sword quest.

    I'm still very excited! Going to be awesome. I'm looking forward to the river scene πŸ™‚ also excited to see their strategy plays out on the screen when they free the others from captivity.

  32. tolkienlewisfan says:

    Just saying beforehand, but with all the people saying "oh my gosh I'm so hyped" you better not be the purists when this movie comes out and it will be totally different from the book. I mean it was the same with PC, people watched the previews and realized that it had several differences from the book and were still super excited. Then the movie comes out and they all whine and complain about the changes. I mean seriously? The people who are super excited about this trailer (including me) better not be the ones who go all Lewis Worshipper Purist when it comes out. This trailer basically advertised "This movie is very different from the book…VERY different". I only reconized 4 or 5 scenes in the trailer that were exactly the way they were in the book. Anyway, sorry bout that, just had to say. This preview is extremely exciting for me. If it is done well as a movie then I will accept it for what it is, its actually more interesting that we are getting a new plotline that the book didn't offer. That makes the whole experience more original.

  33. Dustfinger says:

    It's cool to see more new clips of the movie. One of the parts I'm most curious about to see is the part where Lucy yells, "No!" and Caspian screams, "Edmund!" and Edmund gapes at his glowing blue sword in fear. I wonder what that is about. I still don't completely like all the clips, such as the idea that Coriakin knows all about the Dark Island, and Caspian and Edmund are both attracted to Ramandu's daughter (both of which are definitely not in the book). But, hey, if they want to drastically change the story, what can we do?

  34. tolkienlewisfan says:

    They changed it because the book had no plot. At all. Going to find the seven Lords is not a plot because there is nothing at stake if they don't find them, there is no importance at all to finding them. I love the first half of the book because we have a good character arc that belongs to Eustace…after that is done, the second half has very little interesting happening. Its overall a fantastic book but it is like a tour of the Narnian Sea rather than a story. These changes are going to make the screen version for the better. I mean what would be the pont of seeing it if every exact detail was the same? All the audience who hadn't read the books would be asleep, the walking out and telling everyone they know not to see it…then we would lose the Silver Chair and Last Battle. The only people a perfect adaption would appeal to is the Narnia droolers (Narnia is their Bible) and it would even drive me away…and I love the books. But atleast you won't be suprised by the changes when the film coes out. Well that's my two cents anyway

  35. dramaticalmama says:

    I envy lilliandil. The two cutest guys in the world have a crush on her.

  36. lilliandilhater says:

    Lilliandil is such a bitch! She seduced edmund and caspian! Edmund is MINE!!!

  37. Mona says:

    Well,its really good to get such vast information about my fav. movie sequal

  38. Josh says:

    I wouldnt say that about Lilliandil since I think she was unaware that she was leading Caspian and Edmund on. Now the White Witch on the other hand…just die already!

  39. Lady of the Green Kirtle says:

    Did Edmund call Eustace "Useless"?

  40. Lady of the Green Kirtle says:

    I know that's not what it said in the transcript, but that's what I heard, did anyone else?

  41. Aslan's my Homeboy says:

    I think he said Eustace, its just that his english accent made it sound like he said useless. They both sound similar too, but I am pretty sure he said Eustace. Even though it would be funny if he said useless haha

  42. Narnia Lover13 says:


  43. whew! i just saved a LOT of the new pictures of the new trailer ! that was COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!